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Check out this video. Thanks to Caleb for the link…





  1. An excellent tribute, SJ. Thanks for posting! You know if the Innocence Project had been behind Casey, Jose would not have had to sell those pics to ABC to challenge the state’s forensic case. But then again we wouldn’t have all those spectacular pictures of Casey. I recently made a small donation to the Innocence Project and dedicated it to Casey Marie Anthony. Incidentally I will be updating my own blog soon with a detailed break down of the foolproof suffocation issue and discussion of some other issues.

  2. The song was made for her! 🙂

  3. GasCanGeorge says:

    WE still have to remember that there’s a little girl dead and she hasnt received justice as of yet. I think perhaps a little more motivation seeking justice for Caylee and applying more pressure to reopen the case and hopefully an arrest of you know who(s)…….Great video however!

    • No one will ever pay their debt for Caylee’s death b/c the State will not admit this mistake/railroad that happened here. Even if someone came forward tomorrow and confessed, I believe, the State’s position would be that the confession was not credible.

    • GasCanGeorge I completely agree with you about Caylee. Even though Casey is living a new chapter in her life (which I wish her the best), I still get sad over Caylee.I really wish Casey an awesome journey and to move forward with the best tools she has to work with.

  4. Keep standing strong Casey’s.. “Put the idiots behind you”

    Love the song made for you..

  5. Love it! Stay strong, Casey!

  6. bamalady says:

    That was to awesome thanks i love this site agree with gas can george remembering casey’s precious caylee and geting a conviction on george

  7. Jeff Traube says:

    I believe you are doing Miss Anthony a disservice with this video which focuses on the partying and nonchalant attitude towards arrest and bad girl image, almost daring her enemies to get a piece of her. She cuts a more sympathetic figure from tearing up at the verdict reading, and the young introspective photo of her at trial with her Ann Finnell ~ June 10, or weeping when she saw Lee. Those are the scenes that garner public sympathy. She should leave hair up.

  8. If I’m not mistaken today is someone’s birthday. Happy Birthday Casey!

  9. Please follow Pitchforks: Challenging the lynch mobs of media and public prosecution

    Media Asses Galumph & Bray as Dubious Creditors Get Their Day: The Quest for Revenge on Casey Anthony:

    Jose Baez Shines Some Light on the Fog After Dark:

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  10. norma summers says:

    Hi SJ. Very interesting. I’ve Always been ‘pro-Casey’ (AND WOW….I LIVE IN PINELLAS COUNTY, FLORIDA…). I found THIS site via your ‘Jodi Arias is Innocent’ Website. Kudos SJ– To be honest, I did not follow the Anthony trial as closely as I AM that of JA (I live/work in Tokyo part time). That said, I am truly Disgusted that although Casey has been exonerated by a JUDGE AND A JURY—she Still continues to be mocked and heckled by the “Public” and the Media. I wish her the Best of Luck and pray that Jodi Arias will have jurors with insight and compassion. My friends–We are living in DANGEROUS Times (and, I am not speaking of external terrorism of the 9/11 variety). Sensational journalism, Public media—it seems that there is a NATIONAL Bloodlust involving Women/Crime/Punishment.. Truly, are we really back in 1692 Salem? Seventeenth Century Hawthorne and Hester’s ‘Scarlett Letter?’ Casey was incarcerated and stood trial to await her Verdict. After deliberation, her Jury pronounced that she was ‘Not Guilty.’ Read up People– ‘Double Jeopardy.’ Better yet–Just Read. I wish Ms. Anthony the Best of Luck (especially HERE in Mid-Central Florida) she has lived through enough pain and humiliation for several lifetimes at this point. Godspeed Casey. n.

