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Happy Thanksgiving!

On this special day, I’d like to take the opportunity once again to thank Jose & Team Casey for their continued efforts & ongoing support.

I’d also like to thank Tony Pipitone, The Laughing Guy, M&M, ZG, the state of Florida (and all the haters) for the BS & amusement they’ve given us and continue to give us.

And while there’s never any valid excuse for the needless killing of millions of animals to celebrate any event, I nevertheless wish you & yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy a wonderful day full of family and friends, great food and great memories.

Casey also thanks us all for our continued support.

Later peeps,
Have a good one…

The law of attraction cannot change anything in your life that you hate, because hate prevents the change from coming. Since the law is giving us exactly what we are putting out, when you hate something the law must continue to give you more of what you hate. You will not be able to move away from it. Love is the only way. If you focus completely on the things you love, then you are on your way to a beautiful life.


  1. Drew Hensley says:

    I didn’t realize we have so much in common, SJ. I agree with you about the turkeys. I’m an ethical vegetarian. Happy Thanksgiving to Casey, Jose, current lawyers, and all Casey’s supporters. To all the Casey haters, try not to choke.

  2. To all of Casey’s lawyers have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the break you have with your families. As for you Casey Happy Thanksgiving don’t eat too much! I hope and pray that you get to be around people that care! Just know that we all care and love you! Oh yes Happy Thanksgiving to fellow posters of comments. Happy Thanksgiving Jose enjoy time with your wife and little boy.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Casey, Jose Baez and Everyone! 🙂

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