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EXPOSING THE MYTHS, Part #4: Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony

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After exposing the various myths surrounding the chloroform, duct tape, decomposition and the “31 Days of Partying” – here’s my own personal theory on what I believe happened to Caylee Marie Anthony on that fateful day of June 16th 2008, together with the various roles different people played… and of course the chain of events (i.e. The cover up) that unfolded after that.

I’ll start by stating the obvious here – and that is by saying that a lot has already been written about Casey – and her alleged murder of her own daughter. It’s BS. It’s been BS right from day 1, and should never have even been tried as a capital murder case. Even to this day, the BS is still flowing freely because a lot of people WANT TO BELIEVE that “CASEY DID IT”.

But at the end of the day, the jury delivered the right and proper verdict of Not Guilty.

Thankfully their verdict decision wasn’t based on emotion, supposition, media bias or “public feelings” either. They couldn’t come to any other verdict based on the evidence (or rather lack of) and the cold hard facts that came out throughout the trial.

The shoddy & disjointed prosecution, as expected, failed to prove ANYTHING during the trial – aside from their own blatant incompetence. All they came up with was lies, fantasy forensics and junk science.

The fact is, Casey had nothing whatsoever to do with the death of her daughter. To still believe she did is like believing the moon is made of green cheese. It ain’t.

The thing is – right from day 1, nobody ever stopped to consider for one moment that Casey Anthony DIDN’T murder her daughter. Oh no… everything right out of the gate was deliberately and unceremoniously geared up to frame Casey. There were no other options.

Law Enforcement (LE) had it in for her. They never even looked at anyone else – instead they went out of their way to fit Casey up as a murderer – headed up by that corrupt piece of pure filth called Yuri Melich.

Here’s what he told Casey @ Universal:

“You’re painting yourself as a very bad person. Your family’s gonna suffer for this. Your friends are gonna suffer for this. And remember what I told you about all these people coming? They’re gonna crucify you for this.”

Yuri Melich interviewing Casey @ Universal, July 17th 2008

LE kept up this shameful behavior from July 17th right through the entire trial, and even after the trial.

They never perceived an accident. They only saw a murder. They only saw Casey as the murderer and (in typical LE style) they went out of their way to try and make that fallacy stick.

So, the first question is:

Was Caylee Anthony murdered?

I would say YES.

So what happened to Caylee? How did she lose her life? What happened immediately after that event? Why didn’t anyone call 911? How did Caylee’s body end up in the woods off Suburban Drive? Who put her body there? Why did it take so long to find the remains? What happened during the 31 days? What was Casey’s involvement? – and what role did George, Cindy & Lee play?

All of these questions (and more) I’ll attempt to answer in this post.

Let’s get the real story started.

“The Accident”:

Here’s my theory on what happened:

On the morning of June 16th 2008, between (6am-8am), George is in bed, and Caylee (having just woken and found her mom still sleeping and Cindy already left for work) she goes on her usual early morning walkabout – this time finishing up into bed with George. Nothing out of the ordinary with that in itself – but we’re dealing with George Anthony here.

I’m not going into specifics now, but within a few minutes of Caylee climbing into his bed, he starts abusing her like he’s done many times before (and just like he’s done with Casey since she was 8 years old). Only on this occasion, for reasons only he knows, he gets a little too excited and forceful.

Caylee is screaming out by this time, so in an effort to keep her quiet (and not wake Casey up) he pushes her face into the pillow and carries on oblivious.

After “doing his thing” with Caylee for a while longer, he suddenly notices Caylee has stopped breathing. She’s suffocated.


Now – had Caylee really drowned in the pool and had George NOT been abusing her that same morning, I firmly believe a 911 call would have been made… and there’s a possibility Caylee may have survived, and this whole unfortunate incident would have been finished with way back in June 2008.

But you see… THAT couldn’t happen.

George, not being able to keep his damn hands to himself with either Casey OR Caylee well & truly took that option out of the equation.

Bear with me here.

So, right after Caylee suffocated (in my theory of events)… right at that precise moment in time… George had 2 clear options open to him, but very little time to decide.

His 2 options were as follows:

Option #1: George CALLS 911 to try and SAVE his granddaughter, while at the same time knowing only too well that his molestation will be discovered, and he’ll therefore be duly ostracized by the local community, finish up in prison, and get to spend the rest of his days on the sex offenders register – BUT Caylee lives.


Option #2: George DOES NOT call 911 – he decides that Option #1 isn’t so appealing after all – so instead he decides to SAVE HIS OWN SORRY ASS by carrying Caylee outside and slipping her into the pool, therefore making it LOOK like an accident OR an event caused by someone else’s negligence. In this option, unfortunately, Caylee dies.

I believe George went for Option #2.

Remember: This is only my own personal theory of events. I was obviously not there at the time… but nevertheless I believe Caylee tragically died while being molested by George Anthony. (Note: as Caylee’s death occurred during the commission of a felony (i.e. while GA was sexually abusing her), that’s classed as Murder (rather than aggravated manslaughter), regardless of the perpetrator’s intent).

The “Discovery” of Caylee’s Body:

Straight after George has put Caylee in the pool, he heads straight back to bed like nothing happened.

At some point within the next couple of hours, Casey wakes up – but there’s no sign of Caylee.

She goes into George’s bedroom, wakes him up and asks him “Where’s Caylee?”

“How should I know? I thought she was with YOU!” he yells back at her. Even at this early stage he’s already distanced himself from having anything whatsoever to do with Caylee’s death.

At this point they both decide to start frantically searching the house and garden, front and back and everywhere in-between. Shortly after that, George finds Caylee in the pool.

He shouts Casey.

She comes rushing out of the house and into the back garden. There she sees George… stood there… holding a lifeless Caylee in his arms.

Just like a good actor, George has proved he can turn the waterworks on whenever he needs to (just like during the trial) – and he does that now.

Casey goes hysterical as you’d expect.

“Oh my God! Call 911!” she yells (or words to that effect).

But George is having none of it.

He fights back his crocodile tears and tells Casey: “NO! NO! It’s too late for that. It’s too late! She’s drowned! She’s gone!”

What he really means is: “No, I can’t… because if they come they’ll find out I’ve been abusing her!” –– but he obviously doesn’t say that.

This is where George Anthony is in his element.

At the very moment Casey needs SUPPORT from her father, he takes the opposite route – the selfish uncaring old bastard that he is.

“Look what you’ve done!” he yells at Casey. “Look what you’ve done! This is ALL YOUR FAULT for NOT BEING THERE for Caylee… for not watching her! YOU CAUSED THIS! YOU LET THIS HAPPEN! Oh my God, you have no fucking idea! Your mother will NEVER FORGIVE YOU for doing this, and you’re gonna GO TO JAIL FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE FOR CHILD NEGLECT!”

And with that, George Anthony’s big cover up (the “Immaculate Deception”) begins.

They go back into the house, with George still holding Caylee… and George (more or less) REPEATS again everything he’s just yelled at Casey. But this time he finishes off by telling Casey – “BUT I CAN HELP YOU. I CAN HELP YOU GET THROUGH THIS – BUT YOU HAVE TO DO EXACTLY AS I SAY, OK?”

Casey (still hysterical at this point) asks him, as best she can:

“Ok. So what do we do next?”

George tells her: “You do nothing. Just go out… stay away for a few weeks… act as normal as you can… act like nothing happened… tell anyone that asks about Caylee that she’s with friends or with a nanny or something… I will handle this… TRUST ME… I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING… YOU GOTTA TRUST ME ON THIS, OK? Just DON’T let me down here because you KNOW what’ll happen if you do!”

This is when “Zanny the Nanny” comes into the equation. It also explains Casey’s behavior during the next 31 days, as she followed George’s instructions to the letter and apparently DID carry on regardless of everything, like nothing had happened. Now you know why.

Ultimately, George will recall (when questioned) that the last time he saw Caylee alive was when she left the house with Casey @ 12:50 pm that day – June 16th 2008. He’ll also recall, with military precision, exactly what Caylee (and Casey) was wearing – even though when initially questioned by LE on August 4th, he stated he last saw Caylee alive on June 6th 2008. Ahem.

He may have been right about the time, but that’s when Casey left the house alone.

The Big Cover-up Begins (The “31 Days”):

Shortly after Casey leaves the house, George has some serious plotting & scheming to do. He’s ex-Law Enforcement, remember, so that’s never gonna be a problem for him.

George’s next step is to hide Caylee’s body. The last thing he wants is Cindy (or anyone else) turning up unexpectedly and rumbling his plans.

Next he decides to dress Caylee. He fumbles around in her room and grabs the first lot of clothes he can find, and ends up dressing Caylee in a t-shirt and the wrong size pants (“24 months”, Caylee is nearly 3). After that he wraps Caylee’s body in the well documented blanket, canvas bag (from the garage) & black trash bags, and finishes the job off by sticking the bag down with his infamous Henkel-brand duct tape. Just the same as he’s done for years after the family pets have died. The contents are different but the procedure is the same.

He then hides Caylee’s body in her playhouse (out in the back yard) while he cooks up the next stage of his plan. That plan has one objective – to keep HIM in the clear and implicate Casey. Various storage options were open to him (freezer, garage etc), but I’m going with this option as it could also explain the possible human scent the cadaver dogs picked up in the Anthony’s back garden on while they were there in July.

This also goes some way to explaining the impromptu “landscaping project” that was hurriedly started on June 30th 2008. This is where George & Cindy suddenly decided to dig up & redo the backyard area of their home with new pavers & concrete. Was that a coincidence?

Moving on…

At around 1.30pm, George, so as not to attract any suspicion, sets off to his 2nd day at work at Lexus. He tries calling Casey (to check on her) just after 3pm but her phone is engaged.

That same evening, George returns home where Cindy is waiting, She of course asks about Casey & Caylee, and George tells her “all is well” and that they’ve “gone away” for a few days.

Fast forward a couple of days and Cindy is now starting to get suspicious of things, and suspicious of George’s general shifty demeanor. She can tell something is wrong but doesn’t know what. She also relays to George that it looks like someone has been swimming in their pool over the past day or 2.

Now, having had a few extra days to think about things, and under further pressure from Cindy – George decides to tell Cindy what happened a few mornings back on June 16th – although he conveniently & purposefully fails to mention what happened prior to Caylee being found in the pool (i.e. the molestation).

Cindy is devastated by the news. She goes berserk. We know she can be a bad tempered bitch at the best of times, but this is the last straw.

George tells Cindy it was an accident… and when he & Casey woke up that morning, Caylee was missing, the sliding patio doors were open and he found Caylee floating in the pool.

It’s then that Cindy realizes she could be to blame for leaving the pool ladder up the night before.

In the verbal (and physical) battle that ensues, George takes this opportunity to fuel Cindy’s guilt by telling her that SHE left the ladder up… SHE forgot to lock the patio door before SHE left for work… and that SHE should have woken him up before she left.

“Don’t start blaming me for all this you bastard!” she yells.

“Well WHO ELSE is there to blame?” George replies sarcastically.

You gotta hand it to George. He never misses out on an opportunity to blame someone else whenever he can – even at a time like this when he knew only too well EXACTLY what had happened and EXACTLY what HE had done.

Cindy also quickly comes to terms with the fact that it’s now WAY TOO LATE to report anything to anyone because of the time that’s already passed. It’s been over 2 days now since “the accident”. Reporting it is just not an option. Both George & Cindy know they can’t report the accident, but for very different reasons.

She asks George about what they should do next. He then tells Cindy they have to dispose of the body. It’s also at this point that George tells her he’s already got Caylee hidden in the playhouse and that they need to act fast.

Cindy is still grief stricken at this point as things have rapidly gone from bad to even worse – and she knows she’s now too far involved in this cover up to back out. She has no alternative but to go along with it – and with Capt. George at the helm of the ship.

He also tries to calm Cindy by telling her about how he plans to have CASEY take the blame for everything that’s happened – and that’s why he sent her off to “carry on as normal” for a few weeks.

Cindy goes along with this as it’ll also put her in the clear with regards to her having not secured the pool ladder. In other words, if George’s “Masterplan” works – and if he can pull it off – then it’ll put her AND George in the clear. So what the hell – she’s all for it.

George knows (from his Law Enforcement days) that all they need do is “hold out” for 3 or 4 weeks, because under summer conditions in Florida the remains would only take around 2 weeks to skeletonize — by which time all the evidence will have gone (in theory) and Casey will be the only one in the frame for Caylee’s death – maybe even for Caylee’s murder.

He’ll say he saw them both leave the house together on June 16th and that was the last time he saw little Caylee alive. He figures that based on them leaving together… Casey’s apparent “carefree” activities during those few weeks… and with Caylee’s remains being discovered so close to home… the vast majority of people are quickly gonna point the finger at Casey for the murder of her own daughter – then George & Cindy can play the role of grieving grandparents and milk that for all it’s worth.

To George, it sounds like the perfect plan IF he can pull it all off.

With the way he’s planning on disposing of Caylee – and the location – George assumed that it wouldn’t take very long at all for the remains to be found… maybe a month or so maximum. He obviously never factored Roy Kronk into that equation (but we’ll come to that bit shortly).

But first things first…

The Disposal of Caylee’s Body:

That evening – probably June 18th 2008 – George took Caylee out of the playhouse and put Caylee in the trunk of HIS car (The same trunk LE found & seized a handgun on September 6th 2008). This is why the “human decomposition” in Casey’s Sunfire trunk NEVER EXISTED. The “smell” in the trunk was due to the pizza box & associated rotting contents – again as specifically highlighted during the trial by Jose Baez. Caylee was never in the trunk of Casey’s car at any time. Period. How could she have been?

So… with Caylee on the trunk, George then drives the short distance up Hopespring Drive, before turning on to Suburban Drive and parking up. He then dumps Caylee’s body in the woods before heading back home.

He specifically placed the body there (instead of burying it), so in theory the body would be found. There are of course many ways George could have disposed of Caylee’s body so it would never have been found, but he chose this option instead so it would be found and to insure that Casey would ultimately take all the blame.

The unmistakable smell of BULLSHIT:

I don’t think George was “holding out” for a 31 day period specifically. It just happened that way. More to the point I think Cindy had basically had enough by July 15th and they BOTH decided this would be a really good time to put the next piece of the Masterplan into effect – that being throwing Casey under the bus and shopping her to Law Enforcement.

July 15th 2008:

This is the day George & Cindy finally decide to get their fat asses down to the tow yard to pick up Casey’s Pontiac Sunfire. After all, they’ve had the official notice letter for 4 days and the car has been sat there for the best part of a week (after Casey had abandoned it at Amscot over 2 weeks earlier).

It’s also at this time that the smell of trash & rotting pizza makes an appearance – hence “the unmistakable smell of human decomposition” that George spoke of to Simon Birch (the tow yard guy). More like “the unmistakable smell of BULLSHIT from George Anthony” if you ask me.

If you want to know THE REAL REASON for the smell in the Pontiac trunk – and how Law Enforcement intentionally dried it out to destroy the evidence – let Jose Baez explain it to you here – from his Opening Statements, May 24 2011:

Defense Opening Statements - May 24th 2011 - Part 6

George also thought, just before opening the trunk that Casey and/or Caylee could be in there. That was a strange thought to have really, seeing as he’d packed Casey off month earlier and put Caylee’s body in the woods a few days after that.

Anyways, after settling up with the tow yard guy, George drives off “to work” with the car still reeking. He doesn’t call Law Enforcement… and he doesn’t try calling Casey to see if she’s ok either.

That same afternoon after coming home from work – and after duly “Febreze-ing” the Pontiac to get rid of the smell (and at the same time leaving traces of chloroform in there), Cindy calls 911 to report her daughter for stealing her car. Not exactly grand theft auto by any means.

Later that evening, Cindy has Amy Huizenga take her to where Casey is staying and brings her back home to Hopespring Drive. Under the intense grilling that followed, Casey tells Cindy she’s not seen Caylee for the past 31 days. (This is the story George has told her to stick to – and she is doing).

In the next 911 call, an overly-hysterical Cindy tells the operator her granddaughter has been missing for a month and plays the decomp-card again by saying: “It smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car!” Cindy basically does all she can to implicate Casey and insure they come out to arrest her (which they do the next day, July 16th 2008).

Again, this is all part of the plan.

George is present during this call. Cindy turns and yells at him: “Casey says Zanny took the baby a month ago! The baby’s missing!” –– but there’s dead silence. George doesn’t say a word.

This was also picked up on by Jose Baez during the trial (see the video a few paragraphs above @ the 12:00 mark).

And WHY does George stay silent?

Here’s what Jose Baez said:

“He (George) doesn’t say a word… and that’s because he knows where’s she’s at. He knows what happened (to Caylee). This is no surprise – but he will distance himself from it, and in fact in one sworn statement he says he wasn’t even there when Cindy called 911. ‘I was at work. I didn’t have any part of this. I’m just George. Just your average grandfather. Casey’s the wild one. Casey’s the one with all the stories!’

He’s saying this while he’s with his mistress who’s paying him money and he’s pretending he’s working. Cindy thought he was working. But you’re only here about Casey’s fake job – not about George’s fake job.”

It’s during this same 911 call that Casey finally realizes that she has been offered up as the lamb to the slaughter. She knows she has nobody to prove her story. She’s up the proverbial creek with no sign of a paddle.

She now knows that her father, who back on June 16th 2008 – while he stood there in their back yard with Caylee lifeless in his arms – and who said he’d protect her, has now betrayed her.

We all know what happened half an hour after this call. The 3 year circus started.

Just as an interesting side note to Cindy’s amazing acting skills during those calls – this is a 41 second clip from  They’re just about to go to one of their reporters outside the Anthony’s home, when Cindy strolls over to the reporter – writing pad in hand. When asked about the recordings of the 911 calls just being released, Cindy nonchalantly replies:

“Oh, I’m not worried about the 911 calls. I made em’!” and brushes the question aside. She even sounds like she’s practiced reeling that answer off.

Here’s the video:

Cindy Anthony Explains Panicked_911 Calls

Only 8 days previous she was supposedly hysterical. Like I say, amazing acting skills.

George Anthony – “Business As Usual”:

Throughout the months that follow, and even though George Anthony was fully aware of everything that had happened, HE had to keep flying the flag for Caylee… setting up Command Centers… doing paid-TV interviews… churning out new “Help Find Caylee” T-shirts, flyers, wristbands & badges… starting FUNDS for Caylee… making everyone keep believing Caylee was still alive and/or missing… that she was still “out there”. When all the time HE DAMN WELL KNEW she was out there.

Caylee was out there in a bag in the woods off Suburban Drive where he’d dumped her months previously.

Even with his numerous & well publicized jailhouse video visits with Casey, did you notice how he always made a point of reminding Casey that she was “the boss”… the she was “in charge”… like she was the “CEO” of her own company? Remember that? Well, that was his way of telling her to keep on doing what she’s been doing, i.e. to stick to THE PLAN he told her to stick to, and not to be intimidated.

At this point, let me back track a little to the one part of the equation that George Anthony never factored in. Roy Kronk.

Cometh The Hour – Cometh The Kronk:

This is the dim meter reader guy that spotted Caylee’s skull back on August 11th 2008, while randomly urinating in the bushes. It’s the same guy that came back to the exact same spot numerous times after that (even when he wasn’t working) to urinate and see the skull again.

On one occasion he also mentioned his findings to a few workmates, who subsequently showed more interest in a nearby dead snake.

Here where I think Roy Kronk fits into all this:

The first 3 times Roy reported what he’d seen (August 11th, 12th & 13th 2008) I believe were genuine calls – even though the 911 operators could not have sounded any less interested.

It was probably after the 3rd call that Roy became aware of the $255,000 Caylee Reward money that was on offer. I mean – can you imagine the morally bankrupt Roy Kronk sat there at home – broke & disillusioned – while at the same time visualizing $255,000 in his bank account? I certainly can. And all he had to do to manifest that was FIND the remains. The remains that he’d already found!

This is why Roy decided he’d keep his discovery to himself for a while. Maybe he thought if he was reported as “the guy that found Caylee’s remains”, he could become a prime suspect in the case. This also explains his reluctance to call Crimeline.

Furthermore, it would explain why Roy Kronk kept a very low profile throughout September, October and November. Only to resurface again after he found the remains in December.

It was when nobody followed up on Roy’s 3 initial calls that he concocted his plan. He physically MOVED the remains to a “safe place” AT LEAST TWICE     so he could go back there at some convenient later date.

Think about it for a second. Anyone driving past that exact spot on Suburban Drive and seeing a meter reader guy in the woods (with a trash bag) wouldn’t have thought anything of it. The area was one huge dump-it site. I think this is how Roy Kronk managed to move the remains while he hatched his big reward plan.

By the time early November came around, Roy was starting to get a bit twitchy – but he’d kept quiet for too long and had to spill the good news to someone. He bestowed that honor on his son, Brandon Sparks (who also happened to be the only one of his children that would talk to him):

Here’s what happened:

November 2008: Roy Kronk calls Brandon Sparks and tells him; “I found Caylee’s remains. Watch for me on TV cos’ I’m gonna be rich & famous!” (This is 1 month before Caylee’s remains were discovered).

Then on December 11th 2008: After “the big discovery”, Roy asks Law Enforcement: “Will my ex-wife find out about the reward if I get it?”… “Do I still get the reward even though she’s dead?” and “Roy’s gotta eat too!” Same day, he tells his Boss (at the scene): “Alex, I just won the lottery!”

Those comments speak volumes about Roy Kronk’s actions (and inactions) during the previous 4 months leading up to December 11th 2008.

Not forgetting the time Roy met up with Sgt. Richard Cain who couldn’t see anything, slipped, cursed Roy out, and promptly left. He was later fired. Tim Miller, LE & 32 Texas Equusearch Volunteers also allegedly searched this same area in early September 2008 and found nothing. Deputy Jason Forgey (and his cadaver dog) did the same at different times too. Zilch.

By all accounts, the reason nobody could find Caylee’s body (in the same spot it was “found” by Roy Kronk on December 11th 2008) was probably down to the strange but true fact that it simply was not there when they searched.

Here’s a segment from FOX News featuring Judge Napolitano. This aired on the day “the remains” were found, but they had not yet been identified as Caylee’s – hence the continual “bag of bones” references. Here, Judge Napolitano covers the highly probable movement of the remains prior to their ultimate discovery:

judge napolitano - search for caylee Dec-11-08

I also believe George indirectly arranged his own search for Caylee’s remains, by giving James Hoover & Dominic Casey a false tip. George was getting worried due to the fact that so many people had searched that area and found nothing. That was NOT part of his plan.

This explains James & Dominic’s well documented & video-taped 2 day search on Suburban Drive on November 15th and 16th 2008 — following up on George’s false tip/lead, which led them straight to the exact spot where the remains should have been found – but weren’t.

On the 2ND day of the search, James Hoover actually parked his car on Suburban Drive just a few car lengths past the end of the red privacy fence, right opposite the exact spot where ONE MONTH LATER Roy Kronk would find Caylee’s remains, 15-20 feet into the woods.

Are you starting to see how all of this is now beginning to fall into place? I hope so.

In finishing off this Kronk-related section, let’s also take these facts into account:

  • After his “discovery”, the OCSO asked Roy to “keep quiet” and hired him a lawyer.
  • Roy Kronk (unlike his Son, Brandon) refused to allow a search of his phone records.
  • Roy Kronk’s PC was never confiscated or examined.
  • Roy Kronk was never investigated.

Should we not find those 4 facts strange? Can you even start to imagine what OCSO would have found if they’d searched his phone records, examined his PC and investigated him further? You can bet your bottom dollar that a search of his PC alone would have made any other Google search findings pale into insignificance.

Could that have been the very reason they DIDN’T fully investigate him? Maybe they agreed that “deal” with him, in return for him not spilling the beans on their inaction in relation to his 3 previous calls in August 2008? Maybe we’ll never know, but it’s possible.

If you want to see both Roy Kronk testimonies (opens in a new window), here are the links: Roy Kronk Testimony #1Roy Kronk Testimony #2

Here’s Part 1 of Brandon Sparks’ trial testimony from June 29th 2011:

Brandon Sparks, June 29th 2011, part 1

To see his testimony in full (opens in a new window), click here.

Sadly for Roy, all his months of plotting & scheming were to no avail. He even blew any chance of getting the usual $5k reward due to him calling his Supervisor instead of directly calling the Crimeline – although he did make up for it by the payments he received from all his TV show appearances after the event, by talking about dead snakes and skulls.

I’m not saying Roy Kronk was involved in the death of Caylee Anthony for one moment (I covered that event earlier), but I DO believe he played a pivotal role in the events & shenanigans that unfolded afterwards.

Chloroform & Duct Tape Revisited:

So how does this theory of mine fit in to my earlier posts in this series, regarding the chloroform & duct tape for example?

Well, all that still stands.

Chloroform – Never existed as alleged. Never proven to have been used by anyone. Certainly never used as a “murder weapon”.

Duct tape – Also never used as a “murder weapon” but found at the scene, due to George using the tape to SEAL the bag that held Caylee’s remains. How he thought the duct tape would never be traced back to him I have no idea – seeing as he was not only using it to stick flyers up, but also did a TV interview (@ Publix) with the roll of duct tape clearly visible in a tray in one of his “Command Center” stations.

Here’s a clip from George Anthony’s 6th trial testimony (June 30th 2011:

The first minute of the video (no sound) shows George in his “Command Center” at his local Publix, together with his roll of duct tape. Watch also how he tries to intimidate Jose Baez as he struts right up to him and past him on his way to the witness stand @ 1:42. Testimony starts @ 2:07.

George Anthony (6th T.), June 30th 2011

Straight away George is on the defensive, denying any knowledge of where he was during the video he just saw OR whether or not the duct tape in his possession in the video was actually his. From 5:00 onwards there’s a side bar – and JB’s questioning resumes at the 8:00 mark. This is where JB starts to tie in the way George used to bury the family’s pets by using a blanket, trash bags and Henkel-brand duct tape, to the way he also disposed of Caylee’s body using the very same items.

The Trial – Opening Statements:

I believe the Opening Statements Jose Baez made at the trial were reasonably accurate… although I do NOT believe it was ‘an accident that snowballed out of control” — as George put it to his secret sex-partner & mistress (at the time) Krystal Holloway.

Jose also highlighted Casey’s lying and denial fueled by the after effects of George’s molestation…. and the “31 days” where Casey followed George’s instructions and carried on like nothing ever happened. He forced her into a corner – just like he’d done (in the literal sense) many times before while he molested her.

He made her believe she’d “go to jail for a very long time” for child neglect, i.e. for “letting it happen” and for “not being there” for Caylee and “letting her drown“.

Like I said earlier – had anyone called 911 after the event, George’s time would have been well & truly up. I don’t think too many people would be impressed by a grandfather serially abusing, molesting and murdering his toddler granddaughter, do you?

George also knew for a fact that he wouldn’t last 5 minutes in prison, what with being a child molester AND being ex-Law Enforcement. OMG. What a combination! One could only hope (in that scenario) that the pain George would have suffered while being knocked senseless in prison every day would have been FAR GREATER than the pain little Caylee felt while she was being abused & suffocated by George on the morning of June 16th 2008.

By the way – I know I’m certainly not on my own when it comes to my theory on George Anthony’s involvement & BIG COVER-UP of Caylee’s death.

Below is a segment from “On the Record” w/Greta Van Susteren (aired mid-July), where Greta interviewed The Foreman from Casey’s trial, aka “Juror #11”.

It’s interesting to hear again exactly what The Foreman (and the rest of the Jury members) actually thought about George Anthony… including his selective memory… the infamous gas can testimonies… his endless cover ups… his tow yard performance… their suspicions of him being the murderer… and his overall demeanor throughout the trial. To see the 4-part interview in full, click here.

Casey Anthony Trial Juror Speaks Out, On The Record Fox News, Part 2

When this first aired I think way too many people were still way too hung up on the Verdict – and they weren’t particularly bothered about anything else… but since then, there’s certainly been what you could call an upsurge of interest in the role George Anthony actually played throughout this whole tragic story.

What Was Cindy’s Role During This Time?

I believe Cindy knew all along what’d happened to Caylee – but she nevertheless decided to go along with George’s Masterplan to save both their asses. Cindy also knew about George’s years of molestation of Casey but she chose not to do a damn thing about it. She was in denial – big time.

Whether she knew of George’s molestation of Caylee I have no idea. What role or knowledge of events Lee had in all of this, again, I have no idea on that either.

But put basically, George AND Cindy literally rode roughshod over Casey – just like she never existed.

For example:

  • Trying to lay claim to Caylee’s bedspread, doll, toys, blankets and many other items – none of which are legally theirs to claim.
  • Their attempted trade-marking of “Caylee Anthony” and “Justice for Caylee”) – to be used on T-shirts, promo items and underwear.
  • Their cremation of Caylee’s remains, specifically against Casey’s wishes.

Read my earlier post for further details – “The Battle For Caylee Anthony” (opens in a new window).

Following on from the abuse issues I just mentioned, let me now elaborate a little further on the subject:

The Abuse:

As for the abuse Casey suffered – this is something many people have been very quick to dismiss and label as a lie. Not so. I believe Casey was a victim of abuse by her father.

All the classic indicators of abuse are there:

  1. Dysfunctional Family
  2. Incessant Lying
  3. Enmeshment
  4. Secrets
  5. Inability to Form Close Relationships
  6. Anger and Rage
  7. Promiscuity
  8. Coming Forward in Bits and Pieces
  9. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Other Mental Illness
  10. Preoccupation with Self

For a detailed explanation of all the above points, click here to read the article by Linda M. Fossen – “Why I Believe Casey Anthony Was Sexually Abused”.

Also take into account that it very rare that molestation within a family becomes public knowledge. Current estimates say around 1 in 4 children is molested. Most times, the molester is a friend or family member.

This is why it’s so odd that some people are crying out for “proof” and “evidence” of Casey’s molestation. I do not know what evidence they’re looking for. I can tell you now that most victims remain silent. They don’t go screaming to the neighbors about it because they are afraid and ashamed. And the molester is certainly not gonna hold their hands up & admit it.

So before anyone starts insisting that Casey has “no evidence of molestation” – go look up some statistics and do a little research to find out what you should be looking for. Even Casey’s grade school teacher stated there were signs of sexual abuse, and that if anyone looks at Casey’s school records they would see that it’s true. As for Casey’s telling Jesse Grund about her brother Lee molesting her, we’ll that’s certainly another possibility.

Here’s forensic psychiatrist Dr Keith Ablow’s overall perspective on George Anthony’s attempted suicide hoax and his serial molestation of his (then) 8 year old daughter, Casey:

Is George Anthony Hiding Something with Dr Keith Ablow

And here’s Dr Keith Ablow again, commenting on Casey’s behavior during the “31 days”:

Dr Keith Ablow\'s Theory on Casey Anthony\'s 31 days behavior

Also remember that Casey mentioned to several friends about the abuse long before this tragedy unfolded, so it wasn’t just “made up” for her defense. The statements weren’t allowed into the trial because they were considered hearsay.

