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Caylee’s Breakfast Video & Memorial Video

I had a bunch of people email over the past few days asking me to upload the “Caylee Breakfast” & “Caylee Memorial” videos – so here they both are.

The Caylee Breakfast Video:

Caylee Breakfast Video

This is definitely very creepy for many reasons. I have no doubt that George was filming. Whether Caylee is saying “jo” or “jo jo” at the 2:27 point is still debatable, but it certainly sounds very close to that. It’s just very odd that anyone would film Caylee (or any other child) eating breakfast for over 3 minutes without saying a word to them, and also manage to get the camera between her legs (@1:25). Like I say – all very creepy and all VERY “George Anthony”.

Caylee’s Memorial Service Video:

Caylee Memorial Service Part 9

I just uploaded the segment where George goes into his speech about the smell of Caylee’s hair and her “sweet sweat” (1:12)… and several other very odd things. He makes a bad actor look like an Oscar nominee with this performance. Sure enough, it was a memorial service, and no doubt very painful for all concerned – which is even more reason why his odd comments stand out.

Post your comments below and let’s me know your thoughts, ok?



  1. Did anyone notice the person behind George when George talks about the sweet smell of Caylee’s sweat? His eyes widen slightly and he lowers his head than looks angry when he looks back at George. He no doubt realized that George”s feelings for Caylee were sexual. He looks like he is in law enforcment.

    • Lily,
      You mean the man to our left? He looked down when GA said that, as if he was uncomfortable hearing it? He seemed emotionally engaged and then detached himself physically when GA said that.

      George spoke of hugs, holding her, touching her, smelling her, wanting to hold her again etc. I thought it odd how he spoke of how she knew how to get him to hug her or something along those lines?

      He focused his memories on the physical aspects. He focused on himself. The eulogy seemed to be about his feelings, what he missed and what he thought. He barely referenced anyone else and he didn’t really characterize Caylee as a person.

      George seems to have had experience speaking to crowds in that he didn’t seem at all uncomfortable or shy.

      Isn’t this speech a eulogy? And isn’t the purpose of a eulogy to talk about the person? George spoke of George and HIS feelings.

      • Exactly the eulogy was about George!

      • Very good points Sonja. It is ALL about him and how he will miss her PHYSICALLY. It’s like every now and then he would try to focus on her…when he talked about her eating green beans, but it seemed very out of place and he went back to talking about how she made him FEEL! At one point it looks as if Cindy was reading what he wrote down. I wonder if he had written something else but go way off course and started talking about how she felt and smelled. Check out some of Cindy’s reactions. I think he got way off course. The REAL George reared his very ugly head.

        Notice that he talked to Casey the same way when she was in jail. He said stuff like…hi beautiful, hi gorgeous. I miss your hugs. I want to hug you. try not to put on weight. All physical stuff.

  2. Creepy, creepy, CREEPY as hell. When he talks about “getting a hug from a small child giving me energy that you can’t IMAGINE!” my blood ran cold.

    • George says he wishes his father could be at the memorial! Maybe his father is still recovering from the plate glass window George threw him thru.

    • Kira,

      I agree. Creepy! In the book, Baez says that the psychologist stated that in all his years of work, he has never seem someone make a comment like that about a child and that it does have a sexual connotation to it. I don’t think pedophiles can help themselves.

      The mask of normalcy came off when George made that comment.

    • Jan Snow says:

      My blood ran cold when he mentioned missing the smell of her sweat. Should not that of been what he was? I come from a very abusive family and I could see through George when I first saw him. For the life of me I don’t know why some people think he is an upstanding person just because he was a former cop. I wish they could think on their own rather then relaying on the media.

      • Hi Jan, Unfortunately, most people are unable to think for themselves and prefer to have idiots tell them how they should think. That’s probably why HLN is so popular.
        Thanks for posting!

  3. One of the first sounds babies utter is the D sound which is why you will read that babies often say Dada first, much to their mother’s dismay:) I heard her say DoDo but took it to mean Jojo.

    When we hear a woman’s voice in the beginning, I wonder if someone was in the same room as the person taking the video because Caylee’s reactions seem to be focused on the person shooting the video?

    That video is strange. I showed that video to my husband, to see his reaction last year. I DID NOTbias him at all and just said, “look at how adorable she was”. When he saw that part he asked, “why did they do that?!” referring to the person who took the video. That part of the video is questionable. It seems indicative of a person trying to take an innocent video while getting some questionable content in it without being noticed. I did think at first, that the person may have become distracted so the camera went every which way?? But then why didn’t they edit it out? After watching it a few times though, it does seem intentional ( the in between the legs shot.)

    If you ever watch the videos Philip Garrido made they were similar in that there was very little sound, some of the video seemed “normal”, and then all of the sudden there would be a very inappropriate shot. What he would do was ask his wife to video him singing while taping children at the same time focusing on their personal body parts.

    The reason I’m drawing this comparison is that Garrido is a convicted pedophile and this video is similar in the way it’s constructed. It’s as if pedophiles think the same way. ( They do.)

    Who released the videos? Cindy/George or Casey?

  4. Question: At about 1:31, in the breakfast video, do you guys see a knee or leg of a person?

    I think I do. And I don’t think this is the person filming because of the angle the camera is at.

    It seems to me that there are two people are in the room. Possibly Cindy, talking to Caylee and cleaning and the person taking the video?


