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Dr Phil’s 3rd interview, “The Trial: The Truth”, coming up Monday 9/19

Dr Phil’s 3rd interview, “The Trial: The Truth” with George & Cindy Anthony is scheduled for this coming Monday 9/19. Check your local listing for details.

I’m not sure George Anthony knows the meaning of “the truth”, as all he’s done in the previous 2 interviews is try and distance himself further from it by coming up with a bunch of BS, like denying his relationship with Krystal Holloway (yeah, right) and blaming Casey for Caylee’s “overdose”.

The fact is, the toxicology reports done on the remains (bone & hair) all came back clean and didn’t find any trace of drugs – prescribed or otherwise. Try again George.  How long he can keep up this façade is anyone’s guess, but the clock is definitely ticking on his involvement and (by all accounts) his marriage.

Click here to watch Part 1 & 2 of the Dr Phil interview.



  1. hey will you be posting part three of the interview?

    • Hi Brandi! Yes, hopefully later today or tomorrow we’ll be uploading Part 3 of this BS Trilogy, and the transcript shortly after that. Check back soon! SJ

      • krissey gantt says:

        Anxiously awaiting for you to post part 3 of the interview with dr. phil….when do you think it will be up? thanks 😉

  2. I just learned from a different website that Dr. Phil may have a lot in common with George Anthony. I wonder if they knew each other before? Maybe when Dr. Phil had to flee from a business failure? Or maybe when he was charged with sexual misconduct as a practicing psychologist?

    This interview was surreal. We may as well have watched Dr. Phil and George Anthony play a tennis game together.

    • Hi Sam! Yes… the infamous George Anthony… the guy who would rather borrow money so he can pay to sleep with hookers, rather than with his own wife. Says a lot. SJ

  3. Wow, I just found this site!!!! You did a beautiful job!!! I am able to find everything I missed about this case here!!! Congrats to you and Thank You.

    Patiently waiting for the Sept 19th interview! Thanks again, I will be watching videos on this site all day!

  4. Sam…I agree about how Fake Phil & Revenge George seemed like ole friends sitting down for a BS session. It drove me NUTS!! When are people going to WAKE UP??!! They kept throwing things out like “burying Caylee”, “being drugged”, “chloroform” etc. ALL the things that were proven in the trial like even Stupid Cindy said! Everyone keeps trying to say Casey only came up with the molestation at the last minute…that is BS.She told some of her ex boyfriends, especially Jesse Grund. Tell me WHY the FBI did a paternity test on Lee in 2008 if she JUST came up with all this! Why did Cindys family say that Casey & George had ALWAYS had problems back in 2008.Do they think that none of us were paying attention back then? I only wish SOMEONE in law enforcement would pay attention & look back at some things concerning GEORGE. The ONLY reason there is a lovefest going on with him right now is because there is so much hatred against Poor Casey…. they can not see he is only trying to save his own ass. If Cindy reads any of this I don’t see HOW she can live with a piece of shit that wants her own child to be locked up!! WAKE UP CINDY!! I love seeing more newcomers on this site. I am praying that means more people are waking up! At the very beginning of this, Caylee got my attention because she was so precious, but Casey grabbed my heart because she seemed like such a lost lonely soul that just needed someone to believe in her. I DID & DO.

  5. Hi! I LOVE your website..yours is the ONLY place i can watch the full interviews that I have missed due to working that day…will you be posting the new interview that aired yesterday? as I have missed that one due to working as well..thanks!

  6. GrandmaDiana says:

    To be honest I am not sure who to believe in all this. I do know that everyone in this family lies. So if all of them lie then who could be believed? I’m sad that Caylee had to die. Poor little baby didn’t stand a chance with her Mom and Grandma acting like bullies to each other.
    I believe Caylee died in an accident in the pool. I don’t believe Casey killed her. I think she panicked when she found her floating in the pool which led her to make numerous calls to Cindy at work. Not everyone bursts out what the problem is as soon as they reach the person they are trying to call. That time gave her time to think about what her Mother might say to her about Caylee’s death. I suspect she was scared about what her Mother would say and the reprecussions of what happened. I can see her snapping and going into shock. Covering it up seemed like a better plan at that moment. Anyway, I just think it is time to let this end and we all move on with our lives. Remembering Caylee Marie as an Angel who left this Earth too soon.