Pat McKenna:

Do you remember Pat McKenna? Maybe not. This particular brief interview was never really widely covered by the media, as it didn’t “fit in” with their ongoing witch-hunt style coverage of the case.

Pat was the lead investigator (defense side) in the OJ Simpson trial – and he got a phone call from Casey’s defense team on the day Caylee Anthony’s remains were found, December 11th 2008.

Having not followed the press reports and knowing very little about the case, Pat’s first move was a visit to the Anthony house where he met George and Cindy, and spent time in the bedroom Casey and Caylee shared.

Here’s what he had to say:

“The room was a shrine of pictures to Caylee, hundreds of loving photographs. I was stunned by the neatness and organization of the room and all the photos. It was this lovely room, like a young kid that has a baby she loves. It was the opposite of what was being portrayed in the media…”

But his first impressions of George and Cindy Anthony were not as favorable…

“I walked out of that house and thought to myself, ‘I don’t think this kid committed first degree murder. There is something really disturbing about this family. I was shocked by their lack of emotion. There was no sense of loss or despondency. Their granddaughter’s remains had just been found and they’re sitting around booking television interviews and talking about how much money their foundation is making.”

He also says George and Cindy Anthony were not cooperative with him at first, even though he was there to help their daughter.

He went on to say:

George was bizarre. He would go around and around for hours and he wouldn’t answer a question directly. And he is a former detective, so he knows the drill. There was something off with this guy. After I read the discovery and George’s interviews, I thought, “This guy is way too eager to throw his daughter under the bus.

His theory of what happened to Caylee Anthony mirrors Jose Baez’s court defense of Casey Anthony.

Pat finished off by saying this:

“It was an accident that spun out of control and George disposed of the body, but I can’t say exactly how. If Casey wanted to be free, she would have dropped Caylee in the pool, called 911 and been a grieving mother.”

To read Pat McKenna’s full interview with ABC News, click here.

In this penultimate section, let’s now take a look at one avenue which Cindy Anthony might be exploring in an attempt to finally get the TRUTH out about what really happened on June 16th 2008, and the role George played.

“The Roula & Ryan Show”:

Back on July 6th 2011, Cindy’s Anthony’s 2nd cousin Dana McCain called into a Houston Texas radio show – 104.1 KRBE (“The Roula & Ryan Show”). She stated Cindy is already planning to write & release a book, within which she’ll explain how the defense claims about George Anthony in the opening statements are true.

During the call Dana states how they had a conference call with Cindy’s side of the family, where specific details were discussed confirming George’s participation – just as the Defense claimed.

Listen to the call in full below:

Dana Radio Interview 7-6 2011.

In the call, Dana states:

“It sounds like just ridiculous that she [Casey] was found not guilty. I promise it will all come out, and yes, she did some things wrong… there were major mistakes made, but it will play itself out… it… it was a true verdict.”

Dana is asked: “Do you think Casey killed Caylee?”

Dana: “…The entire family expected a guilty verdict. Only after a conference call with our entire family last night about 11 o’clock, where we found out things that, err, we’ve all been asking this entire time, since they got up there and changed the entire story… so yes, before last night I would say absolutely, it was a travesty that the verdict was not guilty – till last night.”

Dana is asked: You think he [George] may have had something to do with it?

Dana: “The story that you heard, that was presented by Jose Baez, was absolutely what happened… and, umm… I’m speaking for our side of the family… and that’s only because of the call that we received and the proof that we received last night…”

Click here for further info and to read additional excerpts from Dana’s call.


I know I’ve gone around the houses a little in this post, but I had little choice with there being so much to cover and so many direct & indirectly related players and events.

So in closing, let me say this:

There is ONE PERSON and ONE PERSON ONLY that orchestrated this whole event which resulted in the unfortunate death of Caylee Anthony. Without his perverted intervention, Caylee might still be alive today.

That person is George Anthony.

This is why he testified AGAINST HIS OWN DAUGHTER in her murder trial. He basically decided it’d be in his best interests to let Caylee die (on the morning of June 16th 2008) in order to save his own ass.

Now, how that translates into a death sentence for Casey I will never know. If anyone reading this far still cannot see that George is some seriously creepy guy who has clearly been lying from the start – then maybe they should let him babysit their little girls. Yeah, right.

The guy that was so guilt-ridden over his role in Caylee’s death and cover up – and the serial molesting of his own daughter and granddaughter – that he pulled his famous failed suicide attempt. But not before calling family & friends… sending text messages, and writing a 5-page BS letter to go with it. That was one month after Caylee’s remains were found – all to try and gain pity for himself and his situation as the “grieving grandfather”. Bollocks.

And who could forget the truly priceless looks on George and Cindy’s faces straight after the Not Guilty verdict was announced. They were well & truly pissed off. Why? Because they WANTED Casey to be found guilty of murdering Caylee. That was all part of their Masterplan. That would finally put them in the clear. They KNEW right at that point that attention would soon turn to them and their very own can of worms would at some stage be opened.

Spot the difference?






Personally, and as you might have already guessed, I cannot wait for the REAL truth to come out about what really happened to Caylee on that fateful day of June 16th 2008 – and the instrumental role George played in it all.

That could also be the same day George Anthony starts writing his 2nd suicide note. We shall see. I’m not into hating and I do not wish harm on him (or anyone else for that matter) – but everything happens for a reason. This is not over yet by a long, long way.

Remember the quote right at the start of this post from our resident piece of filth Yuri Melich?

Well, those very words he said to Casey @ Universal may well come back to haunt George Anthony, because if this case ever gets reopened, and George gets his sorry ass hauled in by Law Enforcement, here’s what they’re gonna tell him:

“You’re painting yourself as a very bad person. Your family’s gonna suffer for this. Your friends are gonna suffer for this. And remember what I told you about all these people coming? They’re gonna crucify you for this.”

— Law Enforcement to George Anthony, (Date Unknown).

So folks – that just about wraps up my own personal theory on the events and aftermath of June 16th 2008. It is only my personal theory of course – but let me be the first to say this right here & now: If Casey’s own story ever does get turned into a book or movie – as it may well do at some point – then the story itself may not be an exact mirror image of my theory… but it’ll be darn close to it.

After all that, if there’s anyone out there that still wants to keep believing that Casey Anthony is guilty, and that she murdered Caylee with duct tape & chloroform before dumping her in the woods — then there really is no hope for you. All you can do is carry on thinking that… carry on hating… carry on drinking Jeff Ashton’s urine from your very own BS-encrusted chalice of denial – and good luck to you.

Your last 3 years worth of anger and vitriol was all for nothing, and you have nobody to blame for that but yourself. How do you feel now?

As Jose Baez stated during and right after the trial:

“Casey did not kill Caylee”

That still holds firm, and it always will.



PS. Message to Casey: If you’re reading this… always remember, you ARE awesome. Never let anyone tell you any different. No person or power in the outside world can compare to the power you have within you. You have a lot of supporters out here. Stay strong. Keep on believing… and keep the faith.

Support Casey --- Let the Waters Rise video

PPS. George Anthony: if you’re reading this – and I sure hope you will at some point – I ask you to do the decent thing here. Give it up. Quit bullshitting. Quit blaming Casey for everything you did. Quit playing games. Quit profiting from Caylee Anthony. Hand yourself in to LE. Confess to what you actually did on June 16th and afterwards. Take your punishment like a man. More importantly, CLEAR YOUR OWN DAUGHTERS NAME so she can at least TRY to get her life back. You took Caylee’s life, for GOD’S SAKE DO NOT TAKE CASEY’S LIFE TOO you lying piece of trash and no good worthless turd of a father (and grandfather).

UPDATE: During the writing this post, I also posted a report from Geraldo Rivera in relation to George & Cindy’s Dr Phil interview. In this interview Cindy apparently attempts to attribute Casey’s “mental health problems” and Grand Mal Seizures as being the reason Caylee drowned in the “pool accident”. She obviously thinks everyone is stupid. Even at this stage neither of them are willing to clear Casey’s name OR (more importantly) admit to what really happened. Instead they come up with even more lies & BS. I can’t say I’m surprised in the least. But if there’s anyone’s mental health that needs investigating, it should be George & Cindy’s.

I’ll leave you with these words, which probably sum up Casey’s current position quite nicely…

Thought I couldn’t breathe without you, (I’m inhalin’),
You thought I couldn’t see without you, (Perfect vision),
You thought I couldn’t last without ya, (But I’m lastin’),
You thought that I would die without ya, (But I’m livin’),
Thought that I would fail without ya, (But I’m on top),
Thought it would be over by now, (But it won’t stop),
Thought that I would self-destruct, (But I’m still here),
Even in my years to come, (I’m still gon’ be here.)…

I’m a survivor…….


[c] SJ & – All rights reserved.

You may link to this post, but post contents may not be published, broadcasted, rewritten or redistributed in any format.



  1. Hi SJ. This is my first time posting but I have read everything on your site. I have a question that has been bothering me for some time. Maybe you can answer it. It’s about George’s employment. In reading some discovery I came across his resume and he had listed the last job he had ended in March 2008. Then I run across an application he filled out for Andrews International on June 17, 2008 in which he states he is not presently employed . Then in his depo in August 2009 he stated the job he was going to in June 2008 was doing security at Orlando Utilities Commission. And I have seen the Lexus dealership thrown around too but have never read anything where he says that’s where he worked. Help! Did he even work and if so where?

    Also, do you think LE will ever look into George’s involvement? Probably not, it will make them look bad.

    • Hi Karen! Thanks for posting. As far as I know – GA “retired” from LE in Ohio to work in his father’s car lot in Niles, Ohio. But after GA threw him through a plate glass window, he was asked to leave.

      He then took out a 2nd mortgage and started his own car lot – but when that went under they lost their home in Ohio, and moved to FL in 1989. There was also talk of him having received a work related “settlement” at some point as does he appear to be accident prone (and allergic to work). What his actual employment record has been since then is anyone’s guess. Night security was mentioned, as was car sales. He also allegedly tried calling Casey on the 2nd day of his “new job” at Lexus, June 16th 2008.

      Anyway, having just raked in $500k from Dr Phil for his new “fund”, GA doesn’t really need to go job hunting any time soon – if at all. If anyone can shed any more light on the subject of GA’s employment, let me know.

      As for LE ever looking into GA’s involvement – well – there’s always that possibility taking everything into account. There may also be someone out there that knows more than they should know, and they may come forward at some point too. Bottom line: GA needs to be brought to justice for the aggravated manslaughter of Caylee. SJ

  2. I am in awww… this is so detailed and makes perfect sense of what might have actually happened that day. It is difficult to prove, but it is a much more intelligent explanation, with evidence available as to what really happened to this little girl and her poor mother… being wrongfully accused of something so awful is more than most people in her position could withstand… and the public scrutiny has been pathetic to say the least… Casey, one day, what goes around will come around… hang in there pretty little lady… you WILL PREVAIL! God bless you… you have many supporters!

  3. In THIS ‘theory’, Caylee died because GEORGE was sexually abusing CAYLEE. My theory has been that George was again abusing CASEY and had allowed Caylee to go out to the pool alone, where she drowned during the incest. I figure Casey wanted to GET IT OVER WITH so she could check on her daughter, and we agree about the drowning. As far as calling 911-GEORGE is in control, Casey was in shock!-Cindy

  4. For the most part, I agree with almost everything you stated… it’s also possible that Caylee overdosed on some medication left out by Cindy that morning. As you stated, Caylee was up before George and Casey. He found her dead and put her in the pool to protect Cindy and of course, himself. He could never allow the family secrets to come out. I firmly believe Casey thinks Caylee died in the pool… I concur with the rest of your timeline.

  5. Though I find your ideas very informative and plausible, I can’t fully accept the climbing into bed with george theory. Pushing her face into pillow to quiet her and accidentally suffocating her, i dunno, just doesn’t sound right. I think it’s much more likely caylee went out that doorwall and into the pool on her own. For whatever reason, george and casey preoccupied with something else. The rest probably very likely happened, or something similar to it. Just my opinion of course, who really knows besides george and casey.

    • What you are saying is exactly what I thought when Baez accuse George of sexual abuse. I have posted many time this scenario and some people say I am out of my mind. The only thing I am not sure of is the pillow/soffocation. I do think he molested Caylee but went to far, then he on purpose let Caylee go into the pool and drowned and did not call 911 because like you said he they would have seen the molestation..Caylee would have been examined by the medical examiner. George is a dog and Cindy is George’s puppy. I am going to start prayiing that he goes to jail and that Casey will be declared innocent. Of course Casey’s haters and the media will never let Casey to live her life.

      I am so happy that you see what I’ve suspected from day one….. I was molested by my brother in-law when I was a child but never told anyone including my sister and my mother went to the grave without knowing. I was afraid no one would believe plus it took years for me to come to grips of what happened that’s why I believe Casey,

  6. Hi SJ
    GREAT work you did on this!!!! I think we ALL are so THANKFUL for everything you do to raise awareness of the REAL TRUTH!! I see we have another” Marilyn” on here now! Hey I welcome everybody who finally sees the LIGHT!! I want everone to come to this site to read the truth.I can’t wait to see what kind of CRAP LIAR George & Cindy try to put down the throat of all of us tomorrow.I have spent the last couple of days re-watching Casey’s pre trial hearings & have found some things very interesting,especially concerning Melich & LIES he told.I will comment more later.Thanks again for all your work on here!

  7. SJ — Thank you for your 4-part series. It’s simply outstanding! I totally agree that George was molesting Caylee when she died, although I thought the molestation itself killed little Caylee when George became ‘over-zealous’. I think your scenario is absolutely plausible. And I agree with you about how the rest played out with George taking control of Casey that day.

    I never considered that George brought Cindy into the plan, though. THAT is serious food for thought for me. I’m definitely going to think that part through. I can’t deny the possibility. It’s difficult to think that Cindy would be able to so easily send her own child to death row. But, your theory has me considering it.

    Again, thank you, SJ. I am so glad to know that so many people support Casey — I can only imagine what she has been through and continues to go through. I never believed that Casey killed Caylee — not for even a second. I can’t explain it, but my initial reaction back in July 2008 was that whatever happened to Caylee, Casey was not responsible. My gut told me that Casey loved her child and did not harm her in any way, and although I never scrutinized any evidence prior to trial, my instinctual feelings never wavered.

    I am also relieved to see that my own theory about George and this whole situation isn’t way out in left field — you and others clearly see it pretty much the same way.

    I hope that Casey comes through this ordeal strong and healthy. I truly, truly hope that this young woman, who is innocent, is afforded the ability to get on with and have the bright future that her father and ‘the system’ tried to steal from her.

  8. God Bless you! You are so right about George Anthony. He is a very sinister man. He is a conman, and a hater and abuser of women and family. As a grifter he stole from his wife, probably his father, he stole from River Cruz, and he is stealing from the public with “donations, foundations” , stealing from the media with fees paid for his acting part as grieving grandfather. He rules the roost with a high unholy level of manipulation. This isn’t hard for him to do, because his every waking hour is spent scheming for ways to get more money, and to save his own a**. His thought process is always one step ahead of us, because we don’t constantly scheme and connive as he does. He probably is a molestor. But I am not convinced yet of this. Most likely he is, but I am studying this, and want to come to my own conclusions. The level of hatred / indifference it took to scapegoat(from the very beginning) Casey to the damn death penaly is itself an astonishing level of evil. I am so happy that you have done this website and your research. You have brought a bright light in this dark saga.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Sherry…could you imagine Geo squirreling the large amounts of money from Cindy’s accounts? Knowing he and Cindy would need financial support while this situation ‘unfolded’
      We saw all sorts of proof Casey spent other peoples money during the weeks between “early-to-mid June” and mid-July, but NOT thousands of dollars! IMO had she been guilty of intentionally harming Caylee, she, like anyone with that kind of resource WOULD HAVE been ‘long gone’ before Father’s Day.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      There is a very good chance that Geo was getting a lot of money from his girl-friend. $4,000; $800. and several smaller amounts of a couple hundred each.

      The amounts were substantial, really. Her sister mentions some in her deposition: Cecelia Benaida-Gonzale[z]…very similar to the C. Zenaida F-Gonzale[z] on that Sawgrass interest card.

      A link has been posted here, by Suzy

  9. Hi folks! THANKS for the all positive emails & feedback on my post… all 8,500 words of it.

    I think we’re all in agreement (more or less) as to what really happened on June 16th 2008 and afterwards – or more importantly George Anthony’s pivotal role & shameful cover-up since then.

    In the meantime, we plough onwards with our mission. Let’s try and get this information out to as many people as possible via this direct link:

    Thanks again for all the positive feedback! SJ

  10. Thanks for being brave enough to post a much more plausible theory than the ones that are rampant with the ugly copers.

    I don’t think Casey knows what happened. I think the drowning is the most plausible but then the question that remains is why the cover-up? It seems an autopsy was to be avoided at all costs, regardless of how the victim died.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      I agree Sam…it was ‘absolutely crucial’ to the whole A-Family to make Caylee’s accidental death LOOK like the accident it was…not like the homicide that it would have looked like if Caylee’s body was recovered from the trunk area of G and C’s Pontiac, by Father’s Day…mid-June.
      The heinous-murder story WAS THE COVER-UP of the most important FACT…Caylee’s body began to decompose befere the video that attested ‘Caylee was alive in mid-June…tho science, after Dec ’08, determined her death occurred earlier than mid-June.

  11. Is there anyway to get georges dna to see if he’s. Caylees dad?? I feel that maybe he is her dad.

  12. I have visited forum after forum, visited facebook page after facebook page both the support and hate Casey Anthony. I was so angered at the verdict that on Caylee’s birthday I posted a blog of my own to release all my hurt, anger, feelings of injustice toward the infamously termed “tot mom”. I have been obsessed with this case as apparently at least 75% of Americans have been most since day one.

    They say that there’s always a little bit of truth to the multiple lies told in this case. By far, I have to say this is the most reasonable argument against her guilt. I never could believe or have any respect for anyone that thought she was innocent because of what seemed to be insurmountable evidence against her. However, the comical thing is that a group I belong to on facebook told me to keep drinking the poisoned kool-aid because I made mention that why did everybody feel so sorry for the grandparents. My actual thought was that it may have been an accident that happened the night of June 15th, 2008 when the supposed physical altercation occurred between Cindy and Casey that wasn’t brought out at trial and that poor Caylee somehow got caught in the cross fire. i left the group for awhile after that because although I felt Casey murdered that baby, I also felt I had a right to share my opinions freely and be respected as I had respected so many of the other asinine theories. I also couldn’t participate in the Support Casey sites because the people there were only interested in what a hot momma she was and basically their posts were vulgar and they couldn’t logically explain any of the questions the “doubters” had.

    However, today I was killing some time before work and on one of the support groups, I found the link to this site. I haven’t read everything yet, but I did read the 4 theories. While I don’t agree 100% with all the theories presented here, I found this one too logical to pass up a comment. If we are to believe the child abuse theory and yes, it does happen, I’ve experienced it first hand not as a victim of child abuse but a victim of a spouse that enjoyed younger children, then this is the most plausible theory to date. I have to give you credit for your obviously well-thought out, theory the extensive work that was obviously proven (I’m convinced you’ve followed this from day one or at least didn’t miss a minute of trial and maybe watched certain parts multiple times) and lastly sharing however controversial it may seem with the rest of the world who are just looking for answers to what DID happen to that beautiful baby girl that stole all our hearts?

    Thank you for the time you have taken to entertain my comment and I truly appreciate your involvement to share intelligently why there are people that do believe in her innocence.

  13. WOW! This theory truly pulls the whole thing together for me. I had followed this case in England since 2008 and intuitively felt KC was innocent, and sensed there was so much more to this than what was being pushed onto public consciousness. Seems the grief tourists have been sadly hoodwinked by the sadistic Nancy Grace, who’s role has NOTHING to do with seeking justice, but merely to sensationalize and profit from anothers misery. There are many issues raised here that need answering, including the LE’s obvious cover up with Kronk ( now we know why Burdick raised so many objections) and their reluctance to investigate anyone else. These are the questions that should be asked, for the sake of justice and the constitution itself. Thank goodness the jury were intelligent enough to smell a rat and it did not end up like the WM3! thankyou for such an insight, i will now have to watch the whole trial again in light of this as the bits i rewatched here point out the now obvious. Love and light to kc, stay strong, the truth will out!

  14. For so long I actually believed Casey did in fact kill Caylee. But after reading all this, it makes much more sense that George is the murderer. One thing I dont understand is if in fact George was molesting Caylee or had molested Casey why did she allow her little girl to live in the house with that monster? I honestly believe in my heart now that George did infact kill caylee.. but what doesnt make sense is why didnt casey call the police…. When Casey got the verdicts of not guilty the reaction was that of an innocent person.. Also, I havent seen casey trying to make any money off of Caylee… only George and Cindy.. its quite sickening..

  15. Also one last thing i forgot, moderator if you want to add this to my last post as well… who in their right mind GOES AND HAS SEXUAL RELATIONS OR AN AFFAIR OF ANY SORT DURING AN INVESTIGATION IN THE DEATH OF YOUR GRAND DAUGHTER THAT YOU LOVE SO MUCH? I dont understand how George can sit there and boo hoo over caylee, try and kill himself cause he is soo upset but can go mess around with a woman.. seems like this guy cant keep his weiner in his pants. Obviously Cindy wasnt doing it for him, i could definitely see him taking advantage of casey or caylee..

  16. CMeancnkiss says:

    Wouldn’t they have been able to tell by Caylee’s remains whether or not she was sexually abused? Has George ever submitted to a polygraph?

    • Cindy~ “I want that body cremated, NOW!” Cindy had the body cremated AGAINST Casey’s wishes. Both Cindy and George refused polygraphs.

      • Kimberly Ballman says:

        Wonder if this was because Cindy was hiding something she knew about the body that was found.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        That was probably when Cindy realized she had been ‘led into the LION’S DEN’ and that things she was telling LE had been intentionally altered by ‘input of mis-information’ from Geo. Half of the time, Cindy din’t even realize she was framing Casey…Geo was thorough!

        • JA Kalskett says:

          And how SICK IS GEO to send Casey on ‘scavenger-hunt shopping-sprees’ to unknowingly buy the very things HE needed to frame her for Caylee’s situation after Caylee was decomposing already in June and July (tho, her whereabouts and condition wasn’t released or confirmed until ‘mid-to-late Dec’)

    • Caylee’s remains were missing two bones that are used in determining if a deceased child had been sexually abused. The hyoid bone, the bone which secures one’s tongue to the throat. It is small and commonly broken in strangulation deaths. It can also be broken & strangulation results if there is extreme oral penetration. SHe also was missing half of her pubic bone(s). I say multiple because at her young age the bones have not yet fused and are still in 2 pieces. I have photos that document what I am describing. I have meant to do some articles based upon this topic specifically but have not as yet gotten around to it. I also have documentation of how the autopsy photos do not match the report, especially the skull. The crime scene photos do not match & there is question about the supposed skull/pixelized areas partly due to the discrepancies in the color ofthe skull within the reports.

      Sorry SJ, I had only read the first part and then ran down here to offer some info & didn’t even make it to the bottom. ANyway, the timeline, IMO is off and it makes a HUGE difference. It alone proves George’s guilt. Please check my linked blog for the post entitled “Casey Anthony:Who’s Story More Closely Matches The Electronic Records” It is my belief that Caylee did die in the early morning hours as you have described above. Exactly. I feel that the digital documentation proves this. Casey is like many, a creature of habit. She spent much time online, on her cell phone, texting, etc. We all know we have plenty of “pings” to prove her digital timeline. I also have a few other articles there:
      Did Casey Tell The Sexual Abuse Story To Authorities In 2008?
      How Does The State’s Decisions On Seeking The Death Penalty Fit Into The Sexual Abuse Allegations Timeline?
      The Casey Anthony Boyfriend Timeline

      In addition to the skull/pixel discrepancy article I am also working on:

      A conprehensive list of all of the times George sold Casey out (extensive, need help lol) including the Aug 13, 2008 jail visit where he told Casey “She’s close, I know she’s close then immediately went out to Fox News and told them Casey said “I know she’s close, Dad, I know she’s close”. This was the last familial contact Casey had. I also have some interesting insights into the conversation between them during that visit. Remember when the FBI asked Casey “What 1 person would you want to meet with alone to clear this up?” GEORGE. During that jail visit George asks Casey the same question and at first she’s like “huh?” cuz HE IS THE ONE PERSON.

      A comparison of the Caylee Remains Autposy ReportVs. Dr G’s Special & statements made that directly disagree with the SAO’s case.

      I’m sure there’s more to cover as well. I also have a good friend who did some great work on the whole playhouse/Cement factor of this peculiar tale. Who buys 18 bags of cement on an impulse during a weekend that it’s RAINING? 😉 Check out Catoutloud for all the details. Us support sites need to network all of this information. It might be needed one day.

  17. I don’t understand how, if she knew Caylee was dead but had been told instructed by George to go away for a few weeks and stay quiet, Casey could party the way she did and get her bella vita tattoo? However poor Caylee met her end it hardly seems like behaviour befitting a mother in mourning… Any offers?

      • I have to say, while I am not convinced of your theory, it makes way more sense than the one the prosecution put out there. I do have a question. In court the prosecution said maybe Casey did this because caylee was getting old enough to talk and could deny the nanny story. Do you suppose it’s possible that, being so spoiled by her mother and grandmother, caylee threatened to tell that “Jo Jo” hurt her. Of course he knew Casey would know what that really meant and probably Cindy too. Do you think it possible George molested her that morning, caylee cried and said she would tell, and George intentionally killed her, then it goes back to your story of him putting her in the pool. I would love to hear what others think.

        • Becca, since you mentioned the prosecution’s theory of Caylee becoming old enough to deny the nanny story, here’s something that I noticed: in George’s testimony, he claimed that when Casey and Caylee left the house, Caylee said to him “I am going to see Zanny!”

          1) Obviously Caylee was already quite verbal, which makes the prosecution’s theory ridiculous.

          2) There was NO Zanny in actuality, so why would Caylee say that to George? He was basically caught in a lie right there.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            I believe he made an intentional “white lie” that seemed to support and lead to a heinous image that would later develope as the murder story progressed. (or unfolded….hoping EVERYone would notice) [IMO, It is that murderous image, that created the initial mistrust, in the minds of everyone, that Casey will carry until the truth can come out.]

            What if Nan was the dolls name?…the one that was in the car, and he carefully ‘confused zanny’ with Nan or Nanny, the babydoll, maybe?

          • JA Kalskett says:

            …to my embarrassment, it would seem, it makes more sense that the car was ‘Nan’s place’! The Pontiac, after all, was registered in her name…LOL but Caylee’s babydoll was the toy she want to go to sleep with, where ever they were after ‘moving out’ of Hopesprings. [no wonder Cindy cleaned and Fabreezed the ‘damn car’, otherwise Geo would have blackmailed her, and SHE would be ‘donating’ to the Anthony charities, too!

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Albatross234 was right…Geo always followed the money…more likely, he was like the pied piper and the money follows him. With the authority he assumed, HE holds the only proof to the event, but would have destroyed anyone who deviated from the way he said this story ‘had’ to unfold. Look what he has put Casey through…

            *one day there will be a pic of her decomposing body in the trunk (with the date and the white sunglasses) before he wrapped and hid the body to allow the HMStory to unfold.

        • Hi Becca,
          Yes, it’s also possible that Caylee was getting close to telling people about George’s antics. I do not think it was unintentional though. Caylee’s death occurred during the commission of a felony (GA’s abuse) – and that is classed as murder, regardless of the intent. Casey also stated the same in her psych reports to Dr Danziger & Dr Weiss. The only connection to the pool is that George dunked Caylee in there to make it look like an accident.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            If she had drowned there would have been water in her lungs, right?
            And anyone in that family would have lied, if it hadn’t been accidental!

            There would have never even been much of an investigation, if there were no signs of foul-play in the place where the child’s death occurred; it’s rather easy when 911 is called, EMT arrive quickly, attempt resuscitation, transport the victim to the hospital, where they are determined DOA or recover. That happens almost everyday in Florida, and on tv.

            That’s the reason I don’t believe Caylee drowned. Instead, she was ‘kidnapped’ [if that’s what you’d call moving a dead child’s body]… I call it destroying evidence to cover one’s involvement, or more simply, deliberate deception. [tho i’m not a psychiatrist or LE]

            Because I believe there is a law against withholding evidence, and moving evidence from the scene…where the death of a child was the result,

            that moving the child’s body, without authority to do so, is a felony offense.

    • Kimberly Ballman says:

      She had planned to get that tattoo long before we bumped into Lee at the bar. She had shown the idea/sketch to me during the day, when we were talking. The photo of Casey and Caylee was taken shortly after when the kids were playing. Her feeling was that the tattoo represented a new life for her and Caylee, one with out the hard life they had lived at home. One without George. So, Caylee was alive at this time. I just don’t know what to think…but I do know that she did not kill her.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      I think Geo convinced Casey that he had taken Caylee to visit his parents for 2 weeks…until probably about the time the car ended-up at Amscot. Had he truely been in possession of a cell phone obtained in NY, one from his hometown and a local one (used between Casey and the nanny) and when he took Casey’s away……that would account for 4 phones; coincidentally Crystal Holloway mentioned (under oath, I think, or maybe in an interview, after trial)

  18. I want to know then, why in your story, is there no menion of Casey borrowing the shovel?

    • Hi Brigitte. No, I didn’t include reference to Casey borrowing the shovel in my post as I didn’t see it relevant at all. It came back clean according to Brian Burner. Why Casey borrowed it I have no idea, but it certainly wasn’t to dig a hole & bury Caylee in the back yard or anywhere else for that matter. The only digging going down in the Anthony’s back yard was during the impromptu “landscaping project” G&C hurriedly started on June 30th 2008. SJ

      • Details that highly improbable & ill-advised cemement slabbing on a rainy weekend. I also have 3 reciepts of Cindy’s from documents that show she/they went to 3 different stores on 2 different days to buy supplies.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      …that was for SUPPORT…Support for the “heinous murderer image” that continues to prevent the truth from view. It painted Casey as responsible for what happened to Caylee AFTER Father’s Day…

      Everything necessary to the “Heinous-Murder Story” that ‘unfolded” was designed to be proven “inconclusive” by forensic science after Dec, for the murder trial that would follow the child’s disappearance; from which the jury derived the NOT Guilty verdict…it is the HMStory that protects the A-family members from responsibility in the child’s death. The Father’s Day video was made in mid-to -late June; but science proved Caylee was decomposing already: ‘early-to-mid June’.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Does the “date of the search” and the “act of borrowing the shovel” occur on the same day, or was the search first? IMO, by having Casey ‘borrow the shovel’ from the neighbor, Casey provided an “eye-witness” to the H-MStory…this interaction verified she was at the Hopesprings address on that day…hopefully, the neighbor will recall this incident when the time comes to “unfold” the “heinous-murder story”.