  5. There is another video out there in cyberspace of casey videotaping caylee jumping on a bed…you can see it is casey in a mirror that is behind the bed. I don’t think Casey interacts much with Caylee in that video…so I’m thinking maybe they liked to just video tape Caylee without getting their own voice on the video. Here is why I say that…we have videos from when my kids were little and since I’m a talker, I talk throughout them AND, thus…you have video of the kids but with mom doing all the talking. The kids will look at them now and say, Mom…you should have been quiet, you’re talking too much on the video. And they are right. So, I don’t think the not talking is really all that sinister. Maybe they are just trying to get tapes of Caylee doing everyday things???

    Also, at first I thought the shot that went down under the highchair was an attempt to play “peek-a-boo”. But I guess it is strange if your playing peek a boo, to not say peek a boo. I don’t know…that part is rather strange. I don’t think she or anyone says “I kill.” Could be anything. My son couldn’t talk very well at that age and he was so hard to understand. It’s like he had his own language. So I don’t think we can really make out what Caylee is saying here. Possibly “ice cream”?

    Now, the memorial video…George is at his creepiest best. OMG…that literally makes my skin crawl. How can his wife and son stand there and listen to him talk that way and not think he’s nuts? I can hardly stand to look at George.

    • Jill,

      The whole ” I kill” thing is silly. I agree that had the video not included that one part, it wouldn’t be that weird that there wasn’t any discourse. But that shot dead center and whomever took it, even zoomed in.

      I wonder who released the video. How did all these videos end up online? Were they part of the photo deal made to pay for part of the defense?

  6. I was just wondering about this, Jill. I think it may be part of what Jose sold to … I think it was ABC?
    Someone just suggested to me “I kiss” instead of “I kill.” Apparently she says this in other videos too.

  7. Speaking of videos, what do you guys make of the video with the inmate stating Casey admitted the whole thing to her. She claims Casey told her she “poured chloroform on a rag” to put Caylee to sleep so she could go party. That damages her credibilty right there.

    • Hi EAH,
      I would very seldom put too much stock in whatever an inmate has to say, particularly when Casey was segregated from the rest of the jail. As for the video, I think Caylee is saying Cheese, as she always points to the camera before saying it. It looks like she is asking want cheese? meaning want me to smile? or just saying cheese and then smiling, but she points to the camera every time those words are said.

      • Apparently they were in a cell together for a short time. She seems to be saying that Casey had chloroform in a bottle, kept in the house and poured on a rag to knock Caylee out so she could party. Oh and she plays dumb when asked what chem was used … “Oh I can’t pronounce it, chlorofoam, chloroform …” I find it hard to believe neither Cindy nor George ever checked on the sleeping baby and not notice they couldn’t wake her. Also the toxology report came back negative for chloroform, a fact long since forgotten.

        • EAH,
          My take on this girl is that she is lying and just trying to get attention. This girl is NOT a nice girl! I was reading the comments and it seems as if she was the head of some gang and she killed another girl. Jailhouse snitches are hard to believe. Also, I’m pretty sure Casey was in protective custody the whole time she was in jail. The girl says that they talked through the vents…which is true. Casey complains in her jailhouse letters about the vent talkers…they annoy her. I really doubt Casey would admit to using chloroform on her daughter while talking through the vents for everyone to hear. To me, her story doesn’t add up. Obviously it wasn’t used in trial so I think there is absolutely NO truth to what this girl is saying. Casey is smart…but she couldn’t make chloroform…there would be signs of that activitiy all around. That is TOTAL myth.

          • Agreed. Certainly she did not have it in a bottle in the Anthony home and pour it on a rag. She could have killed herself and the baby.

          • I agree with you. The whole chloroform on rag sounds like the snitch took a scene right out of movie and added some lies to it. They just want attention.

    • I would never believe one of those inmates who speaks about Casey. I know I sound mean, but they have nothing better to do than glob onto to this Casey making statements to gain attention.

    • Oh, that was the idiot who kept saying “chlorofoam” over and over again, right? She had a big grin on her face the whole time…I think she’s just a media whore.

      • I looked up that girl “clorofoam” and the body language expert Lillian Glass says it’s credible just like her blogs on the Anthony family. All the things this so called expert is saying isn’t credible haha.

        • She is a quack, to say the least. IMO of course! LOL

        • I agree. Glass is about as credible as Roy Kronk and the 27 different versions of his story.

          • Jan Snow says:

            I know this sounds like it is a very strange idea but could Kronk of spotted George placing the body in the woods and George told him he could keep the reward money if he just kept quiet? I am wondering how anyone could of placed the body in the woods in the first place with so many people in the area (the media, the curious etc) You would think someone would of spotted someone moving through the woods carrying a dark bag.

  8. Okay I figured out what Caylee was saying in the videos where she is talking…. she is saying I, cheese I cheese. The child was a little ham and was always being paraded in front of her mom’s camera and likely told to “say cheese” a lot.:)

  9. Cynthiab says:

    OH WOW MAN. Every time I think I have seen it/read it all…not that I have ANY questions about who the real “George Marie” is or what he DID – but I honestly do not know if the breakfast video is creepier than the speech. Egomaniacal, delusional, FAKE, man who cannot put a sentence together to save his LIFE (probably a trait among pathological liars.)

    I look forward to your posting of the doc tonight, SJ – thanks! I couldn’t bear to watch the clip from the view…it looked exhausting.

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