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George Anthony

George Anthony… philanderer, pedophile, child rapist, child murderer… and favorite “grieving grandfather” of the clueless knuckle-dragging masses. Ok. Maybe philanderer is a bit harsh. Maybe not.

Either way, there isn’t a day goes by without someone asking me whether George Anthony will ever be investigated and ultimately brought to justice for the murder of Caylee.

It’s a good question. After all, why would anyone want the case to remain forever unsolved? If you’ve been working on a mammoth 25,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and you’re down to the last piece, why walk away and leave it? It’s unfinished business redefined and it makes no sense. And if you can’t find the missing piece, you don’t grab a piece from another jigsaw then try and force it to fit just to finish it off.

But as to when GA will be investigated and brought to justice, I have absolutely no idea. Sure enough, he may well be sat there feeling pleased with himself right now… what with his new cars & bulging bank balance to boot… but it won’t last forever.

What I do know is that the wheels are definitely turning in the background when it comes to blowing the lid on GA and his antics.

Right now though, and as previously stated & posted in this site, Casey can’t press any charges against him as she’s prohibited from doing so due to the on-going case (and the respective appeals process). Once the appeals are finished, Casey will then have the option to press charges if she wishes. Pertinent information in respect of the case against GA will be submitted to Casey at that point so she can then decide what to do with it.

Apparently – although not surprising – GA’s desktop PC records contain enough incriminating info & evidence to sink a ship, and hopefully GA will be aboard the ship once it starts sinking.

In the meantime, I’ve compiled some extra content for this post regarding GA.

Here’s an excerpt from Pat McKenna interview (ABC News, August 18th 2011). Pat was the lead investigator (defense side) in the OJ Simpson trial – and he got a phone call from Casey’s defense team on the day Caylee Anthony’s remains were found, December 11th 2008. These are his comments after leaving Hopespring Drive:

 “I walked out of that house and thought to myself, ‘I don’t think this kid committed first degree murder. There is something really disturbing about this family. I was shocked by their lack of emotion. There was no sense of loss or despondency. Their granddaughter’s remains had just been found and they’re sitting around booking television interviews and talking about how much money their foundation is making.”

He went on to say:

George was bizarre. He would go around and around for hours and he wouldn’t answer a question directly. And he is a former detective, so he knows the drill. There was something off with this guy. After I read the discovery and George’s interviews, I thought, “This guy is way too eager to throw his daughter under the bus.”  “It was an accident that spun out of control and George disposed of the body, but I can’t say exactly how. If Casey wanted to be free, she would have dropped Caylee in the pool, called 911 and been a grieving mother.”

Click here to read the Pat’s full interview.


Here’s an excerpt from Pat’s interview with JVM (CNN) from July 11th 2011):

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You said that you saw or heard something about George being confronted prior to the trial and his reaction. Tell me that. Tell me.

MCKENNA: Yes, I had heard that he was confronted with specific [abuse] information, quite specific information and that he did not shout out or deny it or anything. He looked out the window for, I heard, 23 seconds. Looked back and didn`t say anything. To me, that`s significant.

George is an interesting character. This isn’t over for George, I don’t think. He’s been a master double-crosser throughout the case.

He double-crossed his daughter. He double-crossed his wife, he double-crossed his mistress. He`s double-crossed law enforcement. He double-crossed the court. He`s a former officer of the court and he committed perjury in court. He tried to double-cross the jury and I think they saw through it. I don’t think this is over for George.

Click here to read the full CNN transcript.


Finally, here’s GA making it up as he goes along during his 4th trial testimony from June 28th 2011. Notice how he unconvincingly denies his well-documented romantic relationship with his mistress, and stalls for time before answering most of the questions, especially his 10 second pause at the 8:30 mark. While stalling, he’s not thinking about the real answer per se, but more making sure he gives himself enough time to remember the same answer he gave the last time he was asked the same question.

George Anthony (4th T.), June 28th 2011


George Anthony — The guy with no friends apart from hookers, loan sharks, Dr Phil and Yuri Melich.

In a few months time when the infamous “bus” comes around the corner, this time Casey’s gonna be driving it. It’s definitely coming. Watch this space.

