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Cheney Mason (NBC) & Casey Anthony’s new family, 7/19

Includes NBC interview segment with Cheney Mason discussing Casey Anthony’s new family & extensive support network. Cheney also advises anyone still hung-up over the Not Guilty verdict to get a life – and rightly so:

Cheney Mason - Casey Anthonys new family 7-19


  1. I totally agree. Casey Anthony was found “Not Guilty” so everybody needs to get a life and get over it. I blame the Media more than the people. The media has twisted so many things around to try to add fuel to the fire. I think it is very interesting that the 12 people that found her “Not Guilty” were the same 12 people that did not have the media in their ear. When Nancy Grace stated that the “Devil has danced upon us tonight” I thought she was speaking about herself. I think she is evil along with the rest of HLN crew. I think the media had their minds made up before the trial and only listened to the things they wanted to hear. When the alternate juror first came out everything he said was everything I was thinking. So not everyone one in America thinks that she is guilty, just the people that were brainwashed by the media.

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