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EXPOSING THE MYTHS, Part #1: Chloroform

If it’s not the duct tape or decomp that gets thrown up in the air by the clueless masses, then it’s the chloroform. The one word answer that instantly solves the entire case.

The myths banded about go something like this:

“Casey used chloroform to knock out Caylee prior to murdering her. She must have done cos’ she searched for chloroform 84 times on her PC. Chloroform was also found in her car and in the trunk of her car where Caylee was hidden. They also found a syringe and a Gatorade bottle filled with chloroform close to Caylee’s remains. They found chloroform on Caylee’s doll. It’s obvious what happened! Casey knocked Caylee out with chloroform then murdered her! There’s no other explanation!”

Now let’s take a step back and add some common sense to the equation here. Let’s look at the facts instead regarding the chloroform, computer searches and the reported chloroform evidence…



  1. Can someone who knows the law better than I do explain why the DA’s office, Attorney Generals office, Prosecutors office etc. can use fictional evidence, which was proven by people in the FBI & others with NOTHING happening to THEM? Can’t there be sanctions or something? They had all this FALSE crap they presented to the jury,like the computer searches which were proven a LIE,which was their so called pre-meditation for murder.They told all these LIES in court & NOTHING happens to THEM.Casey supposingly lies & they want her to pay for the whole trial!! I do not understand this kind of LAW! WHAT should the Orange County Sherriffs office pay for since they did NOT do their job? Only Casey should pay for this whole circus? I don’t think so. But I’m not a lawyer & like I said…. I don’t get it. As time goes by alot of the states so called evidence is being shown a fraud. As you have so rightly put it “Exposing the Myths”. The states whole case & 3 yrs of BS was a MYTH!! Thanks for your web site so I can vent.

    • Hi Marilyn! Those are good points. I guess they all see themselves as some form of “higher power” that’s above the law… and (more worryingly) with a license to kill. They nearly killed Casey with all their contrived BS as we know, and for that we will forever hold them in very low regard. Carry on venting! SJ

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