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EXCLUSIVE: Geraldo’s Report on the Anthonys’ interview + Casey’s reaction

Here’s the report (posted within the last 30 minutes) on Geraldo Rivera’s Facebook page:

*A Geraldo Exclusive*

Sources close to the family take Geraldo behind the scenes of the taping of the Dr. Phil show & share with him, information that some believe could have altered the outcome of the trial. Watch the promo. Read the report. You be the judge.

***This is Geraldo’s exclusive report on the Anthonys’ interview & Casey’s reaction to her parents’ sit-down with Dr. Phil***:

“Casey Anthony’s never before revealed medical condition may have contributed to Caylee’s death…”

So says this promo for the Dr. Phil Show on the upcoming exclusive appearance on the program with the late toddler’s grandparents George and Cindy Anthony. A reliable source tells Fox News that Casey Anthony (the accused but acquitted) suffered ‘Gran Mal Seizures.’

During her taped appearance, Cindy apparently tells Dr. Phil that former fiancé Jesse Grund in his 1st police interview in 2008 told Detective Melich that he, Jesse called 911 after Casey suffered such a seizure in 2005.  According to the previously reliable source, Casey later suffered at least two additional seizures; one while home on bond in 2008, and another while incarcerated between 2008-2011.

According to the source, on the Dr. Phil show Cindy points to the seizures as evidence Casey had “a mental health condition” that may have incapacitated Casey while her child Caylee was allegedly drowning “in the swimming pool incident,” and further suggests that the seizures may be symptomatic of a condition that at times makes it difficult “to sort fact from fiction,” or as the source says, “maybe it is why she can’t tell the truth.”

For her part, Casey is said by the source to be “deeply upset that her parents continue to seek the spotlight,” and that, “Casey just wants her mom to be her mom.” – Geraldo

Make of that what you will – but I think it’s sad that George & Cindy, EVEN NOW, are still not holding up their hands to what happened — SJ


  1. I have to agree with Casey. Cindy needs to stop talking nonsense and just try to figure out a way to be mom and daughter again if possible, I think any further talking is just going to lead to more probs for this far too troubled family. Why incite more trouble from the ones that think its all about the money now? If its not then just BE QUIET!

  2. Cindy needs to support her Daughter and be a mom as Casey says.

  3. I totally agree. The Anthonys should be quiet now. Give Caylee’s ashes to Casey. Ask Casey if she wants them to get Caylee’s things back from LE and if Casey would like to have them. After all, Casey is the mother and George and Cindy are the grandparents. They need to act like Casey’s parents and respect that Casey was Caylee’s parent, and they were not.

    Hang in there, Casey.

    • Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

      Ellen, I think you’re absolutely right. Cindy and George have no rights to dictate Caylee’s remains and belongings. Casey is Caylee’s mother, and technically, her only legal guardian. I don’t see how Florida let George and Cindy have Caylee creamated. Casey requested to have Caylee buried in a grave, so that’s what should be done. Cindy and George are not legal guardians of Caylee nor should they be. Caylee is Casey’s daughter. Casey is Caylee’s mother, and a great mother at that. I’m not sure what George and Cindy find so hard to understand about that. Parent raise their children, grandparents do not raise their grandchildren.

    • My heart goes out to Casey too… You would think that Cindy would be busy trying to repair the mother/daughter relationship between herself and Casey instead of trying to get national attention for herself. As for Caylees Ashes, they belong with her mother, Casey.

  4. I hate this question says:

    First of all if Cindy is trying to say lying can be caused by having seizures she couldn’t be more wrong and as a nurse she should know better.
    How insulting. Does she think everyone is stupid? Is she trying to insult our intelligence?
    Secondly, it would seem like she equates having seizures to mental health problems and that couldn’t be further from the truth as well.
    There are many causes of seizures.
    Third, I think they were wrong to cremate that child when Casey asked to have her buried & it seems like there is a constant power struggle going on between Casey and her parents that should have ended a long time ago.
    Casey is 25 years old now she is not a little girl. She was 22 when this happened, an adult, they need to stop treating her like a child.
    Casey should have done whatever was necessary when she was 18 to allow her to move out of that home.
    What is it with grandparents who think they can just arbitrarily take their childrens children away from them at the drop of a dime just because things are not being done their way?
    If it were me I would have suspected something was wrong when I became pregnant and my mom being a nurse didn’t take me to a doctor right away, then wouldn’t allow me to put the baby up for adoption. That alone would have made me stop, think, make plans to move out of that house.
    Now look at how things are, a grandmother (and possibly grandfather) who seems to want to undermine everything the girl wants to stand for.
    I think the FBI needs to get the personal effects because this investigation is not over by a long shot and evidence needs to be preserved for future reference.
    Cindy & George please be adults about this, open your eyes see how you are contributing to the hurt & pain of your daughter and stop it now!

    • You make some good points (directly above) but I slightly disagree with you. Siezures can be psychosomatic. They can occur without physical cause or atleast without known cause. I doubt they are saying the siezures caused her to lie, but maybe a symptom of some physical disorder that makes it difficult for her to distingush truth from fantasy. I don’t think this is implausible at all.

  5. never know what to put here says:

    I don’t know where else to post this. It has nothing to do with this article but it is information that you need to know…

  6. I have had grand-mal seizures since I was 15 years old. I’m now 28 and allthough I believe casey is INNOCENT if she were the one to do it I dont think the seizures would play a part in it. With my experience of the 50+ seizures I have become forgetful and had high anxiety never did I have weird thoughts of murder! I think there were sooo many secrets in this family. Why wouldnt the drowning be a secret HMM? are the seizures a big secret too?

  7. Totally agree…Cindy, quit what you are doing and be the mom Casey needs you to be. I really think Casey is doing everything in her power to get herself healthy but her parents are a stumbling block. Be strong Casey…you can put your life back together…even if your parents aren’t there for you. There are other people who do care!

  8. Maybe Casey has seizures because she has a stress-related brain injury from childhood sexual abuse? Seems plausible to me.

    Cindy and George are getting so predictable. I’ll bet Casey had them all figured out long before anyone else. No wonder she was so mistrustful of those in authority.

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