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Dr Phil’s Interview with George & Cindy Anthony – Part #3

The final part of Dr Phil’s BS-Trilogy with The Immaculate Molester and his enabler, (aka George & Cindy Anthony) has now been uploaded.

Click here (or click the pic below) to view Part #3 in our special page. Downloadable PDF Transcripts of all 3 parts are also available in the same page.

Basically all George has down throughout all 3 interviews is say that everyone else is lying – and he’s the only one telling the truth. As he put in his email to Dr Phil after the 3 interviews aired…

“We are excited to see how this last three years is received… Dr. Phil is a fine man, who took the time to really let us talk…I deeply appreciate that.”George Anthony

That’s an interesting perspective on things, especially coming from a guy that would rather borrow money so he can pay to sleep with hookers, rather than with his own wife.

Sure there was no “pool accident”. There was no “overdose” either… nor was Caylee ever “decomposing” in Casey’s trunk… as much as he’d like to believe that self-concocted fairy tale.  The fact is: GEORGE ANTHONY KNOWS THE TRUTH… and so he should. He was abusing Caylee the moment she lost her life… and he was the one that packaged Caylee up & dumped her in the woods to decompose in order to cover up his abuse.

At the very least he’s guilty of aggravated manslaughter.

The REAL “Blockbuster”  interview will be when Casey herself tells us what really happened on that day.


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