  11. Missattempts says:

    As I write these words at 5pm EST on May 7, the jury is still out on Jodi Arias.
    I hope and pray that compassion is directed towards Jodi. An eye for an eye, a tooth for
    a tooth, is not the true Christian way. That is a way reflective of hate, bitterness and
    vengence-all the traits that are UNchristian.
    You know, when I think about Casey, my eyes mist up. Who’d want to exchange places
    with Casey? The hatred is so visceral. I get sad not just for Casey, but the haters
    themselves. It would take a miracle to change people’s hearts; something like the end
    of the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.”
    Why do people hate? Probably because they think they know it all. They jump to
    premature conclusions due to media disinformation. I heard such wild theories about
    Casey that I may as well believe in alien abduction.
    Why can’t people live in the present? Why can’t they let things go?
    Right now Casey’s in purgatory. She’s free in name only. But the haters are not free
    either. They are prisoners of their own hate. Can they be happy? Absolutely not!
    Nobody entombed by hatred can be happy.
    I’ve been on the recieving end of plenty of hatred myself. I’ve found that hatred and
    judgementalization go hand in hand. People need to hate. It gives them a sense of
    purpose. It gives them a special identity as a “rightgeous avenger.” It gives them
    stimulation and a false sense of life. It makes them feel superior to THAT person
    (If they even acknowledge that they are dealing with a person.)
    I don’t know what Casey is up to now. I suspect that she will remain in Florida for the
    foreseeable future while her fianancial affairs are being resolved.
    Casey has hope for love. I’ve noted that Casey has Venus in the 9th house of her
    Astrological chart. This means Casey will either find love in a foregin country or with
    some “spiritual type.”
    A true spiritual type could never hate. He or she has risen above hate and sees it
    as an utterly futile emotion.
    I’m glad to see that Casey will move in the spiritual direction. The parties were NOT
    the answer. At least, not THOSE type of parties. No bottle of beer could ever fill a
    spiritual void.
    Circumstances have brought Casey to real love. Those of us who know the difference
    between true and false love are obligated to help her. I would recommend that Casey
    associate with spiritual people and reveal her true identity when it’s safe, once they
    know and love her.
    Regardless of the outcome of Jodi Arias, we can take comfort in one indisputeable
    fact: We’ve had our 21th century miracle and that miracle is Casey!

  12. Lon Spector says:

    You will note that in all the photographs of Casey, she is surrounded by loads of loving
    Casey is a social being, more then most. This is because Casey has her moon in the 11th
    house of her astrological chart. People with the moon in the 11th, love to socialize and
    have many friends, but not necessarily of long duration. Jose Biaz said that many of
    Casey”s friends did not stick with her once her “troubles” began.
    Casey also has Leo raising. People with Leo raising are very showy, flamboient people.
    Casey also has Venus in Aries. Venus in Aries falls in and out of “love” very quickly.
    Casey was born in 1986-year of the Fire Tiger-same year as Lindsay Lohan. That
    should tell you something.

    Casey,-if everything had gone right, would have been a high achieving Alpha Female,
    a well watched-and admired person. The very fact that Casey is so loved on this site
    and even the haters can’t ignore her-shows that she has charasmatic abilities.

    The “Casey Type” is a very well known (And if people have the sensativity to percive)
    admireable person. In America, we have cultural respect for “The Rugged Individualist”
    Casey won’t let the system grind her down. She won”t conform just because they tell
    her do. Of course this means that the “lemmings” have to try to destroy her at all
    costs. They have to malign her, call her vile names pertaining to sex. (That is a
    scroundrel’s last defense ins’t it?)
    We’ve had many cultural refrences to the “Casey Type” in song and film.
    Casey, (I’m going to date myself here.) is “Rambling Rose” that Nat King Cole sung
    about. She is “Ruby Tuesday” that the Rolling Stones sung about. She’s that Gypsy
    Woman that ______ (I don’t remember their name) sung about-so enchanting and
    alluring but unattainable. In the movies we had our “Casey’s. She’s the “beauty”
    in the “Beauty and the Beast” genare. Like the blonde that “King Kong” loves
    but can never attain so he dies for her. Casey is the female version of the Paul
    Newman character in “Cool Hand Luke” who just can’t conform, so you know what
    they do to him. She’s Randle P. MacMurphy in “One Flew Under The Coocoo’s Nest.”
    The only way to “tame” him is to cut a piece of his brain out. And getting back to song
    again, Casey is like the protaganst of the song “Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay”,
    who “Can’t do what those people tell me to do, so I’ll guess I’ll remain the same.”
    Such doesn’t make for a very long life. And I’m almost glad I’m not going to be
    around when “they” do administer “justice(?)”
    I can only hope that some follower of this web site will be nearby to help Casey escape.

