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EXPOSING THE MYTHS, Part #3: The 31 Days of Partying

In my previous “Exposing the Myths” posts, I’ve comprehensively debunked both the chloroform and the duct tape myths still being bandied around by the misinformed & clueless masses. Click the links to read both posts if you haven’t already.

Now it’s time to take a look at the alleged “31 Days of Partying” by Casey Anthony.

The favorite myths surrounding this much discussed period go something like this:

“But Casey went out partying every night during the 31 days while her daughter was missing. We’ve SEEN all the photographs! She murdered her daughter THEN went out partying & celebrating like nothing ever happened. She must be guilty!”

More BS yet again. This is what the media portrayed and the prosecution also tried to have you believe throughout the trial.

It simply wasn’t true.

Do you remember how a lot of the TV pundits could never quite work out how Casey managed to have so many different hairstyles and hair lengths in all the “photographic evidence” they paraded around every night?

The reason for that was no mystery – it was because most of those pictures were not only taken from Casey’s own PhotoBucket & Facebook accounts – they were also taken over the previous few years – for example at Casey’s 21st birthday party and other parties she attended. And some of the people that took those pictures couldn’t wait to cash in by selling them to the highest bidder.

Am I saying ALL the photographs are old ones? No I’m not. The only valid pictures relating to the “31 days” period were the few taken at Fusian around June 20th – although there’s even debate as to the exact dates – but for now we’ll say they were.

They were the famous “Hot Body Contest” pictures of Casey that everyone gasped at. Here they are again just in case you missed them on the TV every morning, noon & night for the past 3 years:

So DID Casey “party” during those 31 days Casey was allegedly missing? Well it certainly wasn’t for 31 days – but to answer the question – YES and NO.

If you recall, Casey’s boyfriend at that time was Tony “The Snitch” Lazzaro. This is the guy that happily wore a wire for Law Enforcement – then coerced Lee Anthony into his car in the hope he’d “spill” something and incriminate Casey. What a loser.

Anyways – Lazzaro testified that he ran a DJ & Promotions company (at that time), and developed different promotions for local night clubs. He also testified that Casey was active in helping him with his club promotions.

“The Snitch” made Casey the boss of the shot girls in the club – as some of them duly testified at the trial. Casey’s job was to supervise them, answer their questions, tell them what to do and how to dress etc.

It was on one of these nights that Casey participated in the “Hot Body Contest” at Fusian nightclub.  Maria Kissh, a girlfriend of one of Lazzaro’s roommates was at Fusian on “June 20th 2008”, the night of the contest. She testified at trial that Casey was actually SUPERVISING the shot girls that night. So you can safely say Casey was not just randomly partying at clubs. She was there because that’s where she worked.

So the infamous “Casey Partying at Fusian” pics again were a total fallacy concocted by the media and the prosecution to try and make Casey look like a 24/7 party girl and really bad Mother.

While on that subject… Casey was an awesome Mother, as everyone who testified during the trial confirmed. I’d even go as far to say she was way better than most Mothers out there.

Bottom line:

There was no “31 Days of Partying” by Casey. This is Casey, not Paris Hilton.

Casey was at Fusian working, in an attempt to cope with the situation she found herself in at that time. Casey also KNEW (during those 31 days) that Caylee was NOT missing. Not because she had been murdered or anything along those lines, but she just KNEW Caylee wasn’t missing during that time. You’ll have to wait for the next part in this series for the reason why I say this – then it’ll become clear.

In addition, Casey had “lost the plot” based on everything that’d happened over the previous few weeks (and over the previous years). I mean totally lost the plot. This was not Casey “partying” & “celebrating” because she’d murdered her daughter. No way. That’s one of the most ridiculous suggestion ever made. Casey was trying to cope with the situation she’d just found herself in, and this was one of the ways she did it.

For once, we’re actually getting into an area beyond my scope at this point, as I’m not a psychiatrist – but Keith Ablow is – and here are his thoughts & comments on the specifics of Casey’s behavior during this 31 day period.

Listen to his theory & explanation, especially his comments right at the end of the interview:

Dr Keith Ablow\'s Theory on Casey Anthony\'s 31 days behavior

I’ll finish off this post with a few paragraphs directly from C. Rich’s acclaimed book: “The Casey Anthony Trial – The Prosecution of Beauty” – which is an amazing read. If you have an interest in this case (and I’m kinda guessing you have) then I’d strongly recommend you get hold of a copy. Details here:

The Dismantlement of the Casey Anthony Myth:

You can take your teddy bear called illusion to bed with you, if you still want to.