  19. Also, yes, even if following the instructions of George to act normal as if nothing had ever happened, a grieving mother, Still would have grieved. I lost a child, and I know, no matter what, nobody could have talked me into, forced me,or held me back from grieving. I forgot how to smile & Laugh. There is no possible way that Casey Anthony is this innocent victom as you portray her to be. I am not caling her a murderer, I will keep my opinions aside about that. However, I do feel that you left out any facts that you could not “blame” on George in anyway.. What I want to know is, why has there not been anyone ask George & Cindy to take a lie detector, or go under hypnosis? I know that a lie detector cannot be used in court, but court is over, and she cannot be tried agian, So I just dont understand why if people think George is fully to blame here, why is he not being asked to do a lie detector or go under hypnosis? At least then, everyone will either know the truth, or, everyone will then know that George is Not guilty! If he did it, he would spill it all under hypnosis!

    • Hi Brigitte. Yes, GA probably would spill it all under hypnosis or with a polygraph test, which is why it’s never gonna happen. It’s a shame Dr Phil didn’t have them both do a polygraph test on his show – but then again it’s not surprising really seeing as he was flying the “grieving grandparents” flag for them. SJ

    • Hello all! This is my first post here.

      Regarding hypnosis. Hypnosis isn’t considered acceptable evidence in court, nor is it considered a reliable means for detecting deception. People are in much more control when hypnotized than movies and tv shows depict. In addition, many people can’t be hypnotized, even if they want to be. Then there are some who can slip into a hypnotized state but can’t maintain it for long. However, one can fake being in a hypnotic state.

      Scientist are exploring the use of fMRIs (measures brain activation) to detect deception, but the use of such science in the courtroom is years away.

      Currently, there is no reliable methodology to detect deception. Certainly, lie detectors provide interesting info, but lie detectors are easy to fool. The scientific reliability of lie detectors is moderate, which is why lie detector results aren’t used in court cases.

      Body language experts study deception extensively. I personally find such methods questionable, but it would be interesting to study the use of lie detectors and body language analysis used together. I don’t believe that body language analysis is accepted in court cases.

      I’m not at all addressing this specific case; I am simply addressing the science of detecting deception.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      G and C made a deal with LE in the first days after July 15/16… they declined the polygraph for their COMPLETE cooperation. *Baez found it necessary to file that letter of cooperation with LE on July 21, for Casey’s protection.

      IMO The cement pouring on July 4th weekend, was EXPECTED to look suspicious; they provided so much chaos and misinformation to keep certain secrets from being focused-on.

      “Casey’s truth” on June 14th…was ignored and discredited as the murder story unfolded and delivered the deception that Caylee was not dead until after June 15th (but the child WAS NOT alive when that video was made… she was already decomposing.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Hi Bridgett, you asked “There is no possible way that Casey Anthony is this innocent victim as you portray her to be.”

      I hope you won’t mind if I post an answer for you to think on.

      What part of an ACCIDENT would she have to defend herself against?

  20. SJ– the problem I have with your theory is that however unfortunately there’s no proof of a history of sexual abuse here. Secondly, what about the calls on June 16 Casey made to her mother? Why don’t you think, since she wrote it in jailhouse letter, that Zanny was Zanax and that other young mothers have been known to sedate their kids in order to have some time to themselves? How can you rule out an accidental O.D.? Casey is a compulsive liar– and stole from her parents. Why wouldn’t she have had no problem drugging Caylee? I do not believe as many do that she is a psychopath and cold-hearted killer but I believe that nearly everything points to having accidentally o.d.’d Caylee. The drowning scenario is also plausible to me. I don’t know where your perceptions of George Anthony are coming from. He convinced many that he is a grieving grandfather who would have never harmed that child. xj

    • Hi Jenne’! Great to hear from you. The thing is – any OD (Xanax related or otherwise) would have shown up in the bone & toxicology reports, which as far as I’m aware came back clean. Had it been evident, then it would surely have been brought up at the trial.

      As for “proof” of the sexual abuse, what proof are you wanting? I doubt any of it was caught on tape, even though GA has over 1,400 pics of Casey on his laptop – so asking for “proof” is not an option. The signs are there – just as the signs of GA’s abuse on Caylee would have been there if a 911 call had been made. My perception of GA has been built up having seen his performances over the past 3+ years, and (more recently) on Dr Phil. Having said all that, I still stick by my theory as to GA’s murder of Caylee and his cover up. SJ

      • IIRC, toxicology reports came back clean; no drugs were present in Caylee’s bone marrow when it was tested. I don’t believe that drug-hair analysis was performed.


        • JA Kalskett says:

          By trial, Casey realized she didn’t have to tell what really happened, or challenge the lies about the Heinous-murderer story. Accepting the murderous image was the fastest route to freedom for her. She wouldn’t be any more equipped with proof than she was in July ’08, to expose how Caylee died, or how her accidental death was made to appear murder…The truth disappeared with the decomposing body, before the Father’s Day video was made. There were no loose ends, or evidence, by July 15th/16th…of 2008, not until after experts studied the child’s remains for the trial.

    • to the question, point about whether or not Casey was molested by George… that Casey was almost eight months pregnant n upon attending Cindy’s brother’s wedding, her brother commented, others did, about Casey obviously being pregnant (very pregnant), George n Cindy denied this, vehemently denied this, stating, oh, Casey has just gained weight; Casey has been working out… while certainly this is not scientific, it screams dysfunction of the worst kind… not hiding, but, denying Casey’s pregnancy, in essence, denying Casey… to me this screams dysfunction; sexual abuse, incest; rampant sickness within the Casey’s family

    • JA Kalskett says:

      If G and C had ever suspected Caylee was ‘drugged or abused” they would have petitioned for custody of their “baby”.

  21. Kimberly Ballman says:

    Well, while you might be right on, for some of this.. The dates do not fit the truth. Look into the date that Lee said he went looking for his sister to find Caylee. On this date.. Caylee was alive and happy, and as cute as can be. She went to sleep on my sofa, in the apartment we were staying in, she was being babysat, while we went out this night. We went to a house party, there are in photos from Caseys camera, and then we went to the bar, where we used a disposable camera, and met Lee, celebrated Casey’s birthday, since he had missed it, and snuck out the back so he could not follow us. The truth is in the photos on the Internet everywhere. You even have one photo that my little son took on your site. It is the photo with Casey and Caylee carrying my sons Eagles football, with his small fabric orange with black lines basketball in the grass. If you look into these photos and find the places that they were taken, and look for the friends, you will find me. I do not know ALL the I said..but I do know that Casey did not kill Caylee and that she was alive and not drowned in a pool and she was not missing. What happened after the night at the bar.. Well Caylee went with her mother and her boyfriend back to their apartment.

    • Kimberly,
      from your posts I take it you’re a friend of Casey’s? I’d like to hear what you have to say if so. How do you know her? And what do you mean she (Caylee) wasn’t missing?

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Kay…Don’t believe everything you think…that’s what got Casey in trouble in the first place…

        Someone wants people here to think they have answers, tho all they have is an opinion…but I believe what they are implying is wrong, no matter how much authority or insight they claim to have…So, Kay, just be careful what you are led to believe.

  22. Tricia Beyer says:

    Even if Casey did not directly kill Caylee, i think she knows what happened. It would make some sence that she is “protecting her abuser”, as some victims do. If in fact she was abused, which I personally think she was, then she might do that. It does seem crazy that even through her trial, she did not break down and “tell the truth”. But in investigating sexual abuse victims, they sometimes “block” things out, and it IS possible that she just can not recall the truth.. It is a very sad story that has broken lots of hearts of people who did not even know this little girl. And instilled lots of hate for people they dont even know. Astonishing how quick people are to judge. And as for the media, well I know first hand how they can destroy someone who is totally innocent. The American public believe anything they see on TV….I do feel for Casey even though I think she is a liar, I’m not convinced that she (psychologically) has any choice. Her parents aren’t or do not appear to be role models themselves. Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. But the only conclusion to all the confliction is that what has been told is not what actually happened. I appreciated reading this “theory” of yours. I agree that if the truth does come out, this will have a crazy resemblance to it! You have done a lot of homework SJ. Too bad you don’t have your own TV show, maybe we could have gotten more answers out to people instead of hyped up insignificant BS that we have all been told!! And my thoughts on anybody making money off a book…..It will be a cold, cold day before they make any money off me, and the publishers will have to answer to their creator for that one. As will the killer/killers of Caylee…………….RIP Caylee

  23. My theory has been the same all along. However, the reason that Casey did not “hear” Caylee being molested that morning is because she was not home … yet. Casey’s cell phone records show that she called the Anthony home, on the 16th, before 8am. Cindy left early that morning. I have always believed that George was molesting Caylee as he did Casey. I also believe that George and Cindy had Caylee involved in other illicit activities. I believe that the illicit activities had been going on in Casey and Lee’s childhood as well. I do not like or trust George or Cindy Anthony and in my opinion, they are both abusers, sexual and otherwise and it is my opinion that they exploited their children and granddaughter. Casey is innocent in my opinion, I never once doubted her innocence. For those who do not know, those pictures of Casey at the Fusion nightclub were taken BEFORE anything ever happened to Caylee … this is a fact.

    • “I believe that the illicit activities had been going on in Casey and Lee’s childhood as well. I do not like or trust George or Cindy Anthony and in my opinion, they are both abusers, sexual and otherwise and it is my opinion that they exploited their children and granddaughter”

      Tami: I just happen to agree with every word here. I too, believe they are both abusers, sexual and otherwise and it is also my opinion they exploited their children and grandaughter. I also believe G&C had Caylee involved in other illicit activities. Both, IMO, are evil! I also believe there is a HUGE cover-up going on here due to higher-ups being involved! JMHO

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Molestation and incest accusation were the emotional element that kept the public interested. Do you realize how powerful an accusation that is? True or not, it affected other followers/survivors to believe the heinousness within their family…true or NOT!

      • Darn right it’s powerful especially because nobody believed Casey! I did though. Casey presents as a classic victim of father daughter incest. Classic. And George, the family presents as a typical family of incest.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          I believe with the depth of the family ‘dysfunction’, it has always been impossible to find truth within the forces at work…the power struggle within their home in early June, put Caylee’s life at risk, though none of them would have ever harmed Caylee intentionally.

          IMO If there was ever ANY indication Caylee was not safe, missing while alive or that she was in any particular danger, they would have ALL called LE; as any family would protect their smallest member, by using every resource available (even stolen money from family) to find her.

  24. Who took the disturbing video of little Caylee in her high chair eating a piece of toast? First of all, she was babbling, but whoever was behind the camera did not engage her in conversation, like one would with a small child. Secondly, they seemed to place the camera in a untoward manner, pointing it inappropriately between her legs! Who did this? It was so strange and creepy!

  25. I want to hear what Casey’s friends have to say. Like Kimberly, who has made a few comments here, seems to know her. If you read this, Kimberly, tell us. What do her FRIENDS think/know happened??? I truly thought, like 90 percent of Americans that heard only what the media was portraying, that she’d killed her child. When I actually watched the trial, though, I couldn’t swallow it. I was struck how her friends said she loved her child very much and she was a good mom. I think these are probably the people who know her best- not her family… my friends certainly know me better than anyone else, especially better then my mom, dad and brother!

    Actually the person who convinced me beyond a shadow that she couldn’t have killed that baby girl was her ex-fiancee. Right after the verdict, he seemed furious that she’d been found not guilty, but was adamant that no way would she EVER harm her daughter. The guy seemed to hate her, but was still defending her, at least in regards to that. So where are her friends, why haven’t they spoken up? Are they just trying to distance themselves from the whole thing, or do they think she did something wrong? I’d be interested to read anything her friends have said, or do say, if anyone has links.

    • Some time ago, and I do not recall where, I read some news articles about a murdered woman, whose body was found in Blanchard Park. As I recall, the woman was a therapist/counselor, and the article speculated that Cindy Anthony had been seeing this therapist (allegedly).

      Does anyone out there recall reading the same information? I wonder if there was a connection between Cindy A. and this murdered therapist? Did Cindy see her? Did Cindy tell some of the Anthony household secrets? What, if any connections can one make between the murdered woman and Cindy ( well, any of the Anthonys)?

      Is there a connection(allegedly)? Anyone recall reading any of what I am referring to?

      • Will the public ever know what items/information were sealed? There appears to be many unknowns… Are there photos never seen, except by the subject(s) and the photographer?
        Is there concrete information pertinent to this tragedy which should have come to light? What information could have been gleaned by opening the curtains and windows, so to speak? Why is there such secrecy related to some things taken/discovered during the early stages of this investigation?

        Who would want to keep the curtains and windows closed?

      • I do recall reading about this murdered woman ~ just don’t have a link at this time. Also, Casey had apparently given names of three young men as possible biological fathers. All three young men, have died in car crashes……coincidence, I don’t know, but I wish LE would do some invesgtigation of this. (IMO, GA was jealous of any possible suitors of Casey….just think about it~!)

        I believe there is a reason for all of us to be ‘obsessed’ with this tragedy ~ trying to pinpoint facts, etc., I personally cannot let this go by the wayside until I can see some Justice for Caylee and also for Casey! As I have repeatedly stated for the past three-plus years “something’s just not right here”!

        • JA Kalskett says:

          You said it! I believe “THAT something” is the earliest PIECE of mis-information that ‘led away from Casey’s account’ of Caylee’s whereabouts after midnight on Friday the 13th.

          THE DATE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO ACCEPT… Caylee died on June 15/16. b/c nothing disputed the video…and after seeing that video in the news, many people at Mt Dora recalled (even after 45 days) their momentary contact with Caylee WAS on June 15th; THEY “unwittingly” substantiated the false date.

          * IMO If everything that follows, is incorrect b/c the date is wrong; the truth still has not been found.

          Where did all the misinformation come from? IMO it was from a heinous murder story that was about to unfold over the next 149 days…image Casey painted of herself…the 500 piece puzzle…an accident that snowballed into a (heinous) murder story that “luckily” affected the outcome of a DP case/trial…I don’t think so.

          I no longer believe everything I think…just cuz it is what I’m led to believe! In this case, nothing is as it should have been, right down to that June 16th, date.

          IMO when looking back to the place in time when Caylee’s body began to decompose [early to mid-June ’08] there is an obvious “mis-information snow-ball” that affected everything that followed afterward:

          I say, “misinformation fell like snow” once the child began to decompose…The very first piece of mis-information Casey received was provided in the Father’s Day video. Casey was the FIRST victim of “misinformation” beginning June 14th until Aug 9th, Caylee’s birthday.

          During the investigation process by LE, more than 31 days after Caylee was seen last (Casey “lost sight of Caylee”, June 14th) that video was all Casey, Cindy or LE “could’ve found” to determine Caylee’s condition on Father’s Day; in LIEU OF EYE-WITNESS testimony [outside of the A-Family] that Caylee was alive on June 15th [mid-June].

          IMO the June 16th date is critical b/c it is ‘mid-to-late-June, so IT IS LIKELY that the June 16th date is as much as 24 to 36 hours after Caylee’s death occurred; b/c in truth, she had already begun to decompose.

  26. This makes complete sense to me! Even George admitted in his interview with Dr. Phil that Casey was ANGRY when George came back to live with them & she did not want him back in that house. (When George/Cindy separated). Out of all the many speculations regarding what really happened, your theory makes the most sense to me. I think another possibility for the separation of George and Cindy was not just the gambling, I think Cindy found out he was abusing Caylee & kicked him out for that 8 months, then said he’d “never do it again” and Cindy let him back in.

    • If GA was caught abusing Caylee Cindy should have never let him back in the house. What kind of mother would do this? Once is enough.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Respectfully, the idea of sex abuse is just more of the accusations that interfered with the truth being uncovered at trial.

        When looking at what things the trial actually accomplished, there should have been a second story with another suspect to test the evidence against.

  27. You know George’s overblown Granddaughter worship makes me wonder. One thing I know is he is deceitful and his emotions are hugely exaggerated and manipulative. What they actually mean, I am not sure.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Sometimes the “ex-cop”, sometimes he announces which character he is… “just simply Grandpa, JoJo…or Papa Joe: there may be many faces of George…but the personality that knew Caylee’s secret, died at Caylee’s wake/his suicide attempt, burying her secret with the memory of how she looked when he found her already dead and decomposing in the trunk of the Pontiac. [GA appears ANY WAY he “needs to appear” at any given time]

      IMO there was NO ONE who wished the little girl dead. I believe everything after June 14th while she was missing…RESULTED b/c she was already decomposing when her whereabouts was discovered, most likely after midnight on June 14th. [her condition PREVENTED a 911 call on or before Father’s Day] The ‘absence of the body’ prevented Casey and Cindy from alerting LE that Caylee was ‘missing’ after Friday the 13th and during the 31 days after they both “lost track of Caylee”

      IMO The common link was George…he kept Cindy and Casey at odds to allow as much time as possible before LE would become involved.

      Caylee’s body and all facts were manipulated in the first moments after Caylee was found dead. Everything was designed to lead the (heinous) murder story, as it unfolded.

      Evidence melted away as Casey’s image WAS painted by the story she couldn’t tell LE. b/c she DIDN’T know where Caylee was between the June 14th and Dec 11th…but IMO from what Casey saw on Dec 11, she knew WHO had the “missing child” during the 180 days, the purpose of the HMStory and ‘why she had to be portrayed as a murderess’ was crucial to the trial. [the trial was a dispute over the evidence, not determining guilt for the child’s death…the trial did nothing but declare “murder was not evident” as it was not determined who’s care the child was under when her death occurred…Leaving all questions about Caylee’s death, unanswered.

      She was confident that science would prevent a connection between false evidence, the HopeSprings address on June 14/15/16 and the lies that she alone knew Caylee’s whereabouts, after death had occurred, b/c she was intentionally “out of the loop” since June 17th; except of course the mis-information she was being given after June 15/16; once she repeated to police, set- her-up as a liar and murderer, and responsible for all the civil actions that continue, today.

      IMO to execute the ‘heinous murderer story, the LE investigations and the trial verdict, the child’s body had to decompose a full 180 days to conceal the WAY SHE DIED…even tho the place and manner disappeared from all view within hours of her death, no water in her lungs would ring of foul-play.

      • I really wish that I had experience with movie making because if I did i would follow your theory of how this whole thing happened and create a “fictional” movie about George..
        I would also add in 3 car accident/murders of his daughters boy friends and add in the murder of his wife’s therapist.
        I would make the movie so that anyone familiar with the Anthony case would recognize the story, but make sure to change names,etc so as not to get sued.

        I cant think of a better way to get the story out and get people thinking that maybe, just maybe they have been fed a whole bunch of BS thu-out this whole mess…

        A nice portion of the profits would secretly go toward helping Casey get back on her feet, and an even bigger portion towards hiring a private investigation team to do some much needed research on George’s background.

        Of course it would be hard to disguise the one-of-a-kind Nancy Grace.. (Whoever called her sadistic was making an understatement.). I think she should be taken off the air along with HLN’s court coverage of trials.

        Anyway, that’s my dream for the day.

  28. You put this together very well! I always knew from the start that things just did not add up. I feel so sorry for them both casey and caylee! Its just a messed up situation and I really hope the truth comes out and they lock his @ss up! I can relate to the whole abuse from a father! You dont want to talk about it…and its just much simpler to keep things quite and keep on like nothing is wrong…i mean its your dad..ya know…and its like eventhough you know things are wrong…you just kinda keep going on day after day….untill you finally make up your mind and not go back around him and just tell the truth about it all….. I dont know…its hard to explan! But i pray Casey finds peace where ever she is in this world..and just know that there are so many that support her and wish her nothing but the best! 🙂

  29. I am glad to see someone besides me truly thinks this woman has been through hell and that she is innocent!

    • Casey did not put Caylee in the woods:

      When Caylee was pronounced as missing Cindy said that Caylle weight 40 pounds and was 32/or 3 feet tall. Once you are dead they say you are dead weight as the person becomes rigged so they are very hard to carry. In Caylee’s case besides all of that she was placed in a blanket and then inside a canvass laundry bag and in 3 plastic bags. Casey according to J. Baez weight close to 100 pounds as he said soaking wet and she was about 5 feet tall.How could Casey carry Caylee through the woods with trres and limbs on the floor, bushes and other plants, garbage. TV they showed how thick the brush was. Casey had no scratches or anything visible that anyone talk about.

      George Anthony was the only one that could carry Caylee. This man belongs in jail for sexual child abuse and murder. Casey can still charge George A. with molestation and I think it was also rape as the is no Statute of limitation when the child is 12 and under years old. I wish she did charge him.

  30. I have to say I have always thought that George Anthony has had something to do with what happened to Caylee, however I don’t actually think he murdered her. I believe that that Caylee did in fact drown in the pool, however George Anthony knew that he could never allow Caylee’s body to be autopsied because her little body would most definitely show the signs of his sexual abuse. He knew that his daughter would straight away point the finger at him because he had done the same to her. He knew very well that the best thing would be to make Caylee disappear. By the time her remains were found there was not enough left for them to find any signs of sexual abuse, therefore George could breath again and start to point the finger directly at his daughter. Every time I have heard George Anthony deny the sexual abuse allegations I have never been able to believe him and I really do think that sexual abuse really lies at the center of the mystery, of what happened to Caylee Anthony.

  31. Hi SJ .. I have been reading your blog with much interest and saying hmmmm lol. I had come to the conclusion after reading all of the discovery that little Caylee had drowned on June 16th after Cindy had gone after Casey for stealing money from her grandmother the night before. I figured she was so angry with Casey, that she inadvertently left the ladder up in the pool and just wasn’t thinking properly. I did however notice that during the trial, Baez asked Cindy if she had ever taken Casey to a gynecologist for “female problems” she was supposed to have had. Cindy told him she had not, so even if she doesn’t want to believe that George molested Casey over the years there is no real proof he had not. Cindy was the main supporter of the household, she went to work early in the morning, leaving George with ample time to do what ever he wanted to his children. They would never tell if he had. No wife wants to believe that her husband molested their child or children ever.
    On another note, what about all the gambling George had done without CIndy’s knowledge? I really do not think that man is to be trusted in any way shape or form.
    I believe that George was home when Caylee died because he remembers exactly what she was wearing the last time he saw her and the only way he would remember that is if he knew it would be the last time he saw her. If Casey had left with Caylee at 12:50 PM as he had stated, then who was on the computer from one until three pm when he stated he left for work at 2:30? Too many of his statements do not add up at all.

    • I am interested to see others; thoughts/interpretations of Cindy A’s bizarre (well, one of many) statement during the final chapters of the trial:

      I stopped looking for Zanny 6 weeks ago…

      Was this a parting shot to Casey? You have gone too far now, you didn’t stick w/ the story… you are on your own?

      Or what?

      This statement seemed to be said directly to Casey, and as I recall, was meant to cut her to the quick…

      Anyone else?

      • Yes. I agree but not just in the final chapters of the trial.

        In one of the 911 calls – I believe it is the first one – it always sounds like she is threatening Casey or giving Casey messages that she has no power here. She will go down – fast and hard. She is giving Casey the message that Cindy has the police on her side. Casey has nobody.

        • Hi Sam:

          What are your thoughts on these, shall we call them oddities?:

          The stranger than strange Caylee “funeral services” put on by the Anthonys…

          Caylee referred to Cindy as “Nan”. Caylee even sang “please don’t take Nan’s sunshine away…” Was Caylee using Nan as short for Nana (common short for Grandma) or was this short for Nanny? Maybe Caylee heard others ref. to Cindy as nanny…Maybe Cindy herself, refd. to herself as “the nanny”…

          Early on, George stated ( and I am paraphrasing here): that was not my granddaughter’s body in the trunk…?

          • I hadn’t heard those oddities yet! I’m still reeling over all the others (heart shaped sticker, duct tape, crackling maggots, FBI investigators saying they suspected corruption but not being allowed to let the jury know, George’s gun, multiple cell-phones, sealed evidence, the very mysterious ‘experts’ for the prosecution, the fabricated chloroform searches, Roy Kronk, and the total lack of ability to connect-the-dots).

            As far as the oddities you mention, it makes a whole lot more sense than the other nonsense that gets mentioned. I call my grandma Nanny. She wants that because she says Grandma sounds too old.

            The body was never in the trunk. I think George may have difficulty with language. He often doesn’t say what he means.

            George feels betrayed by Casey so now he will entertain whatever anyone says about her to throw her under the bus. The wet garbage was why the car smelled. Cindy’s car, btw. The car is in her name. Funny how nobody could figure out that the car tested for chloroform because she had cleaned and Febreezed it.

            I believe that is why Casey abandoned the car. It was never hers to take. He changed his testimony once Casey told the truth. His love affair with his daughter was over then. He does not think he abused her. He thinks he loved her.

          • What are your thoughts on the chloroform? I think George mentioned it somewhere along the line so then LE started searching for it. They found it in the car and in computer searches that were later found to be incorrect. Cindy may have actually told the truth about searching for chlorophyll.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            …IMO…her body was ‘no longer in the trunk; and it was only a small piece of decomposing matter that was placed in the car before it was towed…maybe even hidden in the purse that was located in the front seat. (Casey lost it when she ‘lost sight of Caylee’ on Friday the 13th…her worst of worst days. from the POV I’m trying to reference another adaptation of the facts we’ve been convinced was an indication of murder, that I call the heinous-murderer story, that last year, at the trial, science ‘dis-proved.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          That’s proof of the power struggle within their family that led to Caylee’s tragic disappearance….G and C are the authority figures in the household on Hopesprings. Casey (with Caylee) left their home June 9th, with their belongings in the Pontiac; they avoided outward contact with C and G afterwards…until AFTER Casey could not find Caylee on June 14th, WHEN EVERYTHING CHANGED.

          What was the story Casey WOULD’VE told LE on June 14th (early -to-mid June) when she lost Caylee’s whereabouts… IMO WITHOUT the video, Casey wouldn’t have believed Caylee was nearby and safe “while she conducted her own stupid search for her daughter for 31 days”, she would’ve reported Caylee missing after 24 hours…on Father’s Day.

          I say she would have also reported Caylee’s death, had she known that Caylee was already decomposing when the video appeared to have been made; mid-day, June 15th (mid-June)

          IMO It was a “heinous-murder story” [carried in the media during180 days that Casey believed Caylee was missing] and its unrelated evidence that unfolded over time. It was the only STORY that science tested and the jury weighed (not directly connected to Caylee’s death event) but quickly resulted in the UN-expected murder trial verdict.

          *IMO WHAT Casey BELIEVED “mid-June” regarding Caylee’s whereabouts and condition was INFLUENCED by the Father’s Day video and ‘what information she could find’ before July 15th…*Keep in mind, Caylee’s body began to decompose “early-to-mid June”

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Hmmm!” when she said “I stopped looking for Zanny 6 weeks ago”, please, what was the date?

        *I believe Cindy was already looking for proof of ‘the nanny’ (George’s g-friend) between May 30 and June 9th (Cindy’s vacation days). She spent 2 days with Shirley in Mt Dora, possibly using her computer to make searches and secure her banking accounts. IMO the hairbrush she gave to LE on July 23 had the g-friend/ nanny’s hair…but the pic Cindy was shown July 24 was of Crystal.

        For months, Cindy couldn’t find ANY truth in what ever George or Casey was telling her…about anything! By late May, Cindy knew money was missing from her online banking accounts, but couldn’t tell who was taking it; Casey OR George? She spent 2 vacation days at MtDora with Shirley. [Shirley’s advice was to kick ‘someone’ out]

        Casey and George shared the home computer and were equally suspicious…secretive and manipulative..

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Cindy had never seen the outfit Caylee’s remains were recovered with. But Casey could tell when she saw the news on Dec 11, that Caylee had died in the clothes she was wearing the last time Casey saw Caylee alive; face-to-face….which Casey remembered as “31 days since I saw my daughter” and IS June 14th…’early-to-mid June. The fact the body was recovered without shoes, says she was either sleeping or napping, or swimming: IMO no swimsuit…no drowning…that simple.

  32. Hi there: I felt that KC is innocent from day # 1, just intuitively, as many of us: but here is the problem: Casey has been given to LE (by G &C – from one side, and by NG and other media- from another) “on the plate”: grilled, salted, peppered, etc…- just ready to eat. And they “ate her. YM and other “excellent”, “hard working” detectives were unable or unwilling to think “out of box”. Now – even when the trial is over, and Casey is out of jail – she is NOT FREE.
    My question is: G&C are liars, – obviously,but they never took the polygraph – just refused. Why doesn’t the state to go ahead and to RE-OPEN this case? I believe they MUST put G &C trough the polygraph (and it’s doesn’t matter if they like it or not: too many questions needs to be answered here). Otherwise, the endless “I hate Casey – lynch her!” festival will continue, as we all can see now. It’s a great and brave thing SJ is doing by supporting Casey trough this website, prayers, etc …, but (in real life) it’s will not help her to walk freely on the streets and live without fear. So, what to do? Any thoughts?

    • I think the State needs to be investigated. The case cannot be re-opened by the same corrupt people who charged her.

      • Hi Sam:

        Pure speculation, but maybe, just maybe, Geo. knew that Casey looked up choloroform after she recd. that “funny” email from her boyfriend, something about win her over with chloroform… Maybe Casey even asked Geo. what that meant…or maybe Geo. had encountered something similar during his police force years…

        Yes, many cleaning products can create some nasty byproducts…

        I still wonder though about George’s comment ( I didn’t paraphrase it too well, so let’s try it again) something like, ” …that body that was in the car was not my granddaughter…”

        The first time I heard it, I thought to myself, how strange?

        Does this comment mean there was a body in the car it just not his granddaughter? Could it be that the deceased person was NOT related to him by a Grand anything relationship but by something much closer. It almost seemed he was saying, oh yeah, there was a body in the car, she isn’t my Granddaughter though…

        Almost like he was spinning the body in the trunk story, but a kernel of reality came out: she’s not my Granddaughter…

        Find it on youtube and see if it doesn’t seem to have some weird meaning…

        And why did The A’s originally say they had not seen Caylee nor Casey since June 9/10?

        And I am beginning to think the 30 days Cindy A. told Casey she had already given her, when calling LE, was originally a harmless 30 days that the A’s agreed to keep Caylee while Casey searched for and moved into a new home, after the big fight, which I believe really happened on June 9/10. Maybe Casey was told you can no longer live here, you have 30 days to get a new place, secure it, and move your belongings to, then come back and get Caylee. I think originally the 30 days were inocuous and Casey was seeing apts., hoping to gather her things, her child and go once and for all. It later spun into something not so harmless…

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Hi Sam.
          You are right…these people make statements with odd sentence structure; which complicates clear understanding of their purpose. The whole family speaks English, but often it seems, when they voluntarily want to ‘give mis-information’, it usually screws-up the sentance structure. Like Freudian slips…they occur when the mind is processing something besides what is being said from their mouth. Not always, but often it is the result of ‘lying or speculation’

        • JA Kalskett says:

          …not my granddaughter…That IS A MIND-TRICK many LE officers use to ‘detach their personal feelings’ from crime scenes and accidents like car wrecks, (where the sight of mangled people might otherwise affect them personally, especially in cases involving children)…in this case, it was his ‘gr-child…he was ‘good’ at lying and hiding the truth…but not perfect. Personally, I think Goe’s forte is “intimidation”

    • I don’t believe that the case can be reopened without further evidence and Casey can never be charged again for the same thing. She has been acquitted so unless they find further evidence to support someone else doing what happened, the case will remained closed.