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  1. nancywranovsky says:

    everyone wants an explaination for this and for that but once your own father crosses the line and VIOLATES everything that is sacred there are NO explainations. IT DOESN”T MAKE SENSE cuz it will never make sense cuz violating your own child and grandchild is absolutely senseless. we all know george is guilty that IS what only makes sense. i strongly believe that he is a danger to children for sure, and to society. I know this to be true, there is a very fine line that is often broken from molesting a child to killing them in the act of assualting and molesting them. george anthony has yet to harm the last child HE CANNOT STOP HIMSELF it’s not possible. the next victim may possible be lee’s child or any child that crosses this pig’s path. WHY the state of florida does not find an urgency in this matter is beyond my comprehension. Casey was expected to protect her daughte while the whole state of florida is failing to protect ANYONE that george comes in contact with

    • I had a nightmare last night Casey was crying for help that her father was hurting her. I ran to help her then I woke up. It was horrible.

  2. Shelly PG says:

    Hi SJ,

    The site is still fabulous! Thank you for all your hard work in speaking out for Casey!!!

    I have a few questions regarding George, maybe you or fellow supporters can help.

    1. Did George sign an immunity deal, & if so, when & with who (Melich, Asston, ect.)?

    2. Are there any records (cell phones, arrests, child welfare reports, ect.) to be found that implicates George in porn, gambling, or abuse of any kind? Is there any witnesses that were talked to regarding Georges character~ besides Krystal Hollaway?

    3. Can Casey use what she told The Psycs & Jose about Georges abuse, to prosecute George? Is there a statute of limitations on sexual abuse?

    4. Can the PD or Prosecutors be held liable for not persuing Caseys claims of abuse at the hands of her father & brother? Surely they have a legal responsibility to investigate these claims, when it was their Doctors that confirmed this to be true in their professional opinions, & the PD felt the need to do paternity test on both men over concerns of being Caylees father. Even though tests said No to either men being the father, I have to wonder if LE didnt contaminate those tested specimens as well, just to make sure their case jived.

    5. IF Casey can bring a case against George for abuse, & decided to, would that be enough to warrant having his immunity deal withdrawn, & investigations opened against him for Caylees death?

    I know its alot, & you may not be able to answer, but after devouring Joses book, I am as convinced as I can be, that George was abusing Casey & Caylee both, & even taught Lee to do it. I believe that Casey feared for her & her childs life every single day they were in that house. & I believe that Caseys biggest fear came to light the day Caylee died.

    I think George hurt Caylee & she was talking about JoJo hurting her, so he had to put a stop to it. When Casey realized what he had done to Caylee she was truly scared for her life, with every right to be, & did everything in her power to lead investigators far away from George, “protecting him” out of total fear. I think Casey believed if she took the fall, she would be safe in jail, away from George, & he would finally have to leave her alone. I think George truly intended on killing Casey too, but now that the police were involved, he would have to settle for making her appear guilty as sin & letting the state do the rest of his dirty work…

    • I can only answer #3 for you.

      “Child sexual abuse victims in Florida received historic good news on May 11, 2010, when Governor Charlie Crist signed into law Florida House Bill 525 which eliminated the statute of limitations on both criminal and civil claims relating to children under the age of 16.”

      Jose Baez actually asked George Anthony about this in the trial. It was pretty powerful.

      I HOPE #4 can come to fruition. I mean it’s happened with Penn State. Although in that case, it seems Law Enforcement is escaping without scrutiny. They neglected to handle the initial claims yet it’s the Penn State officials who are taking all the blame.

      • Shelly PG says:

        Thats great news, thanx Sam!
        I lived in Florida for a number of years, but have been gone from there 10 years now, & quite a few laws have changed.

        Now my interest in this hidden immunity deal is skyrocketing! There is just sooo many legal documents, that you could literally look right past what your searching for! I give Jose & Defense Team props for keeping it all straight!

        I’ll bet George is wishing he had been nicer to Jose now :0)

  3. “George Anthony — The guy with no friends apart from hookers, loan sharks, Dr Phil and Yuri Melich.”

    And according to George, Jeffey Asston.

