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George & Cindy Anthony appear at Caylee’s 6th birthday Memorial, 8/9

This whole Memorial fiasco stinks. Engraved bricks, walkways, a scam organization called “Bring Kids Home” and a devious fraudster called Eddie Delvalle – all conspiring to get rich quick from building a “Hate Site” for Casey.

Good publicity for George & Cindy and their upcoming foundation though.

This is basically a very poor attempt to cement all the lies surrounding Caylee, and to close the door on anyone looking any further – while Lippman, George & Cindy go about their business by trying to register the “Justice For Caylee” and “Caylee Anthony” trademarks – here and here.

I don’t know why, but I kinda get the feeling George & Cindy won’t be turning up unexpectedly at the same spot on August 9th 2012… a spot where, in all probability, Roy Kronk ultimately placed (i.e. dumped) Caylee’s remains.

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Here’s the video coverage of last nights Suburban Drive “event”.

George Cindy Anthony Appear at Caylee Memorial - p1

George Cindy Anthony Appear at Caylee Memorial - p2


  1. Why don’t they just leave Casey Alone? Casey was proven INNOCENT in Court! I wish Casey would of been able to attend. But, that would be impossible because those Sickos there would most likely attack poor Casey.

  2. George and Cindy stabbed their Daughter in the Back by attending this memorial with their Daughters Lynch Mob! What were they thinking?

  3. Matt Bilder says:

    Thank you for making this website!!! I love it!

  4. I spent two & a half years despising Casey Anthony – I just ‘knew’ she was guilty — until I stopped and listened to the so-called evidence the Prosecution said they had! What a joke this was! Casey is Not Guilty & the Prosecution team, along with Judge Perry, should be ashamed of themselves! I’ve always had respect for Law Enforcement – until this farce of a trial. I still can’t believe the lies told by these ‘Officers of the Court’ – they need to clean house in Florda and start all over again.

    The so-called unbiased media, needs to thoroughly clean house also. Nancy DisGrace, Vinnie Politan and Jane Velez-Mitchell should be taken out behind the barn and SHOT! Whatever happened to ‘Innocent until PROVEN guilty? They won’t be happy until Casey is dead & in her grave! SAD~!

  5. I’ve spent months taking up for Casey Anthony and then it became not just her, but an attack on our American Jury System. I have been lewdly harrassed over the internet, but I still maintain my opinion. I had the opportunity many years ago to talk to some Saudi citizens about their system of justice. Once you are accused of a crime they may have court without you and you won’t know you’ve been found guilty until you see the sword swinging toward your neck. The Media in this case and the people’s reaction to it is a huge disappointment. Do people not remember Melinda Duckett? Is that why the Anthony case recieved so much attention? Are they simply trying to divert attention away from Melinda Duckett’s suicide because she shot herself the very day she appeared on the Nancy Grace Show. Yes, BEFORE CAYLEE did. My, they couldn’t be looking for a man in the Anthony case because then it might tie into the Duckett case. Better to claim both mothers did it. Doesn’t anyone think it is strange that there were hundreds of pictures and videos showing 24/7 of one child when there were how many missing? And Florida has a history of “misplacing” children in their foster care system. Heck, they just let fake-nun kidnapper Laura Caballero off scott-free citing “jusrisdictional problems.” She did get fired from her job as guardian ad-litem for the state. I wonder if anyone has gone back and shown her picture to Rilya Wilson’s grandmother! She claimed a “foriegn lady with an accent” took Rilya to the doctor in 2002 and never returned her. Remember Laura Caballero is the woman who kidnapped a SC girl and took her to Argentina. Luckily her parents got her back. Did investigators ever check with the woman named Gloria Fernandez Gonzales who took a Florida girl to NY? You must be wondering about Roy Kronk. Besides his ex-wife who claimed he used duct-tape on her, there was the ex-girlfriend in SC who claimed he tried to kidnap her but he got a good lawyer and it didn’t get to the grand jury. I think there is still a whole lot more to this case. We do have someone to back us up: Nostradamus. I look forward to the confession of the man who is a monster. Please keep up the good fight. Our country is worth it. Don’t hand it over to the haters!

    • Some of what I typed was accidently left out, which was Trenton Duckett was the toddler who disappeared in Florida BEFORE CAYLEE did. I reread it and saw that was left out and wanted to correct myself. Thank you.

  6. GasCanGeorge says:

    WTF are those people clapping for?

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