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Date set for Casey’s misdemeanor convictions appeal

From Orlando Sentinel. 10/30:

“An appeal court in Daytona Beach is now scheduled to hear Casey Anthony’s appeal of her four convictions for lying to law enforcement early next year, after her legal team today filed the last paperwork necessary to proceed.

Oral arguments in the appeal have been scheduled for Jan. 8, just days after the trial in a defamation suit against Anthony is set to commence.

The lawsuit, brought by Zenaida Gonzalez, is set for trial Jan. 2. Gonzalez’s lawyers have been hamstrung by Anthony’s appeal — she cited it to avoid answering questions — and hoped it would conclude before trial in the suit.

Attorneys for Anthony filed their reply to the state’s argument in her appeal on Monday, the last filing necessary from either party before the case could be heard by the Fifth District Court of Appeal.

Anthony, who was acquitted on all major charges in her daughter’s death in an ultra-high-profile trial last year, is challenging four convictions on misdemeanor counts of lying to law enforcement.

Among the points of contention in the appeal: Anthony argues that the four lies she was accused of are really just one continuous act — and should have been charged as such.

Her lawyers also argue that her statements to law enforcement should have been thrown out of the murder trial, because she was briefly handcuffed and put in a law enforcement vehicle, but wasn’t read her rights.

The state argues Anthony wasn’t technically under arrest, and therefore didn’t need to be read her rights, rather “[s]he was simply handcuffed at her mother’s insistence in order to prevent her from leaving.”

Her attorneys, in their latest filing, note that Anthony was never told why she was being handcuffed.

Anthony’s appeal has moved slowly since her trial concluded in July 2011, and has an impact on lawsuits she faces. She has avoided answering most questions in those suits so far, citing the pending appeal.”


Another monumental load of BS.

The only person I know that continually lied to law enforcement was Yuri Melich.

Think about it.


  1. When I heard that she was convicted of 4 counts of lying to police I thought this is the dumbest thing I ever heard of. It shouldnt of even been there for the jury to convict her of. These charges should definitely be dismissed. How many people have been convicted of lying to police? It’s just ridiculous.

  2. Marilyn C. says:

    Dear Lord…..once again I do not understand HOW all of this is still going on.I think if my name was Zenaida Gonzalez & I was sueing someone for DEFAMATION,I would at least keep my ass from being arrested.Whatever reputation she had or still has is of her own doing.ANYTHING being done to Casey right now(BS lawsuits,etc) is so obvious it is nothing but REVENGE,because they did not agree with the outcome of the criminal trial.I along with everyone else saw Casey’s so called diary tapes & don’t remember her saying the words babysitter or Zeniada.NONE of this makes any sense to me.I hope Casey is so far out of the country,nobody can find her or be forced to even come to this STUPID trial.Florida wants her BLOOD! They also want this trial to bring back all the media & circus to bring more revenue back to their state.For some reason all the IDIOTS didn’t learn from the last go round! The Girl is NOT GUILTY ! Leave her ALONE!! I guess M & M team have to be taught the hard way like ASSton,Linda & George were! Hang in there Casey.One day all these FOOLS will go away.

    • Well, Dr. Phil tried his best! LOL! You can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl…

    • JA Kalskett says:

      What I don’t understand is how she was convicted of lying to police when even Florida’s best forensic experts never discovered WHAT ’caused Caylee to start her decomposition’ in early-to-mid June…only that she DID. How was she in a video days after she began to decompose? I just don’t GET IT!

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