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JP to decide on Casey Anthony “Jail Video” unsealing today

In today’s scheduled circus event, Judge Belivin Perry may decide whether or not a sealed Casey Anthony “jail video” should be released. You would think he’d had enough of all this BS by now, but apparently not.

Anyway …this soundless video – according to the “Officials” that staged the event inside OC Jail 2008 – shows Casey “doubling over and beginning to hyperventilate” while watching TV news reports relating to the discovery of Caylee’s remains.

This same video was sealed two years ago by Stan Strickland, who said at the time it was “too inflammatory” and could affect Casey’s right to a fair trial. A bit like all the TV interviews Stirckland did prior to getting himself kicked off the trial.

I mean – after the hideous fake animated movie that the cess pool prosecution produced and presented (showing a picture of Caylee’s face slowly morphing into a picture of her actual skull, with duct tape conveniently superimposed) – PLUS the pictures recently posted on a supposed “Justice For Caylee” website featuring the actual autopsy photographs of Caylee’s skeletal remains — do we really need to see Casey’s “reaction” after she was set-up in front of the TV (by the DOC) so she’d see the breaking news of her daughters remains being found? I think not.

The prosecution – the faux “Caylee” website – and people wanting to see that video are, in my opinion, nothing more than a bunch of sick twisted bastards. Enough is enough FFS! Have some respect for the memory of Caylee Anthony – and her mom.



  1. This is just insane! I bet if that judge could of he would of thrown out the Jury’s verdict and made her guilty. He couldn’t so now he is just harassing the heck out of her. That’s one judge who should be thrown off the bench!
    Thanks for keeping us updated!

    • Amazing to me that they Perry would not let Baez use the picture of younger Casey on his chart during closing because it would prejudice the jury, but the prosecution was allowed to present a movie of Caylee’s face morphing into a skull?!?!

  2. I can see one and ONLY ONE solution here: FBI needs to re-open investigation, and re-interview George and Cindy Anthony, and, at this time – use LIE DETECTOR, because until the REAL person who is responsible for Caylee’s death will be found, Casey’s life will be always in danger and destroyed. I am thinking JP is doing these nasty things because of a lot of PRESSUE on him, and he is not strong enough to handle it.

    • Although I can certainly understand how the video could have been used by the media to try and convict Casey, I also cannot help but ask myself these questions:

      What will the video show? A grieving young mother who has just learned the true fate of her daughter and her remains?

      A young mother, who had been isolated and locked up for some time by then, whose parents had not visited her for a very long time? A young mother crying out for help?

      Will it show Casey coming to terms with the fact that she is now abandoned and hopeless? Did she, at that moment realize she had been had?

      Will the video show the agony one must feel when one realizes that not only has my child died, she has been bagged and dumped like garbage?

      I cannot even imagine the emotions one would feel when realizing any/all of the above…
      I do not know what secrecy went on in that family, but I believe the records will show that by the time Caylee’s remains were found and identified, Casey had not had any visits from the Anthonys for a very, very long time. I find that odd, indeed…

      Who can know what was in Casey’s heart the day she saw the news?

      Was she a grieving mother, coming to terms w/ the horrible discard of her daughter? Was she sick to her stomach knowing she was now all so very alone?

  3. Judge Perry adjourned without making a decision. He knew this hearing was coming up, why didn’t he do his homework and be ready to rule today? Hope it stays sealed. It was a low blow from LE to have her watch it in the first place.

    • And when , pray tell, may we have a decision?

      Again I ask what is the reasoning behind ever sealing this video?

      No, I am certain it is not pretty, and yes, I am certain Casey does not want to relive that moment…

      And I do fully recognize why her defense, pre-trial, asked it be sealed: runaway media hype and its ability to turn a grieving mom’s emotional state into an admittance of guilt…

      But every picture tells a story, and I suspect that video will show Casey as a heartbroken young woman crying out for her child, sickened over the disposal of her child’s body, and overcome with the realization that she was now totally on her own.

      Why would it have inflamed the jury? or is that just a slant? or would it have shown the jury that Casey was quite shocked, sickened, and heartbroken to finally ;earn what happened to her little girl?

      Maybe it should have been released during trial, maybe it would have shown Casey to be a human being, alone with her sorrow, shock, and horror after seeing what happened after she was locked up.

  4. WHAT is releasing this going to DO?? Create MORE hate into the state of Florida? I do NOT understand this so called 3rd party, which is MEDIA wanting this intentions NOW! Maybe we should go thru this so called medias back ground & dig some CRAP up on them & start posting it EVERYWHERE!! If they are going to release this…then they need to release the WHOLE RECORD of how they managed to stall Mr Baez into the jail to see Casey at this same time (to stop this set up)! But ALL of THAT of course will be left out! As ususal its all HALF ASS reporting.Once again not all of us are total IDIOTS & DO remember the TRUTH of what really happened at that time. Dumbass Perry is going to do ANYTHING that gets him re-elected!! THAT was so obvious during the trial!! I am trying to watch the MJackson trial & the talking heads can not go even an hour without STILL mentioning CASEY!! WHY can’t these people leave her ALONE!! Their problem right now is that SHE is doing just WHAT she said she was going to do & that is when she got out of jail she was NOT going to GIVE the MEDIA ANYTHING!! It is driving them crazier not knowing WHAT she is doing!! Hooray for you Casey. My prayers & best wishes are sent your way!!

  5. I just think its sick. Who’d want to see such pain. no murder was ever proven and those mobs still want it to be so. They want it to be that this baby was purposely killed by her mother, smdh. Saying justice for Caylee, they don’t want justice their just bored and miserable. To want justice you need to get to the truth/the facts and what the state presented wasn’t even close. I just don’t understand how they can not see that How can you believe any manor of death given by the state when they didn’t even have a cause? Hope he doesn’t, but wouldn’t be surprised if he allows its release. I know Strickland ruled it to be sealed and being that he was very pro state maybe he allowed because it really wasn’t inflammatory, still it will get twisted around.

  6. This is nonsense. People who have judged her via seeing media reports will see the video in the way the media PRESENTS it. I don’t understand why people’s logic centers seem to disengage when they talk about Casey Anthony but that’s wht seems to happen. Had she any kind of anxiety disorder which surely she did at that point, any kind of stress inducing issues could precipitate a panic attack! Why a panic attack infers guilt or whatever the media is trying to pull with this one I don’t understand. It’s like they throw pearls to the swine with stuff like this. I’m certain I will think she looked sad and upset while the sheep will assuredly think, babble and drone on about how guilty she looks.

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