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George Anthony – alive, and kissing The Laughing Guy’s ass

Here’s GA’s mini-interview from last night after his ass kissing session, following The Laughing Guy’s apparent victory in the Orange-Osceola County state attorney pissing match:


GA 8-15-2012 TLG

It sickens me somewhat to see that pedophile, child rapist & child murderer trolling the streets, and (to top it all off) congratulating the corrupt POS that tried to pin a death sentence on his daughter for a murder he committed himself.

What do we make of it all?

Do they put something in the water in Florida?

Post your thoughts below, and don’t hold back.


  1. I’ll tell you exactly what I think! That stunt b.s. stunt was planned out between Lippman and the media. It’s more about what WASN”T asked of GA than his ENDORSEMENT of Jeff Ashton.

    And there’s more to come I’m sure. This was just a hiccup.

  2. George is such a shifty, corrupt LIAR. His body language just SCREAMS “I can’t be trusted to tell the truth to save my life”. He looks and sounds like he’s unhinged.

    I really do wonder if Cindy left him.

    As for Asston, I can’t wait to hear about him making faces during court cases. I hope that every idiot who cast a vote for him will eventually realize that they picked a loser.

    • I think Cindy was intentionally left out of this gig. It was a deliberate attempt to recreate GA’s image in the media.

    • Yes! Eyebrow raising, looking down constantly, not making eye contact for more than 2 seconds, put that all together and yes you’re right the body language of a liar.

  3. From that blog post:

    “I always felt George was a victim of this case,” Ashton said. “I think he just understood that I was always sensitive to that and I treated him like a human being.”

    But you didn’t treat Casey like a human being, did you, Asston?

    Most of the comments on that article are from the typical troglodytes who rely on Nancy Grace to give them news. Anyone who feels sorry for George is delusional.

    • Hi Kira,
      I was also going to share that part from the blog, but here’s another one that got to me. Seems as though George went to Ashton for advise on the sexual! So now Ashton is a counselor? I wonder what he told GA?

      “Weech wanted to know what that meant. Ashton explained that he talked George through Casey’s allegations of sexual abuse and explained how to handle them.”

      • Could we say then Kira that George Anthony was coached through his testimony by Jeff Ashton and does the prosecuting attorney;s office hold that right?

        • Ashton didn’t coach him very well! ” I would never harm my daughter” sounded like b.s. to me.

        • “Could we say then Kira that George Anthony was coached through his testimony by Jeff Ashton and does the prosecuting attorney;s office hold that right?”

          That’s what it sounds like to me! Shame on Asston, that douche has six of his own kids. I doubt that he’d trust George around them.

    • He should only treat human beings like a human being. George is human garbage.

    • I think it is high time to start putting some serious effort into what sort of dirty bird ashton is behind the scenes that these sort of scumbags stick together. There is no way that he could be so obtuse without there being something underlying this.

      All of the years that he has been rabid for any schmo who has ever run afoul of the law, and suddenly he acts completely incredulous at the majority of the public and a dozen+ jurors who see right through the grieving grandpa-pa BS and father-protector-done-wrong act.

      I don’t believe in hell or karma, but I do believe that someone in a position to reign justice down upon GA’s head, and stick a plug into ashton’s sewer, is watching and waiting and will do the right thing. I really hope that is the case.

      • I really doubt that Ashton expected or welcomed GA’s crashing of his victory party. This was all about George and his expectation that something very bad is coming his way. Ashton in my opinion is clueless when it comes to George, but he’s in for a big shock if and when George is exposed as a child molester and worse. I truly believe it will happen, and sooner rather than later. Watch that “interview” closely and tell me George doesn’t come across as some one who is very very scared.

        • I agree Harry! He looks like someone who’s trying to save his a$$. By going to congratulate Ashton is his way of getting ahead of the game to avoid his guilt! GA already knows he’s in the $hit list.

      • Ashton reflects in his book how GA is former law enforcement over and over again. If anyone received special treatment, it was George Anthony that.

  4. Typical GA. He looks awful! Maybe all the stress of wondering when he’s getting called in for questioning on the unsolved murder of CA is finally getting to him.

  5. Stevan Davis says:

    Think about this picture: He’s hugging the guy who tried to get his daughter executed.

    • Like I said last night when I saw that picture first off… which one of them wants to bend over first?

    • Hi Stevan Davis I saw that made me sick. surely any loving parent would support their child. only geogre Anthony would hug the man who tried to get his daughter killed

  6. It makes me wonder if Ashton would treat Jerry Sandusky as a human being also if he were to prosecute that case.

  7. I don’t normally have much to say regarding George, but this is just odd. Anyone that thought Casey’s behavior was too outrageous to not be guilty has to question what they just saw.

