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Cometh The Hour – Cometh The Kronk

Last Sunday – December 11th – was the 3rd anniversary of the discovery of Caylee’s remains… or rather the 3rd anniversary of the exact day Roy Kronk finally decided to quit playing hide & seek with Caylee’s remains… and joyfully announced that he’d “Won the Lottery” just in time for Christmas A sad day indeed for many reasons.

Kronk reminds me, in many ways, of George Anthony (the person responsible for the murder of Caylee). They share many similarities… such as being bypassed by Law Enforcement and never being properly investigated – and of course their mutual addiction & fascination in getting off  on duct tape & little girls.

With that in mind, here’s a recap of the info I wrote about Roy Kronk’s 4 months worth of shennigans from my September post -“Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony“.  As always, I look forward to your comments.



Cometh The Hour – Cometh The Kronk:

This is the dim meter reader guy that spotted Caylee’s skull back on August 11th 2008, while randomly urinating in the bushes. It’s the same guy that came back to the exact same spot numerous times after that (even when he wasn’t working) to urinate and see the skull again.

On one occasion he also mentioned his findings to a few workmates, who subsequently showed more interest in a nearby dead snake.

Here where I think Roy Kronk fits into all this:

The first 3 times Roy reported what he’d seen (August 11th, 12th & 13th 2008) I believe were genuine calls – even though the 911 operators could not have sounded any less interested.

It was probably after the 3rd call that Roy became aware of the $255,000 Caylee Reward money that was on offer. I mean – can you imagine the morally bankrupt Roy Kronk sat there at home – broke & disillusioned – while at the same time visualizing $255,000 in his bank account? I certainly can. And all he had to do to manifest that was FIND the remains. The remains that he’d already found!

This is why Roy decided he’d keep his discovery to himself for a while. Maybe he thought if he was reported as “the guy that found Caylee’s remains”, he could become a prime suspect in the case. This also explains his reluctance to call Crimeline.

Furthermore, it would explain why Roy Kronk kept a very low profile throughout September, October and November. Only to resurface again after he found the remains in December.

It was when nobody followed up on Roy’s 3 initial calls that he concocted his plan. He physically MOVED the remains to a “safe place” AT LEAST TWICE, so he could go back there at some convenient later date.

Think about it for a second. Anyone driving past that exact spot on Suburban Drive and seeing a meter reader guy in the woods (with a trash bag) wouldn’t have thought anything of it. The area was one huge dump-it site. I think this is how Roy Kronk managed to move the remains while he hatched his big reward plan.

By the time early November came around, Roy was starting to get a bit twitchy – but he’d kept quiet for too long and had to spill the good news to someone. He bestowed that honor on his son, Brandon Sparks (who also happened to be the only one of his children that would talk to him):

Here’s what happened:

November 2008: Roy Kronk calls Brandon Sparks and tells him; “I found Caylee’s remains. Watch for me on TV cos’ I’m gonna be rich & famous!” (This is 1 month before Caylee’s remains were discovered).

Then on December 11th 2008: After “the big discovery”, Roy asks Law Enforcement: “Will my ex-wife find out about the reward if I get it?”… “Do I still get the reward even though she’s dead?” and “Roy’s gotta eat too!” Same day, he tells his Boss (at the scene): “Alex, I just won the lottery!”

Those comments speak volumes about Roy Kronk’s actions (and inactions) during the previous 4 months leading up to December 11th 2008.

Not forgetting the time Roy met up with Sgt. Richard Cain who couldn’t see anything, slipped, cursed Roy out, and promptly left. He was later fired. Tim Miller, LE & 32 Texas Equusearch Volunteers also allegedly searched this same area in early September 2008 and found nothing. Deputy Jason Forgey (and his cadaver dog) did the same at different times too. Zilch.

By all accounts, the reason nobody could find Caylee’s body (in the same spot it was “found” by Roy Kronk on December 11th 2008) was probably down to the strange but true fact that it simply was not there when they searched.

Here’s a segment from FOX News featuring Judge Napolitano. This aired on the day “the remains” were found, but they had not yet been identified as Caylee’s – hence the continual “bag of bones” references. Here, Judge Napolitano covers the highly probable movement of the remains prior to their ultimate discovery:

judge napolitano - search for caylee Dec-11-08

I also believe George indirectly arranged his own search for Caylee’s remains, by giving James Hoover & Dominic Casey a false tip. George was getting worried due to the fact that so many people had searched that area and found nothing. That was NOT part of his plan.

This explains James & Dominic’s well documented & video-taped 2 day search on Suburban Drive on November 15th and 16th 2008 — following up on George’s false tip/lead, which led them straight to the exact spot where the remains should have been found – but weren’t.

On the 2ND day of the search, James Hoover actually parked his car on Suburban Drive just a few car lengths past the end of the red privacy fence, right opposite the exact spot where ONE MONTH LATER Roy Kronk would find Caylee’s remains, 15-20 feet into the woods.

Are you starting to see how all of this is now beginning to fall into place? I hope so.

In finishing off this Kronk-related section, let’s also take these facts into account:

  • After his “discovery”, the OCSO asked Roy to “keep quiet” and hired him a lawyer.
  • Roy Kronk (unlike his Son, Brandon) refused to allow a search of his phone records.
  • Roy Kronk’s PC was never confiscated or examined.
  • Roy Kronk was never investigated.

Should we not find those 4 facts strange? Can you even start to imagine what OCSO would have found if they’d searched his phone records, examined his PC and investigated him further? You can bet your bottom dollar that a search of his PC alone would have made any other Google search findings pale into insignificance.

Could that have been the very reason they DIDN’T fully investigate him? Maybe they agreed that “deal” with him, in return for him not spilling the beans on their inaction in relation to his 3 previous calls in August 2008? Maybe we’ll never know, but it’s possible.

If you want to see both Roy Kronk testimonies (opens in a new window), here are the links: Roy Kronk Testimony #1Roy Kronk Testimony #2

Here’s Part 1 of Brandon Sparks’ trial testimony from June 29th 2011:

Brandon Sparks, June 29th 2011, part 1

To see his testimony in full, click here.

Sadly for Roy, all his months of plotting & scheming were to no avail. He even blew any chance of getting the usual $5k reward due to him calling his Supervisor instead of directly calling the Crimeline – although he did make up for it by the payments he received from all his TV show appearances after the event, by talking about dead snakes and skulls.

I’m not saying Roy Kronk was involved in the death of Caylee Anthony for one moment (I covered that event earlier), but I DO believe he played a pivotal role in the events & shenanigans that unfolded afterwards.


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