  33. Here is a thought SJ that is in line with your thinking of Casey and possibly Caylee also being molested by George. Jesse Grund had stated he and Casey were engaged and she broke it off because he loved Caylee more than he loved her. Perhaps his affection towards Caylee sent up red flags to Casey as she knew behaviour like that from her own father and associated it with molestation rather than just plain love. She had told him that her brother had molested her but had not mentioned her father doing it. This would also be in line with her all of a sudden being best pals with her mom after her father moved out. George and Cindy stated in the interview with Dr. Phil that he had moved out in early 2006 I believe it was, and Jesse had stated they split up in 2006 when Casey became best friends with her mother. Until that time, after Casey had Caylee, she had spent most of her time that she was not at work with the Grund family.
    I believe she had major trust issues. She had a friend whom she trusted babysitting little Caylee. When that friend found another job, Casey lost her job and became her own nanny. She let on that she was still working at universal studios, which we all know was not the truth, and spent all of her time with Caylee. Why would she do this? I would hazard a guess here and say that it was because her mother expected her to work as she had done all of Casey’s life, but Casey feared for her little girl and what her working could possibly mean. People will do strange things when they feel the need to protect their children.

    • Hi you know i do remember baez stating in opening that either the job/the nanny was was also an excuse to avoid her dad. One of those lies and i agree casey became the nanny, she was with her everyday and nothing had happened. The baby was going to have a b-day in 2 months time and would be missed regardless of where they lived so what ever happened was not planned. though i believe it was an accident(possible drowning) and casey didnt know what to do, she feared her mother would blame her for the rest of her life and made it worse for herself. I dont think she did anything to the baby though if she did put her in the woods she should take responsibility for it bc the baby didnt deserve that and if she didnt, but knows she should go to the police and say everything. to at least ease all this hate. I do feel that if it ever comes out with proof that someone else is the true culprit, haters are gonna hate and say “still didnt say anything for 31 days…”

  34. This was so well thought out and well written and presented. I believe and surmised on my own some of what you also believe and have posted here for us all. I was an abused child and it is possible for the abuser to manipulate the abused and for one parent to do so with the other parent never knowing what is going on. Each time when I saw Casey crying while her father testified and I saw her tears and felt her pain. I felt how she was crying for the little girl that used to be her as a child. I cry from my own memories of my childhood and it is not selfish tears. The tears are for the child in us that never got to live that normal, beautiful, happy life of childhood. We who have been abused are the only ones who can understand how we survive in abusive, dysfunctional families. We still love our abuser why we fear the abuse. We still love the abuser while we do not understand the abuse and we cry for the child in us that will never be able to let go of that pain. Casey exhibited that in the courtroom and I believe her claims. I also believe that was more going on with that little girl Caylee than we the public will ever know. Thanks for your well written and surmised article.

  35. I just finished again watching and listening to the first jailhouse visit by Cindy and George A..
    I believe I now have seen and listened to those 6-7 times, yet they still fascinate me.
    For those who have never watched the first jailhouse visits between Casey and her parents, you must…

    Geo. never allows Casey to “spill the beans”, or finish a sentence, when it appears that the sentence may incriminate any one other than Casey. Instead he talks over her, barely breathes from talking so loudly and quickly, anything to prevent Casey from revealing any truths or asking any questions which may point to her innocence.

    Casey seems totally in the dark and her responses seem honest and without hesitation. She even tells Cindy, I don’t have anything to add, I am totally out of the loop…

    She even says something like: this is the first time in any of this that I have been angry…why am I still here…as if she cannot comprehend nor fully knows what all has happened to her daughter, or maybe she believes Caylee will be returned if only she complies, sticks with the story, and remains in jail…

    These tapes will cause you to ask many questions re. to this tragedy,and just who knew what when, and what Casey had been told…

    When Cindy begins to “cry,” Casey asks her dad, “why is she crying already?” And Casey then laughs for about 5 seconds, not a laugh of hahahaha we are getting over on everybody, but a laugh like, oh my goodness, I am gonna crack up at your bull@#$% crying, and Casey even says(paraphrasing), while trying to keep from cracking up, Boy, I almost lost it there…like she had to keep up the game to save her daughter and any possibility of being released.

    The entire lot of tapes, but particularly the first visit is telling. I do not think Casey had yet realized what was going on, what her parents were doing, had done or were planning to do… She appears angry and frustrated that she agreed to get locked up for a short period of time ( per her parents) and that all would be well.

    Also, I earlier asked if anyone remembered Geo’s odd remark early on: “the body in the trunk was not my granddaughter…” What is he saying here? There was a body, it just was not his granddaughter’s? or that Caylee is not his granddaughter? I believe this remark has powerful meaning…

    For those that wish to see the videotape of said remark, visit youtube and search for “where was George Anthony on July 15, 2008?”

    I believe this site contains the first jailhouse visits between Casey and her parents, if not search youtube, using Casey and The Anthonys first jailhouse visits. As posted on youtube, pt. 1 is particularly fascinating!

    • HI! There is also Cindy’s FBI interview available on youtube. Check it out please (if you have not already). There Cindy says that probably Amy (Casey’s friend) is that infamous nanny, who kidnapped Caylee. And that is strange, as Cindy also gives the description of the nanny and tells the investigator that the nanny has BLONDE HAIR. This is odd, as it always has been considered that Zanny the nanny is some hispanic woman…If i’m wrong than enlighten me please) have a nice day…

      • Help us all! Hi Victoria. Good point! Hmmm, it seems that the nanny, a nanny, some nanny was what was needed…let’s just throw something out and hope it fits! Also, in the jailhouse letters ( offered at this site), Cindy is writing Casey and writes (paraphrasing here) oh yes, I found the Nanny’s hairdryer in your room… maybe there is a hair on it…

        Whose hairdryer is this? Where did it come from? Why would Cindy write Casey and ask her about this mystery hairdryer belonging to who knows who? Who did it belong to? and whose hair was on it?

        If you have not, please read the jailhouse letters…

        • Hi! I’ve not read them yet, but I will… Why would Cindy do that I have no idea… It’s just weird and even scary… Why they supported this story about the nanny, though it had already been proven that there was no nanny… Something is terribly wrong with these people… And btw, I’ve heard that Cindy babysits for another girl (about Caylee’s age)… nonsense… SJ’s theory is very very plausible, but I’m not sure about an occasion of abuse on that fateful day… my theory is that Caylee drowned and GEORGE was just afraid of autopsy, as his abuse would have been discovered (I’m not sure about the rules in your country, and I’m from Russia), and in our country if the drowning occurs than the autopsy of the body must be performed right away). So he covered it up in order to destroy the evidence…

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Cindy said that about Amy b/c Amy told LE that Casey was following instructions from someone after mid June.

    • @Thinker:

      “Also, I earlier asked if anyone remembered Geo’s odd remark early on: “the body in the trunk was not my granddaughter…” What is he saying here? There was a body, it just was not his granddaughter’s? or that Caylee is not his granddaughter? I believe this remark has powerful meaning…”

      I have from the beginning believed that George is/was the biological father of Caylee. I’ve debated this subject for three years now and with all of the opposition to it, not ONE individual has been able to produce the actual DNA Test Results for George. I heard ASShton state (more like mumble) under his breath that paternity tests were done on George & Lee ~ both being negative. Everyone seems to take this as gospel, but i WANT to see the actual test result, with my own two eyes ~ then I just ‘might’ believe it. With all of the absurdities/lies we, the public has been spoon fed, why should we believe ASShton? IMO, I will always believe this little tidbit has been kept from us!

      Anyone beside myself believe it to be just a little strange that a DNA test from the brother and father was even requested?

      • i have also wondered why George was not given a Dna test. I have also wondered if George, Cindy, And Casey thought George was the father and that is why they lied to the family, and even lee, about Casey being pregnant. Just a thought but so much about this family is weird.

  36. I’ve been watching this case unfold since the beginning, and in 2008 I did believe Casey had something to do with the death of her daughter. After watching the trial and seeing George and Cindy on the stand, I started to have doubts as to how “loving” these grandparents really were. Your theory seems like it could hold some truth. I think people forget how young Casey was when this all happened and how easily she could have been manipulated by her father. Anyway, I hope one day Casey does decide to tell us the events that went down that day, after all she doesn’t need to “protect” her father anymore. I really think hearing the truth from her could change the opinion of the “Casey-haters”. Oh, and SJ.. nice work on the site.

    • Yes, one could spend one’s entire day searching online documents and video/audio tapes…
      I find so many inconsistencies! Yesterday. while on youtube, I saw a clip of the “Find Caylee” command post. Behind the volunteers, I noted a posted with all the particulars re. to Caylee: her DOB, weight, height, age, etc.

      And also, the date she went missing: June 9th, not June 16th, when Geo.. claims he saw both Caylee and Casey leaving, even describing both outfits with astonishing detail, right down to their backpacks and the color of their outfits…

      How can one remember mundane details like color of shorts/skirts, but not the date? The 9th was one full week earlier…

      I may not remember what my grandchild had on any particular day last week, but I would certainly remember spending Father’s Day ( June 15th) with him, especially if we went and visited an aging relative… and altho’ I may have to look at a calendar to determine the date, I would know I had last seen him on Father’s Day, not some 7 days earlier, which was not a holiday nor a day we ventured together to a nursing home!Those types of “SPECIAL” events stick in one’s mind… something like, yes, that’s right, we drove the hr. there and back, we visited with my aged father, Caylee sat on his lap and was adored by all who saw her. She sang and was sooo cute; what a special day we had. Yes, Father’s Day was certainly special and my father so appreciated seeing sweet lil Caylee…I videotaped the whole thing…Yes, I am sure it was Father’s Day and that was not the 9th, let me look at a calendar, yes, it was the 15th of June that Father’s Day fell on!

      What is this about? Why the 9th? and why was this date used in the poster at the search post?
      Did someone later realize: oh my gosh, there are people who saw us at the nursing home, omg there is a video of us there on that date at that time? uh-oh, let’s rethink this…it really wasn’t the 9th???

      This seems odd indeed… why the 9th originally?

      • JA Kalskett says:

        G and C had returned from taking Caylee to the beach, a theme park and water park during the first week of Cindy’s vacation days May 29th thru June 9th. That was the day of the big fight between Cindy and Casey; after which Casey and Caylee spent the next week avoiding going to Hopesprings Dr and G and C. The next weekend was Friday the 13th, Flag Day, and Father’s Day. Caylee was with Casey on Friday the 13th and with G and C on June 15th thru the 16th. Who knew where Caylee was on the 14th? No one outside the A-Family witnessed Caylee after Friday the 13th, but forensic science experts say ‘she was decomposing already’ before mid-June.

  37. Short of a confession, wouldn’t LE efforts to arrest and convict George be fruitless given that the state spent so much effort to convict Casey, for Reasonable Doubt, all he’d have to do would be to point to the fact that the State doesn’t know what they are doing. Or am I missing something?

    • Randy, I think it would have to be some competent people who arrest George. Jeff Ashton has already resigned before being fired. If the corruption was cleaned up, it would be pretty easy to show that George Anthony wanted to make sure the remains were decomposed enough not to show the sexual abuse.

      • Maybe the skies will open up and truth will rain down like little, silver orbs, absorbed by those it touches…

        Maybe someone will offer the importance of the original, claimed date of gone missing: June 9th…

        Maybe someone will set the record straight …

        Maybe someone can gather up the truth and begin the healing process for those who have lost and can never find…

        Maybe the truth can still set one free…

        Secrets and sorrow ruin…

        Offer your prayers for those who are hurt and still hurting.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          The struggle within the home had been ongoing for months, if not years; but went out of control after Casey turned 21.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        …or at least long enough that it would be impossible for forensics to detect water in her lungs or NOT…since she was decomposing before mid-June…she was not alive when that Mt Dora video was recorded b/c if she had died with water in her lungs, 911 would have been called…

  38. With the Penn State scandal, we are seeing once again how the world covers up for molestors. Just like they cover for ‘ole George.

    • Sherry ~ my thoughts exactly! This Penn State thing with the pervert Sandusky has only just begun to unravel.

      I honestly pray daily for George AND Cindy to be exposed for WHO and WHAT they truly are!
      I agree with many others that there is definitely corruption in Orlando, Florida! I am constantly writing to Linda D-Burdick, asking for further investigation into GA. So far, no response. I attempt to appeal to her ‘motherly’ side ~ we’ll see!

      After watching Cindy testify during trial, there was one statement she made, concerning Caylee being naked in the pool ~ how she loved to feel the jetts on her back and her bottom! I find this disturbing and I’ve been unable to forget it for some reason. (Please, don’t bombard me w/your negative comments on this subject ~ IOMO).

      During Cindy’s MEmorial, listening to George speak about “smelling her sweet sweat” made my skin crawl….

      IMO, there was a LOT more going on in this house (not a home) then we will ever know! Cindy originally began her nursing career as a pediatric nurse! Wonder why she didn’t continue in that field?

      • I’ve been thinking that maybe, just maybe, Lee suffered from a similar type of abuse and he & Casey will tell their story ~ together. This may be the ONLY way we’ll ever know the truth! I think there is a sibling bond between Casey & Lee ~ who knows, stranger things have happened in this case.

  39. Yes, Sandusky’s strange behavior and that sickening interview made me realize they are the same brand, different style. I was on the fence, but not now.

  40. Okay, so I am a skeptic….so help me understand. Is there any proof that George molested Casey? I never heard it mention until Opening Statements. Did I miss the proof or is everyone going on Casey’s word alone??

    Also, I did follow this case very closely. But did not see the video of the Memorial Service. Could someone tell me more about the comment George made about “smelling her sweet sweat”? That seems sick….although the whole family is very messed up.

    Is there any proof that Geoge was involved in the murder or is that alone on Casey’s word. I just feel I followed this very closely and it still bothers me to this day. It’s going to be like JonBenet Ramsey….never be solved. I don’t trust anyone in the family but seeing George and Cindy’s grief makes it hard for me to believe either had anything to do with it.

    • Sandy:

      What proof do you expect? No, I personally don’t have ‘proof’ yet, but I know things eventually will prove me correct. I base MO on her psychological behavior, signs & symptoms. I also closely observed George’s illusive & defensive manner in which he responded to questions at trial. May I suggest you read up on sexual abuse and see for yourself if it doesn’t all fit together? Have you ever asked yourself ‘what father would be in the DELIVERY room, observing the birth of his grandchild?’ IMO, this in itself is a RED flag of sexual abuse!

      As for SINdy’s MEmorial, you can watch it on YouTube. If you haven’t viewed it yet, suggest you do so.

      Re: your comment of this tragedy being like JonBenet Ramsey’s ~ never to be solved, I pray you’re wrong.

      Re: George & SINdy’s ‘grieving grandparents’ routine is IMO, a bunch of BS! What grandparents of murdered and/or missing children do you know that setup ‘Funds and ‘Foundations’ and use the money to support themselves? Can you give me ONE constructive, charitable thing they’ve done for anyone besides themselves? I don’t think so. Have they used the $30,000 Rescue Boat to help find ONE missing child?

      Has SINdy ever offered up a thank you to Tim Miller of TES or offered to reimburse him for HER request for him to search for a ‘live’ Caylee ~ ummmm, NO!

      George, the Sponge, & SINdy say they are unable to work, therefore they MUST draw salaries from the latest ‘fraudation’! WHY are they unable to work? Might I mention, their many flights to NY, CA & the Bahamas (to swim w/the dolphins), They don’t appear disabled to me! What grieving grandparents do you know that obtain tattoos, take cruises and buy jewelry and diamond stud earrings? What grieving grandfather that is so depressed, supposedly out searching for his beloved granddaughter, has a romantic liason, right in the middle of all of this?

      Instead of George, the Sponge & SINdy remaining silent after their daughter is found NOT GUILTY, why do they decide to go onto the Phil show and accept a $500,000 donation and two new jeeps (listed as property of the foundation BTW)? I only heard more of the same BS as always ~ except the Sponge getting one last dig in on Casey by saying “I blame my daughter for Caylee’s death” ~ me thinks he doest protest too much! Poor guy ~ this is the most work he’s ever done ~ trying to convince the world of his DAUGHTER’S GUILT! What normal father does this?

      WHY does a ‘grieving grandmother’ give the wrong hairbrush to the FBI? There are so many more things to dissuade me from EVER believing that they even loved Caylee. You have to decide for yourself…..meanwhile, I DON’T BUY the ‘grieving grandparent’ routine.

      • Sandy:
        Hopefully this link will help you to reach a conclusion in regards to the sexual abuse Casey

        • MiMi…thanks for that link!! Loved the blog post…so right on!! However, it didn’t work when I copied and pasted it…there is an extra html at the beginning…it should be

          Again thanks…your comments are ALWAYS so informative. I also believe Casey’s behavior exhibits signs of sexual abuse…years of abuse. I thought that prior to the allegations ever being made.

          • Jill ~ thank you for the correct link. I feel if we as a group can post reliable links and factual information, it just might open the eyes of a few, if not many. I’ve noticed a few more that seem to be coming over to the ‘awakened’ side ~ lol.

            There seems to be a haze over the ‘haters’ ~ where they REFUSE to listen to the FACTS and have on blinders when it comes to Casey. I have never witnessed anything like it! They seem to be hell-bent on praising ASShton and ripping Casey, Jose’ and Mason to shreds. Some of them seem almost demonic and diabolical. (We need to pray for them ~ it’s never good to have hatred in your heart for ANYONE).

          • Okay, so maybe I didn’t follow this case as close as I thought….George was in the Delivery Room??

            I don’t trust Cindy or George and who knows what went on behind closed doors….sickness is everywhere!! I will watch the video of the Memorial just havent’ got the time at the moment… and my own daughter. She’s 22 trying to get through Med. Lab. School and helping her out all I can at the moment. Hope I can watch it this weekend.

            My daughter is one of the reasons I get so hooked on these cases…..I still get that sick feeling in my stomach if I feel something is wrong or she is in danger. Just happened to me this week. I am so sick of parents, grandparents, boyfriends, girlfriends etc. killing/abusing these innocent children. Just had a case where I live – a 27 year old raped a 7 year old……father just killed his 2 year old…..I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND!! We are supposed to take care and protect our children…..what’s going on??

          • Sandy:

            Yep, George was in the delivery room. He also stated he went with her to office visits and viewed the sonograms. I don’t find the latter offensive, but the way he describes being in the delivery room, watching the actual birth….left me with a sick feeling. I think a perpetrator would probably want to be ‘right there’ just in case the victim started to tell doctor and/or anyone else about the abuse. To me, this is just another form of control the pepetrator uses to instill their silence.

            Cindy also testified she had never taken Casey to a gynecologist until about seven months along. No visits prior to that! You having a daughter, I’m sure you can agree that the age of 19 and seven months pregnant is just a ‘little’ odd!

            I couldn’t agree with you more about the way things are happening in this world…..too sad for words. I hope you have time to watch the MEmorial and keep me posted on how your feelings change for the ‘grieving grandparents’.

          • Mimi:

            I do plan on watching it this weekend. I do agree this is one screwed up family…and Yes, if my daughter came up pregnant today…tomorrow I would be getting her an appointment with a dr. Her well being has always been top of the list. I do agree that George and Cindy have done some crazy weird things. I can tell you my father….who I love with all my heart…would have never come in the delivery room with me. I would have been grossed out and so would he….he would have sent everyone in that hospital in before he would have come in.

            I do believe George and Lee did molest Casey but wonder why she waited so long to spill the beans on George? Maybe lawyer advise…..sad thing is who do you believe in this case they all are liars.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        you ask…WHY does a ‘grieving grandmother’ give the wrong hairbrush to the FBI?

        Cindy gave THAT brush to FBI b/c she hoped THEY would find proof of the “other woman” that Casey told her ‘Geo was seeing for the previous year and a half’…the one who sometimes watched Caylee; [the #10 w/ black curly hair, arm tattoos, straight teeth and worked for LE]

        *Casey couldn’t locate her after June 14th, or her ‘look-alike’ / twin sister, Crystal Holloway

        Remember? Cindy was shown a pic of Crystal and she commented; Sorry lady, but you’re NOT A #10! Neither Casey or Cindy was shown a pic of Cecelia Benaida-Gonzale(z).
        *1. [Gonzale(z) was dropped after her divorce]
        2. Cecelia was ‘undercover’ for the corrections facility, so Casey never saw her in a line-up.
        3. Crystal (AKA River Cruz) and her sister; Cecelia (AKA Skye ?) and George AKA (Papa Jo) were the authors of the HeinousMurderStory who manipulated the truth from June 14th until Casey was incarcerated. Cindy suspected, but Casey couldn’t prove her story.

        Ironically, Padilla found info on C.Benaida-Gonzale(z) b-4 he was ‘dismissed’ by Cindy, Casey and Geo)

  41. SJ:
    Thanks so much for allowing me to vent last night. I know I got a ‘little’ carried away, but I feel we ‘owe’ Casey that much. 🙂 Feel free to delete anything I wrote if needed. I get so frustrated at times ~ just feel the need to speak up for Casey and little Caylee.

    • Hi MiMi! No probs. Any time. You covered everything. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I know it can be frustrating at times when some people refuse to see sense and insist on beleiving the BS fed to them daily for 3+ years… but we plough on regardless. I also updated the link to Linda’s page in your earlier post. Make it a great day! FAA / SJ

  42. SJ: I thought you and the others would like to see the ‘lovely’ photo-op of George Anthony.
    Make it a great day! 🙂!/photo.php?fbid=267938303256969&set=pu.150683628315771&type=1&theater

    • MiMi…There is a picture of Georgie and $indy in that facebook album…it says that 10 employees and their wives made chili for the chili cookoff. Georgie doesn’t have a job at Quinco Electrical, does he? I mean…isn’t he allergic to work or something like that? I’m telling you, that man gives me the creeps! ugh!!

      • Jill:

        ROFLMBO ~ I don’t know if George is employed there ~ however, he does have on a lanyard with an i.d. and has on a Quinco t-shirt. I think the man that owns Quinco is David Deese ~ the one who flew G&C to the Bahamas in his private jet for the week of swimming with the Dolphins…lol. Must be nice, $500K in the fraudation account, two new jeeps, a good job AND a healthy looking wife who is drawing disability! I was told last night that Lee is also working there but I haven’t verified that as of yet…

        He gives me the heebie jeebies too….that grin on his face is, well, priceless…lmbo! If he IS employed there, it’s just a matter of time before he injures himself and files a worker’s comp case! lol

        Who said crime doesn’t pay?? FOOL! 🙂

  43. MiMi…agree with you about Lee. He too has probably suffered as a child of G and C. I think his behavior is bizarre in that while he was being questioned by police he giggled and laughed quite a bit. I have experience with that and used to do it too…smile when I really wanted to cry. It’s just a way to hide your feelings, hide yourself. I believe both Casey and Lee have had to deny who they really are to make their parents happy and to feel accepted by them. Such a shame.

    • Jill ~ I so enjoy reading your comments~!

      Just now finished reading Dr Ablow’s book. Have you read it yet? I found it very informative and learned a lot from it. You hit the nail on the head re: Lee & Casey suffering at the hands of George & Cindy. Would love to hear what you thought about the book….I loved it, although I didn’t want to read his last opinion! I can only pray to God he’s wrong. This entire tragedy is just so sad, makes me feel like crying again…..I did that a lot from the very beginning.

      • MiMi…I love reading your comments as well. I think we are pretty much on the same wavelength as far as how we feel about this case and who is responsible…and it’s not Casey. I’ve lived with a controlling man…who once I was out of the marriage I came to believe was a sociopath. He was very controlling but in a very insidious way. To everyone else he was a “great guy.” But he was VERY manipulative and was a user of people. He could use people without them ever knowing they were used. He really cared for no one but himself…even his kids were “props” to make him look better and to give him joy. He was never abusive in the physical way, but he sure knew how to play mind games. I literally thought I was going crazy! I also was sexually abused in my teen years…which I feel is why I settled for the guy I married. I had no self esteem. So…I say all this to say that I have some experience with these types of people. I believe the “haters” who are out there calling Casey names and ripping her apart have no clue…they just want something to hate. It breaks my heart that Casey reached out to people saying she thought she was going crazy and wanted help but no one did anything to help. As a mom, when your kids says that…you get them help!!! That feeling is so, so scarey…I know!!! When you live with controlling, manipulative people, they have a way to make you feel like your crazy, not them. You second guess everything. I believe Casey really needed help, but if she went to get that help, the dysfunction in the home would have been exposed and Cindy could have none of that! It really just breaks my heart!

        I did read Keith Ablow’s book and it made SO much sense! Like you, I don’t agree with all the theories…but he states what I believed all along. I totally believe she was sexually abused since 8 years of age and I think perhaps Lee was too. Casey didn’t just start lying about the nanny and her job after Caylee “went missing”…she had told these lies for years! WHY??? Why didn’t police dig into that deeper. They only went to the surface, but I believe the answers lie below the surface. I would love to discuss the book in depth. I too REALLY hope Casey proves his last chapter wrong. She has to be strong to already have gone through what she’s gone through…I think with treatment and unconditional love from people who really know how to love she can be alright and thrive. My hope is that one day she will be able to help other girls and women who struggle because they have been abused.

        If you would like to discuss the book in depth ask SJ to give you my email address. SJ…you have my permission to give it to Mimi.

        • Jill ~ WOW! You and I must be sisters from a different mother ~ lol. Everything you wrote, I have gond thru the exact same things, except no sexual abuse. Mine was psycological, verbal and physical abuse. I too was married to the ‘great guy’ who to this day still has almost everyone in town convinced he’s Mr. Wonderful ~ roflmbo! I would love to discuss the book and so much more with you and yes, SJ, will you be so kind as to give us one-another’s email?

          I also believe/KNOW that Casey is strong ~ she has to be, to have dealt with and coped with everything in her life, not to mention three long years in a cage. I cannot even begin to imagine the tortured feelings she must have endured. Every night when I showered, I would think about Casey not having the privacy to even do that! I pray for her daily, that God gives her strength, courage, stamina, endurance and FAITH to see this through to fruition.

          I want Casey to KNOW we are here for her and that we truly care for her~:)

          I look forward to her book and hopefully Justice for Caylee (oh, bite me SINdy)!

  44. Sam, I totally agree ~ this case needs to be re-opened. Perhaps we should ALL bombard Pam Bondi’s office with emails. It probably wouldn’t hurt to send email to Linda Drane-Burdick, John Allen and Appie Wells. (I personally would NOT appeal to Yuri Melich)! I just KNOW someone down there in Florida agrees with us and maybe they just need a little push in that direction.

    I just don’t understand how they can say “this case is closed and we’ve moved on” ~! Is noone EVER going to be held accountable for this child’s death ~ let alone her disposal like garbage?

  45. SJ:

    I need your input on a question. Casey distinctly said: “I haven’t seen my daughter in 31 days”~ (we all know that statement).

    There are 30 days in June.

    16JUN thru 30JUN08 = 14 days. (George says he last saw Casey & Caylee)
    15JUL08 = 15 days ~ (Date Cindy located Casey)
    TOTAL#DAYS = 29 days ~ (Not 31 days as ORIGINALLY stated)

    QUESTION; Do you think this would show that Casey wasn’t even with Caylee AT ALL? Do you think
    George could have been ‘caring’ for Caylee all along?

    15JUN08 George’s START DATE at new job (I don’t think GA had been working for many months)

    On one of the first news videos, GA states that Casey had moved out as of 09JUN08. (I will locate and post the link)

    Is it possible they, G&C had kicked out Casey and kept Caylee as of 09JUN08 and ‘fed’ Casey the story that Caylee had been kidnapped and Casey had no idea what had happened at all? I have always said there’s something ‘just not right here’!

    • CORRECTION: 15JUL08 ~ GA’s START DATE at new job.

    • CORRECTION: (again, sorry) 🙂

      GA’s date of employment application: 17Jun08
      GA’s date of availability for emplyment: 01Jul08

    • Mimi:

      what say you re. the original “missing” date of June 9th? posted on the original fliers?
      what say you re. the “anonymous” phone call made to investigators, in which, the caller states emphatically that she saw both Casey and Caylee at the Anthony’s home on June 12th ( can be found at youtube: Cindy Anthony’s anonymous call)? Yes, it is entitled that because many believe it is Cindy A. herself…
      and what is your opinion of the jailhouse visit between Lee and Casey, during which, Lee basically tells Casey that the 9th could not be correct…she follows that lead and say something like, oh yes, now that i have had time to remember…”
      I am beginning to think the 30 (or 31) days were originally given to Casey to get a job, get a place, and then come back for Caylee; the A’s would provide 24/7 care for Caylee until that time…
      Of course Casey would not report her daughter missing then; she either wasn’t “missing” yet, or Casey was led to believe all was well, via calls/other.
      It just seems soooooo odd that the dates have changed during the course of the original missing child posters, initial jailhouse visits, and subsequent…
      I wonder if Caylee was fine/not missing actually much later than June 16th, and this is why Casey appears “fine” in the Blockbuster surveillance and other photos taken during mid-late June: there was no “missing” Caylee at that time??? Casey is behaving like any young person, out enjoying herself, renting movies, dancing, being with peers. Could it be that Casey had nothing to be concerned about because all was well????
      Also, what say you about the jailhouse visit between the A’s and Casey (see youtube) jailhouse visit part 1 of 4? (have you seen this?)
      I would be very interested in your take on that conversation ( in particular).
      The dates, neither June 9th nor June 16th seem logical; did something happen later much closer to the July 2 Myspace posting?

      Hope to hear your thoughts…

      • Thinker:

        I’m going to work on every one of your questions tonight, and will try to respond by tomorrow evening. I think you and I are on the same page ~ thinking that Casey was given that 30-31 days to find employment, leaving Caylee with the ‘unemployed’ grandfather? and Sindy. Why report your child missing if you’re under the impression she’s fine?

        Thanks for your post.


        • Thinker:

          As to the mix-up on the dates: IMO, it was Cindy’s ‘idea’ to establish the date(s) with Casey – getting their (G&C’s) stories straight! (Keep in mind Casey didn’t know about Caylee being ‘missing’ until July 15!) Ooops, Cindy had forgotten about the Father’s Day visit on June 15! I think she would have stuck w/this date (June 9), if LE hadn’t discovered the video of their visit to the nursing home.