However, you should be very angry. You have been lied to for years and they fooled so many of you. For three years, they have made you believe that all those photos of Casey partying was her life. You thought she was a party girl out of control.

You believed it so much, that you attached motive to it. In all murder cases, part of a conviction or an element of it, is motive. The reason why someone killed another almost always needs to be answered to put someone to death. Here you took a complete and total fabrication and wrapped it all up in a bow called motive.

You were told that the reason Casey just suddenly planned the murder of her own child was because she needed Caylee out of the way so she could go clubbing. How bad do you feel now?

One person after the other said Casey was not a real drinker and most of the time would not drink and if she did, she would leave and go home early. Now we know that most of all the pictures you saw were Casey working for Tony and helping him pack the club. The woman was not a party girl. She was a young mother who tried to balance being in her twenties and being a single mom. She did better than most women in that situation did.

By almost everyone’s account, this woman was a good mom. You can thank the prosecution for bringing that to you. Again, you should be angry. Instead, so many are trying to hold on to all the illusions you were spoon-fed. You cling on to the lies.

Watching the truth come out is something else. Watching the state acting like the truth is not availing itself each and every day of the trial and still trying to prosecute the myth is something to see. Casey Anthony was not a drunk party girl and nothing can be clearer listening to the people who knew her.

Shame on every single one of you still holding on to the myth, when the truth is there for all to see. Shame on you. No way had she killed her child! No freaking way! The whole image they created was a lie and they still act as if they want to kill her.

– C. Rich.

By the way – I hadn’t forgotten about a few other favorite myths of the media and the prosecution either, namely the “decomposition“, “the tattoo” and the “heart shaped sticker” tripe… so I’ll tackle those right here and now:

DECOMPOSITION: What decomposition? This was fantasy forensics at its finest. There were no decomposition “stains” in the trunk, nor was there an “outline” OR “silhouette” of Caylee there either. A few people noted “a smell” from the trunk, most people testified that they did not. Garbage. Literally. The only person reporting “the smell of death” from the Pontiac was – surprise, surprise – George Anthony as he tried to lay the blame on Casey.

If you want to know THE REAL REASON for the smell in the Pontiac trunk – and how Law Enforcement intentionally dried it out to destroy the evidence – let Jose Baez explain it to you here, from his Opening Statements, May 24 2011:

Defense Opening Statements - May 24th 2011 - Part 6

THE TATTOO: Casey’s famous “Bella Vita(Beautiful Life) tattoo that everyone jumped all over. That was done IN MEMORY of Caylee. It was not done to celebrate Casey’s new found freedom after just murdering her daughter. More LIES & BS from the media & prosecution yet again!

THE HEART SHAPED STICKER: What heart shaped sticker??? More blatant LIES from a cesspool masquerading as “the prosecution”. It never existed in relation to Caylee. A figment of imagination again. The only heart shaped “evidence” was a piece of cardboard found 10 feet away from the remains – and that allegedly had a heart shaped emblem stuck on it. Not to be confused with the alleged sighting of a “partial image” of a heart shape on a piece of duct tape that the FBI couldn’t even photograph. This – like a lot of other “evidence” should never even have been allowed into the trial in the first place. You just cannot introduce non-existent evidence into a trial in the hope it’ll materialze at some later date.

Here’s Cheney Mason briefly clarifying the mysterious heart shaped image & duct tape, during his request for an acquittal based on the State’s fabrication of evidence & ongoing lies (June 15th 2011):

CM Exposing Duct Tape Myth video

Well folks – that just about ties up the 3rd post in my “Exposing The Myths” series.

In my next post I’ll be revealing my own personal theory on what I believe happened to Caylee Anthony on that fateful day of June 16th 2008, and the chain of events that unfolded afterwards.

It might not be pleasant, and it certainly won’t be what most people would like to hear – but I’ve come this far so I may as well finish the job off.

In the meantime, and as always, feel free to post your comments below.


