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George Anthony – The Ultimate Double-Crosser

George Anthony… philanderer, pedophile, child rapist, child murderer… and favorite “grieving grandfather” of the clueless knuckle-dragging masses. Ok. Maybe philanderer is a bit harsh. Maybe not.

Either way, there isn’t a day goes by without someone asking me whether George Anthony will ever be investigated and ultimately brought to justice for the murder of Caylee.

 It’s a good question. After all, why would anyone want the case to remain forever unsolved? If you’ve been working on a mammoth 25,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and you’re down to the last piece, why walk away and leave it? It’s unfinished business redefined and it makes no sense. And if you can’t find the missing piece, you don’t grab a piece from another jigsaw then try and force it to fit just to finish it off.

But as to when GA will be investigated and brought to justice, I have absolutely no idea. Sure enough, he may well be sat there feeling pleased with himself right now… what with his new cars & bulging bank balance to boot… but it won’t last forever.

What I do know is that the wheels are definitely turning in the background when it comes to blowing the lid on GA and his antics.

Right now though, and as previously stated & posted in this site, Casey can’t press any charges against him as she’s prohibited from doing so due to the on-going case (and the respective appeals process). Once the appeals are finished, Casey will then have the option to press charges if she wishes. Pertinent information in respect of the case against GA will be submitted to Casey at that point so she can then decide what to do with it.

Apparently – although not surprising – GA’s desktop PC records contain enough incriminating info & evidence to sink a ship, and hopefully GA will be aboard the ship once it starts sinking.

In the meantime, I’ve compiled some extra content for this post regarding GA.

Here’s an excerpt from Pat McKenna interview (ABC News, August 18th 2011). Pat was the lead investigator (defense side) in the OJ Simpson trial – and he got a phone call from Casey’s defense team on the day Caylee Anthony’s remains were found, December 11th 2008. These are his comments after leaving Hopespring Drive:

“I walked out of that house and thought to myself, ‘I don’t think this kid committed first degree murder. There is something really disturbing about this family. I was shocked by their lack of emotion. There was no sense of loss or despondency. Their granddaughter’s remains had just been found and they’re sitting around booking television interviews and talking about how much money their foundation is making.”

He went on to say:

George was bizarre. He would go around and around for hours and he wouldn’t answer a question directly. And he is a former detective, so he knows the drill. There was something off with this guy. After I read the discovery and George’s interviews, I thought, “This guy is way too eager to throw his daughter under the bus.”  “It was an accident that spun out of control and George disposed of the body, but I can’t say exactly how. If Casey wanted to be free, she would have dropped Caylee in the pool, called 911 and been a grieving mother.”

Click here to read the Pat’s full interview.


Here’s an excerpt from Pat’s interview with JVM (CNN) from July 11th 2011):

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You said that you saw or heard something about George being confronted prior to the trial and his reaction. Tell me that. Tell me.

MCKENNA: Yes, I had heard that he was confronted with specific [abuse] information, quite specific information and that he did not shout out or deny it or anything. He looked out the window for, I heard, 23 seconds. Looked back and didn`t say anything. To me, that`s significant.

George is an interesting character. This isn’t over for George, I don’t think. He’s been a master double-crosser throughout the case.

He double-crossed his daughter. He double-crossed his wife, he double-crossed his mistress. He`s double-crossed law enforcement. He double-crossed the court. He`s a former officer of the court and he committed perjury in court. He tried to double-cross the jury and I think they saw through it. I don’t think this is over for George.

Click here to read the full CNN transcript.


Finally, here’s GA making it up as he goes along during his 4th trial testimony from June 28th 2011. Notice how he unconvincingly denies his well-documented romantic relationship with his mistress, and stalls for time before answering most of the questions, especially his 10 second pause at the 8:30 mark. While stalling, he’s not thinking about the real answer per se, but more making sure he gives himself enough time to remember the same answer he gave the last time he was asked the same question.

George Anthony (4th T.), June 28th 2011


George Anthony — The guy with no friends apart from hookers, loan sharks, Dr Phil and Yuri Melich.