  13. Missattempts says:

    Does anyone remember a movie from the last century called “Reqreum For A Heavy-
    It was about a prizefighter who only knows one way of life that is shortly to end. He is
    a boxer at the end of his carrer. The big question is: “What will I do now?”
    An arraingement is made to turn him into a wrestler. In those days, being a wrestler was
    considered a very undignified way to earn a living, sort of like an “adult industry” worker.
    His handlers are financially obligated to sell his contract to some seedy underworld types
    who intend to exploit his fame for a quick buck.
    He considers it the ultimate disgrace that he should end up in this way. But he’s not to
    bright and doesn’t have many options.
    He seeks help at the employment office, There, he meets a lovely employment
    counceller who tries to do her best to help him. Most people would wash thier hands
    of such a crude, brutish man, but not her. She is a genuinally kind hearted soul who
    really wants to help.
    She comes up with an idea that he could teach kids to box at a summer camp.
    She approaches the boxer’s handler’s with the idea, but obviously they don’t want that
    because they want him to become a wrestler, so they can recoup their investment.
    The employment counceller arrainges a job interview with the camp directors.
    The boxer’s handler’s see that the boxer gets drunk so he misses the interview.
    The employment counceller sees that it’s a lost cause bursts into tears and runs off.
    So the boxer ends up doing what he had hoped to avoid-being exploited like a freak.
    I come from “Amy Fischer” country. You remember her. The girl that was set up by
    her pallamour Joey Buttufucko to kill his wife? Amy’s parents died young. No one was
    around to help her. After leaving prision she had to fend for herself.
    Amy tried her hand at many things. She wrote a newspaper colloum for a smallish
    free, local paper. It couldn’t have payed much. She married a much older ex-police
    officer who filmed their bedroom trysts. She did work in the adult entertaiment industry. She wrote a book called “If I Knew Then, What I Know Now.” She appeared
    on “Celeberity Rehab” with Dr. Drew.
    There are people who would love to exploit Casey in such a way. They would love to
    wring every nickel from Casey. But that need not happen.
    Both Casey’s parents are still with us. She has the love of her loyal brother. And she
    has grit that many lack. Casey has no drug abuse history. She’s shown she has tenasity. Even if things didn’t change all that much, Casey could be expected to survive
    with her friends and family’s help for many years.
    The nay sayers and the haters can hope for thier chance to say “I told you so.”
    hopefully that won’t happen. And it need never happen.
    But Casey-in order to be contented-needs to know that her life has purpose.
    Even if she did manage to get her hands on some serious money, A’ la Lindsay Lohan,
    that’s no gaurantee of peace and contentment.
    Casey will ALWAYS need loving people in her life. She CAN get them. Where?
    Not, unfortunately in the evagelical church. Sure, there’s a kind of love there, but only
    if you do percisely what they tell you to do. You do have to sell your soul to them.
    But they ask you to do things that you’re incapable of doing. No wonder people
    P-R-A-Y on Sunday and P-R-E-Y on Monday.
    The people who put Casey up expressed dissapointment in her behaviour. Easy for
    them to say. Casey is an ennagram 7. An enneagram 7 can try to force herself to be
    an ennagram 1, but she can only do it for so long. Casey can’t do “tricks” to make other people happy. She has to be her natural self. She can be her healthy self.
    But she has to be her ennagram 7 self.
    Casey might consider reading books on the ennagram. She can also look into the
    Enneagram Institute. If Casey associates with truly healthy people and their ideas,
    she can only reap benefits.

