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EXPOSING THE MYTHS, Part #2: Duct Tape

Duct tape. This is another favorite “murder weapon” of the clueless masses, as they once again try and fool themselves into thinking Casey used duct tape to murder Caylee – along with the chloroform of course.

The myths go something like this:

“Caylee had duct tape wrapped around her skull… over her mouth… and over her nose when they found her. That explains everything. Casey used the duct tape to suffocate & murder her after she’d knocked her out with chloroform. There’s no other explanation!”

Now… unlike the chloroform, there’s no disputing the duct tape was real, and it actually existed – but it wasn’t “used” for the purpose most people think.

The prosecution – aided & abetted as usual by the media – tried to make you (and the jury) believe that chloroform was a very dear friend & ally of duct tape throughout the trial. In fact they fit together so well, the prosecution would have you believe they’d never been apart!



  1. The way the public reaction to Casey is changing – getting more unfair – you have to wonder how many people really know all this. Thanks for maintaining this website.

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