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Happy Holidays!

Barring any ground breaking news, or any more spontaneous acts of lawsuit-related stupidity from people that really should know better (naming no names) – this could be the last post of the year. Doubtful, but you just never know.

Rest assured we’ll continue to fly the flag for Casey throughout 2013 and beyond, and we’ll be covering all the relative news & associated ridiculous ongoing BS. We’ll also continue to support Casey until George Anthony is ultimately brought to justice for Caylee’s murder.

After chatting with a few relevant people, I also decided to start up a new & totally separate website for Jodi Arias. You can visit it anytime by clicking here, clicking the logo below – or by going to

I hope many of you will join me in fighting Jodi’s corner.

Finally, I’d like to wish Casey and all our regular visitors, supporters, contributors, knuckle-dragging retarded haters & all my insider peeps – Happy HolidaysMerry Christmas and a peaceful & prosperous 2013 :mrgreen:

SJ & Co.


  1. I will join you! Thanks SJ! You’re the Best! 🙂

    Happy Holidays to Casey, Jodi and Everyone here!

  2. Happy Holidays to Team Casey!

  3. SJ,
    I dont comment on here very often but I come to view what you post regularly. I wanted to again thank you and the other contributors to this page for your insightfulness and support of Casey. I have never quite seen someone so railroaded as she was and only hope that someday the truth is discovered and she is vindicated . She has suffered enough and these haters should be ashamed . I appreciate all that you do and hope 2013 is a good year for all of us, especially Casey because she certainly deserves it.
    Happy Holidays to everyone and continued good health.

  4. Hope everyone had great holidays!! Just wanted to tell everyone that the InSession on TruTV made a statement a few days ago to the media that they are not sure if they will be broadcasting the Casey Anthony appeal, which starts tomorrow at 1:30 pm EST (check local listings for InSession) or Wednesday, unknown start time. So, if you’re going to check it out, just wanted you to be aware of that. Also, it has been reported that Cheney Mason and Lisabeth Fryer are going to represent Casey Anthony at the appeal, unknown state representatives. Plus, wanted to let you guys know if you are interested, there will be an episode of True Crime with Aphrodite Jones on ID on Jan. 14th, check local listings, about the Casey Anthony case. It will include interviews with Jose Baez and Judge O.H. Eaton. Check out this website for a review of sorts –> I posted a comment under my other name: InjusticeForAnyoneIsAThreatToEveryone, which they probably deleted because they disagree with it.

    • To some extent the media has moved on from Casey. Next week is the movie and the Aphrodite Jones show and I’m sure they’ll cover the civil trial, but not a lot. Unless there’s some dramatic development that warrants heavy coverage, they’re not that interested anymore. Even HLN, which has lost most of its audience and is desperate to recapture the magic with the Jodi Arias case. It wont work, by the way. That network is in serious trouble. I hope Casey is doing well and will someday g after her father and try to clear her name.

      • Harry, I agree that HLN has ratings skyrocketing in the wrong direction since Casey Anthony’s trial ended. Did you know that before Time Warner re-branded TruTV, just in time for the Casey Anthony case in 2008, it had terribly low ratings? It had such low ratings that several offices were closed and even some of their big names like Vinnie Politan (who wasn’t big back then) had been let go. The re-branding constituted a silent change from legitimate legal informational shows to a sensationalized coverage much akin to Nancy Grace’s show (which they play like it is still the old CourtTV). HLN recently did a re-branding of their own, they attempted, during the Casey Anthony case, to force all of their shows to be like Nancy Grace’s. Dr. Drew succumb to their demands, but Joy Behar did not. She all, but said she didn’t want to host a lying tabloid show when she exited the network to CurrentTV, where she basically has the same show before the Nancy Grace takeover on HLN. So as you can see, Casey Anthony was and still is their whole ratings scheme. It is a gift to them that she has 3 unfounded civil suits against her, which can be broadcast over who knows how long, an appeal that they can broadcast, and a Lifetime movie, which they will no doubt endlessly discuss, among other things. The Internet of course is no different, brimming with spottings, comparisons (Jodi Arias, Mary R. Zumwalt-Jophlin, Elizabeth Johnson (they backdated her)), “fantastic” new evidence, etc. They even exploited her dying grandmother! If you watch InSession, they can’t go a day without mentioning her or the jury members. Especially Vinnie Politan with his snide condescending tone. They’re going to survive just like they survived between OJ and Casey, with little bumps here and there of popularity. Is Arias the smashing hit they thought it would be, no, was Conrad Murray, no, but they moved on. They’ve got Zimmerman coming up. Why do you think NBC really edited the 911 tape? To drum up ratings, to sensationalize, to cause an explosive outrage. An outrage, while based on a lie, still will cause a profit, just like with Casey Anthony. But you can see their attempts to connect everything to Casey Anthony, for example, on-air references to juries that can’t understand evidence (referring to them as those people down in Pinellas, you never know what a jury will do!). That’s what shows their desperation. It won’t die down until this case becomes like OJ Simpson and Lizzie Borden, the last trial of the century. Yesterday’s yellow journalism.
        I do hope that one day Casey Anthony is able to tell her story, but I’m not sure people are smart enough yet to realize that what they really believe is just a media strategy to make money, not the facts of the case. I hope that the larger population that doesn’t partake in the media frenzy can be more true to the idea of innocent until proven guilty and more open-minded, look past the character smearing campaign of the media and prosecution, and realize there was no evidence and give her a chance to get interviews, live a normal life, etc. whatever she wants to do. I’d certainly like to hear what she has to say, but not at the expense of exploiting her or her daughter further. Regardless of what people say, the truth is, she was found not guilty, she is Caylee’s mother and she would be the #1 person who should be writing books, etc. That’s her decision, which really irks Vinnie Politan, I heard him say a little while ago, he took up a whole segment on his show on InSession, that Casey Anthony should give up on making money off of getting away with it. He hasn’t, so why should she? It’s just outrageous, she is the only one who has an absolute right to talk about this case. It’s true in other cases, this one is no different. Everyone has a story and each story is worth hearing.

