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Charles Greene: “Is Morgan law firm paying Zenaida Gonzalez?”

From CF13 NEWS:

“Everyone’s been talking about the “million dollar deals” that Casey Anthony might eventually receive. Now Anthony’s civil lawyer Charles Greene is asking questions about others who might be cashing in, and whether or not it’s appropriate.

Lawyers for both Anthony and Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman suing her for defamation, faced off in front of a judge Wednesday morning.

Gonzalez’s lawyers want to delay her deposition until after Anthony is done with hers. However, Greene said it’s a tactic to keep Gonzalez from answering questions about how much money she may have received because of this case.

“She’s avoiding her deposition,” Greene said. “Why is she running?”

Until now, it was Anthony who was accused of trying to delay this civil case. It appears the tables have turned.

“Why won’t she answer the questions?” Greene said. “She’s the plaintiff. She has a burden of proof. Just sit down Ms. Gonzalez. Stop running. What are you hiding from?”

“For Casey Anthony to take the aggressive stance of ‘you can run but you can’t hide’ like she’s the perp here of this civil action. You’ve got to be kidding me!” said Keith Mitnik, Gonzalez’s attorney.

It’s anything but a joke to Greene, who gave a preview of Gonzalez’s deposition on the courthouse steps.

“Why did you object to our discovery about the amount of money you’ve gotten from the Morgan and Morgan firm in connection with this case?” Greene said. “What are you hiding from? Why don’t you sit down and answer our questions?”

“(Has the Morgan firm paid Zenaida Gonzalez?) We’re not paying Zenaida Gonzalez,” Mitnik said. “But I’m not going to get into something where I don’t even know what it is.” (Has she benefit financially from all of this?) She has been hurt by all of this!”

The questions were clearly aggravating to Gonzalez’s attorney, who began the day by arguing that they should be able to get answers first from Anthony before Gonzalez has to sit for her deposition.

“I’m sick of Casey Anthony getting special treatment,” Mitnik said. “Not having to face civil justice.”

Another hearing is scheduled next month where both sides will argue about whether or not Anthony should be required to answer the questions posed in last month’s deposition, or whether she has the right to take the Fifth Amendment.

Anthony is appealing four criminal counts of lying to law enforcement, and anything she says in the civil proceeding could affect her criminal appeal.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Judge Munyon said she’ll decide by Thursday whether or not Gonzalez’s Nov. 22 deposition will happen or not.”


  1. If ZG had ANY decency she would just drop the case instead of jumping on the prosecutions cash cow. She has probably already been minted up from tv and articles. My question is exactly what DAMAGE she suffered? Looks from the picture she has partied while Casey suffered. It’s obvious M+M are behind all this as defamation cases are very expensive.

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