    This guy is running scared! Can’t wait for it all to come out and he’s busted. Georgie, in prison, you can have all the “girlfriends” you want. You deserve everything you’ve got coming to you!

    • mike cookman says:

      Interesting how during his testimony about his friend he starts bad mouthing her. That’s the real him coming out for everyone to see.

  4. You are right Jill we have to do something, I read Jose’s book and I cannot believe what all that come out about him! I’m so angry about what all he put casey and caylee through! I don’t think that casey could give such vivid details of being sexually abused if it did not happen! He makes me sick! I have an idea Jill why don’t you get a petition set up and started just like other folks did with Caylee’s Law. Just a thought let me know what you think! Just reply to my message here. If you get it set up let me know and I will be the first to sign belive you me! Let us all ban together and help Casey fight for Caylee!!!

    Have nice day,

    • On any given forum there are inevitably females who start protesting that they were “victims of sexual abuse” and Casey didn’t act like anyone who was sexually abused. Those sorts of people were absolutely *not* sexually abused. At best, they were probably hit on by somebody, or some guy swatted them on the butt and now they’re hollering sex abuse. At worst, they’re just attention seekers playing the victim card.

      Sex abuse victims, as a rule, do NOT go around telling people they were abused. Whether Casey was or wasn’t, I don’t know but I do know that when I read in Baez’s awesome book about George’s pet names for his body parts, and George’s comments during the memorial about how Caylee smelled, it creeped me out.

      The thing people sailed over is that George made these statements on camera long before any book came out, so nobody had any idea what Casey had told her attorney about the sex abuse aspect of things. Casey wouldn’t have known George was making public comments like this to begin with unless someone told her about it. Given the timing, however, she wasn’t privy to his public memorial statements. George’s comments about Caylee’s “pancake” is a prime example. He’s using these pet names for genitalia. Casey would *also* inform Baez *behind the scenes* of the way he referenced genitalia. WE didn’t know about this until the book was released. But WE had ample evidence of George referring to the way Caylee smelled and referring to her genitals as “pancake”, which was creepy on its face.

      Meanwhile, Casey is revealing scenarios in which George played pet the mouse and old baldy and all that crap. She got it from somewhere and that was from George Anthony himself – he’s proving her words by his own statements so when the sex abuse issue was raised at the trial, George suddenly changes his tune and becomes a hostile witness and telling all sorts of bs tales to make her look bad because he knew she’d revealed this information…which only reinforces the probability it was always true.

      Now, why would George hide Caylee’s body even if she died accidentally?

      Simple. To prevent an autopsy which would’ve or could’ve revealed indications of sexual abuse.

  5. Everything George does screams guilty. The suicide was because he was afraid the sexual abuse would come out. The jail letter saying why destroy me, why destroy lee, why why. Some things we will never know what happened. Casey is so scarred from the abuse that is why she is a compulsive liar. It’s a defense mechanism. This is very common in sexual abuse victims.

    • AnnaMae Johnston says:

      I’m sure everyone remembers the immortal jail tape where GA and Casey were going thru the five finger routine? GA was of course The Thumb, a person who has their thumb on someone, the one who controls-There’s the answer. The latest shenanigans with JA just screams of brown nosing to try and get close to finesse the situation again, because he is running scared, but not scared enough to get in on any action he can to keep up the poor me routine Remember the words: GA is a man who knows a lot about a lot of things.

      If anybody in authority hears these accusations and does nothing, then there’s something very wrong. I just don’t believe that will be the case. It will come to fruition all in good time.

  6. Here’s what I don’t. Didnt Casey herself, via her attorney, say she drowned?

  7. GasCanGeorge says:

    I love how he corrected Jose about the Crystal’s home. Made sure everyone knew it was a condo and not an apartment and a gated community…..Geee, George wouldnt want to be seen in an apartment now would he?…..I cant wait for someone to reopen this case..Just sayin

  8. bubblybrunette says:

    i love how when the defense calls george to the stand he has that look like i dont wanna be here what a waste of time.. hes soo smug and igorant its sickening.. im sorry but when i read jose baez book and when george was confronted about the abuse and didnt deny it that speaks volumes. anyone innocent wouldve screamed i never touched my daughter but not denying it speaks volumes.. im sorry but just hearing george talk makes my skin crawl.. instead of locking of casey from the beginning they shouldve investigated the whole family. if they wouldve done their job in the beginning they wouldve realized casey shouldnt of been locked up to begin with. but all they jeff ashton was about was making casey look bad when he not only wasted tax money for floridians but destroyed caseys life. its soo sad.

