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EXPOSING THE MYTHS, Part #2: Duct Tape

Duct tape. This is another favorite “murder weapon” of the clueless masses, as they once again try and fool themselves into thinking Casey used duct tape to murder Caylee – along with the chloroform of course.

The myths go something like this:

“Caylee had duct tape wrapped around her skull… over her mouth… and over her nose when they found her. That explains everything. Casey used the duct tape to suffocate & murder her after she’d knocked her out with chloroform. There’s no other explanation!”

Now… unlike the chloroform, there’s no disputing the duct tape was real, and it actually existed – but it wasn’t “used” for the purpose most people think.

The prosecution – aided & abetted as usual by the media – tried to make you (and the jury) believe that chloroform was a very dear friend & ally of duct tape throughout the trial. In fact they fit together so well, the prosecution would have you believe they’d never been apart!

This proved to be yet another crumbling piece of the ever-fragile & desperate prosecution case.

It was total BS from the start… just like the very odd pixelated pictures of Caylee’s skull – the very same skull that magically changed color within a very short space of time  — remember that?

It’s time to get off the old duct tape bandwagon.

Listen up folks:

    • There was NO duct tape “wrapped around Caylee’s skull”.
    • There was NO duct tape “over Caylee’s mouth”.
    • There was NO duct tape “over Caylee’s nose”.

There was however, a grotesque & macabre animated movie that the no-expense-spared prosecution produced and presented. This showed a picture of Caylee & Casey happy together, then it showed Caylee’s face slowly morphing into a picture of her actual skull, with duct tape conveniently attached to where they assumed it could probably and/or maybe have kind of (in all likelihood) been attached.

If anyone thought Linda & The Laughing Guy were getting a little desperate, this was confirmation of that fact. Never before has such a pack of lies been strung out by the prosecution through a murder case.


No. You didn’t see “the photographs”. There were photographs of the 3 pieces of duct tape retrieved from the scene – but there were never any photographs of Caylee’s skull with duct tape all over it.

Sure enough, there’s no disputing that duct tape was found at the scene – but it was certainly not “stuck on Caylee”, nor was it positioned over Caylee’s nose & mouth as the prosecution alleged.

All of that was purely a figment of The Laughing Guy’s lucid imagination.

I say to you now, there was no “chloroform & duct tape”. They were never the “murder weapons”. We’re looking at the FACTS here, not fantasy forensics & supposition.

This is not a damn spy movie plot you can just keep juggling around until it looks good.

So… can YOU handle the truth?

Here are some additional FACTS in relation to the duct tape:

There was NO DUCT TAPE on the skull.

There was 1 piece attached to hair mat (Lower right side of the skull).

There was 1 other piece attached to that piece… and the 3rd piece was found 8-9 feet away.

There was never any evidence of any duct tape being placed across Caylee’s mouth or nose.

Also take into account that the guy everyone seems to have forgotten about – Roy Kronk – moved the skull at least twice prior to it being found. Once when he lifted the bag 4 feet in the air and the skull rolled out – and a 2nd time when he lifted the skull after putting his meter stick in the eye socket.

The only partial profile of DNA found on the tape absolutely excluded Caylee and Casey from having had any contact with the tape.

Here’s Cheney Mason on the specifics in a recent “On The Record” interview with Greta Van Susteren:

Cheney Mason On The Record with Greta

Before anyone jumps up and says there was no DNA because the duct tape had been UNDER WATER for months (so it all got washed away) – let me point out these facts…

The “under water” theory exposed:

The state – along with Texas Equusearch – had been claiming that the remains and all the evidence found in the woods had been under water for some time (due to a storm), which is why the body was not found earlier.

They also claimed none of their search party was in “that patch” of the woods because it was all under water too. It later transpired they were in that same area, but the remains were not there at that time. This means someone (other than Casey) put the remains there between the fruitless Texas Equusearch and police search – and the ultimate “discovery” of the remains on December 11th 2008. Could that have been reward-hungry Roy Kronk?

