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Harry Garcia, ZG’s Sawgrass guest card & the mysterious Z

Following on from M&M’s ongoing stupidity regarding the ZG civil case, a few people asked me for more details on the Sawgrass Apartments guest card… who filled it out… and the addition of the “Z” on the end of the Gonzale name on the card. Here goes…

Harry Garcia (The Sawgrass Leasing Agent ) filled out the guest card. Here’s a section from his statement to LE on 8/6/2008: (Click here to see the full 1-page statement)

This is the original signature section of the Sawgrass guest card signed C-Zenaida Gonzale

— and this is a second version of same Sawgrass guest card – this time with the “Z” added… and the name C-Zenaida Gonzalez

Who added the “Z” to the end of the name is anyone’s guess – but it’s more than likely LE/Melich added it at some point. Once ZG produces her valid ID & DMV docs, it’s gonna be obvious what happened here… game over and goodnight to M&M’s free publicity stunt BS.

To finish off this post, here’s a segment from Cindy Anthony’s ZG deposition video (from 4/9/2009), where she too is aware of that lying sack of shyt John Morgan’s fabrications – and she has no problem pointing out to him the blatant guest card discrepancies above – including the ongoing mystery of where the “C” and the “Fernandez” came from. Even he can’t explain it. Wouldn’t you think John Morgan would at least have his house in order prior to representing his client? On second thougts, maybe it’s immaterial. Enjoy…

Cindy ZG depo clip


  1. Gotta love cindy in this video she really hand’s Mr.Morgan his ass!!!!

  2. So far my tally on fabricated evidence is pretty high: the heart-shaped sticker, the duct tape wrapped around the mouth, and the chloroform searches. Now this. I wonder how much more there is?

  3. Cindy is Tough. I wouldn’t want to mess with her.

    I think I like her.

  4. Cindy is great here. I have hope for her.

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