In a few months time when the infamous “bus” comes around the corner, this time Casey’s gonna be driving it. It’s definitely coming. Watch this space.

Feel free to leave your comments below.


  1. I can’t wait for that BIG BUS WITH george under it! Also with nancy grace, laughing man, and others under the BIG BUS. That will be a GREAT AWESOME DAY! I truly believe it will happen! Your a great person Casey. Your day will come.

  2. Marilyn C. says:

    Hi SJ….Ohhh George Anthony….the names that you put next to his were very kind compared to what I would LOVE to type in here!! I just read & laughed to myself where you wrote”Feel free to leave your comments below”…if I REALLY did this…I would be arrested & could probly never own another computer! I would be so happy if this(whatever he is) was held accountable for everything he has done.I know all of us would like to see this,but I don’t know what Casey wants.There are so many days that I would love to talk to her to see if she was OK or things like this about something being done to HIM.Does she just want all of this to go away & not have anything to do with him or go thru pure HELL to get him prosecuted in the same county that tried to kill her!! This is the only part that bothers me.These IDIOTS are so against her & I don’t want any more harm towards her during the process of getting HIM! I really just want her out of FLORIDA for good so she can have a chance for some kind of life & happiness.Florida talks out of both sides of their mouths concerning Casey….she is supposingly costing tax payers all this money,but they keep her there with probation & STUPID LAWSUITS,they think she can go work at the hamburger place or something…right….well WHY can’t ZG go sell hamburgers or something instead of trying to get money from Casey? She hasn’t worked in over 3 years & WAS NOT locked up! If the ONLY thing wrong with her reputation was this so called crap Casey pointed her out…then WHY is she STILL not working? Why couldn’t any of these ZG SUPPORTERS hire her?? Geezz I don’t even want to get started on HER!!! Have a Great Day Everyone!

  3. I am so happy to finally find like minded people who can see right through George Anthony. He IMO is a spineless, dishonest, slimy, abusive, poor excuse of a man who tried to and continues to capitalise on the loss of his Daughters’ own child.
    What he has gotten away with is beyond belief, and I wonder if everything is slowly going to eat away at him or will Justice finally catch up with him? Either way I hope that he is feeling some heat. Karma can be a bitch George !!

  4. GasCanGeorge says:

    I trust Casey will do the right thing. Not too sure about LE, but his time is coming~

    This man saw Caylee as his permanent meal ticket. IMOO…..Caylee will have the last say. And I hope
    his POS wife goes down with him.

  5. George Anthony appears to be very frightened. I noticed on Dr. Phil that when the camera cut him short, that his one eye started blinking fast, fluttering is more like it. On another cut, both his eyes were blinking, fluttering. I suspect that is why the they cut the camera away from him. He is scared. Really scared, imo.

  6. albatross234 says:

    With grifters, gypsies, criminality is a way of life—the A’s remind me of them.

  7. Time will tell, won’t it? According to Nostradamus, the mother was found not guilty and the man who killed her daughter will confess and lose his life. He can try now, very hard, to control himself but soon he will realize that these matters are beyond his control. This must be unnerving to him, seeing as he has been in control up until this time. He may have pretended to be suicidal before and he was a good actor, but not quite good enough. He is only human; oh, well I should take that back. He is fallible. He made a few mistakes or I wouldn’t be here typing this right now. I noticed those mistakes and so did many of you. Can’t wait for him to snap. That is what happens to someone who is such a control freak. They just lose it all of a sudden , like pop. Pop. Did I say “Pop?!” He’s been going over his script in his head so careful not to make any mistakes. Just one mistake. Just one little slip of the tongue. Just one little laugh at the wrong time. All of the talking that he must do in his own head will all of a sudden get jumbled up because he is only human. I haven’t said his name. That would be wrong to accuse him of something he didn’t do. Right now there are still people who think he didn’t do anything wrong. But how long does he think that will last since he has done something wrong, very, very wrong? Tick tock, tick tock. Pop!