The thing is – science can tell the difference from duct tape that was submerged in water or sitting on dry land. We’re not talking about the latest cutting edge forensics here either. For decades, science was been able to tell us such things. So let’s hear what science has to say in this instance.

There are no forensics to prove all that evidence found in the woods was submerged under water, as the prosecution claimed. In other words, Caylee’s remains were not there while that part of the woods was under water. So like I said earlier, Casey could NOT have secretly placed the remains there AFTER the water dissipated – because she was in jail at that time.

Here’s the bottom line:

Science and meteorology tell us that the woods were under water at some point. However, science also tells us the evidence and remains collected at the scene were not submerged in water. Nowhere in any of the scientific & forensic tests done on the evidence collected, does it say all of this was submerged under water. If it was, forensics could tell us that and it did not.

In summary:

To conclude part #2 in this series – and regarding the specific nonsensical accusations that Casey used both chloroform and duct tape to murder her daughter – here’s a short video from the trial. It features Cheney Mason again as he goes for an acquittal based on the State’s fabrication of evidence & ongoing lies:

CM Exposing Duct Tape Myth video

In the above video, Cheney Mason confirms:

“In our case there has been no evidence presented that Casey used duct tape for any purpose… that she used chloroform ever for any purpose… and that in any way or any capacity whatsoever she contributed to the cause of death of Caylee. It is forcing, guessing & speculation. It is a stacking of inferences and suspicion on suspicion to suggest it had anything at all to do with cause of death.”

The only person intrinsically tied to the duct tape throughout this whole trial (through ownership and documented usage) was George Anthony. I’ll cover the reason why in a future post in this series.

So there you go… the duct tape myth exposed and explained. As I always say, the truth is out there for anyone that wants to hear it. Whether they can handle it is another matter completely.

Feel free to post your comments below.


PS. Click here to read my previous post in this series on the chloroform myth.


  1. Marilyn C says:

    Thank You SJ for putting this out there for ALL to see!! I spent yesterday going over Roy Kronk,his coworkers,etc.,interviews & YES he had plenty of different stories about the tape,etc.There is GOOD reasons the IDIOT Linda & Laughing Guy did NOT call him as a witness.Even the cops who went to the scene could not get their stories straight.Like I said in previous post…all it takes is to go back & read for yourself & not listen to HATERS.I think I remember someone elses fingerprint being found on the duct tape…if they are saying Caseys wasn’t found because of the water(by the way Kronk & coworkers say it wasn’t flooded in August) how could this STRANGE print survive the water? I NEVER believed the chloroform CRAP & never thought a juror with any common sense would either.To me the state looks pretty STUPID for letting this CRAZY Dr Vass put this crap in their heads.To me if the state doesn’t rely & trust their own lab,FBI & goes to another country to get certain answers…that is one hell of a RED FLAG!! The whole trial was a JOKE.The judge ruled against the defense on everything.Florida hasn’t looked this STUPID since the HANGING CHADS!! Keep up the good work here.I hope the best for Casey & pray people give her a chance.

    • Hi Marylyn! Thanks for your comments. Roy Kronk was a very interesting piece of the jigsaw, but LE never really pressed him on his motive – nor did they check out his PC or his cell phone records. I always found that strange. I’m sure he moved the remains a few times too – mainly based on the evidence and his ever-wavering story. I also think he was working with someone throughout that time – but I’ll cover more on that in a future post in this series.

      With the flooding – yes, it obviously happened, but none of the forensics proved the remains had been under water at any time. There was a fingerprint “found” but it could never be tied to anyone.