          (I currently believe Cindy probably KNEW of Caylee’s death all the time – from the beginning.) Somewhere around the July 15th, G&C somehow convinced Casey that Caylee had been kidnapped, telling her to do everything they told her and Caylee would be safely returned. After all, dad is a retired ‘LE Officer’ and he knows ‘a lot about a lot of things’!

          The anonymous phone call: Yes, I do believe that was/is Cindy. Casey was NOT at home on June 12th – the desktop computer in the Anthony’s home had been logged on, to one of Caseys sites. I think the call was made simply to establish Casey as being on the computer. G&C KNEW that LE would obtain PC records, hence, they needed a ‘record’ to prove Casey WAS as home on June 12.

          Phone visit between Lee and Casey: Lee was told by Cindy to ‘confirm’ their dates. We have to remember, they were scrambling to do so, and Lee being the ever vigilant PI, he was going to do whatever Cindy & the grieving grandfather told him.

          I agree with you reference the 30-31 day period where videos show Casey being a 22 year old, having a good time, without a care in the world (before she was told of the alleged kidnapping!) Seems as though all of ‘haters’ have forgotten what it was like to be 22!

          I do believe they had ‘kicked out’ Casey on June 9th – giving her a month to find employment, place to live, etc..with the belief she could pick up Caylee at that time. George was NOT employed during this time and Cindy ‘volunteered’ him as the nanny/caregiver for Caylee, while Casey established herself. After all, the ‘nurse of decomposition’ had always been the bread-winner of the family…someone had to support George!

          I am now beginning to think Caylee didn’t go ‘missing’ until the first week of July 2008. Cindy stated in one of her interviews with LE that she had taken an unscheduled week off because she was unable to carry-over(?) vacation hours, so she decided to take the week of July 4th. This is when all of the spur-of-moment, extensive backyard work took place. IMO, not a coincidence, but an attempt to cover/remove any and all traces of decomposition.

          The Anthonys jailhouse visit #1: If you saw Cindy’s ‘performance’ during the trial, you’ll understand when I say I don’t believe for one minute she was truly crying in this video. When George was speaking, he was practically gasping for air from talking over Casey – IMO, making SURE Casey didn’t have a chance to say anything that might implicate him! Note how Casey says “no one will give me a chance to speak”!

          During this visit, bear in mind, Casey’s attorney (Jose) was out of town and had no knowledge of this meeting. Also, Casey had NOT been read her Miranda Rights. I think this was part of George’s, Cindy’s and LE’s plan to get Casey to implicate herself. C&G were scared to death that Casey was so angry, that she might deviate from ‘the script’ they had given her!

          I am in agreement with SJ, of his theory given in The “Immaculate Deception”, about the way Caylee died.

          I have always believed George is the biological father of Caylee and he couldn’t risk Casey EVER revealing his dirty little secret. This was the reason he wanted Casey GONE ~ even to the extent of the DEATH PENALTY!

          I reserve the right to change my opinion at any given time.


          • Yes, yes, and more yes, Mimi…
            That jailhouse visit (pt.1) is int-er-esting, to say the least.Yes, talking over her, out of breath, handing the phone back and forth, anything to keep Casey quiet…
            Also, at 1 time, a version of a visit (which I can no longer find) shows Casey picking up her phone and immediately saying, “don’t worry, I didn’t say anything…”
            Yes, fake crying, fake many things…
            Yes, July 2nd (approx.) is a major date…
            Do you know anything about the alleged late-night plumbing emergency (which reqd. a plumber)? Saw a cancelled check somewhere ( blog), but have lost site in all my notes/research…
            Do you know anything about the alleged purchase of a new washer, dryer, and freezer by the Anthonys? (much written about this in other blogs)
            Also, what say you about Casey’s very first jail visitor: Patrick Beaugois? I find this very odd. Wouldn’t Casey have had to agree to see any/all visitors? I know in my state, the prisoner must consent to any/all visitors (one does not just “show up” and see a prisoner)…who is this person? ( he staes he is an old classmate, but Casey does not recognize him initially and only later knows him by the associates he mentions). Odd!
            Yes, something happened on/about July 2nd: landscaping, plumbing issue, Myspace, Lee sent to get Casey…
            And thanks for your reply; you seem to have done a great deal of research into all the information available, alleged actions/other, and formulated reasonable thoughts re. to this perplexing and disturbing tragedy.

          • Regarding the jailhouse video where Casey says to her mom, “don’t worry, I didn’t say anything…” I came across it when I watched the video “Where was George Anthony on July 15 2008” on YouTube:
            -at 1:39 Cindy says “We forgive anything that you’ve said….or done” – then there’s an audio feedback problem & Casey asks someone to turn down the volume & at 1:53 Casey responds to Cindy by saying “I haven’t said anything, don’t worry…”
            It’s not the entire video – just a sound-bite, but could Casey have perhaps been referring to the incest?
            Why she took so long to tell about the incest? I survived that sort of abuse myself & it wrecks your entire inner person. It is a HUGE gamble to tell someone & have it go badly – I was terrified that if I told & no one did anything (such as put him jail or protect me from him), then by telling, I might have gone & made the situation 10x worse. When a crime is committed against you – over & over & over – and the perpetrator never faces the authorities – it is HORRIBLE thing to have to endure. I endured this criminal injustice throughout my entire childhood. There is no one to come to your defense.
            During the trial, I’d see Casey sitting there flanked by her defenders (defense team) & think, “I’m so glad that Casey is no longer defenseless”. I think that as long as she thought there was a possibility that she’d be let out of jail &/or the case would be dropped or some other magical scenario, she HAD to “make nice” with the family – and it DOES feel like you HAVE to – it’s illogical – but when you’re still enmeshed with the abusers – it seems like the only logical thing to do. Don’t rock the boat until & unless you ABSOLUTELY have to – because once you do, you may be ostracized forever. But, sometimes that’s not such a bad price to pay…

  46. im starting to think that is why the 9th of june(kc kicked out?) trumped fathers day in their memories. The neighbor thought it was strange casey asked for shovel(if he was correct on date) bc he thought she had moved out. Well he had just got back from vaca the night of june 16th, if that was the move out day, it was only 1 or 2 days she hadnt lived there and since they were not friends with the A’s why would he come to that conclusion after only a day or 2? The 9th makes more sense bc she did stay with rico into the 10th starting sunday the 8thjune? so she stayed the 8th and 9th then left the 10th right? how is it even known caylee was home when casey(if she did) returned? i know this could be a stretch, but i say this bc the night of june 15th is a mystery. Most are under the assumption that casey was last with the baby just because GA said, but there really was never proof he was saying the truth. No one seeing casey with the baby out somewhere, that tech guy obviously wasnt worthy to the state to use him as proof the defense time is a lie. And i just dont by the speculation that casey left, waited for GA to leave and came back. Makes no senses bc she didnt even work and could make up any hrs. Also she never had plans with TL, he said that. I may be wrong, but these are just my thoughts…

    • On June 16th, Cindy goes to work at 7:30 a.m. At 7:45 a.m. there is a call from the Anthony home phone to Casey’s cell phone. Why would anyone need to call her if she was there until 12:50 p.m. according to George? Something to think about.

      • My thought exactly !

        • I have wondered about that call, of what it was for. I know it simply could have been Casey calling her cell to check Voicemail since she was on it all night looking at the records, but phones are usable when charging anyway so why call herself? and if it was from the house and cindy left 15min(if time is correct) then that leaves GA. So either she wasnt home, or they didnt know if she was and called her cell. Also thought what if it was her looking for it, but she just looking at the records always was on it so i dont think she forgot it anywhere, but again idk could be wrong. That morning when it concerns casey its very vague imo. Cindy says she heard her breathing through the door or wall and that’s why she knew, bs. Why couldn’t she just say she didnt remember it would be believable and maybe even the truth? Ga only gave general accounts of a typical morning nothing specific except the clothes. Again if he could remember that, what was casey doing before she “left”? or what was she wearing on the day of the gas cans since it was closer in time.

      • I just want to say that I have a teenage daughter who practically lives in her room, in the lower part of our split level house, and I call her cell phone from my kitchen many times a day to ask her something, so I find the phone call nothing out of the ordinary. However, I do believe the parents are covering up something really terrible, and am so glad that Casey was found NOT guilty. There is definitely more to this story than we will ever know…..Porno, incest, who knows, but I truly believe George could have been selling photo’s or videos of child pornography and was making some kind of living by it. That creepy video of the baby eating breakfast made my skin crawl.

  47. I find this interview of George w/LE downright chilling. Listen carefully to everything this creep says.
    At approx 3:08 he starts to say “i played with…..then makes a sickening sound….and quickly changes what he was about to say.

    GA also states that Cindy watched Caylee 90% of the time….how could she, she was working from 7:30AM til around 6PM ~ Mon thru Fri. He slips up when he says they usually had Caylee with them, that his work schedule was always 3-11PM. IMO, this simply shows that GA was always ‘watching’ Caylee. He tries his darndest to convince LE that he wasn’t able to watch Caylee because of HIS work schedule??? He also states he was off every Friday and Saturday.

  48. SJ:

    Another little tidbit i came across. GA was only working from 102707 thru 020108. (written, I assume by one of the LE officers.) He marked as unemployed at that time. Hmmmmm, wonder why LE didn’t tell us about THAT little tidbit and oh, maybe just investigate as to George being at home with Caylee on a daily basis, until he started his new job on 01JUL08? in GA’s first LE interview he states he was working that period of time – LIE # 3,338! In other words, he was home, more than likely babysitting for Caylee!

    Why again, was this ‘man’ not ever investigated?

    • I think George working during the time in question is a big lie. I don’t know where he was going “from 3 – 11” but it wasn’t work. He filled out an application on June 17, 2008 (the day after the day in question!) at Andrews International and on the app where it aks if presently employed he replied “no”. Plus where was he coming from on July 15th when you can hear Cindy yelling to him that Caylee is missing (on the 911 call)? It was between 9 – 10 pm, and if he worked until 11 pm why was he coming home earlier?

  49. At first, I didn’t believe a word of this, but now when I go back and think about it, it really does all add up and explain pretty much everything that comes up in that trial. I always thought something was off with George Anthony, and this really seems to explain it.

    • Maddie:

      Yep, In the beginning, I admit, I was becoming brainwashed by the media! Until something clicked and I sat back and just watched and listened to Nancy Grace, Vinnie Politan and JVM. It was at that time I became suspicious of everything they were saying…..then I took to the internet and read everything I could. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, was what they were stating each night. As I said in one of my previous posts, about seven months before trial began, It was as if I was being told to pray for Casey! THIS, was NOT something I wanted to do, but I did! The flood gates were opened for me. I began to pray the jury would not base their findings on ‘false, make-believe evidence’ – and thank God, they did just that! I’ll have to admit, when they reached their verdict, I had to sit down, I said a little prayer, then looked at my son and said “I think this is bad – it’s too soon for a good verdict”! I was one happy camper when I watched the results!!

      If I had been one of the investigators in this so-called case, I would hang my head in shame — hear that Yuri Melich? Oh yes, good ole boy Yuri, you should be fired! I also would like to publically say ‘thank you’ to each one of the jury – wonderful job!

      IMO, Casey Anthony has had the screws put to her (literally) and someone needs to pay for what she has endured and of which she continues to suffer. I hope she sues the state of Florida and wins BIG!
      George & Cindy should be the next in line for a humongous suit – every dime they have ‘made’ from the death of little Caylee — she was their granddaughter, CASEY was and will always be her MOTHER! These dimwits have stolen from both Caylee and Casey. They have NO SHAME!

      Casey – I sincerely hope you are able to stay strong and live a good healthy & happy life….you so deserve it!

  50. Thought you guys would get a kick out of this link (Yuri)!

  51. The initial reported missing date, which was posted on the original missing person fliers was June 9th. Many of the original video footage shows photographic evidence of that date used. During one of the jailhouse visits between Lee and Casey, Lee expresses “the issues” w/ this date, and Casey agrees that she has now recalled this June 9th date is incorrect.

    Then there is the “anonymous” call made to investigators, which offers the callers statement that Casey and Caylee were seen together on June 12th at the Anthony’s home…many bloggers have commented how very much the “anonymous” caller sounds like Cindy Anthony. You can check it out for yourself at youtube. Just type in Cindy’s anonymous call…

    I have long wondered why all this confusion by all in the inner circle, re. to dates…
    And I have read the postings by Kimberly Bellman ( at this site), in which she offers that she was w/ both Casey and Caylee during a timframe much later than any dates offered as THE date Caylee was missing, June 9th, June 16th…

    And I have also wondered if Caylee wasn’t really “missing” much later than the June 16th date offered by George. This aligns w/ K. Bellman’s post…

    Also, can anyone offer some evidence of a washer, dryer, and freezer purchase made by GEo./Cindy in June/July? I have read blogs re. to the purchases… can anyone offer some evidence of these purchases?

    And any speculation re. the July 2nd late-night plumbing emergency at the Anthony’s home?


    • Thinker:

      WOW! Looks as though I now have my homework cut out for me tonight, lol. I do recall the sale of the washer. dryer & also the freezer. If memory serves me, Leonard Padilla was on NG show talking about just that! Guess this means I have to go into ‘the pits’, view NG videos (ughhhh), but I will locate it.

      I recall in one of Cindy’s jailhouse letters to Casey telling her of the plumbing problem. I’ll see if I can find it and paste it when I do.

      Who is Kimberly Bellman? If you’re reading this, please fill us in on the dates you mentioned in your post. We need your help – please.

      Have a great day everyone.


      • Thinker: I also recall, very well, the video where Casey states “don’t worry, I haven’t said anything”. I think I have this ‘somewhere’ in my many files….just give me some time and I will find it. lol

        Have a beautiful day. 😆

        • Hi MiMi: I will search this site for the Kimberly Bellman posts, and will copy/paste for you; give me a lil time…
          Yes, Cindy made mention of the July2, 2008 plumbing emergency in one of her letters to Casey, long after the fact…
          One of the sites offered a cancelled check signed by Cindy and dated July 2 ( I believe it was the 2nd), 2008. Phone records also showed 2 callls made to that particular plumber: back to back. Apparently, the first call went unanswered because it was after “normal” working hrs. ,and was probably forwarded to after hrs. assistance/gave Cindy a 2nd number to call.
          Yes, i found it odd that Cindy would mention the plumbing issues to Casey while sooooo many issues would seem to have been more pressing…After all, one’s daughter is in jail, and your granddaughter is gone, and your daughter is facing the possibility of an awful fate…
          If memory serves, that particular letter went into quite the detail, and in it, the water leak/other, accdg. to Cindy, was related to Caylee’s room…
          hmmm? could a water line have been broken while doing the landscape project?

      • Hi MiMI: I have pasted the Kim Bellman post…
        Hopefully the author (or someone who knows her) will see it again, and anyone who can offer more/exact dates/other will reply. As originally posted:

        Kimberly Ballman says:
        September 15, 2011 at 5:24 pm
        Well, while you might be right on, for some of this.. The dates do not fit the truth. Look into the date that Lee said he went looking for his sister to find Caylee. On this date.. Caylee was alive and happy, and as cute as can be. She went to sleep on my sofa, in the apartment we were staying in, she was being babysat, while we went out this night. We went to a house party, there are in photos from Caseys camera, and then we went to the bar, where we used a disposable camera, and met Lee, celebrated Casey’s birthday, since he had missed it, and snuck out the back so he could not follow us. The truth is in the photos on the Internet everywhere. You even have one photo that my little son took on your site. It is the photo with Casey and Caylee carrying my sons Eagles football, with his small fabric orange with black lines basketball in the grass. If you look into these photos and find the places that they were taken, and look for the friends, you will find me. I do not know ALL the I said..but I do know that Casey did not kill Caylee and that she was alive and not drowned in a pool and she was not missing. What happened after the night at the bar.. Well Caylee went with her mother and her boyfriend back to their apartment.

  52. Food for thought. I found this on another blog site and decided it may be of interest to all. Are these really good reasons to file murder charges against someone AND request the DEATH PENALTY?

    No Cause of Death

    No Witnesses

    No Video Tape

    No Confession

    No Motive

    No History of violence or child abuse

    No Weapon

    No Fingerprints

    No Fiber match

    No Soil match

    No DNA (Except that of a Stranger)

    No Drug evidence

    An “Air Test?”

    The testimony of a Police dog?

    A dead snake?

    Irrelevant photos taken BEFORE Caylee was missing?

    A body mysteriously “discovered” by Mr. Duct Tape in

    an area that had been thoroughly searched?

    An unaccounted for Father?

    A jealous boyfriend who was dumped by Casey?

    Judgment of a Frightened and Traumatized Young

    Mother’s actions?

    Mis-interpretation of a frantic 911 call?

    Jail house snitches looking to cut a deal?

    The testimony of a witness implicating someone other than Casey.

    The opinions of a media crazed, red neck bounty hunter?

    A drunk wandering through the woods looking for whiskey bottles?

    Untrained women galloping through the woods trampling on evidence?

    Reams of Junk Science?

    Reasonable doubt?

    What a waste

    • What blog did you get this from? There are so many Casey-bashing websites, it’s hard to find sites that want to actually look at the WHOLE picture !!

  53. Thank you so much for this detailed and intelligent theory of what could have actually happened! The febreeze and chloroform is brilliant! I never even thought about it that way! The people that believe that she hurt Caylee have only listened to what they hear on the news. Which is ALWAYS sensationalized. I find it absolutely amazing that the jury was shielded from the media and managed to come up with the not guilty verdict. I hope Casey reads these comments and knows that there are people who still care about her and want to see her succeed, even complete strangers! I wish that I could just talk to her about regular stuff girls our age talk about! Like music and movies and books because let’s face it, she could use some time spent doing normal girly things!

    I hope that this website becomes more popular as the search for the truth about Caylee’s story continues. Thank you for making it because I really felt like I was the only one that felt that that’s exactly the way things went down that day. George really needs to come clean and do at least one loving thing for his daughter in this lifetime. I am not a religious person by any means but I think Caylee made sure her loving mother was set free for a reason. She didn’t do it!

  54. BRAVO!!! Well said SJ. I have to admit, I flip flopped a few times over the last 3 or so years. At first I thought she did it, then I said NO WAY! But then after hearing of all this “so called evidence” I thought back to yep she did it. Now after reading this I am convinced you are correct and Casey is innocent. This site needs more exposure. Please try to do that. Casey- you are an amazing person- most if not all people would have killed themselves by now- good for you for being so strong! I believe the truth will come out, but even if it never does just know that there ARE people that feel you’re innocent and you are!!!

    By the way so many things now make sense for example how Casey kept saying during the jail phone visits that she is the victim because she IS, and how quiet George was at every visit and how he has let the family down in so many ways in his suicide letter- because HE HAS!

    I have visited the remains site and there is an over-pouring amount of tears, and love and sense of peace because everyone is focusing on Caylee and that’s the way it should be.

  55. I have always believed that Casey is innocent.
    I find your theory to be very plausible.

  56. I have to admit I never watched the court hearings.. I only read brief stories in various articles. I instantly believed Casey killed her daughter. Just by how the media portrayed it. Now looking at the court hearings and the way her dad testified, I believe that this whole thing was an accident gone out of control. I have been a victim of abuse and George Anthony gave off that feeling.. the creepy feeling of a man with mental problems.

    I think more people should take their time and actually look at the hearing and testimony instead of jumping on the “burn the witch” bandwagon.

    Thanks for your theory.. it does make more sense.

  57. The media really distorted this case, especially Nancy DisGrace. After hearing all of the evidence and everything else in this case, and keeping an open mind while listening to the media state their outrageous opinions, I formed my own conclusion that there was way more to this case than people realize. Most people will be too stubborn to take other opinions into consideration, but this story makes perfect sense to me, outside of the molesting Caylee part. I think that George did have something to do with it, but I’m not sure if it was due to his molestation of Caylee.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Does anyone Remember The Diary of Days? There are similar cryptic messages within it… MiMiof 3 was on the right track…
      Jan 14 MiMiof3 posted: While this isn’t the original one you were speaking of, it does include the section where Casey states “don’t worry, I didn’t tell them anything”! Also, just prior to that, Cindy states “we forgive you for anything you’ve said”! I’ve always found this suspicious.

      *The ‘anything’ Casey was talking about might have been the video, might have been about ‘nanny’s place’ in the trunk…about Cecelia and Crystal…but between themselves and within the family, there WAS an understanding.

      *And the ‘anything’ Cindy spoke, was regarding the DATE and location (where Casey KNEW Caylee was [on June 14th: at ‘nanny’s place=in the hatchback/trunk of the Pontiac] BUT ALSO That she ‘lost sight of her daughter’ before Father’s Day… NOT AFTER.

  58. Edd Mexican says:

    Sorry about my english:
    When i read this story, i thought it was Casey who killed her daughter, but after reading, and watching the court’s videos, specifictially the George video, i would agree with the theory that it was George. He seems very nervous and scared. Thanks for this website, and again sorry about my english i hope you understand.

  59. HI. I am curious about the jailhouse tape when Cindy tells Casey that the new rumer is that Caylee died in the pool ,.. and Casey says SURPRISE SURPRISE., like its just another theory? I dont think s cindy would have mentioned the pool drowning if she knew thats what really happened. CASEY also tells her parents they are the best grandparents.. If Casey was molested why would she let Caylee with George..?

  60. HI, I am verrry confused. You said you do not think caylee was murdered but you said George threw her in the pool after he ‘ so called ‘ molested her to cover it up.. that makes it murder, RIGHT???

  61. excuse me, but what you just described is MURDER! pushing a childs face into a pillow to quiet her during a rape is not an ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Audra Blinn says:

    @ Colleen- maybe Cindy doesn’t know what’s going on- but it’s pretty clear George does in all these jail videos- he’s very nervous and uncomfortable and doesn’t let Casey speak sometimes and even hand the phone off to Cindy when he isn’t getting his way and even walk out of few times like he’s bored out of his mind with Cindy asking Casey tons of questions to get more info about where Caylee may be. You’d think he’d be more interested in the tips Casey may give on where to find his grand-daughter. But no- he already knows where his grand-daughter is. Also, statistics say abused children as adults will let their abuser around their child, especially an immediate family member. I don’t know why I’m not a shrink. Also, I have been told that denial can make anyone believe anything. maybe Casey was in denial that her father abused her because she loved her father, naturally. Awhile before this circus George and Cindy separated and George left the home and Casey was adamant about him not coming back. She didn’t want him back the home…wonder why?! Also, I haven’t seen many pictures or heard of many instances when George was with Caylee alone. It SEEMS as if someone was always there, Cindy, Lee or Casey.

    @Carol- Pushing a pillow into a child’s face and killing the child in the heat of the moment is not capitol murder. The difference lies with the perpetrator’s intent. If he intended to silence her or intended to kill her right then and there. I believe if he was truly out to cold blooded kill Caylee he would have waited until a more appropriate time, perhaps a time when no one was around.

  63. My gut feeling is that Cindy didn’t know what was going on, at least at the time of the jailhouse visits. Look at George’s body language when he hears the words “drowned in the pool” – he’s waiting nervously to hear what Casey will say. He relaxes after he hears “Surprise, surprise”.

    I think Casey said “Surprise, surprise” because it’s an ambiguous response. Cindy would take it to mean “Yeah, another one of the media’s bullshit theories” while George would read it as Casey saying “Big surprise, Dad, people are already on to your scheme”.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Cindy (like Casey) was clueless about Caylee’s whereabouts until after Aug 9th also. Geo kept Cindy an Casey at odds, to keep Caylee’s condition secret until either Casey or Cindy called 911. He already knew Caylee was decomposing; he hid the body b/c where she died (and the manner) would never look accidental.

  64. SJ,
    I completly concur with your theory. In those pictures of George and Cindy before and after the verdict, in the one before it’s like Cindy (with her finger on her chin) is saying well George we got away with this one. and in the second, George looks at Cindy and says aww shit we were wrong. And the only thing I would add to the blog is about the tatoo, when you get a chance look at it and you will notice that there are three starbursts around it and two have dots inside of them, I think it was done like that in honor of Caylee by being two.

    • Also if you recall in one of the jailhouse tapes Casey tells Cindy that she is just trying to protect the family.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Geo’s deposition on April 9, 2009 (#1 of 14) @ 8:39 confirms Casey had Caylee whenever the babysitters didn’t. There were 3 people who babysat Caylee; himself, Cindy and the nanny (that he had know of since mid-summer the year Casey worked at “the Universal Complex”) IMO he knew the ‘nanny he described’ as the one with straight teeth and was a #10…Cindy believed there was a hair in the brush she gave LE on July 23/24 that would support the theory that Casey had been leaving Caylee with George’s mistress/girlfriend for more than a year…. I say it was because there was a ‘look-alike or twin’ sister that worked undercover in the corrections facility, Casey and Cindy were unable to locate info about Cecelia Benaida (or Crystal Holloway) although Cindy knew Crystal’s pic was not the nanny…b/c she was NOT the #10 Geo had described. During the depo as he became uncomfortable answering questions, his agitation showed wanted to end questions along those lines. He is the shrewd manipulator of facts.

        • JA,

          Hello. I’m finding your theory interesting. So you think the person who murdered Caylee was GA’s girlfriend and that it occurred before the 16th? But you also say that George didn’t mean for this to happen? I’m confused about the Crystal statement and the lookalike person you are talking about. Do you think Crystal was the girlfriend or it was someone who looked like her? And do you think the girlfriend murdered Caylee? Is that what you are saying? Sorry, I’m a little unclear in following your comments but I do agree that the date of 15/16 has always been a bit suspicious to me. In the beginning, the family said it was the 9nth. So what are saying was going on with Caylee, George and the girlfriend? What is your theory exactly?

          • JA Kalskett says:

            I understand how confusing my posts must seem, the concept is different than people expect from this case. But since you are interested enough to ask, I’ll do my best to explain.

            First, ‘leave the pieces (even the ones you believe) on the floor”. (sound familiar?)

            To move-on, you must start at the beginning. Start with the last day Caylee was witnessed alive with her mother which was Friday the 13th…well, technically Casey would agree, after midnight, so it was already June 14th (does that sound familiar?)

            *anything that originated within the remaining A-family members… was to support the Heinous murder story(even from GGrammaShirley and her sister)

            AFTER that day, nothing WAS as it appeared to be because the child’s body was already decomposing. The story of heinous murder was to cover-up an accident that would never be explained as accidental. The reason Casey has never told her side of what happened in those days and nights was b/c she could find no tangible proof to support her claim. All proof that Caylee was in the trunk, or that harm had come to her, had disappeared and was replaced by the Father’s Day video. Casey looked everywhere to find Caylee, so did Cindy…but Cindy suspected there was another woman…and Casey knew her.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            No murder…that was for the purpose of the trial, to keep from disputing or defining the facts and dates. The way the trial went, it was never about defining the way Caylee died, merely a challenge between which form of heinous murder had actually taken place: trial only proved there was NO MURDER.

        • Hi JA,

          Are you saying Cecilia Benhaida is Crystal? I thought it was her sister Sky? Also about the nanny being a #10 (Cindy was not referring to Crystal) she was referring to Zenaida. If you see Cindy’s depo on Zenaida with M&M…she tells Zenaida something about her not being a 10.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Thanks Suzy, I never knew whose pic was shown to Cindy when she made that statement…I just figured it was Cecelia because they were supposed to be ‘look alikes or twins’ But Crystal isn’t the #10; neither is the ‘civil-suit Z-G’, but the under-cover sister has never been shown. Sorry…I don’t believe Holloway or civil-suit-Zenaida are the ‘lookers’ that would attract George. Holloway was a decoy for the real woman he was involved with.

  65. WOW, reading this just changed my media guided blame on Casey. The facts are just that. As a juror on a murder trial before – you really learn to look at evidence, circumstantial evidence in a different light.

    “Proof beyond a reasonable doubt” is the standard of evidence required to validate a criminal conviction. There is NO real proof. The jurors saw that.

    However, I feel Cindy didn’t know as much as you think she did. I think all her story changing was just her motherly instinct to try to side with her daughter and not completely break the bond – to protect her as much as possible since the damage was already done in all other aspects.

    I always felt the visitation tapes of George and Casey were a little out of sorts for a family of a missing child… something just never seemed right in those conversations. And all the pictures of her and Caylee, the smiles and fun – those are not of a mother viewing her child as a ‘problem’. She had a controlling mother and father who babysat, fed and clothed Caylee. She was not held back by her.

    Casey had enough covering for George, and bus rolled his ass.

    Thank you for this page, and making me see the truth and revealing the truth!

    Casey, stay strong girl…..
    Rest In Paradise Caylee…..

    • Okay, now Im going back and fourth on this – one of Caseys friends posted here? So, she wasn’t missing on those days? She left with Casey and her boyfriend? Ahh!

      • Hi Jennifer:
        In response to your above comment, I am reposting the K. Ballman post as it originally appeared at this site:

        Kimberly Ballman says:
        September 15, 2011 at 5:24 pm
        “Well, while you might be right on, for some of this.. The dates do not fit the truth. Look into the date that Lee said he went looking for his sister to find Caylee. On this date.. Caylee was alive and happy, and as cute as can be. She went to sleep on my sofa, in the apartment we were staying in, she was being babysat, while we went out this night. We went to a house party, there are in photos from Caseys camera, and then we went to the bar, where we used a disposable camera, and met Lee, celebrated Casey’s birthday, since he had missed it, and snuck out the back so he could not follow us. The truth is in the photos on the Internet everywhere. You even have one photo that my little son took on your site. It is the photo with Casey and Caylee carrying my sons Eagles football, with his small fabric orange with black lines basketball in the grass. If you look into these photos and find the places that they were taken, and look for the friends, you will find me. I do not know ALL the I said..but I do know that Casey did not kill Caylee and that she was alive and not drowned in a pool and she was not missing. What happened after the night at the bar.. Well Caylee went with her mother and her boyfriend back to their apartment.”

        The photos Ms. Ballman is referring to may be found at this site’s Caylee and Casey Pics page. It is the 19th photo (photos are not numbered, but count them, and at 19, you will see the above-mentioned photo).

        Yes, this post has piqued my curiousity for some time also! Who is this person? Is she really a friend of Casey’s? Was the photo she refers to really taken after June 16th, as she claims?

        • JA Kalskett says:

          If Kim really had a pic of Caylee on June 16th, it would show Caylee in a state of decomposition…at least two full days after her death occurred.

  66. I think any questions any of us have about Casey’s strange behavior can be answered in a few words : Victim of Abuse. They do strange things – they lie (yes, she had a hard time keeping her facts straight and fabricated so many things….), they will take orders from their perpetrators without question, they are easily manipulated by those in power (in this case, her twisted father and her passive-agressive mother), they live on an emotional rollercoaster, can love deeply but at the same time be distant, will cover up their pain with drugs and alcohol, be very flighty, can basically be a puppet for their abuser. I have been mixed about the verdict. I have been 50/50 all along, but now I am leaning toward 75/25 in favor of Casey.

