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Dr Keith Ablow – “The Psychology of George and Cindy Anthony”

We are working on finding & uploading Part 3 of Dr Phil’s BS Trilogy, but it’s currently as rare as a George Anthony payslip. Nevertheless we should have it within the next 24-48 hours so we can add and complete the set.

In the meantime, here’s an interesting article by Dr Keith Ablow. I featured a few of his videos in my recent post – “Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony” – and also added them all to a seperate page which you can see here.

Here’s the post:

Dr Keith Ablow: “The Psychology of George and Cindy Anthony”

In order to understand more about George and Cindy, should you watch the two-part interview you need to look at the two of them and question whether they actually feel normal human emotions, like genuine love and real empathy.

As I researched George and Cindy for my upcoming book called “Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony”, several troubling facts emerged that make me wonder whether they created an emotional vacuum in their homes, which led their daughter to develop psychological problems of an extreme variety.

Here are just some of those facts:

• George and Cindy both insisted to family members that Casey was not pregnant when she was 31 weeks pregnant.

• George watched his granddaughter being born, while standing for a protracted time at the foot of Casey’s bed in the obstetrical suite, looking at her vagina.

• Cindy held the baby first, despite Casey’s objections.

• With their granddaughter missing for more than a month, George and Cindy negotiated the price for towing and storing Casey’s abandoned car, (which they worried smelled like a decomposing body) for one hour. George walked around the car and commented that he was glad it didn’t have scratches on it. Both George and Cindy returned to work shortly after locating the vehicle in which they feared their granddaughter could have met with harm.

• Cindy felt it important to inform law enforcement officials that on July 3, when she went searching for her missing granddaughter, she wasted $10 on parking at Universal Studios.

• George and Cindy trademarked the name Caylee Anthony during the search for her.

• George and Cindy knew for years that their daughter Casey had lied to them about having a job, but did nothing to get her psychological help.

• George and Cindy never went to the trouble to meet the supposed nanny (who did not exist) and who was supposedly caring for their granddaughter for years.

• George’s first wife alleges that George’s dream was to be a character at Disney World, like Mickey or Pluto. He is known to have thrown his own father through a plate glass window. He is alleged to have broken into a classmate’s home and stolen her panties.

I could go on and on. The point is that the people you will watch on Dr. Phil are not connected to the truth and respond to others in pathological ways. The loss of Caylee Anthony is very much related to their behavioral and psychological patterns.

They created their daughter.

Dr. Keith Ablow is the author of the upcoming book, “Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony.” He is a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team.


  1. It’s very refreshing to read some logic. Phew. I don’t know how the majority got so off the rails. I guess history will reveal the truth.

    It’s not the first time the public has resisted the truth on such a massive scale though. It happens quite consistently. It may be the first time we know the truth to be as horrific as one can possibly imagine though. Ugh.

    I suppose that’s why nobody wants to deal with the obvious.

  2. I have seen the 3rd episode. Waiting eagerly to be able to comment! Thanks for this! It’s so good to hear Ablow’s point of view. George and Cindy keep reminding of a book I read many years ago, People of the Lie by M. Scott Peck. Casey shows real emotions. These two masterminds are just a treacherous minefield to anyone who gets near them. Something I remember George saying when he testified about negotiating the price at the towyard ~ “Money is a premium for all people all the time.” Casey shows so much more character and strength. I know she has it in her to truly give and receive love. Something I noticed about her was the way in which she trusted her defense team completely from the beginning without reservation. That shows humility and faith. She will survive these two!

  3. hi sj…wow! you’re writing a book-ever exciting! good for you, i’m not surprised…judging from your website, you’re a terrific writer…
    …one thing i read immediately in your last post was something i’ve been confused about for a long time…you stated that george and cindy insisted to family members that casey was not pregnant at 31 weeks…i’ve heard this before, but i have also heard (in equal amounts) that cindy found out casey was pregnant at 7 months (i think it was at that wedding of her brother’s where we see photos of casey and her mom with the green dress on), and as soon as she found out, started planning a baby shower and immediately informed the family that she was pregnant? i’m hoping this version is true (i always have a tendency to see the good in people), and not that she did in fact lie…were there actual legitimate members of the family to attested to her denying it?

    • It is interesting how Cindy and George denied the pregnancy at 7 months at Cindy’s brother’s wedding, yet they told Dr. Phil they found out when Casey was 5 months pregnant.

    • Casey was 7 mos. pregnant at her uncle’s wedding in Myrtle Beach, SC and it was her Uncle Rick’s idea that she receive prenatal care.She definitely looks that far along in the photo. George Anthony was in SC, but did not attend the wedding.(Hiding?)Everything I have read states that Cindy indeed denied the pregnancy, when questioned by her brother Rick at the wedding.