  7. Anyone else notice how with some of the questions, Dr Phil was basically telling them the answer he wanted to hear. Reverse psychology I guess.

    • I did notice he skipped over the majority of the questions I’d want to know! Dr. Phil is oblivious. There is no psychology going on. Just money-making.

  8. George seems to have very violent feelings towards his daughter. I shudder to think what would happen if the two of them got in a room together all alone. I’m really scared for Casey. I mean here is a man who wanted his own daughter to go to jail. What if the verdict was Guilty he would be happy while his wife would be crying her eyes out. That’s sick and scary. Mabye, Casey should file a restraining order against him.

  9. I watch the 2 interviews and I know George is lying, he cant look at DR PHIL in the Eyes, However Cindy is looking at DR PHIL eyes when she is talking. What I think is, George is soooo pissed off that Casey told the truth that he is lying to make her look worse, he is just pissed off she finally told the truth, I was watching the news a while back that Georges EX wife before he married cindy said that George is a HUGE LIAR like Casey that Casey gets her lying from George, I beleive it, I know Casey is innocent, I think George threaten her, sad thing is Cindy is to in denial to see this, She only Believes parts of Casey story if Casey was my daughter and and If I was married to George knowing his passed with all his lies I would believe Casey before him, when someone has been abused and told to lie there whole life they get used to lying and I honestly believe that that’s what happen, and they talk about 31 days in June there is only 30 days so therefore caylee would had gone missing on the 15th not the 16th, if she went missing on the 16th then it would be 30 days and I do not understand why no one sees this they are so blind by the 31 day, so the 15th caylee would had gone missing and that was fathers day so what happen on the 15th? Why isn’t anyone asking them about the 15th? I am not a cop and know that if she was missing for 31 days then the 15th is when she was missing that is when I would had looked and the grandparents not Casey, that same day her and Casey sat down and were crying watching videos of caylee and great grandpa Cindy’s dad??? something is not right here. Go look at your calenders for june 2008 there is only 30 days in june.

    • I agree with you, I feel the 16th wasn’t it. They couldn’t even get it right the 1st time when they said the 9th. Casey clearly said 31 days and then the 9th by all, the cops should have got the calender and counted themselves. It didnt have to take finding the video. Something happened that night/morning. Still though i dont understand the lying by her or how IF her dad was involved how he had so much power. I have a hard time believing the drowning. A part of me feels she doesnt even really know what happened and didnt want to believe one of her parents may be involved so rambled on with lies out of fear rather than she doing something. I know if there was no physical evidence of Casey anywhere much less GA/CA. She remembered that the baby went with her mom on fathers day. Some calendars have it written if the one they looked at bc i know the got their own time line together, wouldn’t that have triggered you know “oh yeah i visited dad and mom” by Cindy? I dont get how they forgot about fathers day. I hope for her sake if she really doesn’t know that she tells.

  10. Thanks for putting this site up! LOVE IT! George should not be mad at casey HE IS THE ONE WHO GOT HER IN THIS MESS ANYWAY! Its such a sad story but your heart just can’t help to go out to casey. She is so lost due to her messed up family! I hope Casey can get her life back together and everybody just leave her alone! She has been through enough, but people still continue to want to mess with her and you dont see her out and about doing what people said she would. She is keeping to herself and working on her life! I wish her nothing but the best! And one more thing I get so sick of hearing is “TOT MOM” OMG! really? Thats all you hear come out of NG’s mouth dont she have anything better to do, guess not huh…well enough of me rambling on, have a great day everybody, and I hope you post part 3 really soon….im Excited to see how this rubish ends… They should all just get over it already and move on!! 🙂

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