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Exposing the Myths

In this section I attempt to expose the Myths, Lies and BS spewed out by the prospection and the media over the past 3 years, and uncover the TRUTH about the Casey Anthony Trial.

It starts right here.

The ingredients…?

* A clueless & disjointed prosecution,
* Fantasy forensics & ridiculous junk science,
* A clueless Law Enforcement department that couldn’t organize a piss-up in a brewery,
* 2 PI’s, a bounty hunter and an equally inept search company – none of which could find their own ass with both hands,
* A daily media-fuelled Salem witch-hunt,
* A general public that believed all this lies & BS being fed to them,
* 2 men with an unhealthy fascination in duct tape & little girls…

— and an innocent heroine by the name of Casey Anthony.

The objective…?

To coerce & cajole the Jury – at all costs – into believing Casey actually murdered her own daughter, and ultimately delivering the death sentence.

Put all of that together and what do you have?

You have all the makings of one of the MIS-TRIALS of the Century, and one of the biggest wastes of tax-payers money ever!


EXPOSING THE MYTHS, Part #1 – Chloroform:————————————————————————————————-

EXPOSING THE MYTHS, Part #2 – Duct Tape:


EXPOSING THE MYTHS, Part #3 – The 31 Days of Partying:


EXPOSING THE MYTHS, Part #4: Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony:



  1. Finally, a place where people who “think” can do so without being harrassed by the masses.

    • aint it the truth!!! I love this site! its nice to see a site that is not putting casey down and mad about the whole situation! 🙂

  2. Specialk35freak says:

    It’s me again. What do you think about the supposed fight that Casey & Cindy had the day prior to Caylee “missing”. The neighbors have said that they heard a fight at the house. I can’t find any info on that. Also, some other websites are saying that Casey murdered Caylee out of spite/anger for her Mom Cindy? Alot of your theory makes sense, but some does not to me. If George had actually abused Casey ever, why on earth would she ever leave Caylee alone with him? I still have alot of questions. I’m so confused!

  3. Okay. I have to admit, you have made a lot of good points, but I really am confused on the issue of the jury. What is this about past history of conflicts with law enforcement? Was that all smoke and mirrors from the prosecution as well?

    • Hi David. I’m not entirely sure about the “past history of conflicts with law enforcement” – but the whole shameful prosecution case itself was built solely on smoke & mirrors (together with endless amounts of BS, junk science & fantasy forensics to try and please the masses), so nothing surprises me. It sounds more like a typical comment from the haters & bedwetters again. Their last 3 years worth of anger and vitriol was all for nothing, and they just can’t handle that fact. Nor can they handle the truth. Thanks for posting! SJ

  4. It was Jean Couty that heard the fighting about a month before July 15th 08. As Lee himself stated, Cindy confided in him about the fight. Jesse was told about the fight. The source of the fight information began with Cindy, and Mr Couty confirmed it by what he heard. So the real question is, that I have always kept in the forefront, is this…if that fight actually happened as Cindy says it did, then what time did it happen ? What time of day was it that Mr Couty heard this ? Was it before the so called trip to see Alex at the nursing home, or after Casey returned home after 7pm ? Records indicate that Casey’s cell pinged off the towers near the home. That don’t mean she was home, just in that tower range close enough to home. Cindy stated on the stand under oath that she and Casey watched the video of Caylee and Alex that evening, and it was a special evening. ( take note), if it was so special then why was Casey constantly texting during those hours ? There was only about an hour or so that she wasn’t texting after she got home. However, when I read the video /computer forensics it showed the video activity dates to be June 17th, and after. Not uploaded as Cindy said on that night. Well, thats how it appears to me is that its a lie. Compare that to Tony’s story about Casey sitting up crying in bed early in the morning watching the video. Connecting the dots. I believe the gate and the ladder story was bs from the first time I heard it. Cindy said she puts the dogs outside and they run freely because the yard is fenced right ? Well where she lets the dogs outside when she gets home from work, she couldn’t see the gate was opened to make the comment like she did about she was afraid the dogs would get out. That don’t even make sense other than some concocted bs to attempt to validate a kidnapping theory that was occurring, or even a possible accident at the house. Go back and listen to the tapes and read the transcripts again. Oh, and btw, I have through very credible recourse that Casey did not have a gran mal siezure after she was bonded out while at home. Cindy shame on you for trying to spin the wheel again on Dr Phil. Funny, if she did she never left in an ambulance, nor was she taken to the hospital her entire time she was home or at Baez’s office. Tangled webs….oh my.

