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Cheney Mason – WESH 2 interview

Here’s Cheney Mason’s interview from last with w/Jim Payne @ WESH 2.

In this interview, Cheney discusses Casey’s hobbies, fave movies, her probation release, after probation plans, law enforcement activities, Hater threats, unethical AG’s, the ongoing ignorance of the masses, the jury, the fact that he’s not yet read Jose’s book – and a bunch of other stuff to boot. Very insightful & very interesting.


Cheney Mason – Part 1/2:

Cheney Mason WESH Part-1

Cheney Mason – Part 2/2:


Cheney Mason WESH Part-2


  1. Marilyn C. says:

    God Bless Mr Mason for STILL protecting Casey.I think she will be just fine with this Wonderful Man at her side.I think the media was so hard on him because he never took anything from them & told them just like it was….as he did here! Great job Mr Mason!! Casey will talk WHEN & IF SHE wants to!!!

    • Right Marilyn. CM had every right to say what he said and to flip the bird. According to Dorothy in a deleted scene from the MSNBC documentary, the media were SO horrible to the defense team EVERY day when they tried to walk across the street after court. They said nasty stuff to them, for instance, someone from the media called Dorothy a serial killer!! She said she had to turn her video on her phone on them and once they were on video they straightened right up, imagine that.

  2. “I don’t care what the haters say”….LOL! You go, Cheney! What a smart and feisty guy he is.

    I’m glad that Casey has Cheney in her life – he’s an excellent father figure for her, much more than her piece of shit biological father ever was.

    • Amen Kira. I hope she stays far away from creepy George. I’m also glad she has Mason in her life. He has said she is like a granddaughter to him. That’s neat!

      • It is neat :). I had tears in my eyes when I read that Casey asked Jose to be her godfather. She and Caylee were both dealt such a terrible hand with George in their lives.

  3. bob baker says:

    Im British but know enough to say that Mr.Mason is the epitome of the American Dream (or what it should be!). He seeks justice amidst the frenzied attacks of those who would see it turned into a TV psycho-drama. He knows just how foul the justice system is and how it is slipping into the hands of media moguls out to make a quick buck on the back of others tragedies. He is compassionate,caring and understands more than anyone just what your constitution stands for. It is a pity he is retiring, we can only hope this case will bring forth more good, honest and true lawyers, unafraid to stand by his gut instinct despite the tidal wave of hate being forced daily upon them. A TRUE AMERICAN AND A TRUE GENTLEMAN! I wish much happiness for you and your family, you have restored my faith in humanity.

  4. SJ….Thank you so much for all you do on behalf of Casey. Without this web site, I know I would have missed these fabulous interviews!
    YES! GOD BLESS Cheney Mason. He is a strong, but, gentle GIANT. He seeks after righteousness and possesses a rare strength, courage and boldness to protect and defend. His love for our country, our Constitution and our laws was so eloquently expressed in his summation, it brought me to tears, as does his sincere paternal affection for Casey. She so needs this in her life. Don’t we all?

  5. Cheney is an awesome advocate for Casey. He refuses to allow the media to manipulate into answering questions that would allow them misconstrue his words negatively.

    It was also interesting to listen to what a Cheney wouldn’t say too. I wonder if he is distancing himself from the Baez book or whether he isn’t interested in reading it, because he was there, trying the case and acting as mentor to Baez. He did refute the mental issues well! Sounds like Casey is living life in a healthy way! I’ve long thought she was studying although her probation reports didn’t reflect that. I don’t think probation wants to fuel the hatred so they disclose very little about her.

    The only thing that surprised me was that they didn’t ask him about Casey when Casey will write her own story.

    Thanks SJ!

  6. SJ,
    Do transcripts come out much later than the interview? I’m looking,,, There is some good stuff in his comments on the constitution and society’s failure to understand.

  7. Any news on when Jose will appear on Hannity?

    • Marilyn C. says:

      Jose Baez was on Hannity lastnight, I caught it while flipping channels. He didn’t get to talk about his book. Hannity ask him & Pam Bondi (attorney general of FL) legal questions concerning the Colorado incident. Hannity did show it, but no discussion about it. Everything was about an insanity plea of Colorado guy. I can’t believe he was on the same show as Pam Bondi (which Mr Mason can’t stand (me either) b/c she was all over the TV saying Casey was GUILTY before the trial even started & she was the AG of Fl!!

  8. What Bob Baker said!
    I was actually thinking about how much Mr. Mason restored my faith in humanity but bob beat me to the punch.

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