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Clarification, Karma, and the ongoing quest for justice

Following on from my last post, a few people emailed me to say it was a great idea to hate on Linda Paris. But that’s not what I did. I never said I hated her. I just called her out as a typical hate filled blogger with nothing better to do than hate on Caylee’s mom… and encourage as many people as possible to do the same.

I fail to see the logic in all of that. It can never achieve anything.

But it’s gotta be said – she does have one heck of hate filled & twisted blog – and she may say the same about mine. Whatever. It makes little difference. We are all doing what we’re supposed to be doing after all.

The thing is, the Paris blog is over-brimming with hate, hate filled comments, photo-shopped pics & death threats, whereas mine if filled with facts and strives for justice. As I’ve said 1,000 time before – We are not here to hate on anyone, nor have I ever claimed to hate anyone in any posts since day 1.

Hating sucks after all. In fact I’m not aware of anything that has ever been accomplished by hating. Have you? I doubt it.

Sure enough, I may hate the way some people go about things and some of the stuff they say, but I do not hate them. The only thing we can do with those people is feel sorry for them, and hope they manage to see the light and turn their lives around at some point. I don’t necessarily think they all hate Casey per se… nor do I believe “99% of the population” are Casey haters either.

There are a lot of them… sure there are… but nowhere near as many as the media would like to think there are. Those numbers are also dwindling fast, as more and more people decide to do their own research by reading Jose’s book (and visiting this site)… and they finally get to enlighten themselves on the inside story of what actually happened during the trial.

I also think that with the majority of the Haters are just so pissed off with their own lives that they have to take their frustrations out on something else (or someone else) – so they take the easy route and take it out on Casey.

Here’s an excerpt from “Casey Anthony – Beyond A Reasonable Doubt”, (C.V. Conner):

“Change is always possible. It takes courage, but hatred can always be rerouted to love. No thought or action is without consequences.  While it seems difficult to get beyond the media and public frenzy of hate towards Casey Anthony, we have the power to offer something transformative.

The world needs positive energy, compassion and love. Just as anger attracts more anger, the same is true with loving energy.  Love is stronger than hate. This is another incredible opportunity to rise above hatred and raise the energy level of humanity and do it one person at a time.”

That says it all.

As for the people out there that still think Casey “did it”, I still can’t see why or how they would still be clinging to that illusion, unless they totally missed the trial and just relied on the wayward opinions of the talking heads for the past 3+ years.

Chloroform? Duct tape? Heart-shaped stickers? Casey riding around with Cays decomping in the trunk? 31 nights of non-stop partying? WTF? If that had happened, it would have been a walk in the park for Lin Possible & The Laughing Guy to prove their case. But it wasn’t. Instead, all they had was a bunch of fantasy forensics, junk science, wayward suppositions…  and a bunch of experts with very dubious credentials… oh, and a can of hot air to boot. Yeah right.

To finish off this post, I have to highlight one Hater in particular. He’s been sending me very strange emails & threats for a long while now. I also noticed him trolling on Facebook a while back too with multiple accounts. As far as I can see, he initially got started on his quest courtesy of Linda Paris’ blog. This again is a typical example of like attracting like, and the universe giving you back the same as you put out there. It’s the same reason people who complain about being poor all the time are always broke – but I digresss,,,

So… this was one of his earlier posts to Linda:

“Who runs this K***4Caylee page ? Please email me at I would love to talk to you and thank you. Im still as livid as you are and would love to talk . Thanks, Mike.”

This is one of the emails he sent to me this past weekend, in all its glory :mrgreen: “Im coming to get you muther fucker   i know your name now too and where you live ! I know who you aare and i am gonna fuck you up muther fucker  you wait ! you piece of fuckin shit  Im comin for you muther fucker”

OMG! It really disgusts me to see so many typos, punctuation & grammatical errors in one email!

Anyways, it turns out I managed to get hold of all his details quite easily. Here they are:

Michael C Sobka (
43 years old
Fireman at Union Fire Dept (Public Safety)
24 Kerr Ave, Lavallette, NJ 08735-2137
(732) 830-8322 / (908) 687-****

And no… I’m not wasting valuable blog-space or giving him any free publicity by posting this. I’m just once again highlighting the stupidity of the Haters – or in this case, one in particular. Karma will catch up with him in the end, if it hasn’t already.


In the meantime, we plough on with our quest for justice – that being the ultimate conviction of George Anthony for the murder of Caylee Anthony on June 16th 2008. Do I hate George Anthony? No. I just see him as a slimy & perverted son of a bitch – and someone that was way too eager to throw his own daughter under the bus for a crime he committed himself. That’s all.

