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Casey Anthony: 418,000 reasons to be cheerful…

Looks like a decision has finally been reached on the trial costs issue – with Judge Perry deciding to reduce the Sour Grapes State’s initial over exaggerated claim by $418,000… and leaving Casey to pay $97,676.98

I think Team Casey should appeal the decision… but failing that, Casey should consider forwarding “the bill” on to George Anthony. He can pay it from the $250k he just got from talking bullshit with Dr Phil for 9 1/2 hours… seeing as Casey was forced into covering for his aggravated manslaughter of Caylee.

Your thoughts?

Click here for the 8 page court ruling & specifics. (opens PDF in a new window)

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418000 reasons to be cheerful


  1. This is BS!! I am quite sure that Cheney Mason & Lisabeth Fryer are busy disecting this order.I have so much faith in THEM..but not so much with the state of Florida.This reeks of politics & sour grapes! If by chance they won the appeals on her lying,won’t this be null & void? My hope is that SOB George keeps running his mouth to impress the LE that he trips up one day & they NAIL his ass! The ONLY reason the Anthonys went on Dr Phil was so SOB could clear his name because Cindy said nothing different.I think it was all HIM.I don’t think he is going to keep quite.Some of the talking heads said Judge Perry was pro Defense with this ruling…are you kidding me??!! WHERE have they been??

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