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Cheney Mason to accept subpoena for Casey


“We have confirmed one of Casey’s criminal attorneys, Cheney Mason, will accept the subpoena on her behalf and give it to her, himself.  That means Casey’s whereabouts will remain a secret from the public.

Casey Anthony has been in hiding since she was released from jail in July 2011. But Judge Lisa Munyon ruled earlier in May that attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez could subpoena Casey to court.

Casey Anthony’s civil trial is currently scheduled to begin the first week fo January 2013.”


  1. I would do the same thing for her 🙂 Good job Cheney!

  2. Marilyn C. says:

    My heart just sunk when I heard this news….but then I snapped back into reality!! I almost let IDIOTS like Dillhead from M&M get to me by going on every web site & TV saying”Anthony WILL be required to attend trial or she will face criminal contempt proceeding(whatever that is).Then I remembered something that SJ posted on here March 12th…go back & watch Mr Greene & Mr Mason on that video titled ” Judge denies ZG attorney address request”.These 2 guys have SOMETHING up their sleeve!! I have complete faith in them to handle this for Casey & once AGAIN we will get to watch”The Other Side” scratch their heads & TRY to figure out AGAIN”How did they do that”!! Both of these attorneys are FEARLESS!! I wish I was a lawyer because I thought in civil cases you didn’t have to appear…but this is in Florida & they seem to have their own laws,like they are making them up as they go along(sorry Floridians) but Florida has given Casey way too much hell!!

    • I think she will take the 5th if they get her on the stand, but I’m not convinced this will happen. I agree Casey has and has had great lawyers. I would be threatening one MASSIVE law suit if Casey gets hurt or attacked. This is quite cruel asking her to return to the very courtroom where she was tried for murder. But then again Casey is one tough cookie.

  3. Harry N says:

    This was the best possible outcome because it means Casey’s address will remain a secret, without the danger of it being leaked by Morgan. I never actually believed they would do it because they would be liable if something happened to her, but why take the chance? Keeping her safe from the media and
    the psycho “warriors” is their first priority. Remember that this farce of a trial isn’t scheduled until January, and a lot could happen in the next eight months. Including the full truth being known.

  4. I guess the sole report I read yesterday stating that investigators were hanging outside her pad waiting to serve her was false?

    • No probably true. I think Cheney was given the option of handing it to her to keep her from the shock of being face to face with M&M.

  5. I have just read an article that Casey Anthony has adopted a Romanian baby – is that true?

  6. No. It’s not true. That story keeps popping up all the time. Lol

    • I just read some Canadian actress named Holly Deveaux has been cast as Casey Anthony in the Lifetime movie, ‘Prosecuting Casey Anthony’. I don’t understand why they would bother making a movie when the facts aren’t true per Ashton’s book. Can you imagine how stupid they’d feel when they really know the truth? They should make the movie after reading Jose Baez’s book and base it on his!

      • Hi Suzy!
        You raise a good point there. As far as I know, they’ve cast the following people so far:

        Rob Lowe (The Laughing Guy)
        Holly Deveaux (Casey)
        Oscar Nunez (JB)
        Elizabeth Mitchell (Lin-Possible)
        Kevin Dunn (GA)

        I still say Dick Van Dyke would have been far more suitable as The Laughing Guy :mrgreen:

        To keep it true to the actual Trial, I think they’ll ultimately class this movie as “Junk Science Fiction”, lol. Thanks for posting!

        • I think Jerry Van Dyke would have been far more suitable as the laughing guy. Whoever would cast Rob Lowe , unless it is the coke addiction, anyone else notice ashton likes to play with his nose?

        • Anthony says:

          Dick Van Dyke as the Laughing Guy??? I was thinking Rick Moranis…. lol

  7. Ugh, I’d never watch a movie that is slanted toward Ashton’s bullshit. I’m sure the Nancy Grace disciples are foaming at the mouth in anticipation though. Anything to vilify poor Casey further.

    Cheney Mason is a lawyer who doesn’t suffer fools; ZG’s team will be sorry that they tangled with him.

    • Looking forward to reading Jose’s account of what really happened, but will most definitely be reading Casey’s book when she is finally able to tell her side. It’s sad that public opinion has made her a prisoner in her home after being released last July. And for what, a Probation term she already completed in jail? This is the “imperfect justice” of this case, Hoping Casey still gets out of Florida once her probation is completed. And why no early term in her case? Doesn’t make sense to me. Casey, keep your head up. There are people out here who care and see the unfairness of what is happening to you. Hoping Mr. Greene finds something to file a new motion of dismissal in the civil case and that it is granted prior to January! Good Luck, Casey!

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