  5. Sheisfree Getoverit says:

    The criminal Division of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office and the US Justice Department wanted to find out if child predators had anything in common in order to provide a profile.

    The resulting study consisted of more than 600 solved cases of child abduction murders where the killers were caught and convicted. The initial study was published in 1997, and a follow-up study that included 175 additional solved cases was published in 2006. Those 883 cases occurred between 1968 and 2002 and were from all across the US.

    From a study of 883 cases where the murderer was caught and convicted. Percentages based strictly on the cases researched in this study.

    In the initial study, the name of the killer was almost always in police files within the first week. When the supplemental cases were studied, that proved to no longer be the case. (does that mean the killers are getting smarter?)

    Police usually have contact with the killer before he becomes a primary suspect….

    AND- 10% of the child killers interjected themselves into the actual murder investigation.

    I say “him” because child killers are almost 100% male.

    He lives on the edge of society, and is socially retarded. “Social marginals” is the term used for him.

    He usually either lives in the neighborhood where the abduction takes place or frequents that area during his everyday activities.

    50% of child killers are unemployed or work in unskilled or semi-skilled jobs.

    75% of child killers have prior arrests for violent crimes. 50% of those violent crimes were committed against children.

    The child killer’s most frequent past crime is sexual in nature, and the primary motive for a child abduction is sexual.

    The use of pornography by killers as a trigger to murder has increased since the original study.

    The child is usually abducted in a place very close to where he/she was last seen.

    The child killer usually takes the child more than 1/4 mile from where he was abducted,

    The distance between the murder site and where the body is later dumped is less than 199 feet in most cases.

    23.7% returned to the place they dumped the body

    9.7% contacted the victim’s family

    69.8% are white, 19.1% are black

    In 88.5% of the cases studied, the child was dead within 24 hours of being taken, and in 76% of those cases, the child was dead within 3 hours of the kidnapping.

    In 60% of the 883 cases studied, over 2 hours passed between the time the child was discovered to be missing and the time the police were called. This is shocking to me in light of the fact that in the majority of cases the child was dead within 3 hours. The window of opportunity for saving an abducted child is small, and because parents are reluctant to call police before searching thoroughly themselves, that window shrinks to nearly zero…

    50% of the abductions take place within 3 city blocks of the child’s home, and 1/3 of them occurred within 1/2 block of the home.

    Most of the children are victims of “opportunity” A child is rarely chosen for a specific reason such as a physical characteristic. (this is different than race).

    42% were the victims of friends or acquaintances.

    *****ONLY 14% of the children in the cases studied were victims of their PARENT.******

    ***I personally see George Anthony appear from this study, NOT Casey Anthony***

    • JA Kalskett says:

      And you are right! This point, is the one i hope to address…In 88.5% of the cases studied, the child was dead within 24 hours of being taken, and in 76% of those cases, the child was dead within 3 hours of the kidnapping.

      However, I believe Caylee was dead more like 24 hours, and already decomposing, before Father’s Day (June 15th) and the coerced story of murder on June 16th ; clearly as “mid-to-late June”.