PS. You can check out the previous posts in my “Exposing The Myths” series here:  chloroformduct tape


  1. Hi SJ….Thank You,Thank You,Thank You for writing the same thing I have been screaming from my roof from the START!!!! Now I WILL be telling people(some my own family members who didn’t get to watch it all) to come here & read.Maybe they will stop telling me that I am the ONLY person on the planet who says these same things! I also noticed from day one the PICTURES being from not only her hair being different length,but also blonde in some.I remember the 2 guys who took these pics could not wait to go on Nancy disgrace saying THEY took them & sold them.The only reason(it came out) Casey was so called in the very over reported “Hot Body Contest” was because the club didn’t have enough girls to even have one after it (Tony little DJ business) had advertised.YES the PARTYING is blown so out of control.Just like she was partying on even the 16th of July & they have video of her at BLOCKBUSTER…real party there huh? She cooked,cleaned,did all the guys laundry,etc. all that time.My understanding was Tony the RAT(I’m trying to stay clean) only worked Fusion on Fridays…..not every damn night!! The pics they slandered her with were STAGED for the RATS DJ business & he couldn’t even make that known during the trial!! I hope someday she gets a chance to get some of these people back….like her so called friends who sold her out.But my guess is SHE will get her life together & just leave them in her dust! She actually cares about people & wouldn’t do things to get revenge…..THATS the kind of person SHE is.Thanks SJ for making me not think I am CRAZY!!

    • fredagales says:

      Thank you so much for posting this, this is exactly how I summed this all up. I will be curious to see if your theory for the 31 days is something like mine! I have believed she went into a hysterical type of amnesia and total denial of her bay girls dieing….and that is why she pretended and made up all the stories to everyone…how else would she be able to keep herself in denial…it was a form of survival! And yes, how could anyone NOT love Casey Anthony!

  2. Hi Marilyn! No, it’s actually the crazy ones that still beleive Casey is guilty! Like I said in an earlier post — “If most people are honest (and we know they’re not), then they KNOW (deep down) that Casey didn’t kill Caylee – they damn well know it… but they also KNOW there’s a far bigger picture to the whole deal that nobody’s telling them… they KNOW they’ve been brainwashed by the media every day & night for the past 3 years. But they STILL insist on clinging to the ILLUSION that Casey is Guilty… because it kinda makes they feel better about themselves.”

    I mean… when all is said and done, how could anyone NOT love Casey Anthony?
    Thanks for posting! SJ

  3. Thank you so much for the truth. I can now tell the truth to ppl. Casey is a much more awesome and wonderful girl than I even knew. I’m so upset with ng and media. Nothing but BS.

  4. Phew. I needed to read that.

    What a great post, SJ! The partying is one of the myths that bothers me the most. I find it interesting that often in incest families there is a scapegoat and that many seem to blame Casey for society’s ills, such as the binge drinking that goes on in youth. She’s the scapegoat on such a massive scale.

    It is so frustrating to have to constantly correct so many misconceptions. I like how you’ve organized them so neatly and clearly.

    • Hi Sam & Kelly. Thanks for your feedback! I look forward to hearing your thoughts after my next post in the series, this weekend, where I cover my theory on the events of June 16th 2008. It’s taken 10 times longer that I thought it would, but hopefully it’ll be worth it! SJ

  5. autumnsonja says:

    Excellent. I guess a there are a few of us saw all the discrepancies between the statements, documents, pictures of her with Caylee and othe things to buy into the prosecution’s fantasy motive, quack science to see there wasnt any real evidence.

    IS this case over? Can anyone else such as George be tried for manslaughter? I heard the case is closed. How can it be closed when they haven’t found out what happened? sonja


  7. Hi sj hope all is well. Your posts are very informative and it sheds some light on things. Hope you will keep them coming.

  8. M Whitten says:

    When this case first broke, I totally knew that many of the pictures weren’t from the alleged 31 days. It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that just because a picture is posted on the Internet during a certain timeframe doesn’t mean the pictures were taken during that timeframe.

    I had a similar situation happen to me, in which prosecution attorneys tried to use pictures as evidence of what I was doing the night of and around the time of an incident. What’s funny is that I didnt post any of the pictures, and I didn’t take a lot of them either. For this reason, I no longer use any social media, and if I find pictures of myself on the Internet I ask for them to be taken down immediately and threaten legal action if they aren’t removed.

  9. I believe casey took alot of blame in that hopeless house she found herself suffocating in. I think George was the one stealing all the money. Most of it any way. He was busy stealing every thing else. I mean he’s the one with the history of all sorts of lmmoral shit, dating back to the beginning of time. I have a hard time believing that all the lies after June 16 were just casey making up shit. I do believe she was protecting her assjackhole father.. And lost the plot like sj says. I really am irritated at the 31 days every one speaks of. I wish ng would put that bombshell tonight out there.. I think that is the biggest misconception of all. That’s where the world gets stuck. They believe the 31 day’s of partying. They know the chloroform is so far fetched and the smell in a can is ridiculous, even the duct tape, but I always hear about how could she go out partying like she was on a 31 day bender and the truth is they got one night and a few hrs at a bar watching a fight on cable. I just sit and wonder what was George doing for those 31 day’s for that matter Cindy too.. Thank you SJ for all that you do in the name of real justice and for giving me a place to share with others that believe that a jackhole prosecutor Jeff Ashton got it sooo wrong. That casey anthony is INNOCENT