  67. SJ,

    I was wondering after reading the evaluation deposition, do you think that George used chloroform on Casey and that was why he had to shake her to wake her up? Let me know what you think.

    • Hi Jodi! Hard to say really, but I wouldn’t rule anything out where GA is concernced. Hopefully the release of these docs will take us a step nearer and re-open some doors that had previously been closed. We can but hope. Thanks for posting! SJ

      • Some have supposed that George used it on Caylee himself.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Chloroform, duct tape, murder… these are all support for the Heinous-Murderer Story (that would unfold once Casey was incarcerated, July 16th) After the child died, but before the Father’s Day video…the HMStory emerged where there had been NO CLUES to Caylee’s whereabouts for at least one day. IMO Plenty of time for the child to have died and begun to decompose…out of the sight of anyone. It was Caylee’s appearance in the video that caused people and LE to believe Caylee was alive in mid-to-late June. *b/c there was no evidence or proof to anything to the contrary. Even Casey’s account of what she “knew” on July 15th, appeared to be lies as the false evidence began to come to light within the 180 days Caylee was missing.

  68. I have a question. How did you know about this George theory? I read this page a few months ago about the “George theory”. How he molested Caylee and drowned her to cover it up. And just yesterday the news came out that Casey told that same story to her doctors. How did you know that? Are you Casey Anthony or someone very close to her?

  69. Hi Clara! No, I’m not Casey nor am I very close to Casey (in that sense). I’ve been studying the case & trial (and *everyone* involved in it) from the very early stages. My theory (as detailed here in this page) is based on having watched the trial and studied all the relevant documents.

    I stated at the time of writing, last September, that if and when the truth finally comes out… maybe in video, audio or written format… then it’ll be really close to my therory. That still holds strong. The day that George Anthony is arrested for the murder of Caylee will hopefully come — at some stage. It’ll be very interesting to see how the mainstream media handle that story for sure. Until then we’ll continue to stand should to shoulder in our mission and keep on flying the flag for Casey. Thanks for posting! SJ

    • Thanks for replying to me. Noone else has come up with this theory and you practically said word for word what Casey told her doctors, I just found that to be a bit odd. Anyhow, thanks for the response.

    • SJ:

      I personally want to thank you for everything you have done and continue to do on this site! THANK YOU, for all the time, energy and tremendous effort – you truly have done a wonderful job. As others have stated, this site is like a breath of fresh air.

      Just maybe, we are beginning to see light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

      Thanks again,


  70. Why would Casey spend all that time in jail…..and not say “hey, here is the true story……it was an accident! my dad was involved and yes, we covered up the crime”. Why not say it was a totally accident and we panicked. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Why come up with a story with a nanny?? George being in law enforcement would know they would find out that was a lie. You see what I’m saying if your going to cover it up why do such a sloppy job.

    • Sandy:

      There’s only ONE common denominator for the answers to all of your questions! George! 😆 Think about it.

      • I think Casey was brainwashed by George. He controlled her. She did stand up against him in court and accused him of molesting her. She was very brave to do that. I am glad she did not take the stand because Ashton would of destroyed her emotionally. She loved Caylee so much and tried to protect her from George the best she could.

        George and Lee were given paternity tests because they might be the father of Caylee. Both of them were accused of molesting her. She told the same story to doctors too when she was arrested.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          I think all along since July ’08, Casey knows that if her case goes “out of sight’ of the public, the system will hide HOW SHE WAS FRAMED, and that LE has ways of convicting people even without evidence of their guilt… In my opinion, authority and corruption are happy bedfellows.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      She spent that much time in jail b/c she finally realized that the HMStory would be DIS-proven by forensic science. Which it was! The jury and the trial verdict were justifiably correct! There WAS NO heinous-murder, nor was Casey a murderess!…There was only a child’s decomposing body in the trunk of Cindy’s Pontiac in “early-to-mid June” that NO ONE could admit to knowing about.

      The open trunk WAS ‘nanny’s place’…cryptic to the Anthonys as the place Caylee sometimes napped while not at home, the trunk with her blanket, books and toys…and her babydoll. (a safer choice than the ground; full of burrs, ants, and flying fist-size roaches)

      After June 14th, Casey’s whole life WAS taken away…you just need to shift the perspective slightly to see how this situation made Casey look heinous b/c of things she could no longer prove by the time the Father’s Day video came out.

      Casey’s first REAL clues after June 14th, came on Dec 11, when she witnessed the news report while waiting at the dispensary in jail…remember the set-up?

    • JA Kalskett says:

      …cuz there WAS no drowning accident…they just WANT the final word about Caylee’s death to appear to have been anaccident…and drowning would be the only scenario where Caylee’s death might even be considered ‘accidental’….I say she disappeared because there would have been no water in her lungs if she died in the trunk…even if she died accidentally while being 24-36 hours ‘out of Casey’s sight’

      That is the only way Casey could have been so confused by July 15th as to Caylee’s whereabouts.

  71. The language of crazy. That’s why that’s how. Casey was raised to lie and coverup for that scum sorry as excuse for a father.. George has been a a piece of shit since the beginning of time.. Nobody wanted to air his dirty laundry all over the news. How anyone’s could believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Except at the memorial where he said he could smell little caylee sweat. I bet he can.. Who in the #$% world says that about his 2yr old granddaughter I could go on all night. I just hope casey knows that there are people out here who are with her in thought and prayer. I pray she goes on and lives the life God intended for her and I do hope Jeff Ashton has a huge plate of rotten decomposed crow to eat while he writes perfect justice the destruction of George anthony and the journey to death row. For the love of God she was fighting for her life.

  72. Casey said she talked to Caylee on the phone on July 15th, the day she was arrested. She said the call came from the nanny’s phone, and when Casey asked for Caylee to put “a big person” on the phone, or put an adult on the phone, it went dead and the call ended. She honestly believed she rec’d a call from Caylee.

    When Cindy was questioned about this, she claimed that she did have the phone records to prove a call DID come into Casey’s phone from nanny’s alleged number at the time Casey said, so Cindy claimed the records SUPPORTED Casey.

    Fast forward to trial.

    The state has the burden to prove the defendant is guilty of the crime she was accused of. The state also brings out all their big guns in court because it’s show time. If you want to convict someone, anything they say can and will be used against them in a court of law, right? So, why didn’t Ashton address the phone records? I mean, if they showed that Casey LIED, why wouldn’t the state use that against her? Why leave that out? They were nailing her ass to the wall and wanted to give her the DEATH PENALTY. Why would they NOT used those records to show she lied about getting a call?

    Here’s why.

    Because those records SUPPORTED Casey’s claim of getting that call. The state could NOT use it; it would make her look truthful, so they didn’t use it at all. UNBELIEVABLE.

    So, how would Cindy KNOW the call came in? Because the call was placed by either Cindy or George & they KNEW it was true. The voice on the other end of the line that spoke to Casey was really Caylee, just not a LIVE Caylee. The caller played a recording of Caylee’s voice to further convince Casey that Caylee was alive, but that she had been kidnapped so she would go along with the story.

    And she did go along with that because I believe that’s what she was told by her parents. I think they had Caylee when she died, not Casey. They fabricated a story to tell Casey, making her think they were trying to get her back…but G & C told Casey she couldn’t call police or Caylee would die. (Cindy blamed the media for “killing” Caylee by failing to make the story MORE public and not pushing Caylee’s picture 24/7. She did this to go along with the lie told to Casey, which was that the nanny stole her and maybe the more publicity it got, the better their chances of getting her back. Bullshit Cindy fed to Casey.)

    Also, if you will recall, Cindy’s alleged mother, Shirley P., stated that she TOO got a call from Caylee during this “missing” time period, but she found it very suspicous. She said she suspected it was a recording of Caylee’s voice because she got more than one call and the sound of each call was IDENTICAL. She found that odd that Caylee would say the same thing, make the same noise, so Shirley thought the call was also a recording. Isn’t that interesting and would SUPPORT Casey being SET UP.

    Casey, the media reports you are in contact with your mother. Dear, if this is true, I believe your life is in danger and you risk being viewed as crazier than I thought you were if you talk to that woman. She does not love you and whatever you hear from her is not genuine. She’s as much of a liar and con artist as George. Cindy and George are your enemies. They are not your friends.

    Also, I find a strange resemblance between your mother and a missing woman from the 80’s from Ohio.
    And I find an equally strange resemblance between your father and a fugitive from the law, wanted for money laundering, fraud, conversion, etc..

    Casey, I do wonder if you know secrets and these two awful excuses for parents set you up to keep from exposing them for what they are.

    I never felt you were guilty of murdering or hurting your child, but the wicked shady vibes from G & C are not so guilt free. Perhaps you broke free from a house of horrors and lost your child while trying to gain your freedom, but your life is not over. It’s in danger from nutcases who are media puppets, but not over.

    Please don’t communicate with those enemies who smiled in your face while stabbing you in your back. This is what could end your life, I’m afraid. You hold some keys that unlock a lot and I believe you are always going to be at risk. I support a witness protection program for you after you testify against the killer and abuser of your child because if both parents don’t go down for it, one of them may double bag you and not think twice about it, in keeping with the family tradition of tossing away their troubles so easily.

    I wanted to add to my post that it’s my opinion about everything I posted:

    The missing ohio woman does resemble C and the fugitive does resemble G, so I wondered if this could be the family secret and Casey knew about it, got pissed, threatened to expose? Lee did tell “someone” at the memorial something to the effect of how he would never forget his promise, and Cindy rubbed his back, as if he’s talking about her. I hope he made a promise to Casey to help her expose the nut cases for what I truly believe they are.

    • James:

      ITA with your theory.

      Could you please give me a link to the missing Ohio woman?


      • Hi MiMi:
        Thanks for the link (posted earlier) re. to, shall we call them, interesting comments…
        My attention was particularly piqued by Geo’s jailhouse comment (at 2:31 in the vid) to Casey: don’t say too much more, we’ve got to get you outta here or everything could come out and hurt more of us (paraphrasing here)…what does this mean?????
        Also, has anyone heard from K. Ballman (Casey’s friend) who has posted at this site, several times, but not recently, re. to the photos posted at this site, which K. Ballman indicates were taken well after June 16th? If memory serves, I believe Ms. Ballman’s writings indicated that she spent time w/ both Casey and Caylee in July. She recalls it because Lee came looking for Casey, and they avoided him. From my sleuthing, Lee went looking for Casey on the day Cindy posted her Myspace, Caylee is missing…on/about July 2nd…

  73. I din’t follow the case much until the verdict was announced and I started noticing all the outrage. Now, I generally support a jury’s verdict unless there is clear evidence of tampering or extreme bias. But as I read up on the case I started thinking it was more likely that she really was guilty. Now I have discovered this site and have read a lot, but not all the material. Where has this analysis been in our so-called “news media”? I can absolutey see no reason now to doubt the jury’s verdict and I am fairly confident, beyond that, that Casey is innocent. Thank you for all the work you have done on this site.

    • Does anyone out there have info on Casey’s very first jailhouse visitor? Per the video recording of same, the visitor says his name is Patrick Bourgeois…
      I have more questions than answers when I watch this bizarre visit. May be found at youtube under Casey’s first jailhouse visit.
      Casey seems uncertain who he is until he mentions another man’s name (from high school, he tells her).
      In my state/local area, when one is in jail, one is told who is seeking to see them, and it is normally prearranged, agreed to. And not some random, last minute visit, which this appears to be. Did he not have to sign-in, and then, only after Casey agreed to see him, would he be allowed to visit w/ her???

      Who is this person? Why did he feel the need to see Casey during this time, when, according to his own words, he had not seen her since high school, and indicates he only knew her through a mutual friend: no real relationship between he and Casey. Their conversation did not indicate that he was a good friend, devastated by her incarceration, coming to lend a hand, because they had that type of relationship. He seemed like a practical stranger to Casey.

      Anyone know who this Patrick person is or why he would be there?
      Thank you.

      • I have a lot of info on Patrick. I call him the Musical Chairs named guy. He goes by 3 different names & has since Jr high (1 is birth name, 1 is step-adopted name, 1 is made up name) I’ll have to look through my files for the complete info. YancyFaith and I were talking about the Jacksonville connections back in early 2011 and his name came up. I did some “investigating” and found that he has known casey since childhood. His friend that he mentions “Mike” is a college ball player now. They BOTH knew Jesus Ortiz. Patrick, Mike, & Casey have the Athlete connection. They were ball players and she ran track. IMO he really was there to offer Casey support and to let her know that her REAL friends were there for her.

        I’ll try to find the info and post it.

        • Hi HollysGMom:

          Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question re. Patrick.
          Do you have any insight re. to the person, who occasionally posts here, under the name K. Bellman…
          She has given indication that she saw both Casey and Caylee on/about July 2, 2008, writing it was the “day that Lee came looking for Casey” and they ditched him. She also writes to look at the photos of Casey and Caylee posted at this site: “Casey/Caylee Pics”. Home page, photo 19, indicating this photo is after June 16th…

          Again thank you, Thinker

  74. Sandra A. says:

    For those interested in theories and the psychology of this case check out a very well piece by Psychotherapist, Cathy DeBuono. “Gray Matters: Thoughts Inspired By Casey Anthony. A Psychologically Driven Theory of What Could Have Happened” in two parts, here:

  75. Could you please make an area of your website listing everything that you have on Mr. Anthony’s behavior and life prior to the case. I believe with enough social and media pressure we can finally take the burden off Casey and put it on the DEVIL himself. I believe this will all turn out much differentely than we’ve expected. Casey will be free from the media’s judgement as soon as enough gets out about her nasty demon father and enabling sick Mother. I know all about abusers and people this guy is definitely one. From the first moment I saw him I got a sick feeling. He’s BAD I ain’t talking about any kind of bad that normal people understand….we are talking about unbelivable bad!!! Casey doesn’t know any better this is how she was raised by a MONSTER that thinks his daughter killed his Granddaughter yet sits and calls her Sweetie hundreds of times on tape. Could it be any clearer or are the media just the dumbest humans on earth…UMMMMM YES!!!

  76. This is the closest to the ideas that I have had from the very beginning of this case, However, I have read and watched mountains of content, autopsy, every single minute of court, FBI ect. Call me obsessed, I will never let go until justice is for that little angel.

    With all these comments and talk, No one is surmising or telling how or why George is not being surveillanced or investigated. Or anyone who can say if Casey will press charges. Casey must be brave, this will happen again! I survived this whole similar story and put the bastard in prison when I was nine, I was choked, raped, locked in closet and bathrooms ect. and crawled out a window after years of violent rape and sodomy. Snakes like George slither out and in on their belly and everyone thinks they are the ones to blame because of the mind control, It takes years of therapy and healing to work through the “rage of the innocence” and if you continue to heal, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    And nothing above or below this Earth excuses the behavior of a pedophile, who takes away souls and wallks away with the heart pieces that will never be replaced. I am here to say God is a just Lord and what is done in the dark will always come into the light, because to our creator, nothing is hidden, and the light always triumphs, Darkness obscures it self in shadows and lurks away to the rays that will surely find a way to the truth. I will certainly sign a petition to have this cased reopened if there is ever something I can do, anyone can contact me by leaving me a message here.

  77. albatross234 says:

    On the night June 16th, Casey, w/o Caylee, spent the night with Tony (Blockbuster) same for 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th.–none of Caylee’s stuff with her. It was a “hot” weekend, with Tony skipping class to be with Casey.

    George Anthony is lying. Something’s wrong with the dates.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      I understood Casey stayed at Tony’s for the first time on Friday the 13th. Saturday the 14th (early-to-mid June) Casey believed Caylee was merely out of her sight for a few hours [6 to 36 hours], tho a video assured her Caylee was in the care of a trusted person on Father’s Day (mid June).

      IMO it is the Father’s Day video that is in conflict with the INDISPUTABLE FACT: Caylee’s body was already decomposing…hours before the video.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Hi albatross234,
      I had read early-on, that Casey (with Caylee) had spent all ‘week after Cindy’s vacation (May 26th thru June 9th) sleeping at Ricardo Morales’ on the couch. Her first sleep-over with Tony was Friday the 13th. But where was she sleeping on the 14th, 15th, and 16th? It did appear that she was avoiding Hopesprings, until after she began to suspect Caylee’s whereabouts MUST NOT have been with her mom and dad…as she was convinced by the Father’s Day video.

  78. SJ – I find your version of what really happened to be quite interesting and very plausible. I think most people believe Casey killed Caylee based solely on her unusual behavior (as perceived by the average person) after she ‘disappeared.’ Anyone that has even moderate knowledge of what sexual molestation does to a small child would recognize the almost classic behavior of Casey as that of a victim. Especially since she is still living at home under the control of her father. I have little doubt that George is responsible for Caylee’s death. My only question really is that a couple of times you referenced “Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child.” In most jurisdictions I am familiar with when a death occurs during the commission of a felony that is considered murder not aggravated manslaughter regardless of the perpetrator’s intent. Is the law different in Florida or is that based on the difficulty of proving George was molesting Caylee when her death occurred barring a full confession?

    • Hi Jerry, Good point. I’m no legal expert by any means, but I’m sure the specifics of the charge against GA would be argued out at length in court. Aggravated Manslaughter or murder of a child… either way he’d be going away for a very long time.

      Proving it won’t be easy though, as he’s already done away with the car and the evidence & exhibits they had returned to them after the trial, plus some other stuff that hasn’t yet been disclosed (but will be).

      This is why I still believe that when GA finally gets that knock at the door, he’ll pull another one of his infamous “suicide attempts”, and hopefully fail again so justice can finally be done. This is another reason why Jose’s book will be well worth reading in a few weeks time, and may well create a paradigm shift with this whole case. The clueless & wholly misdirected Casey-hating has gone on for way too long.

      Thanks for posting!

      • Harry N says:

        I hope you’re right about Jose’s book because it seems Casey’s situation is not healthy. From what Cheney Mason described she’s essentially a prisoner in her own home and can’t have the normal life of any 26-year old. We all need human contact and she’s obviously a very social person, yet the media and Internet lynch mob deprives her of this basic right. It’s am incredible injustice against a woman who had her day in court and was found not guilty. Can you blame her for being depressed? Maybe things will get better when she’s off probation and can leave Florida, but I still worry and hope that something breaks in her favor soon.

        • I don’t think Casey is a prisoner in her own home. The media just thinks they can say and print anything on her because they know they can get away with it, They make stuff up like Casey got Fat
          and Casey is depressed. Don’t believe everything you read. The Orlando Sentinel is worse than the National Enquirer trash.

          • Harry N says:

            I don’t believe anything the media says about Casey Anthony. Supposedly respectable outlets like HLN, which is owned by CNN, are responsible for creating the injustice that
            is beiing perpetrated against her. For the Sentinel, Casey is a cash cow, and the hatred
            that its readers have for her is a source of revenue a fading newspaper needs. Now they
            have George Zimmerman and a new lynch mob to rile up. But it was Cheney Mason who
            in an interview described Casey as prisoner in her home, whose primary source of human
            contact is the telephone and computer. I know she has friends and has reconnected with
            her mother and brother, but for safety reasons can’t go out much. That to me is terribly unfair, and undoubtedly weighs on her. How could it not?

          • What about her personal videos? In the second one she says she spent an amazing weekend with her boyfriend and is happy to be home with her smooch (her dog). She likes the way things are going and where they are going. What has changed? Baez says they keep in touch and she is doing ok.

  79. Ashton and Linda ignored a case of child molestation. How could anyone not have seen this?
    They were only doing their job is no excuse at all. They should be ashamed.

  80. Harry N says:

    I think those videos were part of her therapy, and reflected how she felt at the time they were made, which I think was October or November. I don’t believe she’s clinically depresssed now and that People magazine story about her gaining weight was probably BS designed to make the haters happy.
    She’s obviously a strong girl who faced down death row and survived years in solitary at the jail. Not to
    mention years of sexual abuse and the death of a daughter she obviously loved deeply. But as Keith Ablow has written, I think the piece is on this site,she has some deep psychological wounds that cannot heal in the environment she’s now in. Why do you think Cheney Mason accepted the subpoena
    instead of risking letting Morgan have her address? Why do you think the Florida authorities keep her
    address from the public? Her life is in danger because of all the hatred directed at her, and as a human being that has to affect her state of mind. I don’t doubt Baez when he says she’s OK in the sense that she’s physically healthy and being kept safe, but she won’t be happy, I think, until she can
    walk free like any American has the right to do.

    • She only has 3 months of her probation left. That’s really not that long. Then, she can get out of Florida and start a new life. People have to forget about her though. As long as she is in the media she won’t be forgotten and won’t be able to live a normal life. This is what she needs. I wish her the best wherever her life leads her and whatever she chooses to do.

      • She will never be able to live a normal life. Have you seen celebrity rehab with Dr. Drew a few years ago with Amy Fischer? People still crack jokes to her face and bring up things that happened almost 20 years ago. I hope people forget about her enough to be able to leave her alone – but I don’t have much hope in humanity anymore.

        • GasCanGeorge says:

          I think she needs to bring her father up on charges and quite possibly her mother also then
          she can think about regaining the respect she deserves

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Yes, they BOTH interfered with ANY investigation (remember Padilla was sent ‘packing when he suggested Geo was hiding the identity of a women Cindy was ‘looking for’? I say Cecelia Benaida-(Gonzale or Gonzalez) It’s likely she was the undercover agent (in a different department) whose name is strikingly similar to the Zenaida ; and her sister Crystal “not a #10” Holloway…both having AKAs who could change residences frequently, under LE protection of their identity… Nothing suspicious there? RIGHT!

          • JA

            Sorry I jumped in here because I couldn’t comment under you. So you are saying that George was with an undercover cop that was River Cruz? I’m sorry, this is going over my head. Please explain;-)

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Crystal Holloway AKA River Cruz and her sister Cecelia Benaida-Gonzale(z) AKA Skye ?(the #10 with straight teeth and curly hair) were ‘twins or merely look-alike” sisters that were behind the scenes players in this case against Casey… I say it was Cecelia that George was seeing…since 2006 when Geo and Cindy separated for a few months.

    • CollaredPrinzes says:

      :::::Applauds:::::: Hope you’re doing well, Casey!!!

  81. After all this time I had thought that Casey killed her own child, but GEORGE?!?!? If he knew he was responsible for Caylee’s death, why then would he be pinning this murder-crime on Casey?!? How stupid and perposterous could he get?! And now he stated that he didn’t want Casey to come back home. I can imagine how hurtful and painful Casey went through having to deal with an evil father of hers, especially that twisted-minded mother, Cindy of hers. This is pitiful. George should be the one need life in prison for murdering his grandchild, Caylee.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      I think all the signs were intentionally pointed at Casey to support a heinous murderer image…

      IMO Casey’s ‘worst of worst days’ began on Friday June 13th; until after midnight… but she had very little involvement in her daughter’s disappearance.

      Casey learned in Dec ’08, that Caylee had died…from the outfit found with the child’s remains that was indicative of the date Caylee actually died. That she had no shoes on when she died, tells that she was sleeping or napping, and the fact she disappeared for 180 days was b/c she wasn’t wearing a swimsuit, nor would she have had water in her lungs had a 911 call been made to alert LE to a child’s drowning.
      After that point in time Dec 11, ’08…and for the next 2.5 years before trial, Casey put the pieces together and realized the best result to the situation she is in, would be to agree with the heinous murder story…

    • JA Kalskett says:

      What if he knew the scene would look like “HE caused Caylee’s death” if a 911 call HAD been made on June 14th before her body disappeared? IMO George found Caylee decomposing in the trunk; after avoiding Casey’s calls all day at work. No matter how she got there, and despite the fact no one would’ve thought the little girl was in the trunk, he had to act immediately to save the rest of his family. The importance of the Father’s Day video to distract from the fact Caylee was in the trunk, and her death occurred there; held his whole family in the balance.

  82. Congratulations on your freedom, I know it’s been a long time coming and I know it’s going to be hard on you to get on with your life… but remember, not everyone out there hates you.. to me you were a wonderful mother, I can tell it in all of the pictures that have been posted.

    My husband and I were in your corner from day one… So, if you ever find yourself in Nashville, TN, please email me, you will always, always have a place to stay with us, if it’s for a day, a week or a month, however long you need… you are more than welcome here. Trust me, no haters will be able to cross the barrier that we would put up.

    Good Luck on your travels!!
    We love you!!

  83. Casey, I’m glad you have moved passed a milestone of getting off probabtion, I hope you see this so you can Google “Truth Contest”, you should read the God Memorandum especially, I read it for the first time yesterday and it honestly changed my life. You deserve to receive that information, it will change your perspective. I’m a single mom and I identified with you from the first of hearing about your missing baby. I can’t imagine how you felt and feel about the tragedy, I know if anything happened to my son I would never be the same. My family was dysfunctional growing up and I am now in my 30’s and finally realizing so many things about life and finally feel like I can release the people who harmed me growing up (mostly my mother, but I hold my step father and father accountable for letting her abuse go on to the point that it was “normal” for me to be in fear of being beaten everyday which is just as bad as the actual beatings). My son is 7 now and I have been an awful mother for years, maybe not AWFUL but I had a drinking and substances problem for much of his life. I can’t say I’m cured because that’s not something that goes away but I have an understanding of my triggers now and I use binaural beats and meditation to calm that tortured, angry, depressed little girl that I was trying to supress by being intoxicated. None of us knows what really happened except you and maybe your father but I believe you. I saw your parents in the K-Mart on Curry Ford and 436 probably about a year ago and I really got just an evil vibe from him, not your mother so much but I don’t understand how she is still with him but who knows, she had her reasons so I can’t really comment on her. Anyway, keep your head up, remember there is balance in the universe and those that did you wrong will receive their appropriate punishment even if it’s not in this life or for us to see and one day you will embrace your little girl again! Hugs and best of luck to you!

  84. justiceforcma says:

    I am so excited to have found this site! This is great stuff on here! I have felt everything that has been written on here to be so true! Great Job! I think this is a great way of getting her story out there. I also agree with hoping that justice will be served the day George Anthony is convicted and put away! I hope the best for Casey! I also think of Caylee as an angel. I hope Caylee soon will RIP with the justice she deserves! Keep up the good work!!

  85. Maxine Flores says:

    Only just heard about this case travelling will do that. I have a couple of questions if thats ok. Firstly did the autopsy report say the child was breathing when she entered the water, i.e was there water in her lungs and signs of drowning? and secondly if the child shared a bedroom with her mother, her apparently abused mother then can someone tell me why Casey didnt lock her bedroom door every night so preventing Caylee leaving the room in the morning, or her father entering her room for that matter. Thus never leaving the child alone with him? I just find it all a little bit odd that an abused woman remains in a home with a baby daughter when her abuser is still there, is this normal behaviour for an abused woman? I dont know and I am not accusing her but it just seems like she didnt take any precautions to protect her baby from this man or am I missing something??

    • An autopsy was never done since the body was too decomposed. Caylee slept with Casey at night and Casey locked the door but she forgot to lock it one night. Casey tried to protect Caylee the best she could that’s why she created the fake job and the nanny she didn’t want to leave Caylee alone with George.

      • AnaMae Johnston says:

        That’s right. That’s why she stayed away with Caylee when her mom went to Mt. Dora for 2 days about a week before that Father’s Day weekend. I always thought it strange when Mom got on one of the news media shows and blatantly said Caylee was only missing from Casey on June 14th. We know what happened the day after…So….? I still think the whole fear factor centered around poor old plain just a dad? GA.

        BTW, Can I put in here a HUGE Kudos to at least 2 posters from here who I have been following on a certain review site? Sorry, since I’m new here I don’t who is who yet, but I see familiar names and I just want to say Thank You!!!! You have never been more right about another certain website-No need to name names ;).

    • If you research this topic, you won’t find it strange at all. There is a wealth of literature about ‘breaking the cycle’. It really is a cycle when abuse occurs in a family.

      She did her best to protect her daughter but she also was in denial that her father was a predator. Blaming her for not ‘protecting her daughter’ is what allows abusers to escape blame.

  86. JA Kalskett says:

    AnaMae Johnston says:
    September 29, 2012
    I always thought it strange when Mom got on one of the news media shows and blatantly said Caylee was only missing from Casey on June 14th.

    *IMO based on when Caylee’s body began to decompose [Forensic experts determined she began to decompose ‘in early to mid-June’. THAT tiny piece of evidence IS CRUCIAL EVIDENCE to the perspective of the events from June 14th that IS CONTRARY to the HEINOUS MURDERER IMAGE and the H-M-Story that unfolded and created … the illusion that Caylee was alive AFTER the 14th…I know that thought is not easy to follow, but bare with me…

    IMO it is LIKELY that by defining ‘mid-month’ of a 30 day month as the 24 hour period between 12:am and 11:59pm on the 15th to the16th day of the month, forensic science determined the child’s body was already decomposing before the video…right?

  87. JA Kalskett says:

    On June 14th Casey ‘lost sight of Caylee’; there were eye-witnesses to the fact Casey and Caylee were together on Friday, June 13th; before midnight.

    There was no other eye-witness who positively admitted to seeing the little girl face-to-face on June 14th…(15th, 16th or 17th, either, except from within the Anthony family)

    That was because the impression left by the Father’s Day video, on every person who EVER saw it, confirmed Caylee’s whereabouts and condition AFTER she was already decomposing….how’d they do that?
    IMO THAT was the moment that the heinous-murder story replaced Casey’s

    • JA Kalskett says:

      When viewed from a larger vantage point, it becomes clearer that there was a deliberate purpose behind the child’s disappearance.

      IMO Caylee’s ‘body disappeared’ on June 14th not to hide a murder, but to keep Caylee’s death from being known, TO PREVENT the results of an investigation b/c she was likely found dead and decomposing in a place and manner that would NEVER be explained as accidental. [IMO there was no water in her lungs; no accidental drowning]

      I say; Casey ‘lost sight and possession’ of Caylee after midnight on Friday 13th to wee hours on the 14th (early-to-mid June).

      Cindy and George created the Father’s Day video that was recorded 12 to 15 hours AFTER science determined the child was already decomposing.

      This distinction allows the separation of the 2 stories. Now, name the story that unfolded in the media… “A Heinous-Murderer Story”

      • Tony L. was at the Anthony home on Friday June 13th. Tony and Casey were headed to the mall to pass out flyers and took Caylee with them. Where was Caylee when Tony and Casey went to Fusion that night?

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Sorry Carol…I think Tony said he was at the Anthony home on June 12th. The day they went to the mall…later, Casey went to see if Christina Chester would babysit on the night of the big Fusion event ; Friday the 13th. (That is why Christina Chester was so distraught when she talked to Casey from jail on July 16th….she was worried b/c she declined and NO ONE could find Caylee, alive or dead, after that, until her body was placed for re-covery in the woods after full decomposition (that could prove Caylee DID NOT die by accidental drowning)…therefore all evidence would have pointed to foul-play, and one of the A-Family members would have faced the DP charges.

