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ZG Update: Decision expected within 60 days


“The judge in the civil suit against Casey Anthony heard arguments from both sides on whether on not to continue with the trial.

Decision in 60 Days ZG BS

Anthony’s attorneys do not want the case to go to trial, so they’ve filed a motion for summary judgment. That means they want Judge Lisa Munyon to rule without a trial. The attorneys for Anthony called the case a publicity stunt and a charade. Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorney’s are arguing a motion that Cindy Anthony was acting on Casey Anthony’s behalf when she told reporters in 2008 that Casey had not ruled out Gonzalez as a possible suspect.

Casey Anthony’s attorney played a clip of a jail house conversation that she had with her mother in which she described Gonzalez as 5 foot 7 inches tall with no tattoos.Β  The attorney pointed out that the description is very different from the Gonzalez suing Casey Anthony.

Anthony’s civil attorney said his client never said anything defamatory about this particular Gonzalez. The judge is not expected to rule Friday whether or not the case will go to trial. The trial is set for January 2013.”


  1. This civil suit is stupid, and should not have gotten this far in the judical system. It should have been tossed in the garbage along with M&M . The lawyers for ZG are shameless. This is a publicity stunt. ZG has been “defamed” by Casey Anthony? GMAB

  2. Marilyn C. says:

    I laughed my butt off at Mouthpiece Mutnick yesterday!! He just could not get his sh.t together at all!! He was either rambling on & on about the criminal trial & rumbling thru papers like he was so UNPREPARED.All I’ve heard out of this mouthpiece is HOW READY they are to get Casey in front of a jury….are you kidding me?? He was a JOKE! Now Mr Greene steps up calm, cool & collective & does an amazing job!! I am so impressed with him..I knew I would be.If this judge lets this go forward that means there are NO judges in Florida who are not corrupt! GREAT job Mr Greene…..Thank You so much for believing!

  3. It was really annoying to see Jeff Ashton being interviewed on TruTV about this case…. when will this man stop riding Casey’s coattails and get a career/life of his own??

    • When was he interviewed on TruTV and is it on the web somewhere? I love watching him making a fool of himself:)

      • I just saw a brief clip of it on HLN when they were talking about the hearing….. He was interviewed on Friday I believe… not sure if there is a clip of it πŸ™

  4. well it’s been a week since that hearing so I guess we’ll have a decision within 53 days….

  5. Loser Zenaida however you spell her name will be on the Dr Phil show Thursday crying about how muh Casey ruined her life. I hope the judge dismisses her case.

    • Are you the Jon Gossin that posts on πŸ™‚

    • Sorry but I have taken to calling Dr. Phil Dr. Pill after watching him interviewing the Anthonys and not questioning Cindy’s dirty look towards George when she mentioned him always keeping the sheds locked (probably where he kept his precious duct tape that was no longer sold) and not questioning George as to why he felt it necessary to keep the sheds locked.

  6. It seems as though ZG filmed her lovefest on Dr. Phil at a time when her bogus civil trial was scheduled in early April, meaning it would be broadcast just before jury selection. An ugly publicity stunt designed to generate more hatred for Casey and more ratings for the media. Talk about blood money!

    But it won’t work out the way Morgan and Morgan expected, since the trial may never happen
    at all –hopefully–and if it does it won’t be for a long time. By that time I’m guessing Casey will be long gone from Florida and living as normal a life as is possible for her.

  7. I just watched Zenaida on Dr Phil. Most of the hour was about the 9/11 Deception then Zenaida came on for about 10 minutes with two of her daughters (one of daughter’s is even named Casey) saying how much she has been hurt by Casey and all she wants in an apology from Casey to her daughters. I don’t think she realizes how much she has hurt them. I doubt Zenaida would drop the case even if Casey apologized. Not that Casey has anything to apologize for. Nice try Zenaida too bad any of it isn’t true.

    • The apology stuff is a ploy. What M&M are trying to do is get Casey to say something they can construe as an admission.

      • That’s true Tony. They obviously want to be the first to make Casey “talk” and be the heroes. And if an apology is really what she wants, then that is another reason to throw it out. Who takes people to court for an apology? LOL.

  8. There’s actually a chance this could backfire on Morgan and Morgan. They expected this to run just before the trial started, but they must realize now that Judge Munyon will see this as the sleazy publicity stunt that it is. I really think it’s more likely than not that this case will be thrown out. I hope eventually it’s Casey who will be filing lawsuits, and they won’t be bogus.

  9. Thanks guys for the update on the Dr. Phil show! I couldn’t bring myself to watch it (barf πŸ™‚ Why do they want Casey to apologize to a MADE UP person? What don’t people get about that?

    And…what is taking the judge so long to throw this out??? Should have been done back in 2008 when it was filed under a fraudulant name.

  10. I watched the Dr Phil show also and the best part was when Dr. Phil told Zenaida she may never get an apology and set her up with a job. I am sure he will be watching to see if she keeps it or not. The judge may also be interested in that outcome.

  11. Just In

    The case is is going to trial

    I am so mad! This case should have been dismissed! Gonzalez is not entitled to one cent. Casey has done nothing to this woman! Let’s hope Gonzalez loses!

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