  9. GasCanGeorge says:

    Lon, that is what George Anthony led Casey to believe. That she drowned in the pool.

    • Valerie Blazek says:

      A classic tale called Lolita being retold starring George Anthony.

      • Valerie Blazek says:

        George Anthony is your modern day Vladimir Nobokov. He molested
        Casey and used Chloroform to sedate Caylee so he could
        have his way with her too. However, he probably accidentally
        used too much (as he admits Caylee’s death was an accident and that
        she was probably drugged.) He waited so the body would decompose and
        leave no evidence of rape. This man has the mouth of a pedophile with a suicide
        attempt that screams an omission of guilt. He will pay. Rest
        assured, this SOB will pay. Casey exhibits classic tell-tale
        signs of victims of sex abuse- separation and detachment from reality.

        • Valerie Blazek says:

          Even George’s “mistress” was a well-thought out
          decoy to diverge attention away from the fact that he
          finds his only sexual gratification through little girls

          • Valerie Blazek says:

            Please readers unite:

            This man is a very very sick bastard. America needs to see through
            his lies so that another child doesn’t end up abused or dead. Everybody
            needs to recognize that Casey has been revictimized by George
            Anthony as this cycle of revictimization tends to happen in child sex
            abuse cases. May the little Angel Caylee watch over her mother
            and make
            sure that George is stopped once and for all.

        • Valerie there was no chloroform used to knock anybody out, period.

          • sassycat1986 says:

            Just a thought….Casey was up til 3m then back up @ 7am that fateful day. She would’ve been really tired. Did she fall back asleep at 9? I believe her phone and computer records show there was no activity from 9 to 12:30. Did Cindy or Casey use xanex (zanex) for anxiety and George had been using it, to sedate and molest her? Did they check the house for that?

  10. I’ve got a slightly different take on her actions, and since I wasn’t caught up in the tv reports (didn’t have cable), I wasn’t subjected to the clownshow going on.

    Revisiting the issue of Casey’s wild stories. I know Baez presented it as a magical thing she did, but she wasn’t/isn’t a delusional crackpot. She had way better control over her faculties than the closing arguments tried to convey.

    Early on, when I did check out the sites and videos, particularly of the first police interviews when she was casually, calmly telling them all sorts of nonsense, it struck me, and would be reinforced on into things, that she wasn’t actually just a pathological liar out of touch with anything, but the whole collective of wild tales and the nanny were her way of trying to get the cops to dig deeper, investigate further so *they* would uncover the truth and she wouldn’t have to openly rat out her father for his role in things, up to and including sex abuse, hiding the remains, etc.

    Consider her elaborate tales more along the lines as a *cough cough wink wink* sort of play similar to the movies where the bad guys break into someone’s home, holds them hostage, and some neighbor shows up at the door – the bad guys tell them don’t let on, don’t do anything stupid or someone in the other room gets it…so the one answering the door has to play it cool, then tries to alert them with off the wall statements that could be true – tell your uncle joe thanks for the apple pie last week, it was great! – and hoping the neighbor figures out there’s a problem and gets help.

    That way, she’s not the one confessing and bringing down a world of bs, but making it elaborate enough the cops would find it suspicious and delve deeper, and if her dad got mad she could play it off as oops, sorry, I didn’t know what to say! only, to her astonishment, they turned on her and decided she’s a crackpot pathological liar who killed her child…

    • StaceyTaylor – I agree wholeheartedly that Casey was/is not a delusional crackpot. Do you think her lies about the Nanny and other people in her life were ways for her to keep secrets from Cindy and George? That was my impression.

      I think that her stories during the interrogations were subconcsious clues to have someone dig deeper. She was terrified and she didn’t trust anyone. I like your hostage analogy. I think that victims of incest also protect themselves from the truth too. She was going to great lengths to protect George yet also seemed to be seeking a ‘savior’.

