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Exclusive: Dr Phil on his Interview with George & Cindy Anthony

Here’s an excerpt from an exclusive TV Guide Magazine interview with Dr Phil, as he discusses his forthcoming “Blockbuster Interview” with George & Cindy Anthony.

Dr Phil apparently spent more than 9 1/2 hours with George & Cindy. The interview itself will now be screened as a two-part special starting September12th and concluding on September 13th. I bet it’d be interesting to see the full unedited version.

– and here are a few Q&A’s from Dr Phil’s interview with TV Guide Magazine:

TV Guide Magazine: You mentioned the court of public opinion vs. the court of law. Obviously when you watched the coverage, particularly via the modern 24-hour cable news cycle, there was a point of view, an opinion, and that means certain network hosts were trumpeting Casey Anthony’s guilt as fact. Does the media do a big disservice to the justice system in these cases?

Dr. Phil: I think sometimes we underestimate the intelligence of the American viewing public. Sometimes they’re more discerning than we give them credit for. If you’ve got (a host) with a transparent agenda, I think people know that. But I don’t think they understand the judicial process. And so I think it’s hard for people to make a distinction between what can be talked about and interpreted vs. what can be presented in trial. So I don’t think anybody would have acquitted Casey Anthony in the court of public opinion but it’s a very different set of rules when you get into court.

TV Guide Magazine: You mention in the first episode that you’re not interested in talking to Casey Anthony. Why not?

Dr. Phil: I think it’s highly unlikely she’s going to tell what she knows. Her actions have spoken much louder than any words she could speak. Everybody says she’s out of jeopardy now, and therefore she has nothing to lose, but she has everything to lose. If she comes out and tells a different story now than what was told before, a very difficult lie for her is just going to get that much harder. She’s not going to be forthcoming about this.

TV Guide Magazine: You stress that your show didn’t pay for the interview, that instead you’re making a donation to their new foundation. Do you feel confident that that money will go to the right place?

Dr. Phil: They haven’t gotten their authorization yet. They didn’t make a demand, they made a request. And I asked when we sat down, “Let me be clear, you didn’t ask to be paid for this. You asked that we make a donation to this 501c3 charitable organization. And you take no money from that, you get no salary, no fee, no reimbursement, nothing from the foundation.” He said that is correct. I said, “You understand that this is federally licensed, and the IRS and the government monitors this.” They said that is absolutely correct. So I moved on with that confidence in mind.

TV Guide Magazine: Talk about the interview. Anything that surprised you? What was your takeaway?

Dr. Phil: I interviewed them for nine and a half hours across two days. That’s a long time to talk to somebody. I organized it in a certain way to talk about different sections of what was going on. And I felt that at the end of it, that they had very candidly and in an unfiltered way told the truth and the reality as they believe it to be.

TV Guide Magazine: You don’t feel like they were putting on a show for you? Do you believe that they actually believe what they told you?

Dr. Phil: I’ll let the viewer make up their mind about that. But for me, I thought they were very candid. And I pushed on them pretty hard. If they were putting on a show, they wouldn’t have told me some of the things that they told me.

TV Guide Magazine: What was the most surprising or candid thing you learned?

Dr. Phil: There’s so much. I found one of the most revelatory moments for me was their reaction to the verdict when it came in.

TV Guide Magazine: Did your opinion of this case or of the Anthonys change after talking to them? Do you feel like you have a different take on what might have happened?

Dr. Phil: I do. I think I learned a tremendous amount about their perception of what took place, particularly what was going on behind the scenes leading up to and during the trial. What was going on between them and the defense team and the prosecutors. Everything that was happening behind he scenes, I don’t think anybody has a clue about that. People are going to find that very informative, very interesting.

TV Guide Magazine: Do you have a take on how Caylee died?

Dr. Phil: I don’t know. I wish I did. I think I have some ideas about what didn’t happen but I don’t know what did happen. And I think you get to what did happen by eliminating things that didn’t happen. What we know, this little girl woke up alive, and she finished the day dead and in a field. And nobody’s held to account for that.


I also have a bunch of questions that’d I’d of liked to ask the “grieving grandparents” – and I’ll be posting those over this coming weekend.



  1. I don’t think they will say anything against Casey. That’s their daughter. Why would they say something against their own daughter? But, it will be interesting to see what they say to make themselves look good. I believe what Casey said about them so i’m not too fond of them either.

  2. I understand that Geraldo Rivera is about to post an official response (to Dr,Phil interview) from Casey on his Facebook page. Heads up.

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