      I also see a lot of people out there are putting a lot of effort into hating the Haters. I find that a waste of energy myself. Yes, they are out there, and all we can do is tolerate them, but hating the Haters is not a good way forward. We should all be directing our efforts to SUPPORTING CASEY and getting the truth out there to the masses, not wasting valuable time on a bunch of insignificant inbred torch bearers.
      Make it a great day! SJ

  2. hi sj– i read your post on the duct tape and found it very illuminating. But i recently ran across the testimony of Dr. Utze, who said the tape was “lightly adhered” to the jaw with the worn ends caught in hair mat and with the extra help of plant life growing up into skull in some way. So it has appeared to me that there was tape “on” the jaw at the time the skull reached the lab– those were the photos the jury saw and the tape was there. Can you clarify this? xj

    • Hi Jen! Thanks for posting. I don’t recall any mention of the duct tape being “on the jaw” at any time. Gary Utz (Deputy Chief Medical Examiner) testified to this under cross examination from Cheney Mason, as seen in Part #6 of the videos on this page –

      Also take into account that the duct tape was probably moved (repositioned) several times since Roy Kronk moved the remains (and the skull specifically) on more than one ocassion. All we do know for certain is that duct was was WITH the remains when they were found. I have a theory on the duct tape and the events of June 16th 2008, all of which I’ll be posting next week. SJ

      • I think it would be suspicious if duct tape were ‘on’ the jaw after decomposition. That’s like saying a band-aid would stick to bone after decomposition. Seems like fiction. Considering the other known fictions created by the prosecution team, this does get very murky.

        I found Dr. Spitz to be a very credible witness. His background, and experience sure is impressive. I think he said that the most likely explanation for duct tape on a skull would be to keep the jaw bone from getting lost, since after decomposition there is nothing to do so. I think another theory was that the duct tape had slid down during decomposition and was originally on the top of the head (ie, to seal the bag shut).

        I look forward to your theory, SJ! I have one too. I’m curious to see how they match up and whether the three pieces of duct tape relate to the strange pet burials testified to in court.

        • Hi Sam! The only thing we know for sure about the duct tape was that is was found at the scene – although like I said earlier, we also have to take into account how many times Caylee’s remains were moved. I look forward to your feedback on my theory next week! Take care. SJ

  3. Can you explain why Casey lied about everything & why she waited almost 3 years to say that Caylee had died by drowning in the pool? I am not a hater but I do feel Casey is guilty of lying to the police & not telling anyone that Caylee had died of an accident. Was she so afraid of her parents, especially George if he was the one who disposed of the body? Also, how do you explain pictures of water being in the area where Caylee was found? I saw all the pics from Tim Miller. There was water there for a long time & they couldn’t search there. And please dont hate on Tim Miller because he does a wonderful service for missing people. I am not saying Casey is guily & I feel that Cindy & George are really shady people. I just want to understand why Casey did what she did. Thank you.

    • Hi Jules! Yes, I can (based on my own theory) answer all your questions – but not right here & now. My version of events of what actually happened on June 16th (and afterwards) will be posted sometime next week – hopefully a few days before the Dr Phil interview airs, so be sure to check back then ok? Thanks for posting! SJ

  4. Great website. I don’t think 98% of the people discussing the outcome of the trial even watched the evidence or lack thereof, included in this percentage is many of the news commentators who most likely had interns or assistants reporting through out.

    I was never caught up in the chaos of this case as there are hundreds of thousands of people who are still missing and need help. They are all tragic. All of your information presented is exactly what I have presented to those I come in contact with that are up in arms over the verdict. Thanks for creating the website, I will refer them here and save my breathe. I look forward to hearing your theory.

  5. Thank you for your website! And for the facts! I have a question, but not related to chloroform & duct tape. Do you know something about the man, who supposed to be a defense witness (African – American male with criminal past); cell phone records have show that George Anthony called him 4 times (somewhere around June 16/ 2008 – I don’t remember the date now); but on the stand the both, this male (who arrived with personal attorney) and George Anthony denied knowing each other & having any contact. So, cell phone records are lying?
    Thank you,