    Here’s my reasoning…. If you’re in George’s situation, isn’t the expected reaction that you either support your daughter, professing that she was not the killer or you absolutely detest the lawyer that led the way in the failed prosecution of your granddaughter’s killer? Maybe his anger is channeled at the defense for getting Casey off. Maybe, that’s it. But if you’ve been saying Casey’s behavior just wasn’t normal, then certainly you see this as just not normal as well.

  8. Marilyn C. says:

    I have slept on this STUNT (because thats what it was IMO) plus thought about it.Since I have calmed down I feel like Garbage Anthony was making a POINT & STATEMENT to someone,I am going to hold my tongue until I can do some reading to figure out what he is up to.I feel there is a whole lot more to this than is being said right now! Everyone knows that he is an IDIOT & FOOL….but so much has been put out into the world since he had his say on Dr Phil.There just has to be SOMETHING coming for him to pull that STUNT last night,he seemed so nervous answering questions that he couldn’t even get his car unlocked! We all know he is not camera SHY! Thats the reason he went! I am sure we will see something else soon!

    • Marilyn C.,

      Do I ever agree with you! Do I ever!

      George is running scared, and nervous! George is desperate. Scared shitless. That foul smelling bucket of vomit hugs the “man” who tried to get Casey executed. George is toxic waste.

      I don’t think Ashton expected him. I think GA just pushed himself in front of the camera to get a hidden warning to “someone” as I stated in an earlier post. But I don’t see Ashton going out on a limb for George because he doesn’t need George anymore. I hope I am right on that. The only way I see Ashton get involved in whatever is going on behind the scenes–and I bet all I own something is happening–is if it involves Ashton, something Ashton needs to cover up, something that would hurt his political career.


    • Marilyn,

      I think both he and ashton were making statements. Ashton was indirectly saying that George, will never be prosecuted under his watch as AG, among other things.


  9. We shouldn’t be surprised by all of this. This is George we are talking about. I can’t wait for George to go down.

  10. Creepy George shows his face after months. Bet he’s running scared and, like the sociopath he is, gathering the like-minded around him. “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” is the painfully obvious modus operandi here.

    • I think you are right on the money. It is probably a quid-pro-quo that is all in his mind, but somehow GA thinks that he has some sort of cache that he can spread around like he is doing a “solid” for the guy who turned a blind eye at all of his shenanigans and culpability.

      It is sorta funny, because you get the sense that GA has seen one too many mafia movies.

  11. Just when you’ve thought you’ve seen and heard it all…..

  12. I think George is terrified because he knows something big and scary is coming for him. My guess is a Federal investigation. I highly doubt Ashton expected George to show up, and will soon regret the comments he made calling George a victim and talking about how he helped him deal with the allegations of sexual abuse. If those allegations turn out to be true, as we all think they are, Jeff Ashton is in for a world of trouble in spite of his election victory.

    • I totally agree with you Harry N on the statement that Ashton is in for a world of trouble if in face there is an ongoing federal investigation and George winds up being charged. He has already stated that he coached him in the sexual abuse allegations. I so totally believe in Karma!

  13. As Jose said in his book, it just blows my mind how LE and the prosecution focused so much on the fact that Casey told lies rather than wonder WHY she felt the need to lie. Is it REALLY so hard for Asston and the others to accept that Casey was sexually abused by George? When a psychologist AND a psychiatrist both testified that her behavior is consistent with that of sexual abuse victims?

    No, they just wanted to think that Casey told lies because she wanted to party. And George is a victim. Honestly, the stupidity just burns.

  14. It really bothers me that Jeff Ashton knew that both the psychiatrist and the psychologist that he interviewed stated they felt that Casey had been molested by George yet he schooled George in how to act when the claims were made in court. As far as I am concerned, by protecting George the way he did he is guilty of the molestation also.

    • Debbie,

      I agree. Ashton should have distanced himself from GA with regard to those claims. They weren’t even called to trial so why coach George through his responses. If he didn’t molest Casey, why did he need help denying them. A simple, “I WOULD NEVER SEXUALLY ABUSE MY DAUGHTER. EVER!”, would have went a lot farther than a meek, ” I would never harm my daughter”.

      • Well CJ
        As far as I am concerned George and Cindy never should have been allowed to sit in that courtroom during the full trial. As soon as they were prosecution witnesses, they should have been treated as such. I really do not know how they bypassed that as next of kin to Caylee when Casey was Caylee’s ONLY next of kin!

