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Casey’s ZG Deposition Video To Stay Sealed

Judge Lisa Munyon today ruled that Casey Anthony’s recent ZG deposition video will remain sealed.

Click here to read the official 4-page ruling (opens PDF in new window).

Click here to read the official 58-page deposition transcript. Note: As Casey only stated her name during the deposition (and a couple of “Yes” replies), it’s still an interesting read nevertheless, as it clearly highlights just how far John Morgan has lost the plot on this one.

Here’s the latest from

Casey depo video to stay sealed


  1. Finally a win for her! But, I hope it’s not true that she had plastic surgery. I wouldn’t want her to change a thing. She is perfect just the way she is!

  2. Great news! Next thing to happen will be this stupid thing being thrown out of court!!

    Speaking of news, did anyone see where Jeff Ashton aka The Laughing Guy joined the law firm of Troum & Walsh. They specialize in forensic scientific evidence for criminal defense and civil law. Maybe he can learn a few things about what they did wrong! Geez, what a hipocrite!!!!!

    • Marilyn C says:

      Thank God at least one judge has a little bit of brain left in their head to try to protect Casey. NOW there is more hate from this decision!! It just never ends. They talk out of both side of their mouths…. they want Casey to go away…. but throw a fit to SEE HER!! Karen I noticed the NEW JOB for Asston too. You know… the one who RETIRED on the day of the verdict!! BS…. retire my butt!! I think he was FIRED & can’t believe the rest of them didn’t go too….. including the crooked, blog writing Melich! They ALL should be investigated & REPLACED!!

    • Who would hire such an incompetent and corrupt buffoon? Shocking.

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