    • sassycat1986 says:

      Good, theory! I read her interview at universal and thought she had to be just plain crazy but I still believed George made her that way and probably killed Caylee. She did mention in a jail visit (I think with Lee) that she was protecting the family.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Casey has protected her family…as they protected her secret. The day Casey had to face the ugly truth that she had not been pregnant with Grund’s baby, and right up to the results of the paternity test, i bet Casey knew her sex partners…not promiscuously out of control like many want desperately to believe…but that paternity test created the family secret that they still protect today….and it would likely answer to Caylee’s whereabouts on June 14th, 2008…the video of the 15th prevents scrutiny of the events on June 14th, conveniently and pretty thoroughly…but it’s authenticity…that’s suspect, at best.

  11. sassycat1986 says:

    George at one point claims Casey And Caylee normally sleep in and come out of their room around 9 or 10am. Casey’s cell records look like she had been talking and texting all night long so she would’ve been very tired that morning.
    Another time George says Caylee woke him early that day and he gave her cereal and watched movies together until Casey got up. He also explained to someone Caylee would beg him Jo-Jo swim!

    He at one point claims Caylee and Casey left at 11:45 he “is sure” and describes what they wore (believe that was at his secret police meeting he requested behind Lee and Cindy’s back on July 24th). He later changes his story to Caylee and Casey leaving At 1:50, now he says he remembers because a favorite food network show was getting over (hhhm, you didn’t remember that before, yet you knew what they wore?)

    George described Caylee as wearing sandals when she left (which I recall were never found). Casey, more than likely did not know about any shoes so she made up that she was wearing tennis shoes when she gave cops the nanny story (but the tennis shoes were not missing from the home when police did inventory on Caylee’s belongings) Which tells me George saw her last.

    George indicates Caylee left with Casey but the clothes he says she left in were ones Cindy and Casey knew she had out grown so they no longer put that outfit on her. The all said her potty training was coming along well and she was only wearing pull-ups at night but when her body was found they found what appeared to be a pull-up…..she shouldn’t have had one on during the middle of the day according to Cindy.

  12. notthatsmart says:

    There was a lot of pride in that police interview. If you measure the words that were said, you will find Kc was not doing the talking. The detectives were out of control. These types of interviews may often yield good results, but when they don’t, it is time to try something else. I believe if they would have read her the miranda rights, she would get a Lawyer right away and perhaps then she would have opened up. Afterall, if she told her story, where would she go? She had no place to live. She made the right choice by waiting to tell her story to a jury of her peers. That is a choice we all have and an opportunity to let the truth be known without fear of consequences. The detectives and proscutors failed to investigate from kc out. They stopped at kc and never looked back. Too many detectives and prosecutors rely on their feelings. The Judge looked caught up in the emotion as well. How could he allow in a smell detector that couldn’t tell the difference between a dead mouse and a ham sandwhich. Much of the whole story does not make any sense and I have an answer for that imo.

    If things don’t make a whole lot of sense, then you can bet someone else is in the picture.

  13. sassycat1986 says:

    Can anyone find a link or copy of George’s time card?

  14. sassycat1986 says:

    I have read many of his police statements and depositions and of course he gives conflicting info and pretends to be confused on his dates. The last one I was reading he says he worked for security forces international Sunday through Friday (most of his shifts were 3 to 11 but one day he claims to work a Friday and (which would mean he was off work another day, unless they gave him overtime. Then he stated he worked a day shift one of those days. This is all from the end of June to June 30th, his last day of work for that company. Also, I did read an article claiming George was not actually at work one of the days he claims. I’d viewed a HAND-WRITTEN time card believed to be George’s online but I can’t find it now.

  15. Lydianette says:

    If Casey had premeditated the murder of Caylee, then why would she need to stash her in her car?

