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Dr Phil promo interviews on “Joy Behar” & “The View”, 9/12

Better late than never. Here are 2 interesting Dr Phil promo interviews from yesterday – on “The Joy Behar Show” and “The View”.

It’s the Joy Behar clip specifically that brought up a couple of interesting quotes from Dr Phil. Namely @ 0:50 where he states: “Casey admitted to burying the body in the woods” and @ 1:10 when he reveals Cindy stated Casey “has a brain tumor”. As Casey once famously said: “Are you f—ing kidding me?”

I’ll be glad when this 2-part comedy show is over…

“The Joy Behar Show”:


“The View”:

Phil THE VIEW 9-12


  1. SJ…I sure must have had a brain freeze or something because I NEVER remember Casey ADMITTING she BURIED Caylee in the woods!! Plus this MEDIA WHORE FAKE DR PHIL doesn’t even know his facts about this case!! Where did he hear that Casey borrowed the shovel to bury Caylee on the 16th??!! My following the case told me Caylee was NOT even BURIED!!! Am I going NUTS?? He keeps spitting out things that are LIES.I hope I can get thru today ,plus on Monday there is a 3rd part about the trial! DEAR GOD I wish I could call him to say at least get your facts straight!! This is so hard to watch….God Bless Casey for having these IDIOTS for so called parents.A ******** for a Dad,a woman who chooses HIM over her DAUGHTER & GRANDDAUGHTER….I’m sure all her life! Yesterday they said they found out Casey was pregnant at 5 months!! Cindys brothers wedding was June 4 2005,Caylee was born in August….in my mind that is 7 months!!! They are only on this media circus to TRY to keep George out of legal trouble. Its NOT working!!

    • Hi Marilyn! I think Dr Phil is living on a different planet. He obviously skimmed through the trial info and came at it from a “grieving grandparents” angle – with no doubt in his mind that G&C were just bystanders in this whole thing. Phil’s comment about the “burial in the woods” was more wishful thinking on his part – as was Cindy’s “brain tumor” BS.

      This over-hyped 2-part comedy show has been a massive let down… and one big ratings pissing match. So much for “the truth” coming out after 3 years. All we’ve had, as expected, is more lies & BS from G&C. Let’s fact facts too… had there been no $250k pay day for G&C, there would have been no interview, and no multi-million dollar ad revenue pay day for Phil either. I can’t see today’s Part 2 being much better. SJ

  2. I hate George so much! He will always be a creep who molested his own daughter. Cindy at least defends Casey. But, how can she stay with her jerk husband? Cindy wake up and dump George! Your Daughter needs you!

  3. What a scam to try to make themselves Look good! They don’t fool me one bit. Casey is much to good for them BS people!

  4. HUNNY "V" BABY says:

    George is a BIG fat LIAR…. Cindy wake the heck up. Money will not bring you nothing but heart ache. Truth will set you free, and you both know the TRUTH… STOP already, nothing that comes out of your folks mouth is real. I only hear MONEY, MONEY, MONEY… George is TOXIC and Cindy needs to stop the roll play. Cindy needs to BELIEVE Casey if she wants a relationship with her. I don’t think Cindy realize the severe damadge she has caused Casey when she didn’t BELIEVE Casey on the MOLESTATION. George put a spell on Cindy and he is SPOOKY.

    Just saying

  5. Hi to everyone .I wanted to make sure others didn’t come close to a stroke like I almost did watching the parts 2 of 3!! All I saw was SOB George(& I’m being nice) kiss the ass of LE,SA,Attorney generals office,etc.praying none of them would take a second look at HIM.All day long I had to watch on every channel that this SOB was finall y seeing the light & TRUTH….are you kidding me??!! He’s saying Caylee was drugged,with Cindy saying all the tox. reports said different.Did he miss all this while he was sitting in the court room? Even that damn Judge Strickland was on Nancy DISGRACE while I was switching channels!! He said he wasn’t doing anything WRONG for speaking out! WHAT??!! How can he keep re trying this case on TV & still be a judge?? I must really be DUMBER in the law than I thought!! Cindy needs to kick SOB out & TRY to believe her DAUGHTER.She has to find it ODD that Casey chose SOB to meet in private with while in jail when they all knew they hated each other at the time….I could go on forever,but it would take me all night.I wish I could tell her all the things we think & KNOW.Thanks everyone for letting me vent here so I don’t go crazier!!

