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Harry Garcia, ZG’s Sawgrass guest card & the mysterious Z (re-post)

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s combined ZG-M&M lawsuit BS, here again is my original post from 11/11 last year – featuring something that rarely crops up… that being the 2 versions of the Sawgrass Apartments guest card.

Here’s the post.


From November 11th 2011:

Following on from M&M’s ongoing stupidity regarding the ZG civil case, a few people asked me for more details on the Sawgrass Apartments guest card… who filled it out… and the addition of the “Z” on the end of the Gonzale name on the card. Here goes…

Harry Garcia (The Sawgrass Leasing Agent ) filled out the guest card. Here’s a section from his statement to LE on 8/6/2008: (Click here to see the full 1-page statement)

This is the original signature section of the Sawgrass guest card signed C-Zenaida Gonzale

— and this is a second version of same Sawgrass guest card – this time with the “Z” added… and the name C-Zenaida Gonzalez

Who added the “Z” to the end of the name is anyone’s guess – but it’s more than likely LE/Melich added it at some point. Once ZG produces her valid ID & DMV docs, it’s gonna be obvious what happened here… game over and goodnight to M&M’s free publicity stunt BS.

To finish off this post, here’s a segment from Cindy Anthony’s ZG deposition video (from 4/9/2009), where she too is aware of that lying sack of shyt John Morgan’s fabrications – and she has no problem pointing out to him the blatant guest card discrepancies above – including the ongoing mystery of where the “C” and the “Fernandez” came from. Even he can’t explain it. Wouldn’t you think John Morgan would at least have his house in order prior to representing his client? On second thougts, maybe it’s immaterial. Enjoy…

Cindy ZG depo clip


The video is certainly worth watching, as it proves what a clueless asshole John Morgan really is.  The look on Cindy’s face just after the 7:00 mark is priceless in itself. To watch Cindy’s full deposition from April 9th 2009 click here.


  1. Given the ‘mistakes’ law enforcement and the prosecution made in the investigation and trial, it would not surprise me one bit if they planted evidence by adding a ‘z’ to the guest card.

    It probably would have tested positive for chloroform if they’d wanted it to.

  2. Marilyn C. says:

    SJ….THANK YOU for reposting THIS!! This has driven me so crazy for years as you know!! I could never get past the C. & the gonzale. I have to say Cindy & I were on the same page with this one! I even looked so hard at the card that to me it even seemed like the Gonzale was added later along with the famous “z”, because the e & z didn’t look the same. To this day I can not get a straight answer from anyone HOW Casey could get Zenaida-Fernandez-Gonzalez from “C- Zenaida Gonzale”. I wish M&M would just answer that one question. If they play this at the trial for OTHER purposes…..they will HAVE to ANSWER it!!

    • Does it look like white out was used with the name on both cards?

      • Both Gonzalez and Gonzale look different that the other words. As if they were written in after the first copy was made, or white out was used on both. Do you guys see what I see?

        • Stevan Davis says:

          I think that’s yellow highlight. I have to admit, I like Cindy. She has guts – spunky like her daughter.

        • Marilyn C. says:

          I think what you are seeing is the last name was HIGHLIGHTED,but I was talking about the letters.
          I could always see they highlighted it…..but those letters looked different to me.I agree Steven,it was yellow.I also agree with Sam….with that prosecution team & Melich,God only know WHAT was done with that card & when.

    • Hi Marilyn!

      Let’s hope M&M answers all those questions because I still don’t get the purpose of requesting Casey’s proof of income. Why? Was it to proove that she could or couldn’t afford a nanny? Are they behind on this case? This is where SJ’s quote applies to M&M: “So which part of NOT GUILTY do you still not understand?”

  3. I would say that one of these cards is a fake, Just look at the bottom right corner where it has the number 49. In the first card, it looks more like it says 45 and if it is a 9 it is very open on the 9 but in the second card it is clearly a 9 and is a closed 9.

  4. What doe those numbers on the bottom right represent? Do they come from a file? To me it looks like “someone” added the Z at the end.

    • Suzy,

      I think the numbers may be numbers added to the cards when they enter them in as evidence? Or perhaps Sawgrass recorded the visitors on a separate log so they needed to number the cards as a point of reference? At any rate, it proves there were two cards filled out.

      Presumably, the Z was added by LE.

      Wouldn’t you think this would be enough to get this lawsuit tossed though?

      • Hi CJ!

        Wouldn’t this card evidence thingy with the Z and no Z be considered a form of fraud?!? Unless they don’t consider it fraud because it’s not a legal document? IDK? I really hope Cindy uses her fiestyness in this case now that so many things are out in the open and Casey found not guilty.

        • What is fraud and forgery IMO is ZG representing herself as ZFG on the first filing of the suit. Should have been thrown out just for that reason alone.

        • Yeah well we can all agree that Zenaida is nothing but fraud. She’s responsible for defaming her own character. Didn’t the Anthony’s clear her name? In the video I heard Cindy saying the cops pinned this woman down and not Casey.

  5. I think Cindy will be a strong witness for the defense in this case. And I really believe Morgan will fail in trying to turn this into a re-run of the criminal trial. He’ll try, but I doubt the judge will let him get away with it. Casey will win again, because she’s just as innocent of “defaming” Zenaida “Not Fernandez’ Gonzales as she was of murdering her daughter

  6. OMG, Cindy kicks ass in that video! She just OWNS Morgan the Moron!

  7. Geeez?????? The M&M know less about what is actually going on than C-Zanaida Gonzale.
    Maybe they are very hard up for a $. I think She should take Cindy on as Counsel. lol

  8. Man, Morgan is disgusting, IMO. He refuses to admit the truth about the name on that card. He is blinded by $ signs. JMO It is scary what is allowed as a civil suit. This case should have been thrown out long ago, IMO.