    • Wow Genie I just read Nostradamus prediction. It’s pretty scary that a lof of his predictions are true. Thanks for pointing that out! I’m just discouraged at how people can type horrible things about Casey “she needs to die in hell and bla bla” who do they think they are by saying this confidently? Anyways have a great day and to all these Casey supporters. 🙂

      “The mother’s name is blackened by a silver mask,

      “The people cry for vengeance, but truth prevails.

      “Two thousand and ten finds Antone free,

      “The monster confesses and loses his soul in months of 8 and 10.”

      • Makes me wonder what the “two thousand and ten” means and “the months of 8 and 10.” Maybe he’ll be found out in August or October of this year. Just processin’…

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Really? That was a Nostradamus prophesy? I’d like to read that!
          Many people totally missed the prophetic messages in the cryptic version of the Diary of Days. There were clues to the ‘heinous murder story/plot” and how things were gonna and now, have evolved and resolved since Friday the 13th, 2008.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Over the year, i forgot about the reference to Nostradamus’ quatrain and reference to the months 8 and 10. It’s always reassuring to see there are no co-incidents. 😉 There must be a significant event that occurred in 2010. I have to confess I didn’t notice anything about this case until trial in 2011.

  8. You know all through the trial I really thought Casey was guilty. I really did. But then a few things happened to change my mind. The first thing was that she was found not guilty. I’m a believer in Christ. I mean I’m a passionate believer in that guy. I’m not sayin’ everyone is or assume everyone is but I am for sure. And I really prayed for justice in this case and I believe God heard my crying heart. I knew that whatever came down was going to be justice. So when she was found not guilty I knew in my heart God knew something I didn’t and I trusted Him. Another event that made me ponder was whenever sexual abuse was spoken about in the trial Casey showed extreme gut wrenching emotion and tears and that was something I didn’t observe through this ordeal too much. Then I found this site and I just think it all makes sense. Let me tell you I had to eat crow after some of the things I said about Casey! People really focus on her flat affect and odd behaviors but when you think about all that abuse over the years you are not going to find someone who has much access to her real self or emotions. I think there is great power in prayer and my prayer is that George will be found out and break down and admit it. And God hears when I pray. 🙂

    • Marilyn C. says:

      Hi Kelly
      Such a nice post.I think God heard all of our prayers because we were praying for the same thing.Like you I hope something is done about George soon,so others can see what kind of life Casey has led.People are still attacking her.You don’t have to eat crow here,at least you admit it & you were able to open your heart & see the TRUTH….I pray others do as well.

    • Kelly,
      I too, like you, thought Casey was guilty at first. One day while I was watching the trial, and watching Casey’s responses to it, especially the child abuse claims, I felt moved to pray for her and for the outcome to be truthful. I did pray for her, pretty much whenever I prayed for my own kids I would include Casey. Through prayer and watching the trial I came to believe very strongly in Casey’s innocence. Friends would say how poorly the defense was doing and I would say, well, there is just a lack of evidence…and the abuse allegations made so much sense to me…when I looked at the situation and could see very well how years of abuse would cause a young mother to act and react the way Casey did. I hate that people think all people act the same under stressful situations…we don’t. And add on top of being young and grief the fact that someone has experience years of sexual abuse by their father, you have someone who does not know how to handle their own emotions. I feel for Casey, I really do…because I do believe she was sexually abused by George. I truly hope some day it all comes out and George will be held responsible for his complete ruining of so many lives. How someone can watch this man and think he is normal is beyond me…to me he seems very, very creepy. To talk about your grandchild’s sweet smell of sweat…I don’t know, that seems very weird to me. So, like you, I will continue to pray that justice will be served and George will be found out. Welcome to the ranks of those of us who have gone beyond what the media fed us for 3 years and looked at things with a critical eye.