      IMO Cindy also believed Caylee went out of Casey’s sight on June 14th; the only time Caylee was really missing…was after midnight (when Geo picked-up Caylee) on June 14th: THAT WAS “early-to-mid June”

  6. Hi SJ. I am grateful for your website because it has really made me think through a lot of the “facts” that were presented during the trial. I think your “Exposing the Myths” section really does open up a lot more likeliness and possibilities. I am interested in hearing your theory on Zanny. I remember hearing that Casey had been telling her parents Caylee was with Zanny for years before any of this happened. Where do you think Caylee really was during those times? Do you think she was trying to hide her from George? Do you think any kind of Nanny really existed while Caylee was unaccounted for and Casey was around her parents?? I’m also interested to hear what you think about Casey’s behavior leading up to Caylee’s disappearance. She had allegedly been stealing from her parents and friends. Do you think it was a cry for help? Desperation because she couldn’t find a job? You seem like a logical person and those questions have always bugged me about the case. Thank you

    • Hi Ella! With regards to “Zanny”, I still beleive it was all part of GA’s planned cover up, following his abuse & suffocation that ultimately led to Caylee’s death. As for Casey keeping Caylee away from George, this is correct, and is documented in detail many times throughout the psychological evaluations unsealed today and linked to in my latest post here:

      The 4 documents certainly make interesting reading.
      Thanks for posting! SJ

      • Marion Rosiello says:

        I still don’t believe that duct tape caused her suffocation….whether by Casey or George. I believe George either drowned her purposely or found her in the pool and then proceeded to “take care of it” and discard the body in the woods. I believe it is very possible that duct tape was on the bag she was in and because Kronk had moved the body and the skull popped out of it that the duct tape wound up laying loosely over the skull.,,,near the mouth. Even Dr. G has claimed it was covering her mouth but could not say it was over her NOSE. Of course, I cannot explain why it was sticking to her hair….and NEITHER CAN DR. G.

        I might be wrong….but in either scenario, I do believe Casey’s story.
        Another “perhaps” thought…..perhaps the child dressed herself that morning and went outside to get in the pool and drowned. That ladder COULD HAVE been left up the day before. Or “perhaps” George dressed her in cloths too small for her himself….typical of a grandfather. We will probably never know the truth about all this……unless of course George decides to try suicide again and confesses. Fat chance. I think he is in denial too.

  7. Marion Rosiello says:

    After reading the entire transcripts of Dr. Wietz I have now understood why the defense did not call him at trial. Look at the very end of the deposition where Baez questions him on a discrepancy in what he said about Casey noticing that Caylee had shorts and a t shirt that were too small for her and when and where she noticed that. He was not sure if she said that in regard to when she first saw him holding Caylee’s wet body (in the house) or when they discovered the body in the woods. OF COURSE it was when she saw her father holding Caylee’s body at the house, because as Baez pointed out she couldn’t possibly have seen what Caylee was wearing and whether the shorts were too small when they found the body. Dr Weitz PROBABLY made a mistake in how he was describing what she said, but Linda Drane Burdick jumped all over that and said if Dr. Weitz was wrong on that statement then he could have been wrong in his recollection of Casey’s statements to him throughout his examination of her. I think THAT is why the defense did not call him to the stand.

  8. SJ, I have some stuff that I wanted to know if you would “incorporate” into your blog here. It is more info de-bunking some of the claims against Casey or info proving Casey’s claims are true.

    During the Trial there was much debate about whether Caylee could have reached the patio door or opened it by herself. I submit these photos as proof that she definitely COULD:

    Caylee with hair bandana

    Caylee same height as 36″ kitchen counter

    Caylee as tall as Mom’s waist (36-37 inches)

    Caylee wearing another dress & hair bandana just different color

    Caylee at Sliding Door

    The average door knob is 32″ from the floor. The average sliding door pull is 34″ from the floor.
    Caylee could reach interior door knobs before she was 2. If not there would have been no need for interior door knob covers as a safety measure.

    Not only could Caylee reach the door knobs/pulls….she only had to reach upwards 3-4 inches.
    Do the people saying Caylee wasn’t tall enough to reach the door knobs imagine her without arms?