      • Well, this might be BS, but as soon as I heard the word Myrtle Beach, it seemed like I had heard of these people before; like a long time ago and I immediately believed in Casey’s assertion that her cop father had molested her since childhood. Bad news travels fast. I used to live in the Myrtle Beach area. And it would have been way back when Casey was a kid. I am wondering how long her uncle, Rick, had lived there. Maybe Anthony didn’t go to the wedding because he wasn’t really welcome around his in-laws who at least for sure knew he was the type of gambler who was trouble to his family. Maybe we need to broaden our horizons and look at the way Cindy grew up. I’m wondering if she was raised to stand by her man no matter what. George’s classmate that he stole the underwear from needs to come forward because that scumbag thinks he can fool all the people all of the time. He didn’t fool me. I think Cindy is in denial or an incest victim herself if Casey already told her about the abuse.

    • Hi Katia! Great to hear from you. It’s actually Keith Ablow that’s writing the book featured in this post, which I think will be interesting. I feel like I already wrote a book with my 8,500 word theory though, lol. Strange about Casey’s pregnancy too… the story changes continually depending on who’s telling it. Take care! SJ

    • I am still amazed that the Anthonys “didn’t realize” that their daughter was 7 months pregnant. Didn’t Cindy/George say they thought she was just bloated?


  4. Hello: I have a question about George “suicide” attempt: George pretending he is a “Christian”: attending the Church regularly, praying during the trial, always kept Holy Bible with him etc… OK, here is a question: Caylee is in Heaven, no doubt, but in his “last letter” George” has written that he is doing it (taking his own life) because he would like to .. JOIN Caylee!!! Now: EVERY Christian knows that If you would kill yourself (for whatever reason) you’ll never end up in Heaven, because you’re going straight to hell! (I’m not mentioning here that blood pressure pills + beer + “Great American Novel” letter + texting + phone calls, etc.. it’s a very strange way to make a suicide for ex-cop who has a gun…).
    P.S. Sorry for my poor English, I am Russian (and, by the way, in Russia, in situation like that one, investigation will be re-opened).

    • Actually, many Christians don’t believe that people will go to hell for committing suicide. The Catholic Church does take that position, but many Protestants do not agree with the Catholic position on suicide.

      IIRC, George’s gun had been taken away from him before his suicide attempt.

      • It has been called a suicide attempt but actually he drank beer with his blood pressure medicine. The police didn’t call him a complete liar because he was one of them.

    • If I had written a suicide letter like that, my family would have kicked my but for being such a self-pitying manipulator.

  5. What is very scary is what Cindy said, “If Caylee drowned in the pool, at least she didn’t suffer”! Are You Kidding me? Didnt suffer! What the Hell? There are only 2 people who have done this and its not Casey Nor Lee. Its Cindy and George. How ever Casey did lie and that is what she was charged with. I know Casey Loved Caylee Marie Anthony. That was her own flesh and blood. I am sure she regrets lying and wishes she didn’t. People like Nancy Grace, Jane, and at times Vinnie Politan cant get over the fact she was found Not Guilty. I once thought she was Guilty but as I looked at the evidence I had to change. The Only 2 that are Making Money off that Precious little angel and many other missing and Dead children are the Anthony’s. Casey has told her family to stop making money off her dead child. These people are making other families look stupid. Its dishearting to know Caylee never had a chance. The 15th Of June was her last day on earth. Poor little Girl.

    • Hi! Hey I was reading the comments and noticed that one stated that Casey told her mom to stop making money off of Caylee. Do you happen to have a link? I would love to read anything Casey has said! TIA!

  6. you’re right sj, just looking now to see it was keith’s article…must be the bleach peroxide soaking into my brain again

  7. This is going to be a great book.. And one I will definitely have to buy. Its so sad to me how deteriorated today’s families have become.. How people can be so selfish and emotionally screwed up and mess up other peoples lives is just amazing.. We need more mental health people in this world lol.. 🙂

  8. Hi SJ! This website is absolutely great. You’ve made a great work by posting your “exposing the myths” articles. And this particular post is great too. It makes it perfectly clear what kind of people Cindy &George really are, and how “much” they really care about Casey (and Caylee). I’ve been following the case since the very beginning, and I’ve always been wondering why the whole american nation considers Casey to be the only one to blame for Caylee’s death (I’m from Russia, so at some point i even considered that perhaps we didn’t have full information about the case), but now, 3 years later, I still can’t see a single piece of substantial evidence that somehow incriminates Casey in this case. I wonder, why George is not behind bars yet… He’s involved, it’s soooo obvious. Thank you again, and good luck!
    P.S Could you do me a favor??? I wanna buy Dr. Keith Ablow’s book (and other books about the case), but I can’t order it on Amazon as it can’t be delivered in my country, so i wanna know is there any other way for me to buy it. Thanks Again and Take Care.

  9. GA & Cin lied under oath far more than KC did

    Their lies were for the purpose of :
    a) self-protection
    b) directing attn to Casey as guilty
    (Except for Cindy’s token effort with chloroform search)
    c) destroying DNA evidence

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