      • I like the Tina Turner lyrics..why he treats you like he do when he’s “such a good man”. The media screwed Casey. I believed Casey was having to use the state’s money to defend herself. Well..time passes by and it is revealed she paid for a big chunk of her case by having to sell pictures to the media so that she could afford to defend herself in all of this setup. I felt relief for Casey when I heard the verdict, and I too hope the media further probes into the Anthony’s. Maybe Cindy will finally have to come to grips; just like when she, a nurse, finally realized her daughter was pregnant. It is unfortunate how the victim continues to be a victim until time passes by and the truth is revealed.

  9. You know what makes me mad? How the Haters just dismiss the molestation claims. Anyone else they would just take them at their word but oh it’s Casey so it must be a lie. George is not going to admit it.

    • Hi Jon. Well, as we know only too well… the Haters are mentally challenged, and always will be. They still can’t get over the fact that the verdict didn’t go “their way”. No, GA won’t admit to the molestation of Casey (or Cays). He’d rather try and kill himself again instead. Either way, the clock is still ticking.

      • Marilyn C. says:

        SJ… you think when Jose’s book comes out….the clock will speed up a little bit(George’s times up clock)??? I so hope so.I am counting the days for his book to come out!

      • albatross234 says:

        I think most of the remaining haters are “liars-for-hire.” –just as Casey’s parents were/are today. I cannot believe LE hasn’t investigated GA for incest—after all those two psychatrists testified they felt she was classic sex abuse victims….. It is wrong to let pedophiles go scott free.

  10. Casey should be supported for cleaning out the family skeletons in her closet. They needed to come out.

    I’m sorry Daddy I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to make you cry but tonight I’m cleaning out my closet.

  11. AnnaMae Johnston says:

    This is my 1st time posting here and it dawned on me the other night what good old George could also be capable of…I did post my findings on another site that has videos..

    After looking over a few timelines in the text/cellphone docs, a lightbulb went off. I know so many people have this idea Casey did all this but in reality, it would not be too hard to understand that perhaps “somebody” was tracking her-by way of a device to intercept her emails, her phone calls, her texts and in kind whoever might have had such a device- one can actually use this device to intercept anything off of any cellphone, etc. by simply taking the SMS card out of one phone and duplicating and inputting it into another phone, this device can also make phone calls appear to have come from whoevers phone.

    When one puts into context how George broke up Casey’s relationships with at least 1 boyfriend, by slying telling him Casey was ill, how he chased her to Sports Authority, on the Tollroad etc.- it is not very hard to figure out how she could possibly be at her home arguing about gas cans with George 1 minute and getting on FB the next and then calling George at Lexus with-in minutes.No, it doesn’t fit, it never has and imo, it has something to do with intercepting her phone-Bear in mind, all the calls from her phone yeilded nothing between June and July, except for hang up calls and mostly text messages.

    I sure hope somebody investigates this possible aspect. Imo, it is the only plausable explaination in part.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      AnnaMae, you made an interesting point! I would like to address my concerns with the phone records; George told LE that Lee already was looking over everyone’s phone records in an early deposition.

      *Unlike phone calls, where the recipient identifies the caller by voice, text messages to and from people CAN APPEAR to be coming from the person identified ‘by t hat phone number’.
      *[if you used my phone to text, it would “look” like I was doing the texting, but in reality, WHOEVER has possession of device [when that text was written] that is really responsible for that message…. See?] IMO all text messages in this case should be PREsumed “anonymous” B/C it’s not clear if Casey was always in possession of her phone, car, or child…see a pattern here?

  12. What kind of man gets upset over his daughter being found not guilty esp when it regards the death penalty?

  13. What kind of father hugs the prosecutor that tried to get his daughter the death penalty?

  14. George never loved Casey but she loved him. He betrayed her love. I hope he gets what is coming to him someday.

  15. I think Cindy is ultimately responsible. Cindy disrespected Casey’s right to choose whether to be a mom or not. Casey had arranged to adopt out Caylee. Cindy put a stop to that.
    This nightmare never would have happened if Cindy would’ve accepted her pregnant teen daughter’s decision to not be a mother.
    I wonder if Cindy could go back to that day, where Casey said Kio Marie would raise Caylee…
    Would Cindy just bite her tongue?
    Casey was the victim of an over-controlling mother.

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