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Casey attends creditors meeting in Tampa today


From News13: TAMPA — The Casey Anthony storm has come and gone at the federal courthouse in Tampa as she met with the creditors in her bankruptcy case.

Casey hid her face from a flurry of photographers as her attorney, Cheney Mason, walked her under his arm through the crowd to the front door of the courthouse around 10:30 a.m. Monday, three hours ahead of her 1:30 p.m. hearing. She left just before 2:30 p.m.

Casey pulled up in the back of a black SUV. She was wearing a large-brimmed hat in an attempt to cover her face. Only Mason and an unidentified driver were in the vehicle with her.

The driver was not allowed to use the courthouse’s garage to drive under the building. Casey was made to walk in the front door, just like everyone else.

Cheney Mason had his arm around Casey, shielding her face from the cameras. Casey was wearing a black jacket. Her hair is dark, about shoulder-length.

Mason is not representing Casey in her bankruptcy hearing. It appears he accompanied Casey to court to show his support and protect her from the media.

In the meeting room, Casey sat between her civil attorney Charles Green and bankruptcy attorney David Schrader. She wore a cream, “flowy” top and high-waisted skirt with black high heels. She wore black nail polish.

Casey rarely answered any question without consulting with Greene. She was said to speak with confidence during the meeting.

Only one creditor was at the meeting to question her. Scott Shuker, the attorney for Zenaida Gonzalez, was in attendance.

An exchange between Shuker and Greene got heated when Greene was accused of prompting Casey on how to answer questions before she would speak.

Shuker snapped at Greene saying “you don’t get to answer questions. You are not under oath.” Green responded by saying “take a deep breath Mr. Shuker.”

Casey said she lives off of gift cards and cash given to her, estimated at less than $2,000.

When asked about photographs transferred to former attorney Jose Baez, Casey said she sent “a few photos for him to sell to use to pay the defense.” Casey said Baez sold the pictures to ABC News in 2008 for $200,000.

Casey filed for bankruptcy in Florida in late January, claiming about $1,000 in assets and $792,000 in liabilities. Court papers list Casey as unemployed, with no recent income.

Casey said she has no bank account, no car and takes a bus when she has to go somewhere. She said that friends and council arrange her living arrangements.

When asked how she pays to eat, Casey said, “I try to can contribute when I can.”

Casey said she has a computer given to her by Baez. She said she has multiple email addresses.

Casey said a friend pays for her cell phone.

Casey has not made any public appearances since she left jail after being acquitted in 2011.

Casey said she has not been out of the state of Florida for more than 30 days over the last 5 years.

Creditors now have 120 days to file a lawsuit to stop Casey’s bankruptcy.

On the list of people she may owe money to include Baez. She could owe him up to $500,000. Also on the list is Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman suing Anthony for defamation and Roy Kronk, the meter reader who found Caylee’s body in the woods.

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All is good…



    They wouldn’t allow her to use the garages under the courthouse. She is to be treated like everyone else. The problem with that is that everyone else wouldn’t be surrounded by the media hounds like this. So unfair!

  2. I bet Cheney wanted to smack that obnoxious reporter in the nose! I’m so glad that Casey has him looking out for her.

    “Would you feel better if you had paid the price?”….she is NOT GUILTY, you moron! You wanted her to get the death penalty for something that she didn’t do? Unreal.

    • Harry N says:

      It’s worth noting that there was no huge crowd of protesters outside the courtroom. Just reporters and photographers. They made a lot of noise, but it was no mob scene. Kinda tells you the media is more obsessed with Casey than the public, even in Florida

    • I followed this case from the first day she is not guilty .raise the Lord .thank God the jury saw that . wishing her the best of luck . Happy for her God Bless you Casey ….

      • I never knew this web site before but so glad it is here for her . this young lady needs so many prayers still praying for you . will keep in touch with this page .

  3. bamaladylady says:

    hats off to cheney mason for being there for protection with her glad to see her out but do pray for her to be protected from haters george and cindy is probally shaking themselfs waiting to see what happens next be glad to see the day they both pay for what they have done to kc specially george after listening to alba tross george and cindy bothdoes anyone know who she is would like to know she has reallt help me to understand a lot of questions i had on my mind never thought kc would hurt her precious baby

  4. I happened to catch the news clip today on CNN and wanted to reach into the TV and snatch and bitch slap the one reporter who kept hollering at Casey asking n accusing her AGAIN FALSELY about Precious Caylee.