  14. Missattempts says:

    Dear S.J.,
    Is this the apporiate venue to contact you? I hope this letter catches your attention
    because I have no other means to contact you.
    I am that fellow who wrote you two leagenthly E-mails about Casey and Jodi contrasting
    the two.
    On that ocassion, I informed you that I was a 55 year-old that was just learning the
    computer. I know it’s weird, but I’m nothing but not weird. There is much that I don’t
    understand and that I never expect to understand. Imagine a 60 year old first learning
    to read. He would never derive that full benifits of reading that a 6 year-old would.
    The reason that I made your blog site the first I explored was because I knew of
    the immense importance of Casey-that this was NOT just another case. I knew this
    from a lifetime of reading esoteric and spiritual books. And you can get VERY deeply
    into the books.
    If you have a knack for spiritual comprehension like I do (Sun in 9th house), you can
    sense and understand the meaning of “higher truths.” You can discern the lessons
    that God is trying to convey.
    But like I said, I’m hampered to communicate in this fashion. Uranus is the planet of
    computers, and it’s in the 12th house of my astrological chart. The 12th house is
    where you keep all the things submerged that you don’t ordinarly deal with, that
    you’re not consciencely exposed to; so it’s understandable that: A) I would have a
    sparatic connection with computers, and B), be unskilled at using them.
    My elderly father foots the bill for this computer, so for all intents and purposes,
    it’s his. He allows me use on a couple of log-in sites, but I’m not regerstered for
    Skypth (Not that I’d want anyone to see my ugly face.) And I’ve never learned to text
    “in real time.” Yep, a dinasor, that’s what I am.
    So why didn’t I just write you a “regular” E-mail to inform you about this?
    Well, this computer comes with a “tech control center.” You can telephone some folks
    at a central office and they can help you work out the “kinks.” I wouldn’t even know the little I know without it. They can also link-up with the computer from a distance
    and know everything you’re doing in real time.
    Turns out, I upset these folks, I tried their patience. Has often happens with me
    (Pluto in first house, opposite Mars in seventh house) I tend to upset people. This
    is one of the things I have in common with Casey, and one of many reasons that I
    empathsise with her. In any case, the people who have control of this computer
    are constantly dickering with it’s functions and attempting to foul me up. I can’t send
    out regular E-mails and only rarely recieve them.
    One thing I have been able to do is send postings. Appearently the folks at the central
    office can’t interfer with that function.
    But just the other night, I recieved an odd message under this E-mail adress (name.)
    It seems a man I never heard of wrote to me under this name I’m using now.
    How he got a hold of my name I don’t know. It seems he thinks I’m Casey! It’s
    probably just the “boys” at central control are having fun at my expense. As I said,
    they can link up with this computer at anytime, and know what I’m up to.
    I have other little “clues” that things are not right. I think it could be said that games of
    psychological warfare are being used against me. It’s called “gaslighting.” Subtle,
    attempts to rock a persons’ composure. But I’ve had to deal with this on and off for
    many years.
    I know I’m on a “watch list” of some kind. Before Sept. 11, I told my Pakastani friends
    at a gas station that something terrible was going to occurr in New York City later
    in the year involving a horredous loss of life. I said that there were people “preping”
    to do something awaful. I had no knowledge of percisely what it was; I never would
    have dreamed that they would fly planes in buildings, but I knew “something” was in the
    offing. The day after the attack happend, one of the gas station workers asked “Did
    you know who did this?” Of course I didn’t. Such men would never associate with me.
    They would do to me, what was done to that soldier in England the other day. But I
    seemed to KNOW, so I was watched. “Telephone workers” dickered with wires around
    my home. I’m sure my phone was bugged. My “personal” letters never arrived at thier destination. My bother, (Who did have a computer recieved a visit from a
    technition to give him a “gift rewireing” of his computer to upgrade it.) I was often
    buzzed by low-flying helecopters when I went to places like the 7/11. I’m an advid
    reader so I’m sure that my book purchases and libarary vists were scrutinised.
    Incidently, within a matter of moments after the Boston marathon bomings, a helicopter must have made at least 100 low flying soowps over my house.
    Yes, I am rather a mysterious person. I was never on social media because until I was
    54 years old I never owned a computer. I’m an Enneagram 4, known as the individualist. I’m an EXTREMELY introverted person-the mirror opposite of Casey and
    Jodi. I’m favourably disposed to Casey because I know what it’s like to be on the
    recieving end of HATE. And also I was born in the year of the Dog, the same year
    as Cindy and Lee who will NEVER desert Casey.
    The computer is a social instrument, akin to the telephone. If you don’t have many
    friends, and I never did, you’d be a loss to know how to use it. I certainly wouldn’t
    Skyph, because as a shut-in I’m not proud of my middle aged 55 year-old appearece.
    I saw my role as a person who wanted in inform Casey that she did have some supporters and could have a better life. A guru is a person who points his finger
    AT the moon, he is not THE moon. I’m twice Casey’s age, a little older then her mom
    in fact.
    I think we all agree that we want the next 27 years of Casey’s life to be better then
    the previous 27 years were. Casey is a “people person.” That gives her the inside
    track. Most of us “oldsters” would like Casey to grow, improve and realize LOVE.
    The love of God and the love of man.

