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Hoax Casey Anthony release planned for Sunday? You’d better believe it…

Do you really think Orange County jail are gonna put on some sort of Nelson Mandela style fanfare presentation this weekend, just for the benefit of the media and a global audience? No way!

Casey will probably be accompnied by Jose Beaz, and will be driven away to some nearby secret location, and that’s the last the media will see of Casey for quite a while. There’ll probably be a few decoy vehicles for the media & news helicopters to pursue, but it’ll be a futile excercise. That probably won’t stop Casey’s primarily delinquent & welfare-dependent hometown lynch-mob from making even bigger fools of themseleves than they already have – but who really cares about them anyway?

Moving on…

We have it on good authority (depending on last minute logistics)  that Casey will be released from jail either late evening Saturday 16th or just after midnight Sunday 17th. Sure, the official order stated the 17th as the actual release date, but this ain’t no ordinary release. Nor do the Orange County jail folks want the entire surrounding area log jammed all weekend by fools, satellite dishes & TV trucks. They still have their own gig to run, even after this media-fuelled witch hunt & circus leaves town.

So yes… Casey will finally be free within the next 48 hours… and although nobody really knows exactly where she’ll be heading (and even if we did we wouldn’t tell you), all we do know for certain is that Casey won’t be heading to Hopespring Drive and she WON’T be in jail on the 18th.

Aside all that, it’s anyone’s guess.


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