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Caylee Memorial Site scam – HOA request investigation

George & Cindy continuing to blatantly profit from Caylee’s death is bad enough… but it’s even worse when known scammers jump on the bandwagggon. This time it’s “Bring Kids Home” and devious fraudster Eddie Delvalle back again. They’re now charging $500 a brick to help build a “Caylee memorial” site off Suburban Drive – and on residential-zoned land they don’t even own.

As you can imagine, Chickasaw Oaks Homeowner’s Association are none too happy, and have asked the state AG’s office and Sheriff’s office to investigate the project and its organizers.

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Here’s the latest video from

Complaints Over Caylee Memorial 11-8


  1. Something has always bothered me about when George and Cindy went to Caylee’s memorial on Caylee’s birthday. I felt it was more for show and not really to say goodbye to Caylee. To go there with the very people that would kill their daughter if she tried to go to the memorial is a stab in the back to their daughter. If they really wanted to say Goodbye to Caylee they should have done it privately when nobody was around.

    • Jon, I am agree with you: its looks like G &C is playing games (as always), or/ and promoting their fund. The best thing they can do for Caylee, it’s just to pray quietly, but, with the phony game, G &C started June 2008, they went too far and simply cannot stop now, even when “enough is enough”. I hope, our Lord will take care of all this mess. One day…. May God Bless Casey and give her power, and faith and joy to went through all these evil attacks on her. I trust that everything will be over, one day, early or late…
      P.S. I would love to read a book, written by Casey; I believe that her book will not just give us a light on one of the most tragically and mysterious case’s of XXI century, but Casey’s book will help thousands of other people, who’re struggling in unloving families, for those who became victims of someone’s greed, anger or jealousy…

  2. I would love to see a book from Casey herself. Everyone else has had their say. Why not Casey? When does she get to tell her side? Yes it would help so many like herself. Survivors of sexual abuse by family members.

    • I agree with you Jon…and I think in time she will tell her story. Hopefully she is getting the counseling and healing that she needs first…then she can help others. My heart does break for her…if you haven’t gone through that kind of abuse, you just can’t understand. People have NO idea the kind of control a perp can have over you. I think her story will do a lot to revel just how insidious and prevalent this problem is in our society. God Bless you Casey!

    • I had a feeling Cindy and George Killed Caylee and Casey wittnessed it. They told her to Lie and go on with her life like nothing ever happend. Casey isn’t making a dime of her daughters death what so ever. George and Cindy are. I could tell they didnt want to go. When they were in the court house hearing the Verdict. They turned around and walked out. Instead of Staying. They went on a Cruise when everybody was building that beautiful Cross and a walk for Caylee.

      Heres the thing that confirmed my thoughts, Cindy told Dr. Phil. “If Caylee drowned in the pool at least she didn’t suffer” How can a Grandmother say that with a straight face. These SOB make me Sick.

      On a Good Note: Please remember to turn on your lights on the 11 and on Christmas Day for Caylee.

  3. JON:

    It’s my opinion that George & Cindy didn’t know how to give unconditional love to Caylee or Casey. (My heart has been broken by this tragedy). Recently I viewed the video of George, stating he didn’t want Caylee to be remembered at some wooded area down the street from where she lived. Now, they’re parading around in their ‘new’ Bring Kids Home t-shirts carrying balloons and with grandiose plans to build a MEMORIAL for her at that very site ~ and they haven’t even purchased the land yet! It was ALL for show ~ pure GREED! It’s NEVER going to be enough for them!

    George & Cindy are despicable and never deserved to have children or a beautiful granddaughter such as little Caylee! I can only pray they are NEVER given the opportunity again. Children, IMO, are a blessing from God and should be treated as such.

  4. Jon, Angelina & Jill:

    I too want to hear/read Casey’s story ~ but I agree with you, I hope and pray she receives any help she needs and then comes out full-force and puts everyone in their place! I also agree with your thinking it will help so many who have suffered sexual abuse.

  5. Does anyone have the latest status on the HOA and their decision on the MEmorial yet?

    Perhaps we should get together a petition ~ against this, even though I’m not from Florida ~ they petition everything else ~ why not this? LOL

  6. Hey MiMi. I think it’s come to a bit of a grinding halt due to a decrease in souvenir brick sales. Next up they’ll probably be trying to sell gold played bricks @ $2,500 a pop embossed with G&C’s mugshots! SJ

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