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Charles Greene to ZG: “We want your proof”

From CF13 NEWS:


Casey Anthony ruined your reputation? Prove it.

That’s what defense attorneys are telling Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman accusing Anthony of lying and claiming Gonzalez kidnapped Caylee Anthony.

They also want Gonzalez’s attorneys to prove how she is being compensated, and who is helping her pay for the lawsuit.

The attorneys filed a motion this week, demanding Gonzalez and her attorneys at the Morgan & Morgan law firm be required to:

  • Produce all documents connected to possible witnesses,
  • Produce all documents that refer to the damages Gonzalez is speaking ,
  • Produce documents that prove Gonzalez’s claim that she is the person Casey Anthony was referring to when she told law enforcement that she left Caylee Anthony with a “Zenaida Gonzalez”,
  • Produce all documents that refer to any statements made by Casey Anthony that support Gonzalez’s claims,
  • Produce documents for any jobs Gonzalez has had since 2006,
  • Produce documents that show any funds or anything of value that Gonzalez received from Morgan & Morgan or any group related to the law firm,
  • Produce all documents related to a “Zenaida Gonzalez Fund,” any contributions made to the fund, and who those contributors are,
  • Produce all documents that relate contributions made to Morgan & Morgan for Gonzalez’s benefit,
  • Produce all documents that descibe any compensation Gonzalez has received since July 16, 2008,
  • Produce all medical records from January 1, 2007 to the present, including documents related to psychiatric treatment.

Anthony’s attorneys say they have made repeated requests for the documents, but Gonzalez’s attorneys have refused to cooperate.



  1. Gonzalez knows she is a lying sack of shyt! That’s why she won’t produce the documents! Go get her Casey!

  2. Cheney Mason was rushed to the Hospital today. I hope he is ok.

  3. Maybe ZFG (or whoever) would like to share some of her photos in court. . Seems she likes to party too. What’s up with all these gang jestures?? Seems she has some ‘splaining to do. Good Luck and I hope she doesn’t get a dime!! Keep your head up Casey!!

    • OMG!!! This is the reputation Casey ruined??? Oooookkkkkaaaaayyyyyy…

    • LMBO to Karen and Jill, .. and who puts family photos with kids on your myspace if you are getting death threats??? especially involving your kids??? Did ya see the big pic of her over the mantel someone was putting up?? was that a pic or big screen TV?? Wonder if her ZG fund bought it?? Unreal!!

  4. ZG, what a “classy” lady. I only hope her myspace will be used as evidence of her true aspirations/intentions. If that was my mothers myspace I would want to join a monastery. Nothing more excruciating than seeing a middle aged woman trying desperately to look 16. Never mind the death threats, she should take the page down because its embarrassingly poor taste and blatantly not working, 73 friends?. She is going to have even less once she is exposed for the unscrupulous, self obsessed opportunist she really is.

    Go Casey our sophisticated, sensitive lady!

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