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Charles Greene confirms Casey has moved out of Florida

From (Adam Longo):

“Casey Anthony is now living in a different location, according to her attorney, Charles Greene.

During a one-year state supervised probation Anthony was serving for check fraud charges, she was prohibited from leaving Florida. That probation ended on Thursday, Aug. 23. It’s unclear exactly when Anthony moved from an undisclosed location in Florida to outside of the state.

“She has relocated. She no longer has to live with the same security precautions that surrounded her,” Greene said. “The hate mail has subsided a lot. She’s doing better.”

Anthony, her attorney says, has more freedom now that her probation has ended, but she continues to live out of the public eye because of the vitriol leveled towards her and her criminal defense team after her acquittal on murder charges in July of last year.

“Casey is surprised and hurt by the intensity of the hatred directed towards her,” said Greene.

“None of the people who have profited from her case, the TV pundits and others, none of them have been looking for the truth. They’re all dwelling on the scandal.”

Greene also strongly refuted an internet article published this week that Anthony is currently in New York City finalizing a book deal and meeting with a CNN host to discuss on on-air interview.

“Absolutely untrue,” Greene said.

Anthony’s legal troubles are not over yet. She is facing a handful of civil lawsuits including one filed by a Kissimmee, FL, woman named Zenaida Gonzalez who claims Anthony defamed her by claiming she left her daughter Caylee with a nanny by a similar name.

In her criminal trial, Anthony’s attorneys said “Zanny the Nanny” was someone Anthony made up.

That trial is scheduled to begin in January.

CBS 5 has also learned a hearing scheduled for next week in that civil case has been moved to Oct. 4.

Anthony wants to preclude Gonzalez’s attorneys from mentioning any aspect of the criminal trial in the upcoming civil trial.

Anthony’s lawyer says he plans to file between five and 10 new “motions in limine” in the coming weeks in an attempt to limit the amount of evidence that can be introduced in the upcoming trial.

On Friday, Anthony’s defense filed a motion asking the judge to bar any reference to the criminal investigations within which she was involved.

Click here to download the Motion In Limine – (10 page PDF, opens in new window)

Judge Lisa Munyon has already limited the scope of how Gonzalez’s attorneys can proceed with their case.

The trial will hinge on a statement Anthony made to her mother Cindy while incarcerated in the Orange County Jail on July 25, 2008. Anthony stated, “When they went and interviewed that girl down in Kissimmee, they never showed me a picture of her…”

Less than two weeks prior to that, Anthony was shown a series of photos by Orange County deputies investigating her daughter’s disappearance. Upon seeing each photo, which included a picture of the Zenaida Gonzalez who brought the lawsuit, Anthony told investigators none of the people in the photos was her daughter’s nanny. Gonzalez herself was questioned by investigators before Anthony was shown her picture. Gonzalez told deputies she had no knowledge of a missing child and did not know Anthony.

Greene says Anthony looks forward to the day where she can speak publicly about her case, but she doesn’t plan to speak about the case until her legal issues have passed.

Anthony’s criminal team is appealing the four counts of lying to law enforcement she was convicted of last July.

A representative with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in Daytona Beach, FL, has said a judicial panel could decide on that appeal before the end of the year.”




  1. Drew Hensley says:

    Interesting statement – “She has relocated. She no longer has to live with the same security precautions that surrounded her.”

    I think the state was providing at least some of her security and did not want the public to know bc they had said earlier that they would not protect her.

    Karen you can come out now. Water under the bridge.


  2. Drew Hensley says:

    Having just read the motion, I have to say, I think “Zanny” would be more justified if she sued FL rather than Casey.

  3. I think ZG should sue someone other than Casey, if she was harassed.

    SJ, do you have any documents regarding the appeal on the lying convictions? I was wondering what the basis of the appeal is. I thought I read somewhere that if you lie to LE out of fear for your life, it is not ‘lying’. I’ve always thought Casey was scared GA would kill her since she perceived that he had killed Caylee.

  4. AnnaMae Johnston says:

    I too believe that a lot of people are suiing the wrong person! Except for a few times when Casey mentioned a ZFG, she usually said Zanny prior to all this. Shows me someone was coaching her in what to say. Just my opinion, but I think where it comes to ZFG, this has always been more of a seek for the truth mission than a monetary gain. Nobody can sue Casey’s parents because someone put them wise to open up all those foundations-non profit, can’t sue them.

    Shirley Plesea has passed away. The news is on She passed on Sept. 6th.

    • Isn’t that sort of what Kronk is doing? He is suing casey but he is also suing the media?

    • Thank you for that information AnnaMae. Interesting to note that the media did not even report she was ill until the day after she passed, so hopefully Casey got home to see her without big eyes everywhere.

      • AnnaMae Johnston says:

        You’re welcome. I hate to say this, but some media outlets I do believe paid whoever in the family for this information and placed it out for public consumption on Sept. 7th, it was probably agreed on not to publish until after the fact so Casey could in fact be with her GMA without worry of the mob mentality seeking her out on such a sad occasion.