          IMO…Casey was the only one ‘in the family’ that COULD be accused of foul-play b/c SHE DIDNT kill Caylee., and she never knew where Caylee was until Dec 11th… [Remember the early jail tape Casey was aggitated when she told Cindy “i wasn’t supposed to take this”… the blame was what she was cryptically referring to. ]

  88. JA Kalskett says:

    The truth of the matter is distorted when you consider “what Casey was led to believe” during the 31 days she had not seen her daughter face to face

    Right off the bat, that makes 3.
    #1. ended after Friday the 13th, [the story leading up to a point in time] Casey no longer knew Caylee’s whereabouts…telling Lee “between 9 and 1” [likely=11:30 to midnight…so] after midnight made it June 14th. [in early-to-mid June]

    #2. ended Aug 9th (Caylee’s b-day) the story Casey WAS LED TO BELIEVE during the 31 days before July 15th [and she continued to behave accordingly] until Dec. 11. Casey saw the answers she needed on Dec 11, in the “news coverage set-up” in jail; the outfit Caylee was wearing, the fact of no shoes, and recovered from THAT location…no one would EVER believe Caylee died as the result of an accident…she support the drowning story through the trial; she had to trust forensic science to prove her NOT GUILTY of murder.

    #3. ended with the trial verdict. [Although, it originated the minute Caylee was discovered already decomposing] this story (unfolded before our eyes) of a heinous murderer, duct tape, chloroform, the lies and premeditation…that Casey had NO INVOLVEMENT IN…except to keep her story quiet.

    The heinous murder story was INTENDED to deceive right from the very first moment the little girl was found dead/decomposing *which it did* without Casey having to tell what she “knows now OR thought then”. The trial verdict proved the truth didn’t matter in Caylee’s case, the trial wasn’t about Caylee’s death, it was about how to beat a false murder rap.

  89. This is idiotic. No child would willingly climb into bed with a sexual abuser, even at 2yrs old!

    • Hi Kim,

      Well, we are indeed truly blessed that you chose to bring your wealth of knowledge & expertise on the subject to our site :mrgreen:


  90. Hello JA Kalskett,

    How you do you believe Caylee died?

    • JA Kalskett says:

      accidentally in the trunk…on June 14th. I believe that Geo (or someone with access to his Pontiac keys) took the car from Tony’s apartment parking lot, not aware that Caylee was asleep there. Hiding the vehicle until Geo was off work on the 14th, she was found already decomposing in the trunk by George, who then created the whole heinous-murder story before returning the Pontiac to Tony’s apartment parking lot minus Caylee. That was how Casey became the victim, she believed Geo and the video of a visit to MtDora on Father’s Day…she never knew anything to the contrary.

  91. JA Kalskett says:

    What I think, can’t be explained very quickly, but it is contrary to the story of murder and heinous intentions, that unfolded after mid July,’08. I say it was the “heinous murder story” that successfully affected the murder trial verdict b/c it was the ONLY story with ANY evidence found after June 14, when Casey lost track of Caylee.

    Forensic science experts KNOW her body began to decompose “early-to-mid” June…according to the heinous murder story, Caylee died after the Father’s Day video was made, “mid-to-late” June.

  92. JA Kalskett says:

    Caylee’s body was already decomposing when the Father’s Day video was made…

  93. JA Kalskett says:

    In this case, you must look into the past behaviors of the characters with the most to lose. Casey had already lost sight of Caylee before Father’s Day…and later forensic experts determined the child’s body had already begun to decompose (as much as 2 days/or 12 to 36 hours) prior to that…Her image in the video looked pretty good, considering THAT FACT.

    • So you are saying caylee ended up in the trunk and George covered all this up to hide the manner in which she died? But did she die while being watched by George and the girlfriend? I can understand your contention about the father’s day video because I’ve always had trouble with the 16th being the day but went with it because that was the day agreed upon by the defense and prosecution. Do you think Caylee accidentally wandered into the trunk without casey knowing? Because if that were the case, why would George cover for Casey when he repeatedly went behind Casey’s back to implicate her in the HM theory?

      Thank you for taking the time to reply:-)

      • JA Kalskett says:

        IMO It was likely that Casey and Caylee were waiting in the parking lot of Tony’s apartments on Friday the 13th, for Geo to pick-up Caylee after work, so Casey could go to Fusion. After dark, Casey put Caylee on her blanket with her books, toys and babydoll “nanny’s place”; safe, nearby” (cryptic within the family) in the open trunk.

        No one would ever believe a decomposing child’s dead body was the result of an accident. IMO that’s why Caylee’s dead body was hidden for 180 days.

        • But wasn’t George’s work hours 3 pm – midnight? Not that I believe he even had a job, but if he did that is the hours he always said he worked.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Even Cindy didn’t know where, when or if Geo worked. LOL

            *personally, I got the impression he was a part-time security cop with a varying schedule, likely for the same company (at least) since mid March ’08: He worked 9:00am to 6:50pm on 3-19-08, then he worked 7:00am to 5:00pm on 3-21-08. Who knows for sure?

            IMO Cindy spent 2 days at Mt Dora trying to figure out who was taking money from her banking accounts (using Shirley’s computer) while on vacation from work between May 29 and June 9. She couldn’t tell who was taking funds; the home computer was not private. Her searches were likely for Cecelia Benaida-Gonzale(z) not chlorophyll or chloroform.

            C.(Cecelia) Benaida-Gonzalez: IMO It was not a coincidence the handwritten name on the Sawgrass card was C. Zenaida-Gonzale(z) *I have seen the card signature both with and without the z, and noticed how easily a signature “B” can look like a “Z”, as well.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            I thought I had read he worked 3 to 11…either way, Casey knew Caylee left her sight after midnight…the date was then June 14th,

            IMO even Cindy agreed Caylee was ‘gone from Casey on the 14th’ IMO She still couldn’t understand how the ‘other woman’ tied in with ‘the nanny’ or why that woman would take (kidnap) Caylee. In the month from June 14th to July 15th, Casey hadn’t been able to provide any proof that Geo had a g-friend; only the name C.Benaida…the rest came later, in the heinous murder plot [that spared the Anthony family the loss of another member]

      • JA Kalskett says:

        CJ, you ask;
        why would George cover for Casey when he repeatedly went behind Casey’s back to implicate her in the HM theory?

        He never covered for her, he set her up b/c he was the only person alive that knows Caylee DID DIE as the result of an accident. Caylee was accidentally “out of Casey’s sight”. And no one else knew her whereabouts… It was HER DISAPPEARANCE that was DELIBERATE, and the crime was that no one called 911 on June 14th, for Caylee.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          What I don’t know is…
          WITHOUT legal authority to do so, isn’t it ILLEGAL to move a dead body without reporting to authorities? (especially a child) AND withhold ALL evidence from the scene to conceal one’s identity and involvement in that person’s death event; for which another person is being accused, charged and tried?

          *IMO That would be the crime that George could be found guilty of, in all this. NO? [Adultery, mental abuse, accounts fraud and interference with justice, all aside]

          • JA Kalskett says:

            It simply RINGS TRUE that this whole family ADORED Caylee, all 4 of them felt she was ‘theirs’. We just can’t imagine that someone isn’t responsible for her life being cut short…but there was NO INTENTION by anyone to end this little girl’s life…
            *That is why I say,

            It was BECAUSE she was found dead and already decomposing, that her BODY DISAPPEARED; creating the illusion she was still alive on Father’s Day…but forensics proved her body was decomposing probably 18-48 hours PRIOR. I say the video was the first piece of MIS-INFORMATION that changed everything that followed.

        • I said that because I thought you thought Casey put caylee in the trunk and that George hid what happened thereafter?

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Yes… I think Casey put Caylee in the open trunk (hatchback-style) while waiting for Geo to get off work at 11pm or midnight, so Casey could go to that Fusion Lounge event on Friday the 13th. Tony and friends had to lock-up the apartment befere they left, but Casey had to wait for a ‘sitter’. Casey and Caylee waited by the pool and some in the parking lot. Once it became dark, Calyee’s shoes off and was laid on her blanket with toys and books…and Nan, the babydoll. ‘Nan’s place was in the trunk, whenever Caylee needed a safe, clean ‘playpen’ setting, and it was always ‘nearby’ Casey was a good mom…

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Well, CJ that does pretty much sum it up…Casey didn’t know where Caylee was on Father’s Day, but Caylee’s body did get moved from the last place Casey left her…She would’ve called 911 but there was no sign of Caylee after June 14th…in the car or anywhere she knew to look for Crystal and her sister. There were phone records that would’ve shown her un-answered calls to Goerge if she still had her phone. However, I believe her phone was in her purse when the car was moved by whoever had George’s Pontiac keys…they may not have known where “Nan’s place” was, or that Caylee was sleeping there.

  94. JA Kalskett says:

    WOW! After my last post, I watched the video on this page (top right) under the heading “this is the reason we do what we do…”

    And I have to repeat myself…It simply RINGS TRUE that this whole family ADORED Caylee, all 4 of them felt she was ‘theirs’. But Casey’s first and foremost.

    There was no ‘GOOD REASON’ WHY this lovely child died…only, that as the result, “IT WOULD TAKE a “Circus event of epic proportions’ to make this accident appear ‘accidental’ any other way.

    • JA – so you are saying Casey left Caylee alone in an open trunk on a blanket to go party with Tony? Maybe, I’m missing something. I don’t think Casey would do that. If she did it would make her at fault.

      • Jon, JA

        I agree although I do find it interesting that Skye was in jail with Casey and that she was also River’s sister – maybe they were working for the cops….

        But I don’t see Casey leaving Caylee in the trunk because if we go by your theory, that would mean GA would have to know that Casey left Caylee in the trunk in order to pick her up which you are saying he didn’t know that and drove away?

        I respect diverse opinion though and find your theory interesting; I just don’t see, based on what we know about Casey, that she would leave Caylee in the trunk even if she made it a nice place for her. It was hot in florida even at night. She would have suffocated and Casey would have known that prior to putting her the trunk.

        Unless I’m missing something?

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Thank-you for the good questions…I’ve been on JQ since Sept. and feel like I’ve been beating my head against the wall!
          Does it work best if each question is answered in order, here? I’ll do that.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Jynnxter at JQ…I’m off the island, now for disrupting the status quo, there, by being arrogant and not conforming to their way of thinking. My signature WAS Don’t believe everything you think…though, not too many (actually 0) agreed with those words of wisdom, LOL

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Yes, did you miss that the trunk lid was open? In bright daylight or sun. the trunk lid works like an umbrella…at night it keeps a little light on, too…

          Geo would have known to look for Caylee there, had he actually talked to Casey that night. IMO the night went something like this:

          Caylee and Casey were waiting for Geo. When it got dark, Casey took Caylee’s shoes off and laid her on her blanket to wait. Toys, books and Caylee’s favorite babydoll, Nan, was there.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        no, she waited…I think Nan was Caylee’s babydoll’s name…Nanny’s place was in the hatchback-type trunk…not like it sounds; more like a playpen setting. Geo and Casey may have been the only 2 people who understood the expression.

        • OH I see now.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Do you see how that ONE FACTprevented Casey from telling ‘where Nanny’s place was’ and anything in her own defense?

          • Yes but am still questioning why she would leave her daughter their in the night alone when she could be kidnapped or hurt no matter how nice the place was.

            Can i ask, how did you arrive at your theory? Was it the evidence in the trunk, something about her toys, books ect? Something you read that a friend said that I over looked?

            What first led you to believe this happened?

          • JA Kalskett says:

            CJ, this is the best question b/c it is so simple.

            Dr G’s expert opinion, remember the ‘seemingly vague’ determination of when Caylee’s body began to decompose?

            …IMO Dr.G defined the single piece of testimony that IS CONTRARY to the heinous-murder story, by her statement “decomposition began EARLY-to-mid June”. She actually confirms when Caylee’s death occurred; in hours PRIOR to decomposition EARLY-to-mid June!…Caylee’s death MUST HAVE occurred before June 15/16th…by reason of definition.

            * technically, the term ‘mid-‘ (of a 30-day month) refers to is mid-night between the 15th and 16th day,

            When you focus on the Father’s Day video, Caylee ‘appears to be alive’ on the 15th and not decomposing; mid June…tells me the video IS THE “FALSE WITNESS” that introduced the H-MStory. does that make sense?
            LOL Try this: A False witness for a false story, on the wrong day, by a false murderer with a heinous image…and No murder!

            Once that heinous-murder story was presented to the media, it took on a life of it’s own.
            By July 15th Casey was prevented from defending herself against it. Now, after the trial verdict, it has protected Casey from being forced into telling ‘what she knew happened’. IMO there came a time when she gave-up on the truth, and fell silent, adding to the heinous image that she carries yet today.
            From that, it became clearer, there was a purpose for the H-MStory that has kept America captivated for years…IT has protected their family, and still shrouds the truth.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Do you think I mean Casey left Caylee in there intentionally? NO! She would never deliberately do that…It wasn’t Casey’s fault George went to his ‘friend’s condo” and left the Pontiac parked while he went to work, on the 14th.

            George couldn’t have known Casey’s whole life was in the car…as well as Caylee accidentally in the trunk. So her death wasn’t his fault either…

  95. JA,

    Say George had found caylee in the trunk, based on what we know about his feelings toward casey, he would have called LE. LE would have believed him because Tony L would have been the last person to see Caylee, placing Caylee in Casey’s care. Unless there is something I’m missing.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Regardless of how it has ever looked, the Anthony family would do anything for Caylee. Even if it meant throwing each other under the bus; liars, abusers, thieves, kidnappers and murders…ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, the HMStory prevented Casey from defending herself against a world of haters…Casey had her story…the one with the truth, but NO ANSWERS; and the trial verdict proved the H-MStory had ALL THE ANSWERS…just NOT THE TRUE ONES.

      • So do you reject the idea that GA molested Casey? Because the research out the proves that an adult child would lie and even sitting in jail to hide that family secret. And if you, then what do you make of the shrink’s opinions? I’m sorry you were treated poorly at a sleuth forum but I’m not surprised. Least justice quest didn’t invent computer history after Baez book claiming we “heard it through them first” that Casey did GA’s computer searches! LOL

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Many families have secrets that they don’t really want to share with the community or the world. Some ARE heinous, some are simply poor judgement. IMO if there had been secret sexual activities, it wouldn’t have taken so long for it to have been exposed.

          IMO all of the truth disappeared on June 14th with Caylee (who was alive when Casey last saw her, but was decomposing when she was located in the trunk, as much as a day later. No one could know what happened to Caylee, or someone in the A-Family would have been exposed and held responsible for her death. That video of Father’s Day was shown on the news as early as July 16th…so, 45 days after the little girl was missing, all of the witnesses from MtDora began being questioned by LE on July 22nd (co-incidently, Casey’s “full cooperation letter” was filed with the court, on the 21st)

          To me, if the date is wrong, the truth has still not been uncovered. I CAN identify the purpose and importance for the Heinous-Murder-Story that prevented Casey from receiving a guilty of murder verdict, tho, it WAS FOR CAYLEE’S SAKE

        • JA Kalskett says:

          CJ…you asked “So do you reject the idea that GA molested Casey”
          my answer goes against the presumption that there was sexual improprieties within the home, but I easily could be wrong. The number of survivors who believe that accusation (or allegation)attest to how rampant that sort of thing is…I, too am a survivor, so, IMO it is not impossible, If it was, their family, like many families (for their own reasons), swept it under the rug. Do I think Caylee was molested….no. (but I don’t have proof to support my opinion…either)

  96. I don’t think Casey would ever leave Caylee in the trunk. Especially in that kind of weather. Plus her friends always said Casey was a good mom and always attended to Caylee. Casey made sure Caylee wouldn’t run to the pool.

    • yep Suz your right.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      On the ground there are burrs, ants, cig butts, and roaches the size of a fist…When Tony and all the friends and roommates went to Fusion, Casey and Caylee waited in the parking lot. Casey would have known it was after midnight when she last saw Caylee and the car…leaving the parking lot…that was Sat June 14th. Geo got off work that night (if he worked) at 11:pm or midnight. No one has asked what time HE got home…if he made it, or went straight to work from his “friend’s”

      IMO Geo took the car, (or a friend with access to his keys may have…Raine or Skye?) Expecting Casey and Caylee were IN Tony’s apartment, Geo saw the car, and took it without directly talking to Casey…hoping to spoil Casey’s plan by leaving Caylee and just taking the car… [tough love, maybe straight-up control] he simply took the car and parked it while visiting his friend, and left it where Casey wouldn’t find it. Her phone and purse and their belongings (taken June 9 when they ‘moved out’ were likely in the car; another reason the trunk would have made a good porta-crib.

      • And, where was Caylee when George took the car? Casey left Caylee alone in a open trunk on a blanket in the middle of the night in a parking lot. Casey would never be that reckless with Caylee. Casey was a good mom and loved Caylee with all her heart. She just would never do anything like that.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          I believe Caylee was asleep when the car left the parking lot. Probably slept until the sun came up, and she couldn’t get out of the trunk, b/c the lid had latched when the car was moved. Geo worked on the 14th, so Caylee and Nan had to wait for him to find them after work; meaning they had accidentally been at Nanny’s Place all day.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Casey may have had a physical confrontation with the person who later took the car…the night of July 15th, Casey DID try to tell LE about what happened on the 14th, but she, too had been given so much misinformation through that month, she was left to ‘speculate’ what was the truth, by that point in time. Everywhere she had looked during late June and early July, for Caylee (and the ‘sisters’) turned-up dead-ends.

      • I love a good theory but what I can’t see is a mother leaving a child in an open trunk and leaving to go anywhere no matter how nice the trunk was inside. Casey would have been leaving Caylee open to predators human and animal ie roaming dogs etc. It would have been reckless abandonment and Casey was the one who put safety locks on all the doors in the house, carried an extra key in case she was locked out of her car. Casey did a better job than I did at safety proofing the home if what they say is correct. So it doesn’t seem reasonable that she would suspend safety issues in this case to go out with Tony L. Were her friends okay with this? Because had I a friend who did that, even at 20 I would have thinked they bumped their head! LOL I would have intervened surely.

        • If my girlfriend was going to leave her kid in an open trunk to party with me. I Would say something like your her mother you can’t just leave her here all alone. What if something happened to her? I wouldn’t want a girlfriend who would do this to her child. I wouldn’t support Casey if she did something like that.

        • If Tony knew Casey was leaving Caylee like that, he would have told LE right off the bat. He was very well cooperating with LE.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Tony was not there, he was at Fusion. As was his roommates, who would have ‘locked-up’ before going to the club. It gets dark very late in the summed in Florida, so it was likely after 10 pm before Casey took Caylee’s shoes off. Here may be where her poor judgement may have been an issue.

            I have NEVER said Casey left Caylee unattended in a closed trunk of the car…nor that it is a “good choice”, merely that the child could be “lost” while in the trunk…and that in Florida in the summer, the child would’ve accidentally died…

            It is simply the thought of the child sleeping in a clean trunk with toys and books and a favorite doll seems to pizs people-off…

          • JA Kalskett says:

            everyone lies…everyone dies; what a threat! I believe Geo warned everyone he could tie into the event of June 14th. He showed the video around, and planted evidence of the HMS where ever he could. If he expected LE to investigate, he would know how to hide what they would be looking for.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Yes, I agree.

            But IMO the purpose of that Diary of Days…it was a warning to whomever was not willing to let this case unfold the way it “had to, to affect the DP murder trial verdict.

            Was it not ‘odd’ that Casey was charged with murder when there had been no indication that she had been harmed; missing and at large, with an unidentified culprit.

            *for the murder story to achieve it’s goal, Casey had to be accused of murder…because Caylee wasn’t murdered…it would have only looked like murder had she been reported decomposing in the Pontiac trunk, no matter how she got there or why

      • I do believe Ga stalked Casey and took that car whenever he pleased though JA. He knew more about what Casey did then Casey’s friends did.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Oh, YES! He took Caylee without permission whenever her wanted, too. That is what prevented Caylee from alerting the police when she couldn’t find Caylee on June 14th, 15th, 16th, …all the way through the 31 days…

          Actually, Casey said it best “my whole life”…her purse, her phone, her wheels and her babygirl.

          George was the only person whose involvement / and lack of it, led the Heinous-Murder Story from start to finish.
          When he and C stood and left the courtroom after the verdict, it was to conceal their relief that the verdict spared their family.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          ..sorry. That should read

          That is what prevented Casey from alerting the police when she couldn’t find Caylee on June 14th, 15th, 16th, or 17th (the day I think she first saw the video) …all the way through the 31 days…

          *also in the list of things that comprised her “whole life” was the car-full of their belongings (she believed were hers and Caylees) that filled the car still, on the 14th. These things were missing from her car when she got the car back, minus Caylee.

  97. Has anyone read this before? I”m still in the middle of it.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Interesting, huh? That’s why it was easy for me to see, that a huge effort was made to distance himself from the sisters. Cecelia and Crystal: the mysterious twins or look-alikes? IDK cuz I’ve not seen a picture of Cecelia…her face was blurred in the only one I saw of George and “his g-friend”
      *I believe Cindy did…remember the pic she was shown? She announced “Sorry lady, you’re NOT A #10! (when Casey told Cindy she had not seen any ‘line-up” or the any pic of ZF-G).

      Leonard Padilla was sent away as soon as he mentioned discovering a connection between Geo and another woman with the OSCO. His reputation took a whooping for his involvement…as did anyone who did not heed the cryptic message / threat in the diary of days. “everyone lies…or…everyone dies”.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      I don’t remember that doc being 50 pages long…but I read it after the trial when the trial verdict seemed to scream “whatever had been seen after the child died, was NOT what really happened’ and the little discrepancies became more obvious…Since then, the purpose for the H-MStory was to establish Caylee was alive, after her body began to decompose, concealing June14th from scrutiny while destroying Casey’s story, believability, and chance to dispute the heinous murderer image.

      • JA,

        Do you think GA is a perv and a child molester? I’m married to that because of Casey’s reactions, lies, the way George acted and the shrinks assessment of her.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          I believe ANYTHING that has come forth since June 14th, has been specifically intentional to affect the DP murder trial verdict…none of what really happened has come to light…the world is looking for the truth within the HMStory…beginning with that video…mid-June. Science tells us that whatever happened to Caylee caused her body to decompose in early-to-mid-June. She should have not been alive in mid-to late June as the HMStory is based on….it is all mis-information…and Casey IS the victim!

        • JA Kalskett says:

          maybe I’m not a good person to ask…I think all men and women have the potential to be pervs. And these days, there is less protection from it! But I don’t think everyone IS.
          See, right now, I’m convinced ALL REPUBLICANS want to control/force women into sex…that idea of “legitimate rape” is surely a male dominance concept and mind-set. Beyond that,… the idea that if a child is the result of rape, the woman is legally bound to give birth and honor that man’s fatherhood rights..ABSOLUTELY ABSURD! IMO that is like “Open Season” for rape (and servitude) of women; not to mention the vulnerable men, children or animals.

          But, I won’t go there…ok?

          • All Republicans want to force women into Sex? That just Ridiculus. That’s only one nutcase who is running . I’m sure all Republicans don’t think anything like that. That’s Very unfair to say all Republicans think like that one nut.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            A Kalskett says:
            November 5, 2012 at 10:16 pm

            Jon says:
            November 5, 2012 at 9:48 pm

            Jon responded:
            All Republicans want to force women into Sex? That just Ridiculus. That’s only one nutcase who is running . I’m sure all Republicans don’t think anything like that. That’s Very unfair to say all Republicans think like that one nut.

            JAKalskett :
            Yeah, but he wants to “run the free world”…be the Commander and Chief…You are right…LOL not all Republican think like that, I just hope they see the risk to women if that “nutcase” accidentally wins the election.

    • I know JA really got everyone going about these two sisters ha! Thanks JA! My entire opinion has changed in that area after reading Skye’s statement. I didn’t even know anything about her before.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        I think there was an earlier depo by Cecelia…before Jan 2010. She still used her married name Gonzales…with a z or without…C. Benaida Gonzale rings very similar to the Zenaida Gonzale, to me. I can only speak for myself and try to explain why I have my own POV.

        • SO she did have the name Gonzalez? I’m going to look for that depo and why wasn’t that name mentioned in the next depo when the cops go over the how many names a person has part? Hmmm.

          So do you think that Skye/Behaida was put up to going to Sawgrass that day? and if so, how does ZG fit in with the lawsuit?

          A lot of ppl think ZG was a merely a pawn and was used for the purpose of convincing people there never was a nanny, when there was. ( meaning there was a nanny, not saying the nanny kidnapped Caylee but people believe that there was a nanny)

          • JA Kalskett says:

            CJ: why wasn’t that name mentioned in the next depo when the cops go over the how many names a person has part? Hmmm.

            JAK: Would they ask (or expect an answer) from an agent ‘undercover’? To what length is LE allowed to go to protect the identity of uc agents?

            CJ: So do you think that Skye/Behaida was put up to going to Sawgrass that day? and if so, how does ZG fit in with the lawsuit?

            JAK: I think she did that to protect Crystal, who was already ‘giving money to Geo’.
            IMO all the civil static is punishment…Not the DP; b/c it was not deliberate; but it is the price Casey has to pay for her poor judgement that put Caylee in a dangerous situation; that resulted in Caylee’s death.

            CJ: A lot of ppl think ZG was a merely a pawn and was used for the purpose of convincing people there never was a nanny, when there was. ( meaning there was a nanny, not saying the nanny kidnapped Caylee but people believe that there was a nanny)

            JAK: IMO As Cindy was home most nights, there was SOME PLACE Geo would take Caylee when he watched her nights or weekends….Call her any name you like… there is one person in all this that said ‘no one knows my real name.

    • Another supporter summed it up for me.

      My questions are:

      1.) Who were these women working for and for what purpose because I dont think it was for OCSO.

      2.) If they weren’t working UC, how did they get the money to give to GA so he could pretend to have a job? The money was given in small increments of 300.00 400.00 etc over time? Skye came out owing money to the state for stealing so money had to be in issue.
      3.) Kindfinders owners’ sherry and whatever Milstead were river’s friends and very dupicitious con artist IMO who had been in trouble with the law. Perhaps LE was investigating the Milsteads and River inadvertently because caught up with GA.
      4.) Or maybe the FBI was delving into pedo rights and this is why this story is so scattered with strange coincidences.
      5.) Her statement proved Casey was sad when Caylee died and suprised.
      6.) I don’t know about her name being that similiar to ZG? But I’m doubtful that a ZG ever walked into sawgrass that day and if so, I think M&M SOUGHT HER OUT as they did Vasco whomever his name was, the kidnapper GA was calling who was added at the last minute during the trial.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        3. LOL I haven’t come across the info you mention about KidFinders…But I’m not surprised! Birds of a feather…

        4. IMO [everything including the multiples and the frivolous chaos that appeared after early-to-mid June WAS the heinous-murder story…ANYTHING believed after June 14th ‘belonged to the HMS…NOT what happened while Caylee was out of Casey’s sight after midnight Friday the 13th…the Anthony’s ‘worst of worst days’

        Casey and Cindy were both looking for Caylee and Cecelia until Caylee’s birthday. Casey could no longer find anything regarding the sisters, by mid-to-late June, Cindy was being misled by Geo and so was Casey…he pitted them against each other; divide and conquer

  98. JA Kalskett says:

    OK…here’s how your questions would be answered according to my POV.

    Some curious info was found within Cecelia Benaidas’ depo / transcript. First, although there are the correct words within her testimony, the speech pattern is often erratic and makes no true statements or answers to questions, except by implication…beating the interrigation to establish her involvement in the events surrounding Caylee’s death. She convincingly avoids straight information.

    1. One sister was emotionally unstable and SHE was the one that had seizures.. that was Crystal; her ‘roomate’ was a Jeff Allen, who also gave Crystal money.

    The other sister appeared to be protected by LE whether it was OSCO, IDK. There hasn’t been a photo of this sister, that I have found. [She makes reference to “under(cover?)” page 8; beginning with line 10.]

  99. JA Kalskett says:

    2.) If they weren’t working UC, how did they get the money to give to GA so he could pretend to have a job? The money was given in small increments of 300.00 400.00 etc over time? Skye came out owing money to the state for stealing so money had to be in issue.

    Crystal didn’t give him just small increments…there was first a large sum of $4K..and than, when she could get her hands on it, another payment of $800..I think he was black-mailing Crystal…she WAS INVOLVED, and he was shaking her-down….but SHE sincerely felt the child had died by accident…one that SHE could look responsible for happening…if she drove the car, or didn’t pay. She KNEW the situation had snowballed out of control, first hand!

    Had the scene appeared accidental, a 911 call would have been made, (even if the truth was not told to EMTs as the result) it is ultimately impossible to prove ‘intent’ when there ARE no clues.

    [IMO, b/c Caylee was decomposing when her body was moved the first time: requiring the tape, bags and canvas bag to contain the drainage] IMO her body disappeared 180 days b/c there was NO WATER in her lungs confirming where ever her death occurred, it would NEVER have appeared to have been accidental; and full decomposition was the only way to keep the cause from being exposed by science.

  100. JA Kalskett says:

    3. LOL I haven’t come across the info you mention about KidFinders…But I’m not surprised! Birds of a feather…

    4. IMO [everything including the multiples and the frivolous chaos that appeared after early-to-mid June WAS the heinous-murder story…ANYTHING believed after June 14th ‘belonged to the HMS…NOT what happened while Caylee was out of Casey’s sight after midnight Friday the 13th…the Anthony’s ‘worst of worst days’

    Casey and Cindy were both looking for Caylee and Cecelia until Caylee’s birthday. Casey could no longer find anything regarding the sisters, by mid-to-late June, Cindy was being misled by Geo and so was Casey…he pitted them against each other; divide and conquer

  101. JA Kalskett says:

    5. Yes, Casey was devastated like anyone who misses their last chance to ‘see’ a loved one, before their death occurs. The difference is that Casey was behind bars and out of the view of others while she grieved and adjusted to the fact.

  102. JA Kalskett says:

    6.) I don’t know about her name being that similiar to ZG? But I’m doubtful that a ZG ever walked into sawgrass that day and if so, I think M&M SOUGHT HER OUT as they did Vasco whomever his name was, the kidnapper GA was calling who was added at the last minute during the trial.

    Answer: C. Benaida-Gonzalez was her married name…still..when she wrote it on the Sawgrass Apts interest card. She dropped the Gonzale(z) when she got her divorce…
    [see her depo/testimony Page 8, midway down the page]

    I’m sure there is another depo by her…closer to when Padilla was involved, back in the time when she still used her married name…that was where i first made that connection with the nanny’s name, and the ‘anonymous-twin’

    • JA Kalskett says:

      The interest card that was filled out at the SawGrass apt, was that mid-June or July?