        • HLN and TruTV both have abysmal ratings, Pretty much no one watches Vinnie Politan or Jane Velez Mitchell and even Nancy Grace is dead last in her time period. HLN is in the low 40’s among ad-supported cable channels, and its audience profile means they get rock-botton prices for ads. You only have to compare the advertisers on HLN and CNN to see what a low rent channel it is. Time Warner does make money off HLN, but at some point they’re going to have to clean house there to improve their bottom line. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was item one or two on Jeff Zucker’s agenda. And they must know the Casey story is dead, absent some dramatic developments. Civil suits won’t generate high ratings, except maybe for local Florida stations. The movie will do well, and maybe the Discovery show, but after that? Jodi Arias is not “trending” as they say, and the Zimmerman case may be thrown out and if not wll end up with an outcome that will not make the media look good, just like Casey. Maybe I’m wrong, but I really believe we may see Vinnie and JVM and even possibly Nancy herself on the unemployment line.

          • You make excellent points Harry and let’s all hope you aren’t wrong about getting rid of them. I know that unemployment can be hard and I don’t wish it on anyone, but let’s be honest if anyone can afford a few days or years away from their job it’s big moneymakers like Grace. And if you’re going to exploit people for money, hey fine because that’s what the media is all about, but if you’re going to just flat out lie about people you kind of deserve some karma. At the very least I hope they clean up the shows if they aren’t going to just replace them. Here’s something to ponder, Vinnie Politan has had at least three different shows in the last year and a half on HLN. So why do they continue to give him new shows? I’ve got news for them it isn’t the show, it’s Politan that kills the ratings. And they revamped Nancy Grace a bit recently, she now has two shows, which are shown on different days in her two times slots. So you still get Nancy Grace 5 days a week times 2, but now part of the time is her talking about old cases. She was recently given a movie deal on Lifetime as well. Just to update everyone out there, CNN settled with the family of Toni Medrano, labeled as vodka mom by Nancy Grace for an disclosed amount. The movie The 11th Victim premiered in a very strong growth month for Lifetime, however, it isn’t named as a top premiere, the same month was the premiere of the Drew Petersen movie which contributed so much more to the numbers. The movie isn’t even going to be shown anytime in the next two months according to Lifetime and I haven’t seen it replayed often, if at all. It only just premiered 3 months ago? But watch, they’ll do another one of her books, she did produce the 11th Victim, so financing isn’t an issue. Profits don’t always matter to companies, they often cancel shows with high ratings and keep critically acclaimed shows with low ratings. It’s part of their strategy.
            Shhh, you can’t say not guilty around the media! They are in fact considering, unlike in the Anthony case, the Zimmerman case may have a not guilty verdict. Of course they didn’t start discussing that until the lie about the 911 tape came out. In my personal opinion, I don’t believe the judge will dismiss the case. Not based on the merit though. She has had two other immunity hearings recently and denied both. One had a not guilty verdict later at trial and the other trial hasn’t finished. She seems like one of those judges that wants cases to be decided by juries only and just sees those hearings as paper trails.

  5. Hi Youcouldbewrong! I agree with you here “It is a gift to them that she has 3 unfounded civil suits against her….”

    HLN was lucky…but not lucky enough!

    I hightly doubt Jodie Arias will give HLN higher ratings. It’s obvious HLN is NOT a reliable source of information LOL

  6. Vinnie Politan and the others talk about the most inane crap…it’s laughable.

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