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George & Cindy Anthony to unveil “Caylee’s Fund” Foundation

George & Cindy Anthony appear at Caylee’s 6th birthday Memorial, 8/9 – click here for the video

Missed the 3 Dr Phil interviews with serial child abuser George & his enabler (Cindy)? Watch them here

The Battle For Caylee Anthony –  READ THIS

Within the next 10 days, George & Cindy Anthony plan to unveil “Caylee’s Fund” Foundation @ – the 3 objectives of the Foundation being grandparents rights, help for missing & exploited children, and backing the proposed Caylee’s Law. Video also includes further insight from Mark Lippman on Casey Anthony’s release and decoy plans.

George, & Cindy To Unveil Caylee Foundation


  1. Angelea Maze says:

    I pray George and Cindy can find peace and even happiness in their future…. I’m happy they are doing something positive for their Grandchild’s memory…. I’m thrilled it will help other children…. and last but not least….. I’m proud of those who have found it in their hearts to care….. about them…. as victims too…. in this madness….. the ‘Grandparents’….. God’s Speed…..

  2. Could this be another sham for personal gain? I am disgusted. You, the grandparents are taking monies from funds intended to help children! Get a real job like everyone else. If you want to do good with this, take no money for your salaries! It’s such a shame Caylee isn’t the center of your attention! Hasn’t Caylee paid enough??

    • Becca Shed says:

      Yes I would like to no how many children were helped with the money from Foundation 1, and where these children are located, I do not believe it was anywhere in Fl. I guess if you hand out a couple of teddy bears in another state the foundation can write the trip off.

  3. margie messer says:

    the fact that you guys showed the world that caylee’s murder met nothing to you and by saying the things you did help get casey you guys are willing to make a living from your grand daughters death to me is discusting.i will not give you a dime for you to make a living off of caylee.this might not be illegal but it is immoral.

  4. Becca Shed says:

    Caylees Law will happen without the Anthonys help, they never publicly endorsed it until they found a way to profit from it, Grandparents get custody of their grandchildren everyday but the first step is to call DCF on their own child, something you threatened but never did, as long as Casey told you she was with rich boyfriend you turned a blind eye. As far as EXPLOITED CHILDREN you are the poster family on how to do just that. I am confused did you want this chapter of your life to be over or did you mean your book Stop exploiting Caylee give a public ty to everybody who put themselves and their wallets out for you and live off of your disability like everyone else on disability has to, or go back to work if you stop trying to profit off of Caylees death ppl would leave you alone and you could go back to work. If you are collecting disability because you are grieving grandparents that are having a hard time functioning with day to day life you sure do not show it. Once again stop EXPLOITING CAYLEE for self financial gain..

  5. Caylee's Law Stinks says:

    Here is an article about the insanity of the proposed “Caylee’s Law” that the Lynch Mob is promoting:

  6. Exploitation says:

    They need to stop their own exploitation of Caylee first! What kind of grandparent, when looking for their grandchild, gives the police a dog’s toothbrush on purpose? Lies for their daughter on the stand? If we are to believe the defense… George is a child molester! They are definitely NOT any kind of role models for the missing. Are they going to coach people how to derail investigations of the missing because they did that pretty well. They never wanted to know the real story about what happened because it would make them and their screwed up family look bad. Are they going to take 80% profit from this foundation also?

  7. True Grandmother says:

    I would like to know how they think these causes are in any way related to Caylee. Missing or exploited children-she never was missing, her murderer knew where she was throw and she is still being exploited even now; grandparents rights-they never attempted to exercise any rights, so they never had their rights refused; Caylee’s Law-had it been a law when this happened, they would have lied to get her mother off that charge also. Exploiting the death of your own child or grandchild for financial gain is the most immoral thing I can imagine. Possibly even more immoral than conning the justice system with lies and mid-trial reversing of directions. An absolutely innocent child is dead. These grandparents assisted Jose Baez in treating the trial like a football game complete with cheap tricks plays. You should be ashamed.

  8. nancywranovsky says:

    you know what would be absolute justice? locking george and cindy in the same cell for life.

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