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Casey’s Lawyers Ask Judge to Dismiss Claims

Check out the report below from the You Could Be Wrong blog:

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As Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy proceedings enter their 10th month (she filed in January), she asked a judge Thursday to dismiss Roy Kronk and Zenaida Gonzalez’s claims in her bankruptcy case, saying they are without merit.  Both Zenaida Gonzaelz and Roy Kronk claim Anthony defamed them and they should be considered creditors in the bankruptcy case.  Anthony asked in the dual motions for the “fresh start” she is promised by law.

“This travesty has gone on long enough,” Anthony’s lawyers argue in both new motions, “Ms. Anthony implores the Court to end this matter so she can begin the fresh start she is promised by the law.”

Casey Anthony told detectives during a 2008 investigation that a woman named Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, her nanny for 2 years, kidnapped her 2-year-old daughter.  Gonzalez said she was defamed because of the similar name.  Investigators determined that there was no nanny and charged Anthony with murder.  Casey Anthony was eventually acquitted at trial of the most serious charges relating to her daughter’s disappearance and death.

Casey Anthony - July 2011

Anthony’s lawyers write in their new motion that Gonzalez’s claim is based entirely on privileged conversations with law enforcement and out-of-context comments Anthony made to her mother.  Roy Kronk found Caylee Anthony’s remains near the Anthony home.  He claims he was defamed when Jose Baez made “false statements” about him.  Anthony’s attorneys argue that Kronk is suing based upon protected privileged comments made by Jose Baez.  Besides, under bankruptcy law, a person “cannot be liable for statements of someone else.”

“Over the years, many persons have pursued actions in which they sought to profit, one way or another, from Ms. Anthony’s ordeal,” her attorney, David Schrader, wrote in the motion, “All of the claimants have been rebuffed and turned away empty-handed, though most of them enjoyed their ‘fifteen minutes’ of fame while their claims were pending, which was the real objective.”

Charles Green, Anthony’s civil attorney and Debra Ferwerda Anthony’s lead bankruptcy attorney, said their client never willfully or maliciously defamed Kronk, a meter reader, or Gonzalez, both are required for a defamation lawsuit.

“Casey Anthony specifically says when asked by the police ‘Is this the Zenaida Gonzalez you are referring to?’ she says, ‘No, that’s not the same person.’  She’s not talking about that Zenaida Gonzalez.  Never was.  Kronk is suing on what Jose Baez said in his closing arguments.  He’s suing Casey for something her attorney said, which just can’t be done.  Plus, what is said in court is protected,” said Ferwerda.

Casey Anthony is set to be deposed by Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorneys, her attorneys told FOX35 on Thursday that they will likely file a motion for protective order until after November 5th, the date the federal judge is expected to rule on the motions to dismiss.  Texas Equusearch, another group civilly suing Anthony, may be nearing a settlement with her, according to a recent court filing.

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Immaculate Deception - The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony



  1. Lon Spector says:

    Dear Jon,
    I know that you have had reason to be cross with me in the past. We don’t see
    eye to eye on everything. (Have you ever heard the song “We Just Disagree”
    by Dave Mason by the way?)
    Speaking for myself (And you, I guess) I WILL NEVER FORGET CASEY!
    She must know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is NOT alone-that she is LOVED!
    God shed His Grace on Casey! Jesus died for just for her (And everyone else as well.)
    We don’t always know what Casey is up to, and I hope she’s made her escape-I really
    Just has God’s air, water, and sunshine is for everyone, so IS God’s LOVE for Casey!
    How can we, in good conscience deny her OUR LOVE?

  2. That was beautiful. I know we may have had a disagreement or two but I don’t hold anything against you. I just meant Casey seems to have been forgotten here. You are right. God Loves Casey. He made her. Casey deserves nothing but the best. I am sorry If I was cross with you. I really didn’t mean to be.


  3. Lon Spector says:

    I think a good song about Casey would be “How Can I Be Sure?” by the
    Rascals. I’m just a tad bit concerned. Is she living with that 65 year old
    detective McCenna? She shouldn’t have to feel “obligated” to him. if you
    know what I mean.

  4. Lon Spector says:

    It’s extremely important that we imbive life into this blog and keep interest in
    Casey alive! The last chapter of the story is far from being written, and we
    must examine all the information about Casey from every possible angle, so
    we can be “Casey Experts” and offer suggestions AND predictions for Casey’s
    We need not replay the case in it’s entirety. We’ve been over every single
    detail numerous times. “To those that believe, no explaination is required.
    To those that disbelieve no explaination will suffice.”
    We have to establish where we are NOW. We have consitutional safeguards and
    protections from double jeperoity. Casey-from a legal stand point is home free.
    She cannot be prosecuted again! All she need do is keep on the right side of the law,
    and she SHOULD be unaccosted by the authourities.
    Here’s the problem however: Casey is innocent in the eyes of the law, but she is
    guilty in the eyes of public opinion. Obviously, this makes for a very difficult life.
    There are people thursting for vegence against Casey. Many subscribe to the
    outmoded view of “an eye for an eye.” Could this change? Probably not in the
    short term. If, in a future time, new information should come forth indisputingly
    exnorating Casey, public opinion MIGHT change, (Even THAT is doubtful) People
    tend to remain with their iniatial viewpoints and interpetations of others EVEN if
    they are erronous. Interest in stories is Media driven. The “media” influences
    our opinions about this story, as it does many others.
    Many people here have graciously offered Casey housing, shelter and LOVE.
    I won’t question these nobel motives, but I would ask, “How realistic are these
    promises “long term?” I think it’s much more realistic to assume that Casey
    would like to live an independent lifestyle, surrounded by friends, family and
    doing fulfuling and interesting work. Anotherwords, Casey should be free to pursue
    her own happiness.
    So the question is: “How do we, as her supporters help bring that about?”
    Casey lives a very secretive life out of necessity. It would be very hard for many of
    her supporters to meet with her in person and directly deliver the help she needs.
    It has been stated however, that those limited few that have met with Casey, even
    under these strained circumstances, are quite impressed with her likeability.
    This would make perfect sense, because as a woman born under the sign of the
    Fire Tiger, she is a very charasmatic person. She should have no problem at all
    making friends, and having admirers of both sexes.
    Casey-I have no doubt-can have a happy life wherever she finally settles.
    As with many people, “To know her IS to love her.” Should she go completely
    underground? Perhaps. But she will find no shortage of friends, as more people
    learn about the REAL Casey.

  5. missattempts says:

    In case Casey is unaware she should know that a clothing company
    named youngamericanroyality is using her image to make a profit.
    If they are using her image without her approval, she is due reimbersement.
    Someone should inform her attorneys.

  6. There is another Casey book out. I just read it and its a very good book. It’s written By Richard Gabriel Aquittal. it tells how the media was used to get her an acquittal along with OJ Simpson and Phil Spector. Gabriel is a Jury Consultant. He picked the jury and held a mock trial on 48 hours so the defense could determine what they could prove, their strengths and weaknesses. The jury on 48 hours voted the same way. So, it was all planned out.

  7. Cheney Mason tells us what Casey’s life is like today and Pics of what she looks like.

    She is absolutely breathtaking

  8. missattempts says:

    Three years ago today, God’s will was enacted, and a beautiful woman
    was accquited of a gasthly crime. It would never have happened otherwise.
    I yeild to God’s will and respect the outcome. May Casey live long and prosper!

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