    • Sophie,
      I have always thought it was Geoge that was stealing money from Cindy and blaming it on Casey. We know FOR a FACT that George had (has) a gambling problem…that he wanted money without having to work for it…this is documented. What do gamblers do when they run out of money? They beg, borrow and steal…and I think that much of the money that Cindy found “gone” was George…and he’d say Oh, that Casey…she must have taken it. George obviously has very poor impulse control. Now, I’m not saying Casey didn’t take money at times, we know she did from Amy…but when it comes to Cindy’s money and the Grandparents money, maybe Georgie had convinced her to take the blame for it and maybe he was passing her a few bucks for keeping it a secret from Cindy….they HAD to know she didn’t have a job. All of it is just so shady that I can’t believe that people don’t think that George was behind this coverup. He is the one with the history…he is a manipulator. Sure Casey may have learned some things from him, as kids do, but he is the master at it. I just wish he would get busted and that somehow it all come to light.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Since the most important time for LE to uncover the truth in a crime is within the first 48 hours, the truth was ‘missing for nearly a month’ before LE even began to investigate.

      Because there was no sign of the child’s death on the Hopesprings property (for others to stumble upon in those 48 hours) then it would seem that Caylee COULDN’T have drowned there…although ‘that conclusion’ works best for the A-Family b/c there was no proof, one way or the other…just a story everyone believed, but PURPOSEFULLY protected their family…(including Casey) from being responsible for the child’s whereabouts and subsequently, the event when her death occurred, allowing her body to begin to decompose “early-to-mid June.

  10. HollysGmom says:

    SJ, Fabulous job!!! I only have a few tiny tid-bits to add:

    1) I live and grew up in this formerly tourist feed Florida economy. Part of that economy is the Nightlife. When people are on vacation, they usually like to drink & party. Especially if they are in one of the major metros like Orlando, Tampa, Jax but also for beach towns like Destin & Panama City Beach. (I grew up in the late 80s on PCB with MTV 8) ).

    Part of “party promotions” is getting the people to come out. One way to do that is to run these semi-sleazy contests. If naked or near naked girls are on stage the guys will show up & spend spend spend. Around here during the summer it is not uncommon to see local chicks taking IT ALL OFF down at the local watering hole. Partly for kicks & partly for the prize money. Not strippers now, just average (but thin) chicks. Anyway there isn’t a club around that will PAY OUT on a contest unless there are 3 participants. How many girls participated in that “Hot Body Contest?” Answer: 3 There were 2 girls present & willing to do it but no 3rd girl so Tony L looks at Casey and says “Will you? I really need this turn out to go well, word of mouth etc etc ” So Viola! Casey is in a Hot Body Contest.

    2nd) The supposed heart shaped sticker. The leaves on those trees in the “remains location” are HEART SHAPED EXACTLY AS THE SUPPOSED STICKER. I have a photo I will post later to prove my point.

    Great Job SJ!!!

    • Hi HGM. Good points as always. Thanks for posting! SJ

      • THanks SJ!

        Here is the photos I wanted to share about the supposed heart shaped sticker that was never on the duct tape. In the first photo we have a picture of the recovered duct tape with an outline of a distorted heart shape. In the photo on the right the interior of the heart shape has been filled in for us.

        Evidence items #Q63-Q64
        page 607

        Now, let’s take a look at the foliage of the area where the duct tape was recovered from:

        Within the Red ovals are leaves in the exact shape (distorted heart) as the supposed sticker on the recovered duct tape. Any questions about why it wasn’t used at Trial. Add this to the MYTH BUSTERS.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Botanist Jane Boch spoke of the importance of a particular tree. Was this the kind of leaves? They certainly are heart shaped…kinda look like vines or undergrowth, maybe?

  11. Hello, Im Zoey. I got interested in the Casey Anothony trial and have thought that she was innocent after seeing this website. I just had a question though, are you a 100% sure that the information on her is 100% correct? I mean i just dont understand why the prosecution would and could lie so much, there was no gain for it…

    • JA Kalskett says:

      because the heinous-murder story it was ALL they had to go on…LE hadn’t been alerted until after Caylee was decomposing already for 31 days.

      There was no reason to investigate June 14th when the Father’s day video made it appear that Caylee was alive on June 15th…LE could only investigate the twisted story from inside the Anthony family because there was nothing to support Casey’s.

