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George & Cindy Anthony to spill the “Death Secret” on Dr Phil Show?

George & Cindy Anthony are finally opening up about what REALLY happened to Caylee… revealing NEW information that could have changed the outcome of the case… at least that’s what Dr Phil wants you to believe.

Sounds like a lot of hot air & hype to me –  and I wouldn’t put it past these 2 clowns to try and lay the blame on Casey again… BUT if there had been some “startling revelations” during the interiew, you can bet your bottom dollar they would have been leaked by now.

For a replay of George & Cindy’s Larry King interviews, click the link/s below:

December 10th 2008  <——->  May13th 2009


  1. I hope George and Cindy are not going to say something against their Daughter?

  2. Oh brother … I wonder what this is all about. If George incriminates Casey in public again like he did at the trial … well… you have to wonder what kind of a man would keep going after his daughter.

    • Hi Jon/EAH. George testified against his own daughter in her murder trial just to cover his own sorry ass. He’s not fit to be anyone’s father. He is a very low form of pond life. SJ

  3. Justsaying says:

    George and Cindy are NOT going to avoid the media. They NEED it so they can push their “foundations”… If they can’t publicize themselves and their “foundations”, they have no income from their “foundations”. Why moan and groan about them being “stalked”? If the media stops paying attention to what they’re doing, they’ll CALL the media to announce some stunt… Like that “donation” of shoes… They themselves called the news station to let them know that they’d be going to the donation site to donate some of Caylee’s shoes.. They got their faces on camera yet again and got to publicize their “foundation” and show what “good people” they are!! The trial is OVER. They BOTH need to go back to WORK instead of trying to figure out how to make money without working.

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