  9. This is about the discrepancies between the autopsy report and the photographic evidence as well as discrepancies in Dr G’s recent statements on her televised Special.

    The autposy report states:

    The Skull: The skull was initially recieved in a seperate paper bag with duct tape over the lower portion of the face, with the tape still attached to some scalp hair. A large portion of the scalp hair was in a mat under the skull. The mandible was still in it’s approximate anatomic location in spite of complete skeletonization. pg 8

    “All the teeth that were lost during decomposition were subsequently found at the crime
    scene, except for one incisor.”

    Full quote:
    “Examination of the skull reveals no evidence of antemortem trauma. The inner aspect ofthe
    cranial cavity is examined with light & reveals sandy dirt and an attached small incisor
    which adhered to the inside of the cranium with dirt. The mandible still has nine lower
    teeth atached with four teeth still present in the maxilla. All of the teeth that were lost
    during decompsition were subsequently found at the scene, except for one incisor.”
    There is no soft tissue present on any of the bones. There is a minimal amount of adipocere
    (Then why does the autopsy lay-out photo show the skull every bit as sandy as the rest of the skeleton?)

    Yet this is the photo we are given for the autopsy lay-out: ( photo with blue paper background) In the photos the skull is every bit as covered with rusty orange clay sand.
    While we can readily see this, why is Dr G telling us that the skeleton WITH THE EXCEPTION of the SKULL is covered in the fine sand when we can clearly see the skull was also covered? Added to that, wouldn’t the adhesive from the WIND & WATERPROOF duct tape have made the sand adhere to the skull differently then what is seen in the photographic evidence? It is my estimation that the adhesive would have caused the sand to adhere more readily OR the tape would have PREVENTED the SAND from adhereing to the skull at all in the locations where it was adhered to. Since there is no such evidences I submit that the duct tape never actually touched the head/skull. Here is another photo to back up my thoughts:

    When one compares the pixelized photos of the skull with other evidence photos one can start to see where the pixelized areas did not contain what they were alleged to have contained. (Photo comparison showing two evidence photos that debunk each other –
    The photo on the left is of the remains in situ from above approx 2 ft from items. We can see the blue circle with pixels in the middle. Just under that we can see the tree branch with some leaves on it. The photo on the right is of the same items only at a closer distance of approx 1 foot. We can tell this by the leaves from photo 1 and matching them up with the leaves on photo 2. Due to the items being closer to the camera lense the pixelized area should have increased two-fold (perspective) but it did not. In fact the pixelized area in photo 2 stayed the same or DECREASED . This is a mathematical impossibility. The RED CIRCLE shows the area the pixelization should have covered if it had really been hiding something the size represented in photo #1. Then if we look back to the photo on the left , #1, and study it we can see that if the pixelized area of photo #2 were to be correct then the pixelized area of photo #1 should have fallen within the YELLOW CIRCLE. Both CIRCLES show you what was really pixelized and as you can see, neither contain a SKULL.

    Dr G talked about the teeth still being in the Maxilla on her SPECIAL. Let’s see what the autopsy report states about that: pg 8 states:
    “The duct tape was CLEARLY placed prior to decomposition, keeping the mandible in place.”

    Pg 4 12/12/08 2 TEETH LOCATED
    Pg 4 12/13/08 3 more TEETH LOCATED
    Pg 5 Saline wash of the cranial cavity was also collected (The only washing the skull received EVER)
    Pg 8 The inner aspect of the cranial cavity is examined with light and reveals sandy dirt and an attached small incisor which is adhered to the inside of the cranium with dirt. The MANDIBLE still has 9 lower teeth attached with four still present in the maxilla. All of the teeth that were lost during decomposition were subsequently found at the scene, except for one incisor.

    I submit to you, if the duct tape had been adhered to the head/skull and held the MADNDIBLE IN PLACE for the entirety of decomposition & found in situ….. HOW DID THOSE TEETH ESCAPE THE JAW? We’re talking about a jaw that is taped shut & allegedly found that way.