As always. feel free to post your thoughts, comments & general musings below.

Have an awesome day!


  1. Great post, as always. I’m glad you are holding a hater up to cold, hard scrutiny. My theory is that the haters serve a purpose in our present politics. Focusing their hate on this abused young woman who dearly loved her little girl gives them something to focus on. It takes their thinking away from personal problems. I noticed on his facebook it wasn’t long into it that he starts talking about the “liberals.”

    • Stevan Davis says:

      Of course. No doubt who the majority of the haters are. But we have a healthy mix of poltical views on the supporter side.

    • Funny that he focuses on liberals when a there is a fairly LARGE group of Conservatives who support her. Fox News, imo, has been much more fair to her than other media. And ppl who believe our constitution actually has value, support her being aquitted without having hide and other b.s..:)

      Take Care!

      • Stevan Davis says:

        Yes true Sonja, but due largely to Geraldo who is Jose’s friend and Ablow who seems to be totally objective where Casey is concerned.

        • Your right Steven:) Sometimes though, I noticed that Fox headlines were much less biased. But maybe I wrong.

          take care

          • Stevan Davis says:

            Could well be, idk. The paperback version of Imperfect Justice is coming out in a few days. The covers says “now a LifeTime movie.” So the movie is coming out soon, no doubt. One step forward, two steps back. I’m thinking Ashton will use the new afterword to this book to address Jose’s allegations, so Jose better be ready to defend Presumed Guilty against the accusation of significant factual errors. They are saying he baldfaced lied about Casey not having an AIM account. I find it hard to believe Jose would make an error like this. I’m thinking they had different types of AIM accounts.

          • about the AIM. what i’ve read in docs was that casey had a yahoo email account and figured her chats were on Yahoo IM bc her name was caseyOmarie like her yahoo mail. i use to chat on yahoo IM a long time ago and my username was my email. i did use AIM when i’ had dial back in the day too when i used those free cdrom offers. could she still have used the same email for an aol AIM account? or did she have an aol email too that i missed?

  2. I don’t hate the Haters. I feel sorry for them. They are so locked in their hate they can’t see the truth. It’s sad. Hating doesn’t help anything. Great Post SJ as Always.

    • Hating behavior is much different than hating the person. I don’t hate them, I hate their behavior:) That’s all.

  3. Awesome post SJ! Way to put it all in perspective:) I don’t know why this would surprise me but the fact that hater was a fireman did. I’m always going on the field trips to the fire dept with my kids and they ALL seem so nice and motivating to the children. I guess it’s the whole bad apple thing.

    The book you mentioned also talks about men, not thinking Casey’s guilty 8xs more than women. He makes an exception for those men henpecked by their hater wives. LOL

  4. SJ,
    I can think of one thing accomplished by hate – the holocaust:( Just saying… One diabolical leader and propaganda+repressed people + a target = a really effed up situation.

  5. This idiot is an embarassment to my home state of New Jersey and to the political philosophy I’ve always believed in. What could be more conservative than believing in the Constitution and the rule of law? There’s nothing conservative about joining a lynch mob trying to destroy a young woman who was aquitted by a jury of her peers in a trial. This man is nothing but an idiot blinded by hate and the biased media. He sure as hell is no conservative. Most of the Casey supporters I know happen to be Republicans. Some are Democrats. But we all paid attention to the trial and the evidence and realized that this girl was being railroaded by some corrupt people in both the media and the state. And none of us have the inclination to spout mindless, profanity-filled hate at anybody, or to threaten the life of a 26-year old woman. An American citizen who had her day in court and deserves to live her life in peace.

  6. Michael Sobka also went by Jackie Dunleavy – one of the most vicious of the haters, and then faked the death of Jackie – a victim of some sort of accident (you’d be surprised how many on the dark side make up stories of victimhood) and a hero of fire department. Of course, I suspect the reality is far different. Bashing Casey and the defense attorneys gives purpose to an otherwise pitiful existence.

  7. Election Primary Day – Lawson Lemar against The Laughing Guy

    God, if you can hear me up there. Please, Don’t let Ashton win!

    • Hi Jon
      It seems that perhaps other than the Anthonys, the only person that has made money from this case, and the most accusatorily speaking against Casey making a ton of money from it, has been Jeff Ashton. It is my hope for all you floridians that he does not win today or ever as it seems like he went out and did this like some kind of vendetta against Casey in the first place.

      • It’s official, Jeff Ashton has won the election. he people of two Florida counties have chosen a cynical, dishonest and corrupt lawyer as their State Attorney. God bless them, they will get exactly what they deserve.