    • I agree! Frivolous lawsuits have costed taxpayers tons of money. They have driven up the cost of our healthcare premiums as well, although that’s a separate issue. The only reason it went to court was because this woman filled out a card at Sawgrass that day in the first place. Otherwise, there would have been NOTHING linking her to the name ZFG, even though that”s not her name. LOL

      • I think only one question needs to be answered by Casey in this case and that is did she even visit Sawgrass Apartments on June 17 2008? If she didn’t then it is case closed !

  9. We all already know the answer to that question because Tony Lazarro already stated under oath that he and Casey spent all day in bed together June 17th 2008

    • I also agree with Cindy that if Casey had gotten the name from the guest card she would have said C Zenaida Gonzale and not Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez

      • The only reason this stupid suit hasn’t been thrown out is because the judge is too scared she would have to live in hiding too if she dismissed it, she has said “let the jury decide”, so the heat will be off her.

  10. I agree with you Karen. Judge Munyon doesn’t want to be dragged through the media as the “judge that let Casey get away” even though this is very unfair to Casey. It is my hope that the judge makes M&M stick to questions about defamation only, because nothing else is relevant to this case

  11. Stevan Davis says:

    Well I skimmed thru the afterword to the new paper version of Imperfect Justice. So how much does the verdict bother Jeff Ashton? He states that he asks himself every hour of his life how he lost this case! Now he and Linda are in positions where they can make life difficult for Jose and Cheney. They had better be careful because people – those of us who are intelligent – can easily spot sour grapes. Ashton mentions attending a lecture given by Team Casey in which they explain their interpretation of the forensic evidence. He tries to say Casey’s lawyers had nothing to do with her getting acquitted. HA! Ashton bleeds all through his afterword; but he says NOTHING about Jose’s book or the accusations made in it. Isn’t that interesting?

    • Steven, that’s probably his lack of confidence against Jose because he lost!

    • Here’s how you lost the case, Asston – you had no evidence, you overcharged your defendant, you manufactured a bullshit theory that had no basis in reality, and you were an unprofessional tool whom the jury disliked.

  12. I hope Casey’s team hires one of those font/writing experts to determine if these guest cards are the same or not. I was trying to compare line by line and it was a little difficult because the first guest card/font are smaller than the second one.

  13. Stevan Davis says:

    Everybody here should go to the bookstore and read the new afterword to Imperfect Justice. Takes a few minutes to read it – maybe 4 minutes tops. The whoppers in there are amazing. The man is beside himself trying to rationalize how he got his butt beat in court.

    • Stevan Davis says:

      One disturbing fact comes out in the afterword that I did not know. Because of Casey, Florida increased the sentence on lying to a cop. It will no longer be a misdemeanor but a felony carrying a 5 year sentence per count of lying to an LE officer. So instead of four years Casey would have faced 20 years. Personally I find this absurd. This basically gives them the ability to impose a life sentence for inaccurate information given to authorities when they feel they are unable to get a conviction on the crime under investigation!

  14. You are right that is disturbing. Florida is the most corrupt state. I still can’t believe those idiots elected Ashton for State Attorney. I am so glad Casey is out of Florida now. Sorry, if I offended anyone who lives in Florida here.

    • It is way more than distubing, it’s rediculous!! They are going to have to build a bunch of new prisons now because of this law if everyone convicted of lying to the cops gets that much time. How many people who get arrested tell the gods honest truth? I bet it is under 1%. If they want to make a new law from this case, why not make one that makes it a felony for a prosecution to blatenly lie to a jury?

      • Stevan Davis says:

        No doubt, Karen. I live here in FL, Jon, but can’t disagree with you. They screw up elections, and they put a governor in office whose company – a chain of hospitals – was found guilty of 14 counts of fraud and fined over a half billion dollars. In full awareness of this, they elected him anyway. Why should I be surprised that they elected ASSton? See excerpt from Wikipedia below.

        “In settlements reached in 2000 and 2002, Columbia/HCA pled guilty to 14 felonies and agreed to a $600+ million fine in the largest fraud settlement in US history.”

  15. Maybe, Casey’s lawyers aren’t as great as we think they are. This Case should have been dismissed a long time ago but it just seems to drag on. They may be trying to rack up the bill. The longer it goes on the more poor Casey is going to have to pay. How is Casey going to pay for all these lawsuits against her?

    • I have to disagree with you there. Greene and his team are very good. But there are factors at play that mean this case will go to trial. The notoriety of Casey Anthony. The media. The fact that Morgan and Morgan are politically connected Democrats who hold fundraisers for Obama. This will go to trial, but I don’t think it will turn out the way the haters expect. As for legal bills, I don’t think Greene is in it for money, since Casey has none. Either he’s working pro bono, like Mason, or somebody is paying him. We all know that Casey has supporters, more than the media realize. People who are taking care of her and keeping her safe. Thank God for them.

      • Harry

        I hope you’re right and I’m wrong but it just seems to drag on and on then who else is going to come out and sue her. Is it ever going to end?

        • It would have been dismissed under any other circumstance. It should have been dismissed the minute ZG and her crooked attorneys filed that first suit with a fraudulant name. In fact they should have all been prosecuted for fraud for doing that! Greene has tried to get it dismissed but the judge IMO won’t dismiss it out of pure fear. I’m sure with the mindset of certain people if she dismissed it she would have a target on her back too. I’m sure she knows how stupid this is but will let a jury take the heat off her.

  16. As far as this mystery signature goes I have several opinions. 1 Someone as tamperd with the card or 2. Zenaida needs to figure out what her name is HaHa! this is crazy casey should have to deal all of this!


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