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Dr Phil’s Interview with George & Cindy Anthony – Part #1

As requested by many, I’ve now uploaded Part 1 of the Dr Phil interview George & Cindy Anthony from earlier this week. Part 2 will be uploaded tomorrow.

Click here (or click the pic below) to go to the special page and watch the full video.

Not exactly the epic “Blockbuster” interview it was hyped-up to be, but it’s nevertheless still interesting to hear all the lies again from these 2 Masters of Deception. Enjoy…


  1. George sure does avoid eye contact. I watched this episode with someone who is studying body language. She said he lied the whole time.

  2. In part 2 George said Casey or someone close to Casey drugged Caylee so Casey could party. The drug was too much and it killed her. Then Cindy stuck up for Casey and said she believed Casey was Innocent and verdict was just. On one hand i’m proud of Cindy for standing up to George. But, then how could she stay with George saying what he said? What do you make of this SJ?

    • Hi Jon! I don’t buy the “overdose” BS for a second. Wishful thinking on GA’s part to try and cover himself yet again. As Dr Phil said to GA during the interview – “YOU KNOW THE TRUTH…” – and he does… but he ain’t spilling. The sooner he gets his ass hauled in for the aggravated manslaughter of Caylee, the better. I also think that had G&C not turned Caylee into a profit machine, she would have left him a long time back. It’s a shame Dr Phil could’t have asked him any of my 10 questions. Just my thoughts. SJ

      My 10 Q’s:

  3. Watched part 2 for the first time tonight, will watch it again but at first viewing the things that stood out to me was, at time 1937 George says he missing his caylee dancing around and coming down the hall, and the only time he shed a tear was when he said he misses her (emphasis on her as if to say no one else) even though he “seemed” to be breaking up during prior statements. I thought Cindy’s tears/crying was genuine and Dr. Phil thought so too because he gave her a tissue, but he never offered a tissue to GA.
    Compare Cindy’s crying to GA fake crying and you see the difference. I hate the way so many people are saying on the internet that GA is so honest. When I read those statements I say to myself you are all deceived. It is evident to me that GA wants to turn Cindy away from her daughter for some reason I can’t seem to figure out, unless he wants all the attention from her to himself. But when he sees that Cindy is not going in that direction (to turn on her daughter) GA gets aggravated. Maybe he wants Cindy to turn away from Casey because he knows Casey sees through his BS and she can tell Cindy the truth about him. But in any case he misses Caylee coming down the hall…. What???

  4. PS when she was coming down the hall, was she going in his room?

  5. Double P.S. River Cruz be careful, when GA was watching you on the tv @ Dr Phils’ studio, I can almost swear I saw a look on his face that said one loose end needs to be gotten rid of.

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