    I cannot imagine what Casey is going through the last 4/5 yrs and Casey shows incredible strength and self control in facing these idiots that call themselves “reporters, professionals, or even those who believe that they are righteous in their own eyes” and ALL are living in such darkness of deceptions that they have bought hook, line and sinker the garbage that is utter deception, lies and nothing based on facts/truth.

    Believe me I am former LE and in no way would I support anyone no matter who they are if they were actually guilty. Especially, when concerning an innocent child. I am no fan of anyone’s. But, I am in full support of Casey/Caylee as I have worked with many families whose dynamics were very similar to the Anthony’s . Real professionals and those who have the gifts of discernment can easily identify the truth from the lies and see the evidence clearly to determine most cases that come before the Courts.

    I swear that I had to compose my anger and realize by my faith that there will be a day that anyone who was involved in wicked works and words or ANY actions that have been done in evil n darkness WILL COME TO THE LIGHT~~~and everyone involved in false allegations and/or judgments will find themselves one day reaping upon their own heads the very evils that they sowed… they will also reap.

    Btw Casey’s birthday is March 19th and she will be 27 yrs old. I am sure that those of you led to send gifts will do so to any of her current attorneys. Mr Greene and always Mr Mason would be faithful to forward anything that is appropriate for her to have.

    I will personally rejoice the day that this young lady is really living her life again the way she deserves and others just move the efffffff on with their own lives. Ok.. I am done ranting.. just really made me angry today to see this after all this time. You would think people have something better to do with their time. Reporters… attention… IF you want to write or tell a story… TELL THE TRUTH.

  5. “Mason is not representing Casey in her bankruptcy hearing. It appears he accompanied Casey to court to show his support and protect her from the media.”

    He’s a sweetie. Casey has such a great legal team behind her, both in criminal and civil court.

    She looks beautiful as well.

    • She does look Beautiful..Shows just how cruel people can be..What a stuped thing for that reporter to say..Anything for a story.

  6. I am aware of this… but Cheney Mason would still get to Casey anything that anyone sends.

  7. Jeff Traube says:

    That was very gracious of Cheney Mason to accompany her to Court in Tampa. Crowd would have been worse in Orlando. Its a shame that she feels obliged to wear hat and sunglasses, but to her credit that she likes the way she is, avoids plastic surgery . Are there any hints for a gift ? If living on handouts, perhaps edibles – if packaging sealed or delivered in person to Mr. Mason’s office ? (I’m thinking of coming down for Spring Training.) Can Mr. Mason’s office employ her ?

    • Wow, Zenaida’s lawyer is a combative asshole toward Casey’s lawyer. No surprise there considering his trashy, money-grubbing, fame-whoring client.

      I like how Casey repeatedly says “my MOTHER’S house.” George is out of her life, finally.

  8. Casey looks beautiful.

  9. My first thought was how beautiful Casey looks. My second thought was “is that Kathy Belich, yelling at her?” My 3rd thought was, what stupid questions”did you get away with murder?” “do you think you would have been better off paying for your crime?” If these are the only questions that come to a reporter’s mind, my god, get a life!
    Part of me wished Casey would have taken the microphone from that idiot, and simply said “no, I did not get away with murder, have a nice day”. I hope one day, she can be free of the fear caused by the masses of sheeple who make their stupid threats against her. She is beautiful, intelligent, and deserves whatever opportunities arise for her. I hope after the bankruptcy issues and civil suits are resolved, she can make a decent life for herself.

    • Pretty sure that was Kathy Belich…unbelievable. That woman DOES need to get a life! I’d like to run along beside her, sticking a microphone in her face and ask “Do you know you’re a freaking idiot?” Do you know you suck at being a reporter?…Do you? Do YOU??”

      She (Kathy) looked like an idiot. Casey on the other hand is looking good. So much for all those reports that said she’s gained weight. Casey just keeps proving “them” wrong…love it. Go Team Casey!

  10. Casey looks beautiful – more mature and very sophisticated. I wonder if she’s finally getting to be herself now that the abuser is out of her life. I’m disturbed by the media frenzy. Sick, sick people.

    Cheney Mason is such a great man. I wish the world had more men like him.

  11. Parker Stanton says:

    How would a person go about sending Casey a birthday card & money order? Is there a PO Box or website for that?