    Why would she need to borrow a shovel two days later? If this thing was planned out, then she would

    have had it all worked out so that as soon as Caylee was dead, she could dispose of her and not get

    caught. The fact that there were different hits by cadaver dogs and possibly a corpse in her car tells me

    that something terrible and unexpected happened and she flipped out and panicked and things went

    from there. Given the behavior of George Anthony during the month of June and the night of 7/15,

    what seems most likely is what casey said, that her dad was there and he told her “I’ll take care of it”

  16. john snakenburg says:

    Checking in .. been a while. I’m still not convinced that the body in the bag was little Caylee. I don’t think there was enough dna to tell .. and saying so is right up there with the rest of the crackpot evidence. I think the body was a cover up used to put Casey on trial, and stop further search for Caylee. I still say this was a case of “Gone, Baby, Gone” and it worked. I guess I’m a dreamer, and I dream that someday Caylee will come home to her mother. johns A.T.C

    • JA Kalskett says:

      well, John S…i agree that the body in the woods was a planted piece of dis-information…and it alone (dna or not) was the sole reason why ppl cannot see past the story that hides the truth. Just the fact the investigation is ‘bound to the idea the child was even in Florida on Father’s Day’ was the weighty-est ‘untruth’ perpetrated. Caylee’s whereabouts will never be explained…not
      when the correct day is prevented from exposure…because FlagDay June 14th is outside the confines of investigations…

  17. JessicaR says:

    A family video spoke volumes: in it, Caylee was with her family when the grandfather reached for her. She quickly and obviously avoided him and headed toward her mother. Her dislike of her grandfather was palpable: the expression on her face changed radically.

  18. Thank you for all the fantastic work!

    Today, I suddenly recalled Casey’s case and was curious how Casey is living now. I am a lawyer in a totally unrelated field.

    From the first time I read about Casey’s case, I had a strong feeling of disliking George and Cindy and got an impression that perhaps Casey was totally under their control for years. The moment I heard Casey claiming that her father had molested her, I felt it could be true, too.

    I am from a foreign country so that I might not be used to American people hiring lawyer so often, but is it normal that George and Cindy have their own lawyer who’s not defending Casey? Why did they need a lawyer? Lawyer is expensive. There must be some serious reason. (Jesus, I’m not supposed to say that someone must be guilty because she hired a lawyer, but I still felt it was not natural.) And I felt they were “acting” as if they were innocent victims. I smelled something was not right.

    I did not like them letting, no, even persuading, the whole world that their daughter is a murderer. So disgusting.
    They presented themselves such loving grandparents, but not loving their own daughter, that is weird.

    When I heard about the not guilty verdict, I was so impressed by American justice. All prosecution did was fueled the media frenzy to cover up their incompetency and to get the attention to themselves. To convict a person, they must come up with the EVIDENCE beyond reasonable doubt that someone committed a murder. There was none. And excuse me, requesting a death penalty for killing one person? How many murderers in FL got capital punishment? It was nothing but an attempt to get media attention to themselves by making the case dramatic. In other words, they were using Casey to become famous and successful. At the cost of someone’s life! The whole world seemed believing the prosecution. Despite that, jury followed “the rule” that is truly admirable. I applauded the jury and got hated.

    But I wasn’t really sure if she was innocent until today.
    Then, I found the lawyer Mason speaks at CNN. This guy looks really good. He does not look like a type of lawyer who protects a murderer liar for free just to get subsequent profitable cases. No, he’s not. The way he described Casey made me convinced that she did not kill her daughter. And, he and his wife still be friends with Casey! No, we lawyers don’t be friends with a client unless we truly like her!

    So I dug the news coverage and found a psychiatrist defends Casey that convinced me who to be blamed. It was dated a long time ago. I am so sorry that so many people did not listen to what they do not want to listen.

    Is there any way to put George and Cindy as suspects? Prosecutors, you will get FAR GREATER attention and honor of clearing an innocent’s name and throwing the true murderers into jail, that is dramatic and the story media loves to death! (They will forget how they presented Casey several years ago, and will play agents of justice -again-.)

  19. I wasnt aware that George Anthony had been sexually abusing Casey since she was 8!!!! THEY SHOULD INVESTIGATE AND LOOK INTO GEORGE ANTHONY MORE esp him knowing the ins and outs of being a cop too!! GOD is the ONLY ONE WHO knows who killed that sweet innocent little miracle and they will have to ANSWER TO HIM WHEN THAT DAY COMES AND THEY WILL BURN IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY!

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