  6. Oh, THANK GOD I found a site with some Common Sense!!! I have stayed current with this case from the very 1st news report. I did watch some HLN/Nancy Grace, ect, but I just have had this GUT feeling since the beginning that Casey DID NOT do this. She IS as much a victim as Caylee, & Cindy. After being sickend to the point of physically vomiting over this, I HAD to research this more.
    I began diving into public court records & PI records, anything that was LEGALLY published. I watched every second of Caseys trial, & even watched the false news reports going on. It has pushed me to find the truth in all of the unspoken. It seems everything made public, is completely fabricated, & the REAL TRUTH has been intentionally buried DEEP in the midst of lies.
    It is truly disturbing to me that our Justice System will so easily lie, cheat, destroy evidence, & falsely condemn people just for money & power~ But that is exactly what has happend to The 3 CMAs. On the same hand it is scarey how fast & loose the media plays with peoples lives, & society is quick to burn someone at the stake on the false claims of Law Enforcement & Media Outlets.
    In raising 2 daughters, I have put myself in the role of Cindy Anthony, & I feel this woman carries some hard burdens for the blind choices she made. With that being said, I think she is as much a victim of George Anthony, as the rest of the family is. She believed her husband had her families best interests at heart, as all women want to. Noone wants to think that your teen child sees more then you yourself do, your the parent & as such, think you are doing whats right. So she kept trusting George.
    But once the greif wore down, & the pills were gone, Cindy started gaining much needed clarity. & she was starting to think independantly of George. & when that happend, Cindy was FINALLY able to clearly see the outline of the truth. She blindly & faithfully followed her husband, & he is the very one who has destroyed everything.
    George has been on the coattails of Law Enforcement from the beginning~ Setting up private meetings at bars to discuss the case, private meetings at the jail trying to get Casey to talk without her Attorney, never wanting Cindy to be alone with Casey, getting Immunity Deals for him & Cindy immediately upon Caseys 1st arrest, caught with Hienkel Duct Tape while searching for Caylee & Casey was jailed, being seen near Suburban Drive while Caylee was missing/Casey was jailed, constant changing/conflicting stories, “attempting suicide” upon Caylees discovery, severe gambling, lies about jobs & misteress, & money stealing $30,000 seems alot more severe then $700 from a friend & $200 from Granny…~ (kinda funny EVERYTHING Casey was accused of are all things George DID…)Seems he took his life~& placed it on Caseys shoulders as hers…To save his own hide…
    Everyone talks about Casey being a Psychopath, but to me George has displayed many more of those traits then Casey ever has. This case is nowhere near done, or even begun as far as I am concerned. The people of Florida outta be outraged~ At Orange County, for allowing such a travesty to not only occur, but be brought about by their own chosen protecters. This is not the only case like this occurring there, or elsewhere.
    Its very sad that we have learned NOTHING from JonBenet Ramsey & the tragic loss of her life & lack of true Justice. Her Mother died never knowing that she was FINALLY cleared of her childs death, & her Father & Brother live with the pain of knowing they will NEVER have Peace or Justice, For JonBenet or Patsy. Yet as a society, we refuse to stand up for these people, who are just like us, losing their loved ones & being victimized by those sworn to protect, because its easier to believe we “got the monster’ instead of making sure to “find the right monster”…
    Thank you for your site, your questions, your true American beliefs in Humans, laws, victims rights to a just trial~ It is truly refreshing to see someone stand FOR something, instead of BEHIND someone.

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