    This completely debunks the duct tape theory.

    The found portion of the PUBIC BONE: (Yellow Square)

  10. What Caylee’s pubic bones hsould have looked like:

    What her pelvic bones actually looked like (1 half is missing)

    Notice also that the Scapula from where the pubic bones would have attached is broken off!

    Pelvic injuries in child abuse

    Skeletal survey in cases of suspected child abuse should include the entire pelvis, and special attention should be paid to the ischiopubic rami the most common site of these rare pelvic injuries.

    The ischiopubic rami (red arrow points to area)

    Is anyone surprised that this boney area and the hyoid bone are missing? If not coincidental then it appears someone went back to the remains after decomp to remove certain fractured or scarred bones. An ex-cop would know which bones would be most likely damaged by repeated sexual abuse, right?

    Information on the missing HYOID bone:

    K. Hyoid bone: Acts as moveable base for tongues

    1. Not part of skull

    2. Does not articulate with any other bones

    3. Raise and lower larynx during swallowing

    The hyoid bone is the one and only bone of the throat. This horseshoe-shaped bone lies in between the chin and the thyroid ligament. Interestingly, the hyoid bone does not connect to any other bones and is the only bone in the human body to do so. Instead the bone connects solely to ligaments.

    The primary function of the hyoid bone is to allow the movement of the tounge, pharynx, and larynx by connecting to muscles in the region. Also the bone functions in the protection of these structures. The hyoid bone is broken into three segments: the body, greater cornu, and lesser cornu.
    Fracture and applied anatomy Due to its position, the hyoid bone is not susceptible to easy fracture. In a suspected case of murder, a fractured hyoid strongly indicates throttling or strangulation. However this is not the case in children and adolescents, where the hyoid bone is still flexible as ossification is yet to be completed.

    In this study 4 out of 5 throttling victims had a broken hyoid bone. In a child this would btake much more pressure or a ligature/garrot as the bones are still flexible and would bend before breaking.

    SO just WHO got choked at the Anthony home? Apparently both George & Cindy throttled Casey regularly, so regularly that they thought nothing of doing so in front of others. DId they also extend this to Caylee? or is there a much more sinister, Jon Benet Ramsey twist to this tale?

  11. I had been trying to picture in my mind what bones of the pelvis were actually still missing. I found this picture to use to gauge it by.

    B. When a child’s hip bone is in the anatomical position, the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) and the anterior aspect of the pubis lie in the same vertical plane. The hip bone at this stage is composed of three bones—ilium, ischium, and pubis—that meet in the cup-shaped acetabulum. The bones are not fused at this age but are united by a triradiate cartilage along a Y-shaped line (blue).

    This is similar to what Caylee’s pelvis bones should have looked like or would have in 3-D had all of the bones been present.

    So the remains were missing the Hyoid bone, the sacral, & the pelvic bones. All potentially indicitive of SEXAUL ABUSE.

  12. Skeletal survey in cases of suspected child abuse should include the entire pelvis, and special attention should be paid to the ischiopubic rami the most common site of these rare pelvic injuries (Arrow points to ischiopubic rami)

    “The ischiopubic rami form a V shape and become the Ischial Tuberosities in the back (posterior). ”

    One half of Caylee’s ischiopubic rami is still missing. That bone where the missing section disappeared from (Illium) shows a BREAK and the broken part is missing ALONG WITH the missing pubic bone.

  13. I am not on either side of this because I wasn’t there but I was wondering if the little girl wasn’t murdered by her mom then who murdered the child? im not blaming her im just curios and was she abducted for a larger amount of time? I heard that the mom reported her child missing days later, is that true? I really want to read all the info but its too much..i just want to know these points..