  6. tara pendergrass says:

    i wanted to share with you something i found out today, im having a large storage shed built, and today the waterproofing started for the floor, the items used was spray foam and henkel brand duct tape, when i asked i was told that henkel brand duct tape is waterproof and can be used even under water, i wondered if henkel advertized this so i look at their website and i copied and pasted what they advertized…Henkel Duck Brand Duct Tape
    The original premium waterproof cloth tape is coated with an extra sticky rubber adhesive excellent for all kinds of mending and repair

    Versatile duct tape useful for packaging bundling sealing seaming repairing holding and waterproofing. Waterproof backing. Natural rubber adhesive holds tight. Tape Type: Duct; Adhesive Material: Natural Rubber; Tape Special Feature: N/A; Width: 1.88 in.
    They claim it can be used underwater……..there is no way this tape couldve been on anyone skin and no evidence left behind.

  7. Hi SJ! I was reading the analysis done by Dr’s Utz and Schultz on Dec 11th. In it they state they removed a skull from a brown paper collection bag and they state – “a hair mat was noted at the base of the skull and grayish colored tape covering the mouth and nasal aperture areas. The tape remained in place because it was adhered to the hair of the skull.”

    What do you make of this? Please explain because I have been arguing with a lot of people about no duct tape on mouth and nose. And then I come across this! Thanks!


    • im not sj but i found this____”The initial autopsy and photos show that the duct tape found on the remains was stuck to the hair and not the mandible bone.”
      ——,”Casey Anthony defense expert challenges Dr. G’s autopsy of Caylee Marie Anthony,” By Anthony Colarossi, Orlando Sentinel, 6:05 PM EDT, March 14, 2011
      its not much but maybe it helps a little?
      Imo the mandible stayed in place because the skull was buried some from the bottom up. add the muck, the hair, and the root growth in between and there it is(for me) why that anomaly of the jaw bone being still in place.

    • Hi Karen. All I can do is re-state what’s in my main post in this page… that being there was no duct tape found “on” or “wrapped around” the skull……. just 1 piece attached to the hair mat… 1 other piece attached to that piece… and the 3rd piece found 8-9 feet away. It’s pure fantasy for anyone to suggest duct tape was placed across Caylee’s mouth or nose.

      All you can really do with anyone wanting clarification, is direct them to this page and let them draw their own conclusions. Thanks for posting! SJ

  8. Thanks guys! My argument has alway been how can tape be stuck to bone? It’s not possible, and also with Kronk and his many different stories who knows how it got there?

    • Oh and just to let you know a new rumor starting out there is there are now teeth impressions on the duct tape!! Will it ever end??

      • M Whitten says:

        Unfortunately, no, the rumors will never end. Sad but true. That idiot Nancy Grace still covers Casey Anthony on her crappy show, as if she hasn’t done enough already. The thing about idiots is it’s impossible to make them shut up and go away.

  9. Hi SJ- I just watched an hour segment from “Dr. G”, the woman who performed the autopsy on Caylee. She said that there was duct tape stuck to the lower part of Caylee’s skull but she said she couldn’t say if it was covering her nose and/or mouth. She also said that the tape was placed postmortem. Do you have any more info on that? Is that even the truth? Thanks.

    • Hi Audra! Well, all I can do here again is refer to the content of the post in this page… that being there was no duct tape found “on” or “wrapped around” the skull……. just 1 piece attached to the hair mat… 1 other piece attached to that piece… and the 3rd piece found 8-9 feet away.

      With “Dr G” I think if you ask her the same question 5 times you’ll get 5 different answers – depending on who’s asking. As for the finer details, we still need to find out exactly what Roy Kronk “did” with Cays remains while playing hide & seek with her for 4 months. Thanks for posting! SJ

      • Your site is very interesting. My sister and I followed this case closely and are on different sides of the fence. My thought here is that we all know kronk wanted the reward. Even the police admitted that. So kronk finds the remains in August but since the cops gave him a little grief he just forgot about them for 4months? really. Then he tells his son 3 weeks before “discovering” the remains that he knows where they are and will be rich and famous. Does anyone really think; knowing professional agencies and law enforcement and people from all over the country are searching for this little girl; that kronk would let the remains continue to lay there and take a very likely chance that someone else would find the body and claim the reward? I don’t, not for a second. This proves to me kronk moved the body. If I can figure this out why can’t the prosecution team who are professionally trained to determine evidence? I can’t. Say I am convinced of what happened to caylee but I do know the prosecution needed to do a lot more investigating before charging Casey and taking this into the courtroom.