        • Harry,

          They must see it as his “consolation prize” for being a big loser. I think they will be very sorry but you’re right they will get what they asked for. I wonder how Linda Drane Burdick feels now that she has to work for him? Will she stay? I woudn’t.

          • What infuriates me is the fact that this man has cynicaly exploited both Caylee and her mother. Remember that his book came out just a few months after the trial ended. Which means that he was writing it while prosecuting the case. He figured he would be the next Vincent Bugliosi and write an epic book about convicting a “monster”. It didn’t work out the way he expected so he wrote a whinefest about how stupid the jurors were and how evil Casey and her lawyers were. And then sold the rights to a television network for a movie, and now has launched a political career. I pray to God that some day the truth will come out, because when it does this demagogue will fall and fall hard.

        • George Anthony congratulates Jeff Ashton at his victory party. George has stabbed his daughter in the back again.

          • OMG Jon I saw that! Can you believe it?? I bet George is breathing a big sigh of relief cuz there goes any hope of getting him prosecuted…not gonna happen now.

          • Yes, I can believe it. George Anthony is lower than a cockroach. Just like Baez said in his book somehow George always gets a pass. You’re right our hopes of him being prosecuted have been crushed now.

          • If George Anthony is ever prosecuted it certainly won’t be by Jeff Ashton. Maybe by the Feds or by an outside prosecutor. George shouldn’t be breathing easy anyhow. And he still hasn’t responded in any way to the allegations in Jose’s book.

          • DISGUSTING.

            Karma will get Asston for being corrupt and George for being a child predator. Asston is so unprofessional that he’ll never be able to handle the pressure of this job. George will never sleep easy again – he knows what he did, and someday Casey will be ready to tell the world all about it in her own words.

            Always remember – Asston was no match for the brilliance of Baez/Mason!

          • It sickens me to see that pedophile, child rapist & child murderer trolling the streets, kissing The Laughing Guy’s ass, driving around in vehicles bought from the Dr Phil interview proceeds AND giving celebrity interviews to the media.
            The clock is still ticking.

        • I am very sorry to hear that Harry N, and to think that George Anthony had the balls to go congratulate him makes it even worse in my not so always humble opinion. All I can say is that Jeff Ashton has no idea what he is in for.

          • I am also wondering if Ms Drane Burdick and Frank George will stay on after Jeff Ashton takes over.. They seemed to be disgusted with him also.

  8. Okay I just watched a vid of them interviewing George Anthony when he congratulated Jeff Ashton.. He stated he had known Ashton outside of the trial and courtroom, I wonder what he meant by that ??

    • Debbie,

      I’m sure he never even heard of him before the trial! I think he is saying they are butt buddies now. I think it’s absolutley disgusting. How can you call the guy who wanted to put your own daughter on death row a “great guy”? Makes me want to hurl and thank god I don’t live there!

    • Debbie,,

      I wonder what Cindy thinks about George sniffing up to Ashton? I don’t see Cindy anywhere.

  9. Did anyone notice that George was not wearing his wedding ring and is there a way to find out if he and Cindy are still together given the fact that Casey will be off probation very soon?

    • Jon,

      I don’t think chances of him being convicted have been crushed. I did feel that way until I heard what George said to the media. He said: ” I’ve known him outside the courtroom more than people know.”

      I think somebody is after George’s ass: Cindy? Or he is terrified of what Jose wrote in his book about George and he fears repercussions. George is afraid of sometthing–or someone.

      He is famous for his hidden messages, and he is trying to make it appear he and Ashton are bosom buddies, and showing “someone” not to mess with him because he has Jeff Ashton on his side.

      • Lily

        I hope you are right. Cindy may be finally supporting her daughter. I want to see George go down so bad. Don’t we all.

        • Jon,

          I will bet all that I own that there is trouble brewing for George Anthony. He made those comments to warn someone not to mess with him, indicating he is buds with Jeff Ashton.

      • Stevan Davis says:

        What about federal charges?

        • Steven Davis,

          According to Wendy Murphy there is an ongoing FBI investigation. The Feds have not released Lee’s interview with the FBI, and WM says when that happens it means there is an ongoing investigation.

    • I think Cindy may have finally kicked Georgie to the curb for good. She knows, even if she doesn’t want to admit it, what George did to Casey, Caylee, and likely Lee as well. Cindy has her faults for sure, but she seemed genuinely shocked when George threw Casey under the bus again on Dr. Phil’s show. And if it’s true that Casey speaks to Cindy, then maybe Cindy is defending her daughter at last.

      • Kira,

        I agree Cindy looked genuinely shocked when George threw Casey under the bus. I noticed something else, too, at one point during the interview George was alone when Dr. Phil interviewed him! It was either George or Cindy I can’t recall which one.

