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Dr Phil, Part #3 – THE TRANSCRIPT

Part #3 of Dr Phil’s recent interview with George & Cindy Anthony will be uploaded shortly.

In the meantime you can read & download the full official transcript from Part #’3 – “The Trial, The Truth” (in PDF format) by clicking here. The transcripts from Part 1 & 2 can be accessed from the same page.

Basically all George has down throughout all 3 interviews is say that everyone else is lying – and he’s the only one telling the truth. As he put in his email to Dr Phil after the interviews aired…

“We are excited to see how this last three years is received… Dr. Phil is a fine man, who took the time to really let us talk…I deeply appreciate that.”George Anthony

That’s an interesting perspective on things, especially coming from a guy that would rather borrow money so he can pay to sleep with hookers, rather than with his own wife.

Sure there was no “pool accident”. There was no “overdose” either… nor was Caylee ever “decomposing” in Casey’s trunk… as much as he’d like to believe that self-concocted fairy tale.  The fact is: GEORGE ANTHONY KNOWS THE TRUTH… and so he should. He was abusing Caylee the moment she lost her life… and he was the one that packaged Caylee up & dumped her in the woods to decompose in order to cover up his abuse.

At the very least he’s guilty of aggravated manslaughter.

The REAL “Blockbuster”  interview will be when Casey herself tells us what really happened on that day.


  1. George is the LIAR, Being he keeps saying everyone else is a liar but him, that shows he is the guilty one. Not only that if everyone would go to June 2008 calender there is only 30 days in June. How can she been missing for 31 days on July 16th? when she went missing on the 16th of June that would be 30 days not 31, I think Casey was hoping by using 31 days would open the truth to what really happen, she was framed by her dad I am telling you. it it was 31 days then what happen to caylee on the 15th of june? and all the haters that hate Casey so much and all the dumb ass experts wont answer my questions I even wrote the sheriffs office about this and they didn’t even answer it. if I was a cop I would had caught on to that real fast and been investigating Cindy and George from the start being that caylee was with them on the 15th not Casey and they are the main people that watched caylee, I really do think casey was scared to come out and say what really happen so she made up stories to where it would lead back to her parents that way the truth would come out I think they took caylee from her to teach her a lesson, and when George talks about how he was angry and shaking that fool was scared and was scared through the whole trial because he knew the entire time the truth was going to come out!

  2. why are you holding out on part 3 of the interview

    • Hi Misty! I’m not holding out. It’s just taking a bit more time to source the video than the first two, that’s all. Rest assured as soon as we have it we’ll be uploading it. I added the Part #3 transcript to bridge the gap between now & then. SJ

      • thanks for responding back. why isn’t part 3 online anywhere?

        • I have been asking the same thing……I’m not real sure why they have not posted it anywhere on the internet…..kinda strange…I have looked every where for it…I wonder why they have not posted it online yet? *shigh*

          • Hi Kat M, It’s taken longer than we expected, but we are now planning to have Part #3 uploaded to the site by the end of this week or weekend… probably around the same time as Casey’s ZG video deposition on 10/8. SJ

  3. Dr Phil is an idiot . Be well !

  4. why are you not showing part 3 of the interview

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