      I say: She would have run away, if she didn’t want the responsibility of being a good mother. Only from G and C did the notion (and accusations) that Casey was not a good mother, arise. Everyone who witnessed Casey and Caylee together felt Casey was a good mom…

  12. I wish that this didn’t. happen..I keep having this weird feeling of hope when I visit this site and that caylee Is coming back like it never happened and iT’s just a story, but then it hits me that she’ was murdered…Its like I Just cant accept that she’s was killed and left in the woods. It brings me to tears to think of that babys fear in her last moments of life.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      That’s the disheartening part about seeking Justice for Caylee…even by debunking the ‘heinous-murder story’ that unfolded; [purposeful and intentionally, in this case] appearing to be murder after June 15th.

      …and NO MATTER IF the myths and mysteries are solved, Caylee doesn’t get a refund. The truth could be that Caylee died by accident, and in the end, the result of the DP murder trial, will allow the records to show that Caylee accidentally died in mid-to-late June, likely by drowning.

  13. The 31 days and the behavior make sense, she had NO idea what happened to Caylee and thought she was fine.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      JA Kalskett says:

      I agree, Jessica. Tho, my way of thinking seems askew…b/c now, I think her death was an accident, that was discovered AFTER her body was already decomposing in ‘early-to-mid June’.

      It simply RINGS TRUE that this whole family ADORED Caylee, all 4 of them felt she was ‘theirs’. Good people just can’t imagine that someone isn’t responsible for her life being cut short…but it is doubtful that anyone intended to end this little girl’s life…her death must have been an accident and the whole ‘heinous-murder story’ was “absolutely necessary” to ‘make it look like the accident that it was….see? askew, LOL

      *But, that is why I say,

      It was BECAUSE Caylee was found already decomposing, that her BODY DISAPPEARED; to create the illusion she was still alive in the Father’s Day video, thereby, creating the ‘illusion of murder” after June 15th or 16th [mid-to-late June]

      …but forensic experts determined her body was decomposing in early-to-mid June; and death must have occurred hours prior. [her death likely occurred while Caylee was out of Casey’s sight…Cindy apparently believed Casey…was on the 14th of June [ironically, June 14th is FLAG DAY, and it IS ‘early-to-mid June’

      IMO, the video was the first piece of MIS-INFORMATION that changed everything that followed; most importantly, the trial verdict.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      …b/c she believed Caylee was safe when in the care of G and C, she didn’t question Caylee’s condition or whereabouts after seeing the Father’s Day video; Casey trusted her family 100%…well, until July 15th, when she still thought ‘one more day’ would give the situation enough time to work-out.

  14. Lydianette says:

    I have always believed this was an accident, Casey freaked and covered up.
    But is it possible (and please don’t hate me for posing this question) is it possible that the family
    put their heads together and said, “we’ll make George look like the bad guy to divert attention from casey?”
    He literally became the fall guy? Just asking. It worked with me, i came away thinking there is definitely
    something wrong with this family, the dad is a loser, a cheat and a liar and i have no doubt a child
    molester and he had a big part in this case. I welcome all responses.

  15. Wow. I live in Europe and while the whole Casey Anthony case was going on, I had heard about i but never bothered to follow the case. In Europe is wasn’t big news. I didn’t even know what it was really about until about 2 weeks ago.

    I started watching 48 hours videos on Youtube just for fun and one was about the Casey Anthony case. I then started watching the trial, also on Youtube, because that 48 hours video made me curious and my first thought was, it seems like those party photos are more like she is working than actually partying. Before it sounded like she was out to party not supervise the shot girls. During the trial all the shot girls testified she was really nice etc. I didn’t have the impression that Casey was really Miss Party girl.

    When the defense accused George of having covered the whole thing up, I was like no way!!! I had just watched the interview of him and Cindy with Dr. Phil on Youtube where he states that he thinks Casey did it. Once he was in the witness stand tho, I thought that guy seems a bit off. The way he played dumb although he was an ex-cop really confused me.
    Watching more and reading more, I could understand how the jury reached its verdict and am pretty sure Casey didn’t kill Caylee now. I didn’t see that one coming.

    This site has actually confirmed things that I realized on my own on various accounts. I’m glad I found it because I was thinking, am I the only one who sees this?? Everyone seems so convinced that she did it. I don’t get it. I do still have many unanswered questions and I hope I’ll find the answers here. Thanks for all the infos.

  16. Has anyone compiled a rundown of all the places Casey was documented to have been during those 31 days? I know they presented surveillance footage at trial of her at Target, the movie store, etc. But I didn’t know if anyone went through and put it all together. Has anyone seen an online timeline like this?

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