  15. Lon Spector says:

    Is Casey a hopeless “case”? I don’t think so, but we have to acknowledge what we’re
    dealing with. We have to weigh the “pros” and the “cons.”
    Most of us are aware of Casey’s plight. She is a victim of a shrill, hysterical media
    witchhunt,, hatred that is stoked up to a fever pitch.
    It is “chic” to hate Casey. There’s got to be something “wrong” with you if you don’t.
    “By golly, we’re going to get our pound of flesh!” “Fall Casey fall!”
    Needless to say, this is not an eneviable position to be in. It’s like trying to make a
    silk purse out of a sow’s ear.
    Also, there’s Casey’s own personality.
    Casey is no doubt a “durable” person. She was born in the year of the Tiger after all.
    With friend’s and family’s help she can weather the storm. But the question araises:
    “How can Casey be happy in spite of all the above?” Given Casey’s natural personality
    traits, what does Casey NEED-not want-because life often denies us what we want.
    What are the minimal things that Casey needs to be happy?
    First, I’m going to take it as a “given” that Casey’s material needs are going to be met.
    I might be wrong, but I think there’s enough help between Casey’s family and friends
    to keep her fed, clothed and housed for years. But that’s what they do in prison anyway. There are many types of “prisons.” Even a famous, powerful person like a Star could be in prison.
    So, in our quest to help Casey be happy we have to ask: “What does Casey need?”
    Casey is, as has been said, ” a people person.” She is an extravert. Extraverts need
    social stimulation. They are energised by the presence of other people. They need
    “social give and take.” Without other people they tend to get kind of lost. Extraverts
    don’t like to be “alone” with thier “thoughts.” Introverts are the exact opposite. They
    get swallowed up by crowds. Thier energy is “drained” by crowds. You can see the look of discomfort on the introvert’s face when they’re in crowds.
    Of course, Casey was very uncomfortable when she was mobbed by reporters and
    ran the gauntlet of hate-filled crowds screaming “baby killer,” but that’s to be expected.
    Communication is very important to Casey.
    In numerology, we call the first letter of someone’s name, the Cornerstone.
    It’s an important clue to thier personality. People with names beginning with C, love to
    The shapes of the letters themselves have meaning. The letter C is shaped like an
    open mouth. “C” people can be very talkative. Wasn’t Cindy? Casey, you’ll recall, had
    plans to write an advice/religious book while in prison. Guards were dismissed for
    allowing Casey to communicate with other inmates.
    Also, Casey is a “firebrand” type. She is ruled by the element of fire. She was born
    in the year of the fire Tiger. If you want to know about the traits of a person ruled by
    fire, read pgs. 31-34 in the book “Cosmic Astrology” by Chia and Wei.