  12. bamalady says:


  13. Marilyn C. says:

    Oh how Beautiful Casey looks!! Even with those horrible HOUNDS chasing her,plus the PITBULL Belich…..she still looked stunning!! Don’t Yall remember at the time Casey was released from jail & Bitch Belich shoved the microphone under that umbrella with Baez asking if she killed Caylee? Well Mr Baez took care of that…he had a press conference at his office & BANNED WFTV!! In one of the pictures posted above you can see part of Bitch Belich(her foot & micro & red hair) in attack mode,with Casey looking radiant! Hopefully she will some day see that she(Belich) is NOT gonna get shit out of Casey!

    God Bless that Precious Mr Mason.It is so obvious that Casey is really like FAMILY to him & Shirley.They have shown Casey what a real family is all about.Good Luck Casey,We are still pulling for you & NOW see how GREAT you are doing! People just don’t understand WHY these lawyers help her pro bono,because they BELIEVE in her….its real simple! Thanks SJ for posting this!

    • I agree about Cheney Mason and his wife – they probably take on the parental roles that Casey should have had in her life. She has the support of good people now and that makes all of the difference.

      *Hugs for Casey*

  14. Drew Hensley says:

    Knowing that Casey has only received about $2,000 from ppl like me has inspired me to send her more money in the future.

    • How can get money to Casey is there a P O box that I could send money orders to. I will do what I can to help but I need to know what she needs and how to get it to Casey Anthony

  15. I saw this book at Barnes and Noble and it caught my eye. It’s about a woman just like Casey another rush to judgement case. It got good reviews on Amazon too.

    • Zenaida is the idiot who keeps putting her name in the press now – so if she’s “suffering” any damages, it’s all due to her famewhoring. Shut up and move on, lady.

  16. So there’s a new bullshit story in the tabloids about how Casey is pregnant “by a rich man who will give her anything she wants.” I smell a rat – I bet someone on Zenaida’s side planted this to make it seem like Casey is in no danger of bankruptcy. Ugh.

  17. notthatsmart says:

    They continue to make up stories and the haters just eat it up. I hope she has found a good friend to spend time with. She looked a little flustered once she was inside the doors. Thanks to CM for stepping up. It is important that Defense Lawyers everywhere support kc. I hope someday she tells her story, but it is best to wait.

  18. ProudofCasey says:

    So proud of Casey for how she is handling herself during this extremely trying time.
    Hate that this happened to her & ruined her life all because of false accusations.
    But she has shown she is a fighter & I wish her all the strength she will need to keep fighting.
    Love the pic of her sitting by the ocean reading, at least she is getting out & getting some fresh air.
    Hope Casey doesn’t sell the copyrights to her story to anyone or give it to anyone for any reason.
    If she does, & sells it, she will only get a lump sum while whoever owns the rights will get royalties everytime its played on tv if it becomes a movie. If they can find a way for her trustee to sell the story while she retains the copyrights then that will be great.
    Have followed her from 2008, praying & rooting for her to be strong enough to endure.
    Thank Goodness my prayers have been answered.
    I believe the only way Casey is ever really going to have any real peace is to go live in another country overseas. But her financial situation keeps her from doing that right now.
    If she ever gets that chance, maybe even to vaca there for a while, I hope she takes it.
    It may sound callous or strange, but I believe also that one day, Casey will look back on some of these things that has happened, like her not being able to earn any money as a good thing because it is helping her with the creditors, Can’t say the some about her losing her child though, but can say that I am praying for her deep emotional healing about that & other things she’s had to endure in her life so far. She is still young & she deserves the right to live a normal, fearless life in this world.
    Something really needs to be done about the media & how they stalk people in this country, in the name of journalism. That’s not journalism, neither is it professional & some of their behavior is downright criminal !
    Anyway, keeping my eyes opened on this case & on Casey in general for her welfare & wishing her well.
    Know that she is loved by the Divine & protected in a divine way strongly !
    Calling that Zenaida case null & void as well. Looking forward to hearing THAT on the news !

  19. ProudofCasey says:

    Forgot to say her being beautiful is what caused a lot of people to be angry with her.
    If you notice, most of the people who believed she hurt her child & wanted her to go to jail for life & post hateful comments on the internet are females. They are jealous & envious !
    Casey should keep her head up & be strong. It’s hard to stand up against jealousy/envy like that, but it can be done ! They don’t like their selves. She should take that knowledge & use it ! It will help her zoom in on their weaknesses & turn it right back around against them.

  20. Casey you stand tall , you have GOD on your side honey . never forget that best wishes .

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