        I wonder if Cindy walked off Dr. Phil when George said that about Casey drugging Caylee, and that explains why only one of them was interviewed in that segment.

        Could the interview could be pieced together to make it look like Cindy and George are together during the the entire interview, if she had walked off. Or maybe she was talked into coming back and finishing

  10. OMG! There is only one reason a father would congratulate the man who wanted to kill your daughter…to kiss his ass so he wont turn his attention to you! George is so transparent. Everything he does is calculated for self preservation. Why can’t Asston and LE see this? This man is the lowest of low. Casey…please stay far far away from him. You have many people who care deeply for you and understand what this man has done to you. Don’t let him ever hurt you again. You have a father in heaven who will take care of you the right way.God bless you!

    • Jill

      I like what you said. Yes, Casey has us and a better father up in heaven. I bet Casey looked up to Baez as a father. She wanted him to be her Godfather.

      • Casey is around the same age as Jose’s daughter – I think that she did look up to him in a fatherly way. Cheney too. They are good men.

  11. 8 more days and Casey is off her Probation. She is Free!

  12. Marilyn C. says:

    I heard all this ASSTON rumor & could not believe my eyes! Then read that it was true,that was enough to make me sick,then I saw the clip on
    I really have very few words of what in the world George Anthony was doing there.I have lots of thoughts,but as SJ knows,its better for me to calm down before going haywire,especially on this subject!! I’ll calm down,gather my thoughts & then come back to comment on that PIECE of GARBAGE ANTHONY!!

    • Marilyn

      We all get mad because we want justice for Casey and Caylee. Lily said George is running scared right now. I think she is right

      • Jon,

        Could it be Cindy and her family after George? Do you remember that radio show with Cindy’s second cousin saying that they agreed with Jose, and said something about writing a book? Maybe it’s Cindy and her family who are out to nail his ass…but I think there were repercussions to George after Jose’s book came out.

        This ain’t over for George. He is running scared. I don’t care how calm he appears; he is afraid. The best part is that lowlife cockroach seems to be all alone. Hopefully he is still hiding behind Cindy’s skirt. The thought of Cindy farting thrills me to no end. His face would look like he had a suntan. LOL

  13. Lily

    I think you’re right. Where was Cindy? How come he is out driving around alone at night? You just made me feel better. Thanks.

  14. Lily

    Now that you mention it. I do remember the radio show. Cindy was going to write a book or something explaining Casey’s side and they all agreed with Jose that the defense was right. But, nothing ever came of it.

    • Jon,

      Keep your eyes on George. I couldn’t see him sitting still quietly after Jose came out with his book. He will find a way to make himself heard out there. He will. It’s his nature. He already started with Jeff Ashton, sending a warning message that they are buds. There is no reason he would say that–unless there was a hidden warning in it.

      George isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack. He got away with the shit he pulled only because the prosecution covered for him because they were after Casey. George is cunning, devious, and deceptive but he is not bright. He will screw up,

  15. I shouldn’t have been surprised by it especially after Baez said in court that George Anthony doesn’t have a paternal bone in his body, but man that was just gross. To congratulate the man who prosecuted your daughter with made up evidence and who even now says that the DP wasn’t wrong to pursue, I couldn’t and wouldn’t do that even IF I felt my kid was guilty of something. I wonder if he was paid by ashton to show up.

  16. I’d love to know what Linda Drane Burdick’s reaction to all of this is.

  17. Hang your heads in shame, all who voted for this pathetic excuse of a lawyer. He was so transparently bad with his courtroom antics. The jury had no respect for him after all was said and done.

    • I love that one of the jurors referred to Asston as a “cocky asshole”. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

      I’m sure that in his new position, Asston will have plenty of opportunities to get his kids out of DUI charges. He is corrupt, and he will go down eventually.

  18. Stevan Davis says:

    Hey Justl, which documents do you refer too? Is it not possible to use a yahoo email on an AIM?? Sorry about my ignorance but I never had AIM.

    • well any LE reports about the computers ‘ like here seem the email on record was a yahoo one. IDK if one could use the same email, but i think now you don’t need(or maybe never did) aol as internet provider to have an AIM. when i used it it was through the dial up free offer back in the early 00’s and the email and AIM was the same as the username log in i chose. when it ran out i never used them again. it was just me figuring it was yahooIM by the only email i’ve seen with the same name in the chats. I just dont think Baez would flat out lie about GA having one and not Casey. could be she just made an AIM account at the site without email. either way though GA i think would have still been home no? sorry if i’m confusing… :/

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