    When it was reported that Casey was stuffing herself with junk food and packing on the pounds, I knew it was untrue. It would be difficult for Casey to be a fatty, obesity
    is not a fire element trait. Casey’s matabalism wouldn’t allow it.
    Casey is passionate. Someone like Casey was the character in the opera “Carmen.”
    Passionate people crave stimulation and excitement. They live through their senses.
    Casey likes the hot climate. She said so in her letters. Also Casey is attracted to Latin
    (Italien and Spanish culture.) Many of her accquaintances were from these backrounds. I hear that Orlando-like many other places-has a high Latino population.
    And of course there was talk of Casey absconding south of the border and taking up
    residence down there. If we were to fast-forward 10 years from now, would we see
    Casey married to an Hispanic male, speaking fluent Spanish, trailed by her braud of
    children? Possibly, if that’s what she really wants.
    Casey is like a young Jane Fonda.
    Jane Fonda cut her own swath through society and yes, she was a very sexual woman.
    She lived in France, made a lot of “arty” sex films, (But not porno films.) She was very
    independant, outspoken and unapolagetic. She pissed off a lot of people too.
    There are numerous other ways of gaging personality. Casey measures up as an
    indepandent, impulsive, impatient, passionate, sensual woman, who needs social
    interacation with others of the same mold.
    So given all the above, how can Casey be happy? The world is not about to change
    last I looked.
    Well, one thing I’ve noticed, is that in spite of the “chains” Casey is in, she can go from
    point A to point B. She’s not TOTALLY trapped in the house.
    If she changes her look and exercises some caution she can go certain places. She’s
    been sighted in bars, resterants, and clubs.
    I may be “dated” here. I don’t know her present living arraingments. Does she still live
    alone or with “friends” (Minder’s?) Someone drives her places. I’m fairly certain that
    if Casey takes certain precautions she could attend certain events and meetings.
    She has to embark cautisciously, but if she makes enquiries about spritual orginazations she could attend meetings in disguise and with her charm and likeability
    make fast friends. I would reccomend two orginizations: “New Life Foundation and
    Ennagram Institute. She should first research online for the location of these meetings
    in her community.
    The idea is socialization with healthy people, kind of like A.A. for the spirit. She dosen’t
    have to subscribe to any particular “brand” but she can make the social connections
    with friendly people and have the communication she craves.

  16. This is especially for LON SPECTOR
    Dear Lon (WS) from MCP, this is the only way for me to contact you, so hope you`ll read this dear.
    I`m so terribly sorry if some may think that I`ve left you guys, but in fact, it`s not my fault (!)
    I`ve got some problems with entering Ami`s Forum and hope that it`s more technical, than personal.
    But, if the reason is much more personal, so what can I say? Maybe, the one of the reasons was exactly the fact that I`ve been the only one who dared to talk about Casey with you.
    So, please… don`t compliment yourself that it`s your `fault` okay? lol
    In any case, good luck and all the best to you guys! ; )

  17. Lon Spector says:

    It’s April Fools Day 2014!
    “Fool,” though people may think I am, I advocate compassion and kindness
    towards Casey!
    If, a few weeks from now, people watch with bated breath to see Casey
    dragged to a public verbal flogging and inqusition, and Casey is NOT present
    to be dragged, who will the joke be on then?!
    Leave Casey, leave!

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