    • JA Kalskett says:

      IMO Jorge, (and it isn’t shared by anyone…only me, LOL) The child was not murdered by anyone…her death was accidental but took place while she was out of the sight of everyone, in a manner that would have never ‘looked accidental, if her body had been reported ‘where’ death took place. (I think she was waiting with Casey in Tony’s apartment parking lot. Waiting for the babysitter to arrive so Casey could go to the Fusion lounge event on Friday the 13th. Everything after that night, was part of the murder story that began with the video that made it ‘appear’ that she was alive on June 15th…science experts testified decomposition began ‘early-to-mid June’ (so death HAD to have occurred prior to that)

  14. I’m really glad the verdict was not guilty and wish they’d have addressed more of the evidence.

    The big ones could’ve halted the clownshow in its tracks.

    Myth: dead body smell in trunk

    They want it both ways, that Cindy’s statement was proof positive of a dead body in the trunk that left a stench still present years later, BUT, the remains were “always” right around the corner in the residential neighborhood some 20 feet off the side of the street and the reason nobody smelled anything, the reason the cadaver dogs didn’t alert, the reason 3000 searchers missed it was because 1. the dead body smell detached and just decided to stay in the trunk, 2. the remains were under water.

    Cadaver dogs are fully capable of detecting remains under water. Nancy Grace yapped on and on about how they wouldn’t detect under water, and in a completely different story on Natalee Holloway, she had a cadaver dog expert on and both acknowledged draining a pond and dogs could easily detect scent of death.

    Further, the condition of the remains once recovered showed clear indications of postmortem animal predation. This means woodland animals got to the remains, not only tore through the plastic bags but also canvas bag and blanket. They would’ve done this within 24 hours of the remains being placed there. The second the bags were open, however, the stench would’ve permeated the whole area where people consciously smelled it. Prior to that, woodland animals clearly scented out a food source and tore open the containing bags. This is one hard piece of evidence that was glossed over but could’ve made it perfectly clear the remains could not have been in that location from June, and if they were, then the cadaver dogs NOT finding it rendered them useless, and any “alerting” to a vehicle and spot in the yard completely irrelevant.

    Then Roy Kronk – who, by his own statements, claimed he went to the same spot twice, took a leak, looked through the dense treeline, saw a gray vinyl bag and something white that looked like a skull, but was thwarted by a dead snake, that, he also claimed his friends picked up and took with them. This begs the question then of why didn’t Kronk go back in the woods to the gray vinyl bag and investigate further now that the snake was gone? He makes 3 calls over 3 days trying to get someone to check it out. He then waits 4 months, returns to the same spot, this time goes into the woods he didn’t want to go in originally, and about 8 feet away, sees a *black* bag he picks up 4 ft off the ground and an actual skull rolled out. Not in any known universe did this happen in real life.

    Nevertheless, for those insisting Kronk’s just a guy who tried to do the right thing, and who believe his tales of BS, his statements clearly indicate – since her body was indeed located and recovered – that the remains were *not* under water whatsoever, neither in August (11, 12, and 13) or in December.

    The first flooding storms did not even begin until September.

    The remains were above ground and not submerged in water whatsoever. IF they were there in June, which is unlikely, there is zero reason for them to have not been detected. If woodland animals detected them and got into the bags, then cadaver dogs would’ve also. If the stench of death remained in a trunk for 3 years, the stench of death would’ve also been with the actual body decomposing causing the stench to begin with and would’ve been much stronger 20 ft off the side of a neighborhood street IN JUNE. If it was above ground and visible enough for Kronk to see in August from outside the treeline on the shoulder of the street, and visible enough for Kronk to see in December inside the woods, then it would’ve been just as visible above ground for 3000+ searchers all in the area who were actively looking.

    That this did not happen indicates the remains were NOT there in June, prior to June 27th when the vehicle had been left at Amscot. They were somewhere else, and Roy Kronk is not some do gooder who got super coincidentally lucky with two different bags twice in a row, same spot 4 months apart. Roy Kronk had those remains at some point and put them there so they *would* be found. There is no other explanation than this reality.

    Someone else was involved, someone else had her remains, someone else associated with Roy Kronk.

    My wager: George Anthony.

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