        Is Kronk suiing Casey directly? Or is he only trying to sue Mr. B, along with some of the media outlets? Imo, a lot of the people trying to sue should just turn their cheek and keep walking. Kronk got some money, TM did get a somewhat big jingle from one of the LE agency, each one who got on one talk show or another got paid, can’t tell me they didn’t-that’s the law of averages when it comes to media hype. They all need to go home, move on and leave Casey alone. She never did 1/10th of what any of them accused her of doing.

  5. I’m glad Casey has left Florida. She is safer out of Florida. I wish the part about Casey getting a book deal and interview were true but we will have to wait on that one.

    • AnnaMae Johnston says:

      I think it would be safe to say Casey probably has already done at least 1 interview and I’m not speaking of the 10 min. phone convo w/P. Morgan.

      I think it would be absolutely fantastic if she spoke up and the interview airs just prior to all of the phony lawsuits- maybe take the wind out of everybody’s sails and at the same time kick daddy where it counts, jmo.

  6. Congrats Casey on getting out of Florida. I’m am so sorry to hear that your grandmother passed away! I’m glad you will be safer now and hopefully have more fredom! I am with you Jon I cannot until we all hear from her!

  7. I hope & pray that Casey is far away from Florida as she can possibly get!! I don’t see anything good coming from her being there except her Defense Team,which has done an amazing job of having her back thru all of this.I am sure she made some lifetime friends during this whole mess,but everyone wants to focus on what all she lost.She lost her most precious gift,which was Caylee & she will never get over that.I want her to heal,however she has to do that & make a life for herself,wherever that takes her & pray people will leave her alone.I see no reason for her to come out with a book or anything else until all her legal troubles are over.As long as she has her Defense Team beside her….she will do just fine.
    I think by now people have figured out WHAT the ZG lawsuit is & has been all about since day ONE! It is & was nothing but BS.I am amazed at all the corrupt people in Florida.

    • AnnaMae Johnston says:

      Of course it’s a big nothing, just a way to add to the never ending ball of confusion. Casey at no time ever said this ZFG was the one-quite the opposite, this woman’s name does not fit what was recorded. The same goes for TM and the others who are lining up to sue-For what? Huge waste of time as far as I’m concerned.

      Casey will do just fine! I wouldn’t be too surprised if she hasn’t taped something already. She is free to do what she wants and I do thnk she is in good hands as well with her law team who I think really have become her adopted family.

    • Maryilyn,

      Isn’t this lawsuit crazy? When I read the civil suit and Greene’s motion for summary judgement, I realized M&M is going with the lie that ZG is the nanny in Casey’s head?! They even tried to lie about ZG name and change it to ZFG until Greene called them out on it in a motion. Can’t even believe this has gone this far!

  8. Drew Hensley says:

    I know this is off topic, sorry. Maybe we should always keep an open mind when there is a not guilty verdict? I assumed OJ was guilty but always respected the verdict. I never hated OJ. But now a Private Investigator claims that he has new evidence being ignored by LE that proves that OJ’s son is the killer.

    • I saw this in the book store. OJ could be trying to protect his son. Fathers will do anything to protect their children but not George.

    • OMG Drew! I totally belive his son had something to do with it. Ten years ago I met a guy who lives in Orange county (L.A) and we became really good friends. Somehow the OJ case came up in one of our convos and he said OJ’s son did the killings. The glove would never fit OJ, but if you let his son try it on it would fit. I’m no longer friends with this guy, but I remember he was also the one who told me Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves all share one thing in common..they’re gay LOL.

      • Even, if they were gay that’s their own business.

        • AnnaMae Johnston says:

          LOL. although there are many Lavendar Groups that exist in the entertainment industry, this group in no way, shape or form are light in the loafers. Right! there are certain things in life other people just don’t need to know. Always surprises me how many ‘reliable sources’ can see thru walls to report such rubbish-Nobody really cares.All an entertainer ever owes the fans is a great performance, nothing more.

      • Drew Hensley says:

        I’m going to get the book now, Suzy. Ppl are too quick to assume the state has it right.

        • Hi Drew! When you’re done reading the book let me know if its good! 😉

        • I’m going to read this book too. Sounds pretty interesting. Because of Casey’s case, my eyes have been opened to how the media can sway a police investigation. When there are raises and promotions on the line, convictions are needed…I now believe there are probably a lot of people sitting in jail because of sloppy police work…or outright lies and cover-ups. So glad that the jury saw thorough the BS the state was trying to feed them. It is scary people…this could happen to anyone of us. I’m not saying I believe OJ is innocent, but I will read the book with an open mind. Nothing surprises me anymore.

          • I meant the jury in Casey’s case.

          • I feel the same way, Jill (about OJ). This whole thing with Casey opened my eyes and now I wonder if I can look at the OJ trial differently. I certainly look at the jurors differently! I almost feel like I should apologize to them for how I felt about them previously.

            I think I’ll have to read that book too.

  9. Amanda Martin says:

    I just hope she is somewhere safe and finally has some peace and quiet!

  10. I can’t believe they have not thrown out the ZG nanny case out of court. One she lied about her name and changed her name to match what Casey said. Two she went to every news media to become famous and be noticed. Three she was caught lieing about everything and is being noticed as the fraud she is. And four she is sueing Casey to get money for free which she was after in the first place just because she got caught trying to con the court system for fame and money. The case is a big lie and if any judge does not throw it out they should be fired.

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