      • Well, the pros claims it was filled out on June 17 but I read on a forum that Ashton’s book said March 17. I think he made a mistake.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          My calendar indicated St Pat’s Day…USUALLY March 17th…(but for religious observance conflicts in 2008; St Pat’s was celebrated on the 15th) But beside the fact a ZF-G got a seatbelt ticket, she did not connect to this case at all, except by opportunity.

          *That was the weekend Casey turned 21. A very special EVENT for Casey.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          The seatbelt ticket in March was given to Zenaida Gonzales (civil suit Zenaida).

          The Sawgrass card was filled out June 17th by C.Benhaida-Gonzale(z), the undercover cop at the jail where Casey was being held…(Cecelia Benaida, sister of Crystal Holloway)

      • JA,

        I would like to know your thoughts about other things I’ve thought about when reading things about this case. Have you looked at the spreadsheet of computer searches? There were searches done, 10 days after caylee was born for paternity testing companies online EXCEPT the searches were for familial paternity testing and comparing DNA profiles. Did you see that?

        GA and LEE moved out shortly after caylee was born which is strange. Usually the birth of a child doesn’r cause the grandfather to move out. G said in a police statement when he was being secretly taped, that he moved out because he was having “issues” with having a grandchild.

        Wasn’t Jesse G tested at the hospital after Caylee’s birth?

        Also, did you know that missing children sites were viewed in March of 08? What do you make of GA’s involvement in kidfinders which is known for not being upstanding. Both owners are ex-felons. I believe money donated to help find caylee was used to purchase a spendy boat for Mr. Milstead and GA was seen in the boat. I wonder how much money G received.

        I’m alluding to that there may have been other scenarios not looked at when trying to understand the dynamics of that family in the middle of a missing child search that last for months. At minimum, G and C profited off the searches knowing Caylee was never missing. But with Cindy, I’m still not sure she knew until much later…

        • JA Kalskett says:

          I believe Casey and Cindy were ‘out of the loop’ until Caylee didn’t come home for her birthday Cindy may have known Caylee had died as early as the ‘comment in the jailhouse tape about drowning in the [family]pool. ( which Casey commented Surprise, surprise!!) Cindy’s ‘break-down’ may have been caused by the new knowledge. Or she appeared to know something ‘terrible had happened’ in the jailhouse tape wher Casey asked “why is she crying, already?” Does anyone else remember that? (or the date?)

  103. JA Kalskett says:

    Jon says:
    November 5, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    All Republicans want to force women into Sex? That just Ridiculus. That’s only one nutcase who is running . I’m sure all Republicans don’t think anything like that. That’s Very unfair to say all Republicans think like that one nut.

    Yeah, but he wants to “run the free world”…be the Commander and Chief…You are right…LOL not all Republican think like that, I just hope they see the risk to women if that “nutcase” accidentally wins the election.

  104. JA Kalskett says:

    I must be doing something wrong, here…my replies are not staying with the posts I am answering…Sorry, I’ll try to figure out why that is happening.

  105. JA Kalskett says:

    You know, I don’t believe everything I think, because my opinion is ever changing, based on what new info has come before me. No one has to follow me, I am lost, here, too. I’ve never even bee to Florida…. But I resist conforming to pressure of public opinion. I am happy to share what I have found to base my opinion on, but other do not have to agree. Thanks for entertaining my POV here.

    • Yeah I think we all entertain other ideas at times about this case because there are so many coincidences, omissions, inept and corrupt LE, the case lends in itself to thinking of different scenarios at times.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        CJ that is exactly why I have to accept there are 2 separate stories at play in this case…the story Casey can’t prove, and the heinous-murder story which is all that has come forth but is NOT what happened. (trial verdict indicated ‘not murder’)

        If you can imagine that the many coincidences, omissions, inept and limited LE investigations to be integral part of the heinous-murder story; Casey’s story is easier to invision, if you look at what she believed after Friday the 13th, and on June 14th, you can see how her involvement after Father’s Day appeared to validate the H-M story as time passed, while she was incarcerated.

  106. JA Kalskett says:

    You don’t seem to see the simplicity that recognizing the heinous-murder story brings to this case. Anything and everything that related to the “STORY” of LIES, deliberate and premeditated murder, duct tape, sex abuse, chloroform…that was the story that was designed to protect the A-Family. The truth and Casey’s story in early-June, were “1 and the same”.

  107. JA K..

    Have you read Jose Baez’s book? Have you read any of the books on this case? What’s your opinion?
    I have a question on what you wrote here:

    “JA Kalskett says:
    November 6, 2012 at 1:30 pm
    Casey may have had a physical confrontation with the person who later took the car…the night of July 15th, Casey DID try to tell LE about what happened on the 14th, but she, too had been given so much misinformation through that month, she was left to ‘speculate’ what was the truth, by that point in time. Everywhere she had looked during late June and early July, for Caylee (and the ‘sisters’) turned-up dead-ends.”

    Are you trying to say that Casey was “actually” looking for Caylee? Casey admitted to LE that she lied about looking for Caylee. She served time for it. This makes Casey look like she’s lying about admitting to lying to LE. (I hope this makes sense).

    • JA Kalskett says:

      CJ: Have you read Jose Baez’s book?

      (JAK) No.

      “JA Kalskett says:
      November 6, 2012 at 1:30 pm
      Casey may have had a physical confrontation with the person who later took the car…the night of July 15th, Casey DID try to tell LE about what happened on the 14th, but she, too had been given so much misinformation through that month, she was left to ‘speculate’ what was the truth, by that point in time. Everywhere she had looked during late June and early July, for Caylee (and the ‘sisters’) turned-up dead-ends.”

      CJ: Are you trying to say that Casey was “actually” looking for Caylee? Casey admitted to LE that she lied about looking for Caylee. She served time for it. This makes Casey look like she’s lying about admitting to lying to LE. (I hope this makes sense).

      JAK: Yes Casey was looking for Caylee, ever since June 14th…even tho for weeks, she was convinced Caylee was safe, nearby, with Nan(her doll) after she saw the June 15th Father’s Day video. *explaining why, from mid-June to mid-July, Casey was observed acting like a 20-something Mother on vacation [during the few days to maybe 2 weeks] Geo told her Caylee was visiting his folks (maybe in Tampa)

      IMO : After the Pontiac was towed from Amscot, Casey had enlisted Cindy, but couldn’t find any sign (or proof) of the ‘sisters, causing her to suspect they were part of Geo “taking her whole life away”. By July 5th….she had told Cindy the g-friend’s name: to the best she knew Cecelia Benaidas Gonzale(z)…and described “all she could tell Cindy: there was a sister with mental issues, supported by family living in NY, she has curly hair, works in LE, arm tattoos, is a #10 …

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Sorry, Suzy…that was your post that I answered.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Hi Suzy:
      You asked: Are you trying to say that Casey was “actually” looking for Caylee? Casey admitted to LE that she lied about looking for Caylee. She served time for it. This makes Casey look like she’s lying about admitting to lying to LE. (I hope this makes sense).

      Step away from the pieces and look from a larger perspective…FMPOV, there are only two separate stories.

      The Heinous-Murderer Story…ALL that emerged after ‘mid June’ [B/C, while out of her mother’s sight, Caylee was already decomposing, for half a day or more.] The H-MStory unfolded in 180 days; included multiple ‘reasonably-believable scenarios’ of pre-meditation, duct tape, chloroform, sex abuse and heinous murder. It’s sole purpose was to provide the reasonably-believable lies and false evidence, perjury and character assassinations, to affect the DP murder trial verdict.

      The other one simply ended when Casey lost sight of Caylee (early-to-mid June). She was confused for 31 days, as to Caylee’s whereabouts b/c of mis-information in a video and the disappearance of sister’s who had answers to Caylee’s whereabouts ON June 14th.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Sorry, to answer the real question, Suzy :

        Anything that was even spoken after ‘early-to-mid June’ technically was affected by the little girl’s absence.

        Casey’s involvement in the heinous murder story was minimal to non-existent. By the time she was charged with murder, she knew the HMS had a life of it’s own.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      omg Suzy….sorry I just saw my mistake in my post nearly a month ago…

      If I may correct it: “JA Kalskett says:
      November 6, 2012 at 1:30 pm
      Casey may have had a physical confrontation with the person who later took the car…the night of Friday, JUNE 13th (NOT as I posted; July 15th)

      Casey DID try to tell LE about what happened on the 14th, but she, too had SEEN THE VIDEO and been given so much misinformation through that month, she was left to ‘ONLY speculations’ as to what was the truth, by that point in time.

      Everywhere she had looked for Caylee (OR the ‘sisters’) turned-up dead-ends.”(after mid-to-late June and through early-to-mid July)

  108. JA,

    I would like to know your thoughts about other things I’ve thought about when reading things about this case. Have you looked at the spreadsheet of computer searches? There were searches done, 10 days after caylee was born for paternity testing companies online EXCEPT the searches were for familial paternity testing and comparing DNA profiles. Did you see that?

    GA and LEE moved out shortly after caylee was born which is strange. Usually the birth of a child doesn’r cause the grandfather to move out. G said in a police statement when he was being secretly taped, that he moved out because he was having “issues” with having a grandchild.

    Wasn’t Jesse G tested at the hospital after Caylee’s birth?

    Also, did you know that missing children sites were viewed in March of 08? What do you make of GA’s involvement in Kidfinders which is known for not being upstanding. Both owners are ex-felons. I believe money donated to help find caylee was used to purchase a spendy boat for Mr. Milstead and GA was seen in the boat. I wonder how much money G received.

    I’m alluding to that there may have been other scenarios not looked at when trying to understand the dynamics of that family in the middle of a missing child search that last for months. At minimum, G and C profited off the searches knowing Caylee was never missing. But with Cindy, I’m still not sure she knew until much later…

    • JA Kalskett says:

      CJ: Have you looked at the spreadsheet of computer searches? Did you see that?
      JAK; No, after the trial verdict, I spent a few months scratching my head, then remembered w-o-w from MY SISTER; “don’t believe everything you think…”

      It was much easier to sort truth from the heinous murder story once I kept 2-2008 calendars and noted the chaos separate from Casey’s account/perspective; By Aug ’12, it appeared that Casey “behaved” according to HER PERCEPTION, during the 31 days she ‘did not see Caylee’. That was clearly a red-flag…she didn’t understand HOW, but she was attesting that she was convinced by the June 15th video, also…BUT she hadn’t seen her face to face since the 14th.

      CJ: GA and LEE moved out shortly after caylee was born which is strange. Usually the birth of a child doesn’r cause the grandfather to move out. G said in a police statement when he was being secretly taped, that he moved out because he was having “issues” with having a grandchild.

      JAK: I know nothing about that.
      CJ: Wasn’t Jesse G tested at the hospital after Caylee’s birth?

      JAK: I thought when Mr Grund insisted on a paternity test, THAT caused their falling-out, in 2007. [which could be wrong]

      CJ: Also, did you know that missing children sites were viewed in March of 08? What do you make of GA’s involvement in Kidfinders which is known for not being upstanding. Both owners are ex-felons. I believe money donated to help find caylee was used to purchase a spendy boat for Mr. Milstead and GA was seen in the boat. I wonder how much money G received.

      JAK: IDK…this info about Kidfinders was outside the realm that I scoured for insight…sorry

      CJ: I’m alluding to that there may have been other scenarios not looked at when trying to understand the dynamics of that family in the middle of a missing child search that last for months. At minimum, G and C profited off the searches knowing Caylee was never missing. But with Cindy, I’m still not sure she knew until much later…

      JAK: I agree…IMO Cindy WAS out of the loop after June 9, ’08; at least until Aug 9th [regarding Caylee] But for months before that, Geo was keeping Cindy ‘out-of-the loop’ regarding ‘another woman’. IMO It would seem that Casey knew a lot more about Geo’s friends, than Cindy ever did. And that, IMO during the days between June 15th and July 15th,
      Casey and Cindy were both looking for Caylee AND the ‘other woman’ at the same time.

      • JA Kalskett says:


        I think Geo wanted to see how much leverage Gr-Parents have in locating and petitioning for custody of their grandchildren. Since Casey had begun to keep Caylee away from the Hopesprings home, He and Cindy hated the fact that Casey is the full custodial parent, so they hired Dominick Casey (the private investigator) to follow and document Casey to provide harmful information against Casey when they would later petition for custody of Caylee…

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Now, after reading more about KidFinders, it would not be a surprise if the multiple foundations in Caylee’s name, were deliberately set-up to ‘cover’ for ‘monetary donations’ from people like Tony Lazzaro, Crystal Holloway, her sister C.B(-G), Ashton and others Geo could’ve made look ‘suspect’ or ‘accessories to the murder story’, in one of the 3 events that happened over the second weekend in June.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      The questions listed here by SJ, would’ve been answered differently from Casey’s perspective, according to how much dis-information she had received.
      1.) So what happened to Caylee? *Casey didn’t know, she had not seen Caylee after she went to the Fusion eventon Fri the 13th.
      2.) How did she lose her life? Un-noticed in the Pontiac, in the Florida June heat.
      3.) What happened immediately after that event? nothing, for maybe 24hours…not until June 15th when Geo ‘noticed’ her condition and whereabouts.
      4.) Why didn’t anyone call 911? b/c the WAY she died would never be explained as accidental.
      5.) How did Caylee’s body end up in the woods off Suburban Drive? , placed it there for re-covery…exactly 180 days (and 180 degrees) from the truth on Father’s Day.
      6.) Who put her body there? The person who needed the HMS to protect their family, had the opportunity, skills and experience; ex-cop George…the person of authority and maybe ‘great consequence’
      7.) Why did it take so long to find the remains? For ease of recollection of the false facts.
      8.) What happened during the 31 days? Casey was convinced Caylee was safe, nearby, and at Geo’s folks’ for vacation after Father’s day; and likely received voice snips from Caylee on the phone.
      9.) What was Casey’s involvement? To shut her mouth…she finally understood the power of being silent…to appear involvement in the HMS
      a.) and what role did George…He moved the body of the child from the scene where her death occurred, to hide his involvement in the event of her death.
      b.) Cindy … reacted publicly to disinformation
      c.) Lee … pup chasing tail…got outta Dodge asap to keep from saying too much

      • JA Kalskett says:

        …didn’t anyone notice that there are exactly 180 days between Father’s Day and the Dec 11 date when Caylee’s remains were removed from the woods? Or that the HMStory is 180 degrees from the TRUTH?

  109. I just read all this just now. I have been following the case since the first it broke out. I didn’t know whether Casey did it or her family covered it up. What really got to me was that she was partying during the 31 days, and she seemed like she was on top of the world. That moment i believe she had no idea or knowledge her daughter was murdered. I don’t believe Casey would be happy or smiling after she discovers her daughter is dead. My theory is that Caylee was alive and Casey left her with George ALIVE AND WELL that day. George may have killed Caylee AFTER Casey left, then he must of contacted Casey and told her to not return home. That explains the partying and the tattoo. You may agree or not and feel free to post of your theories. Have a wonderful day

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Hello Jessica,
      We DO agree, the truth still alludes exposure.

      IMO the first point that needs to be defined is “DID Caylee die before or after her body began to decompose “in early-to-mid June” as agreed by forensic experts.

      Clearly, that means Caylee was decomposing prior to the Father’s Day video (and the ‘unfolding’ of the murder story that insists Caylee died ‘mid-to-late June’, based on the testimony of a video…I call the Father’s Day video the “false witness”

      did that make sense? I think the date Caylee died has been changed by the ‘heinous-murder story’; that we’ve all look for the truth ‘within’ it…but Caylee ‘wasn’t there’ on Father’s Day…just her ‘image’ in a video.

  110. JA Kalskett says:

    You could be right, Jessica,

    I’m only pointing out that my POV merely reflects a possibility that Caylee was not intentionally harmed by anyone, and that Caylee disappeared because ‘she was already dead and decomposing in early-to-mid June.

    And possibly expose the identity of the person who created and orchestrated the heinous-murder story, to hide their involvement in making Caylee’s accidental death event ‘appear to have been an accidental drowning’..tho IMO Caylee wouldn’t have had water in her lungs, in June ’08.

  111. JA Kalskett says:

    Before this family went under the magnifying glass, there were signs of major trouble; the power struggle between the 3 adults within the home, put the child’s safety in jeopardy.

    It isn’t reasonable to believe that any one of them would intentionally or deliberately harm Caylee.

    IMO Caylee MUST have been decomposing already, when she disappeared, but I don’t believe she could’ve been alive on June 15th at Mt Dora or after. Her disappearance, btw, prevented science from determining there was no water in her lungs,

  112. JA Kalskett says:

    On this page are two pictures of G and C on the day of the verdict…the one with the caption; Spot the difference?

    G displays a fake smile, appearing as though the trial is going the way they want…C is displaying the sign language letters…OK

    Then their sullen faces and the way they stood and left the courtroom,…appearing dis-satisfied with the verdict.

    IMO this behavior was intentionally projected to disguise their relief, that through careful planning and manipulation of the way this story unfolded, the result WAS worth all that they went through. And the truth will never have to be exposed.

  113. Elizabeth Loftus says:

    We now believe she is innocent because we found it was George Anthony who did the computer-search, as in a statement to Local 6 on Monday, the Sheriff’s Office stood by Osborne and echoed her defense: “The Firefox record which contains the Google search for ‘suffication’ was neither extracted nor examined. A search for the keyword ‘suffocation’ was never requested from any OCSO investigator or the prosecutor’s office at any time during the investigation; therefore, this Internet record was inadvertently not discovered by Detective Osborne. … The agency has confidence in her knowledge and expertise in this very complicated field of computer forensics.” When it comes to blame, the prosecution notes it requested the information from the Sheriff’s Office; the Sheriff’s Office states it was never asked to search for “fool-proof-suffocation.” And, to support that theory to discredit the times logged in the browser’s software, “concrete proof” it was George Anthony and not Casey Anthony doing the foolproof suffocation computer-search on that afternoon, Baez notes correctly it was immediately preceded by a login to an AOL Instan-Messenger account; “right after someone logged in to instant messenger,” Baez writes in his book, “the first search was to Google” for foolproof suffocation at 1:51 p.m, and not at 2:51 p.m., and that the times on the browser history extracted from the sheriff’s copy of the hard drive failed to take into account the beginning of daylight saving time in March 2008.

  114. JA Kalskett says:

    10.) How many of George’s acquaintances have ‘roles’ in the way things unfolded into a heinous murder story, after July 15th?
    a.) Cecelia Benaida-Gonzale(z)…Holloway’s sister; under cover cop/corrections ‘inmate’, Kronk’s friend, in 2010 went to Cindy at Hopesprings to make Geo stop taking money from Crystal.
    b.) Kronk…documented body was NOT in woods in Aug nor Nov but WAS, in Dec…exactly 180 days after Father’s Day.
    c.) Ashton…
    11.) How many of these players will donate annually to the Caylee Anthony Foundation? (whose purpose is to support her family)
    a.) Holloway (b/c she may have taken the Pontiac, not expecting Caylee was asleep in the back)
    b.) Kronk (if he can ever get a reward)
    c.) Ashton (b/c he didn’t lose face, just the case)

    *** After the trial verdict, most people (with even minimal involvement) were let off the hook with Geo, once they avoided mentioning (or giving to LE) anything ‘contrary to the HMS’ (Amy was one example of what could happen after she told LE ‘Casey was following instructions from someone’: Cindy accused in depo ‘Amy could be ‘the nanny’.)

  115. kimberly ballman pretending again

  116. Did you check your theory against the phone calls and texts she made in the morning as she busy in the am on calls

  117. I was a Casey Anthony hater for a very long time, and I only found this site because I was looking up information on the Jodi Arias case, and I found your website about her (who I believe is innocent also!), and I saw a link to this site. Out of curiousity I decided to read all the information and FACTS you have listed here. I capitalize facts because I am a firm believer in facts! You cannot try a case on hearsay or opinions, you must have facts. You have strongly listed all these facts. I am completly blown away. I vaguely watched the Casey Anthony trial when it began and ended, but apparently there was so much I didn’t know about the case. George Anthony deserves to rot in a prison cell for the rest of his worthless life. I still don’t know what I believe about Caylee’s death, but I do know now that Casey had nothing to do with it. Unfortunately in this country, people are very judgemental, and will judge someone for their past actions, and Casey is going to be judged for the rest of her life. Hopefully one day she can find peace and move past this horrible injustice.

    One final question I have, not that is matters much anymore in law enforcement, but has George Anthony ever been subjected to a polygraph test? And Cindy?

  118. Disneygirl says:

    I apologize that I have not had time to read through your entire site. I have believed that Casey is innocent since day one, however, I have a theory that is much different from yours. I just have a couple of questions for you and I do apologize if the answers are somewhere on your site. Does Casey like your site? Does anyone know who Caylee’s father actually is (possibly George or Lee)?

  119. I am so glad to have found this blog. I fully agree with your theory. You may have some things wrong, but the way you back up the important parts is what matters to me. I never believed from day one that Casey killed her daughter, I just couldn’t form a theory of my own. This fits.
    Thank you

  120. Here’s a much more plausible scenario that doesn’t require brain twisting unless you’re just hell bent on the notion there has to be a murder involved 🙂

    • Excellent! I appreciate how you theorize on Roy Kronk. Makes perfect sense to me now. I’d always wondered about him. The way you explain it – it seems so obvious.

  121. I SUPPORT CASEY! says:

    I think that GA was forcing Casey to have sex with him AND cindy, then at other times watching different variations of lee, cindy, and Casey. GA was DEF in control over the entire family since cindy had fallen prey to a form of Stockholm Syndrome after the kids were born. It is obvious that GA was abusive to his wife from the day they were married and cindy was RELIEVED when her kids were born so they could take the attention off her! Without doubt GA was forcing Casey to have sex while poor little Caylee watched so that Caylee would find it normal when GA went after her.

    IMO, GA was abusing Casey that morning and had slipped Caylee enough Xanax to keep her asleep so he could have more time alone with Casey, then he planned to turn his attention to little Caylee later in the day. It is obvious he overdosed poor little Caylee and only realized it after he had finished abusing Casey. Since Casey was already emotionally numb from the abuse, and terrified of GA, she allowed GA to take Caylee’s body away so they could not find evidence of abuse on her. Something inside Casey snapped and that’s why she left for the next few weeks. She simply could not bear the fact that Caylee was gone.

  122. Danny Leonard says:

    I posted my comments in a different section within this site mentioning your innocense, and my suspicion of GA being a pedophile, then I read SJ’s information & videos, and mind you I did watch a good majority of the trial. After finshing SJ’s section, I am 100% convinced of;
    1. Casey is a victim of child sexual abuse by her father
    2. GA’s body language on the stand, during interviews, facial expressions verify exactly what has been written here
    3. Very recently the Anthonys are outside selling, selling their late grandhchilds belongings! This action further verifies what the truth is about here that has been written
    4. All I ask of Casey is; To one day find that inner strength & report information to her councilors & her attorneys so as to begin the arrest & conviction of GA for all the counts Casey can recall of sexual child abuse, and including her brother Lee if involved & also CA for her knowlingly covering up the truth of her knowledge under oath, lying to investigators etc etc just as GA has done.
    P..S. – SJ you have done an excellent job putting forth the truth here. I shall continue to hope & pray that Casey will one day find it within to report to you everything so as to clear her own name, seems GA brainwashed Casey into fear so bad it may take some real deep courage on her part for the fear she has. How I know this is because I am also a victim of child sexual abuse & I denied it all, got into trouble, then after over 5 decades I stood & admitted the truth to everything to my councilor, I am now finally living my life in peace. May Casey always be blessed for she truely is a victim as am I. Dan

  123. I suspected that George did it quite early. Ok, wait, I first heard of it at the trial after Baez told the jury what actually happened. I first was amazed but then very soon thought it was true.

    What I noticed on the video of Cindy talking to Casey on the phone in prison, was that George was sitting there motionless while Cindy and Casey were talking UNTIL Cindy asks Casey if Casey thinks they’ll ever find Caylee. At that exact moment George looks down at his fingernails. Check out the video if you know which one I mean. It’s presented as evidence during the trial. On several occasions he has similar body language at similar situations on that specific video.

    There is only one thing that DID irritate me. Why was Casey extremely happy to see George? As soon as he talks to her on the phone, she seems extremely happy and it does seem sincere. You would expect her to be a bit more reserved. That is one thing I couldn’t really figure out yet.

    • Simple: The creep is her daddy.
      Not unusual behavior at all, tragically.
      The loathesome, poisonous creature who ‘fathered’ Casey was the only daddy she had.

  124. While doing some research for something I am writing, I came to this. Always wondered how you pick up the pieces after something like this happens in your family. When this whole thing went down on TV the first go round, my girlfriend who has a pocket of solutions for everything. Basically said, “its the (grand)father”. If she see a single young mother with a child, “she says, father issues” If she sees a girl pole dancing and dressing skant, she says, “Abused, molested”. I often disagree with her on these kinds of hasty generalizations. During the trial my daughter was born prematurely and I spent 3 months in the NICU watching the trial in the waiting room and in the cafeteria. We sat there and thought out loud, “how could a mother do this to her little girl,” ? Out final thought was it had to be someone else. Can’t be the mother. Couldn’t directly be the grandmother. Much that everyone has said here makes sense. It took how long for the Memphis 3 to be found innocent. I am thinking about that long from things to surface. Part of me believes that there is still and investigation going on that we don’t know about. A sting operation. Where is GA these days?

  125. I live in Canada and accidentally became drawn into this Court case, Why I don’t know, I guess I have some psychic abilities and have a good feeling about Casey’s innocence and can feel the negative vibes GA gives off each time I listen to him talk. I believe GA murdered CA sometime prior to the “real” day, and taught Casey how to act and lie through experiences he has as a retired police officer while Casey hide from NA (Time to come up with a place to hide the body and get Casey’s story right). The death was kept from Cindy until Casey turned on her father when she herself discovered she was scammed by him. Cindy then had to protect her husbands actions and save her daughter at the same time. I believe then they all worked together to come up with a plan that would end in Casey getting off, and the rest of the secrets kept a secrete in the end. MTF later on the money after the case. Casey I support you and I wish we could meet some day, I would take you away from all this and tell you how this all happened, then kick your Dad’s ass!

  126. Alexandra says:

    Just got done reading Jose Baez’s book. There’s a question that pops up in my mind constantly that’s never addressed–why did law enforcement appear so eager to help George throw Casey under the bus, if George is the guilty one?

    If the scenario described is true (or if something very similar happened), my opinion is that Cindy went along with it out of jealousy over George and Casey’s “relationship.” Could be a motive.

    According to Baez, Casey never wanted to give up Caylee. Other sources say otherwise. I do believe that if Casey did want to place Caylee for adoption, it would have been to protect Caylee.

    • Because, Casey was the scapegoat. She was the easiest one to pin it on and Cops take care of their own. George was once a cop so he was one of them. Cindy could have been jealous of Casey too. Cindy could have thought that Casey stole George from her. Casey would do anything to protect Caylee even give her up.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Casey was the first and only suspect charged…George immediately sought immunity. Anyone and everyone in the way of the snowball, appeared involved in a ‘sinister plot to harm Caylee’ or deny her justice. When in fact it is ‘what happened to Casey in 2004’ that WAS the secret Baez spoke of when he said “the Anthony family has a secret that ‘must be kept'” and that ONE secret is where George’s involvement in Caylee’s whereabouts on FlagDay, changed everything that followed.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          I think there was never a death of a child in all ‘that snowballed’…only the ‘absence of the beloved child’ that both Cindy and Casey would’ve reported missing on Father’s Day, had they known Geo was involved (covertly) with Caylee’s disappearance. [it’s not too difficult to see, with detective skills and so much free time, he may have been involved with Holoway’s sister as ongoing OCSO investigation of the whereabouts of the boys connected to a drugged assault on Casey in 2004; from which Caylee resulted.]

  127. I fully believe that Casey is innocent of the murder charges and that you have the right idea here. Have you looked into Rev. Grund at all? He was also heavily involved in the Haileigh Cummings case and based on what I have read and heard in recorded interviews, the cases of Caylee and Haileigh are connected. Check out this website. You have to scoll to he very beginning to get the full picture of the connection but it is compelling.

  128. JA Kalskett says:

    Well, what a difference time can make Now, at the end of 2014, it is pretty clear that my POV has evolved.

  129. JA Kalskett says:

    …the only motive anyone in the Anthony family had for being involved in “how things appeared under the microscope” was because of their commitment to keeping the secret of how “Caylee mysteriously came to them”. While everyone remains focused on the dis-information and evidence that proved Casey had no connection to the body in the woods, they will never be able to see that child had gone missing, as much as 2 days before a video from a memorystick appears to prove she’s alive…but NOT where. First, before anything else, Cindy and Casey’s 911 recordings indicate the child’s whereabouts is their concern…and what days they last saw their beloved little girl, face to face…no matter what they ‘thought’ during the days in between. [because they were in separate ‘loops’ and George was the common ‘totally trusted’ person]

  130. Alexandra says:

    It’s possible that Caylee did climb into the pool that morning…but she might have been molested by George in the past, like a few days or a week prior. Either way an autopsy would have shown that abuse took place.

    What it comes down to is someone had something to hide and that’s why 911 wasn’t called.

    Throwing Casey under the bus would also be a way to keep someone from finding out about any incest. “Look what she did–you really think she’s telling the truth here?”

    I read the book by Jose Baez and it was a really good read. I’m very conservative, I’m for the death penalty…but if you’re going to sentence someone to death you make very sure that they are guilty!

  131. It was always obvious to me that Casey was telling the truth about her sexual abuse by her father.

    Her mother, Cindy, obviously also knew it to be true.

    How are they both obvious? It can be seen in Cindy’s twisted hatred of her daughter, which is borne of her twisted jealousy of her own poor daughter, whom she sees as a sexual rival.

    It’s sick, but not uncommon, sadly.

    • Melissa says:

      That would also explain even 7 years after Caylee’s death no potential father(s?) have come forward. Allegations of sexual abuse, hidden pregnancy, unnamed father…you fill in the blanks. George fathered Caylee and Cindy knew.

  132. Suzi McMullen says:

    I also am a survivor of molestation from 3 different adults in my life, including my father. I agree that GA is guilty of whatever actually happened to Caylee. IF he’s never brought up on charges or convicted here, he will be in the next life.

  133. Denise Geary says:

    I didn’t know about any of this and saw a pic of Casey and one of George and Cindy with a headline above and a small post comment and the link to here added in the comments. I totally agree with you. I could see the evil and untrustworthyness in George and straight away knew it was him that murdered little Caylee. I don’t know if it is because as a child and teenager I was subjected to severe sexual, mental and physical abuse then pimped by peodophilles throughout my teens. It’s a Knowing feeling that I seem to automatically sense Peodophilles and dangerous men. My heart goes out to Casey and poor little Caylee. Karma will catch up with George and Cindy it’s a matter of time x

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