        • Marilyn A. says:

          I agree Becca! I’m sickened by the fact that Kronk was able to sleep at night while this litte girl remained missing and he knew exactly where she was the whole time. It also disgusts me to my core that he used this precious little babies remains to make money… bascally, he held her remains for ransom! Of course the State / LE were not going to investigate Kronk because they wanted to hide any evidence that would be in direct conflict with their “theory”. They were hell bent on a murder conviction so they didn’t investigate / cover up / hide (what ever you want to call it) in order to get that conviction. Win at all cost.

  10. Openminded says:

    Great site! Just wanted to say I always theorized the possibility of george ‘taking care’ of poor caylee’s body. After a drowning a body can spit up the swallowed water for hours. A former detective knows this I’m sure. Good reason to wrap duct tape over the mouth and nose right? George is shady and knows far more than he would like the world to know. However I think casey and george were both scared of cindy cindy. Because even I can imagine what her reaction would have been. Glad to see people listening to each others ideas without being so closeminded. Good work!

  11. M Whitten says:

    Yeah, the whole duct tape thing was complete bollocks, and I knew it wouldn’t take even a reasonably intelligent jury panel to conclude that it proved nothing. Just because you find duct tape by a body doesn’t mean it was used to suffocate someone, and it doesn’t mean it was wrapped around their nose and mouth. It COULD have been used for that, but it COULD have been used for a lot of other things.

  12. Steve Miller says:

    What happened to Caylee’s clothes. Was she naked when George put her in the bag after he murdered Caylee?

    If there actually was any duct tape, Dr. Spitz testified that in different pictures he viewed the duct tape was in different positions.

    Duct tape and chloroform are distractions. How can people spend hours thinking about duct tape and chloroform and never spend a minute on clothing that didn’t decompose? This is the thinking capacity of an entire country in a trance from media propaganda. When Casey last saw Caylee alive when they went to sleep, Caylee wore her pajamas. When George brought Caylee’s dead body to show Casey, Caylee was wearing shorts and a tee shirt she had outgrown.

    Did George throw away the shorts and tee shirt before he threw her into the bag with strips of duct tape? Why didn’t Baez ask George that question?

    In the future I will make a list of absolute ridiculous lies the entire American population never question that media propaganda pounds into the skulls of their audience. Until people begin to recognize this propaganda trance America is as doomed as the Titanic was.

  13. my theory is that the Duct tape was on the outside of the bag George placed her in just like he had done with all of the family pets.

  14. I found this site years ago, but for some reason the other day something (I don’t recall what) reminded me of this case. I always suspected Casey’s innocence because to me, some things just weren’t adding up. Your explanations for a lot of what happened make a lot of sense. I didn’t even notice the problem with the “31 days of partying” pictures until you commented on it, then it was so glaringly obvious that there had to be SOME time between the pictures.

    I agree with most of your theory, but I do have a question regarding the duct tape. I was watching a documentary on this case yesterday, and one of the people who performed an autopsy on Caylee stated that they thought that she had to have the duct tape on her face around her nose and mouth because her mandible would have fallen off, but Caylee’s was intact. They said by that point, she had decomposed to the point that there would have been nothing left to hold her jaw in place. They reasoned that the duct tape held her mandible there. One flaw that I found is that I don’t think placing duct tape over Caylee’s MOUTH (i.e., her skin) would have held her DRY BONES together, especially considering where the mandible attaches to the skull, but I can’t figure any explanation for why else her jaw would still be intact. From what I can tell, it is correct to say that it shouldn’t have been.

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