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Happy Birthday Casey!


I couldn’t let today go by without posting a quick Happy 26th Birthday message to Casey, so that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m sure you’ll all echo my sentiments. Too bad for anyone that doesn’t :mrgreen:

We also have another installment of the ongoing ZG fiasco coming up this Friday (23rd) – and although common sense has been a very rare commodity during this whole ZG circus, there’s no getting around the fact that  the case itself still has no merit and should be firmly dismissed.

Why? Mainly because the infamous Motel 6 resident has repeatedly failed to show (or prove) that she is the actual person Casey referred to – in other words, that she is actually “Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez.”

Another reason the case should be dismissed is that Casey (or any witness or defendant in any criminal investigation) is entitled to Absolute Immunity from civil law suits for any statements made during a criminal investigation. Hopefully these strange but true facts will come to the forefront on Friday, and this whole BS-riddled farce of a case will be kicked into touch once and for all. Kinda like a belated birthday present…

I’ll finish off today’s post with a music video – the lyrics of which sum everything up very well.

We love you Casey! FAA.

Later folks,

David Guetta feat Sia - Titanium 3-19 CMA 26th Bday

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  1. Happy 26th Birthday, Casey!!

    I hope you have a fantastic day. Please know that a lot of us are supporting you and wishing you the best! Caylee is smiling down on you today and every day :).

  2. Happy Birthday Casey! Hope your special day is the best one yet! Do something just for yourself!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Hope its a great day and that you have a great year ahead!!! Hope some much needed peace and stability returns to your life as soon as possible 🙂

  4. GrannyAlice says:

    Happy Birthday, Casey! I wish you only wonderful things for your future! I hope you are and stay safe! Lots of love from Granny Alice!

  5. caseyfan4121 says:

    happy birthday casey today is your day we all love u and are so proud of u

  6. Marilyn C. says:

    Happy Birthday Casey!! I know you will make this a Special Day.You have the strength like no other.Focus on YOU today & what YOU deserve! I wish you the best in all that you do & know there are people out here pulling for you.Stay Safe & HAPPY Birthday Girl!!!

  7. happy birthday casey!! make a wish

  8. Jack Torrance says:

    My best wishes for you, Casey Marie. May 26 be a good number for you.
    Let me give you a link to a song which always raises my mood:
    Maybe it has the same effect on you.

    Happy birthday, spring chicken. 🙂


  9. Happy Birthday, Awesome Lady. You are my inspiration. Stay tucked away in my heart. You are all the beauty that is.

  10. Happy Birthday Casey! Wishing you the best always. You stay strong blessings are coming your way.

    • ronald delvisco says:

      Happy Birthday! Enjoy life every second the best way you can and there are wonderful supporters out there supporting you all the way!

  11. LittleOme says:

    Wishing a Happy Birthday! This whole thing ZG and others needs to wrap up for better or worse, keeping people on strings for years is opposite of a speedy trial, which you are supposed to have a right to, even if that applies only to criminal court, it seems common sense to me.

  12. HAPPY BD CASE! We Love you!

  13. Cynthiab says:

    Happy Birthday Casey! Hoping for the best for you for your 26th year! Love & Support to you! Thank you SJ for your site, as always!

  14. caseyfan4124 says:

    hey casey. i just want to let u know that is your theme song. you are titanium !

  15. Happy Birthday ! Hope you had a wonderful beautiful day!

  16. Casey sorry so tardy in wishing you the very best on such a special day. Happy Birthday and remember God loves you; I love you and never forget all the ppl who support you. XXOO

  17. Hi Casey,
    My name is Rick and I just found this site and I am so excited to see that it exists. Happy belated birthday and I hope you had a great day. My wife and I live in Utah and have 2 kids and if you would like to bring some friends and go camping or fishing some day, you are welcome to join us. In other words. You are welcome at my camp fire any day young lady!!!

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