  15. I can’t help but wonder if GA would have hugged the Laughing Guy if he’d put his daughter on death row. Annie Downing said that GA didn’t like Casey, and Jose offered that Cheney and he surmised GA hated his daughter after interview. Ashton wanted to further his career with a book and elective office – with Casey’s blood if need be. That was foiled ! A sorrier pair I haven’t seen. But look at it this way: If Ashton & co. had not discredited themselves by planting evidence of 84 internet searches for chloroform, fudged autopsy, going for death penalty, far-fetched motive that Caylee was beginning to talk – and acting like a cocky asshole and petulent child to put off jury; and George hadn’t lied through his teeth about gas cans, affair, backyard improvements: Casey would have been convicted. Thank goodness for these two idiots, and being associated with the loon George won’t help Ashton. Pinellas jurors are sharper than half the electorate in Orange-Osceola.

  16. What a way to start my morning…watching this POS congratulating the POS that did everything in his power to lynch his daughter. Nice – but, of course, no surprise. Ya, I BET there is more a relationship “behind the scenes” than we know…perhaps they have crossed paths in some underground chat rooms? Frequent the same brothels? Swap polaroids from time to time?

    Boy, if there was ever a guy whose star you do NOT want to hitch your wagon to (particularly climbing the political ladder) its George Marie. Further proof that Ass-ton is probably just not that bright, or, and this is a given anyway, GA is just a BS liar who’s delusional sense of self makes him believe that being investigated is the same as “hanging out” and having a relationship.

    He continues to make my skin crawl and it makes me absolutely ILL that he carries a carte-blanche that is usually only reserved for a Kennedy! Why? He is a chronically unemployed scumbag leech. Makes no sense to me.

  17. George Anthony makes me sick. It really shows you what kind of person he really is to support the man that almost took Casey’s life. SO SICK! I hope he gets whats coming to him one day!

  18. I was reading some comments on a blog earlier and it came to my attention that there is a way to find out if Cindy and George knew Casey was working or not for sure and that would be if Cindy claimed Caylee as a dependant on her taxes. Is there a way to find out?

    • Stevan Davis says:

      Very interesting. I was looking at There are some interesting points made there too. Did Ashton make the paternity evaluation himself? It reads that way in his book.

    • A person’s status as dependent is not determined by whether or not they are working. It is determined by who provides the bulk of the support for that person. A person can work and still be claimed as a dependent. This is especially more likely with the Anthony housing situation — Casey and Caylee living in George and Cindy’s home. The taxes would not be definitive in this case but they could be indicative.

      But what would it matter?

  19. Pete Gniaz says:

    Is Fla reopening the investigation into Caylee’s death and dissaperance?

  20. Is it me or does George look like he is holding onto A$$ton for dear life? His eyes look like he is terrified of something. What is the white strip on his wrist? It doesn’t really look like a watch to me. Could it be a hospital or jail ID?

  21. GasCanGeorge says:

    Hilarious!! GA thinking he’s so important to endorse the loser. Good ol George. He has to keep
    himself in the limelight, as a GOODGUY…. He”s a friggin pig

    How about a citizen’s arrest and get the ball rollin.>>?

  22. AnnaMae Johnston says:

    You bet poor ‘ol GA has a reason to try and manipulate once again! That whole congratulatory show was a vain attempt to put himself in front of the camera to show the world he is just poor pitiful grandpa. I like the nice subtle touch he showed by driving CA’s old hoopty auto, right down to using a photo of Caylee on the back. He wouldn’t dare drive one of the new freebee bling cars. My opinion, he is trying to cover his bases because somewhere down the line either, Casey might file charges against him, OR it might just be that Casey won’t have to do anything except give sworn declaration and then allow authorities to follow through. Maybe GA thinks if he keeps finessing, JA and the like will not allow the charges to go to trial. No matter what ?JA might think of Casey, these abuse allegations, which I do believe happened, cannot go ignored. I agee with a poster above- LE was too busy rushing to judgement on Casey and totally ignored everything else-Not very good detective work at all.

    • You are so right AnaMae. You hit the nail on the head! GA and Jeff Ashton have been best buds since day1. I hope and pray Casey has enough courage to file charges against him.

      have a good day.


      • GasCanGeorge says:

        I hope Casey finds the strength to press charges. Not only for Caylee but for herself. Someone has to be held accountable for Caylee’s death!

  23. GasCanGeorge says:

    WE all know that if it wasnt for Ethenol George, Jeff Ashton never would’ve won….. Maybe George
    is setting himself up to run for some kind of office…… He’d fit right in…..
    George, George, he’s our man! HE’s the owner of a shiny new gascan! …….

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