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Casey Probation Update: Emergency Motion decision expected shortly from DCA

The latest news coming out of the 5th District Court of Appeals today, is that Casey Anthony will get some response from her appeal (and possibly even a stay), before next week’s probation deadline of August 26th.

“It would not be uncommon for a stay to be issued while all the paperwork is being gathered for the 3-judge panel to make their decision” said Joanne Simmons, 5th DCA Spokeswoman. The court is currently waiting on a hard copy of the Emergency Motion filed (via email) yesterday by Team Casey.The state will have until noon Monday to file a response.


  1. This is all making me so f’ing nervous! I blogged about today as well. xxxj

  2. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    I just talked to my aunt, who is a Judge, she told me “even though it was a mistake to make her serve the probation in jail, since she served it in jail, then cannot make her serve it again.” Also, Communist Florida should realize that Casey loves Caylee and would never hurt her and that Caylee would not want to see her mother, whom she loves and whom loves her, go through all this meaningless persecution. It’s obvious that Casey never hurt Caylee. I honestly don’t know what (or if) Florida is thinking anymore.

  3. Look at the pictures of Casey and Caylee. Casey is Glowing! Casey could not have killed Caylee. I have never seen too happier people in all my life! Casey Loved Caylee and Caylee loved Casey.

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