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Imperfect Memory: Team Casey file motion against The Laughing Guy

Here’s the latest from CF NEWS 13:

Casey Anthony’s criminal defense team is going after Jeff Ashton.

In newly filed papers, the defense wants Ashton to explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt for releasing information in sealed court files.

*** Click here to read the 3 page motion (opens PDF in new window) ***

Judge Belvin Perry sealed the depositions of two mental health evaluations for Casey Anthony. The defense says Ashton revealed details of the evaluations and depositions in his book, “An Imperfect Justice.”

From the motion for rule to show cause, the defense writes:

“Mr. Ashton has published a book which further reveals the contents of the sealed depositions… Whether this violation was purposeful or simply a result of “Imperfect Memory,” an objection violation of this Court’s Order has occurred.”

The motion says Ashton also told George Anthony about the sealed material at one point, and the court reserved ruling then on whether Ashton should have been held in contempt.

In the motion, Anthony’s defense says Ashton violated the court’s order “strictly for profit.” The motion also says the “continued dissemination of Mr. Ashton’s book is an ongoing violation of the Court’s order.”


Following on from all that, here’s Geraldo’s interview from November 20th – with Jose Baez highlighting further lies & BS from The Laughing Guy’s recently released fiction book. The discussion regarding the sealed documents & psych reports starts @ 3:20…

Geraldo Jose Baez 11-21


  1. Hi & Merry Xmas to everyone. I would like to say that this is a nice Xmas gift to all of us Casey supporters! I sit back & keep wondering WHEN some of these IDIOTS will go down. ASSton seems to think he is above the law & has done nothing but degrade Casey & the whole defense team on his book tour. Next I want to see “Miss 84 Times Linda” for presenting false evidence!! I want to see all these “Sue Happy Idiots” be exposed for WHAT they really are. In time it will ALL come out. The ONLY smart ones Are Casey & her Wonderful Defense Team! They have sit back & watched all of them file these stupid lawsuits, which opens them up to have to answer questions about themselves & be exposed….how DUMB can you be! It looks like the courts in Florida will be busy keeping up with all of it! I want to see them all fall like dominoes! Everyone have a Wonderful Holiday!! God Bless Casey & her Defense Team for making sure she has a Xmas out of jail….that thought warms my heart!

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Marilyn!

      Merry Christmas to ALL…especially you Casey.


      • Couldn’t agree more either!

        Mason is tough! Right before Christmas too! Enjoy your Christmas present Ashton! Lol

        Let’s not forget Baez. He is the reason Casey is Free!

  2. I look forward to August 24, 2012 when Casey can finally tell her side without repercussions! Happy Holidays to Casey and all of her supporters!

  3. GasCanGeorge says:

    This is the beginning hopefully of exposing the corruption that reeked its ugly face throughout this case. I will be content when the Keystone Cops are exposed too.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Now he announced he’s running for State Attorney. Hope he loses big time!!

    • I think the biggest culprit all this nonsense the prosecution came out with was Dr. G. She is still presenting her nonsense conclusions on tv…Dr. Drew show….insisting that no one would dump a child’s body in the woods if it was an accident. (that was the “evidence” she used to come to this conclusion). So because SHE never “heard” of this kind of thing, therefore it “had to be murder”. (I don’t think the prosecution even proved Caylee was actually murdered, let alone whether Casey did it). Was it murder, or not murder, Dr. G? You can’t say it was “murder” based on such an “opinion”. She even admits she could not prove that the duct tape was over her nose….just that the duct tape was found “near” her mouth. (why is no one questioning the testimony of Roy Kronk?that guy definitely moved that skull and body, and I believe that duct tape was on THE BAG, not her mouth).
      Then at end of interview on Dr. Drew show she says that she thinks the jury was influenced by all the media coverage…..yet they found her NOT GULTY, idiot!! . This kind of shows how this “Doctor” if full of crappola. I am sure that she was appeasing the prosecutor’s office by declaring this a “murder”. ….as well as the ratings of her own tv show.

      And then you have “The Laughing Guy” running for state attorney, and saying the current state attorney “overcharged” Casey. Yet he still claims it was first degree murder. LOL. He also claims in his book (I would not read it if you paid me to read it) that he was considered “not a team player” by people in the prosecutor’s office. I hope he is exposed in his run for this job….he is a FRAUD! Why is it not ok for Casey to “make money off this trial”….but it is ok for HIM to rake in profits? She was found not guilty and has every right to tell her story and earn money from it. (I can say the same thng to HLN and its’ commentators….they have profited off this story MORE THAN ANYONE,.) Now HLN’s commentators are having orgasms over the release of Casey’s “video diary”. This is actually entertaining to watch them try to figure out why Casey made this video. “why didn’t she say this….why didn’t she say that”… nauseum. It is actually hysterical to listen to this silliness. Clue to HLN: SHE MADE THE VIDEO FOR PRIVATE PURPOSES AND DID NOT UPLOAD IT ONLINE HERSELF.. It is a “teaser” video?? to the media so that someone will pay her for an interview? can’t you come up with anything better than that nonsense, you idiots at HLN? It is hysterical how all these pseudo “doctors” and “psychologists” they have on the show who diagnose and “interpret” all her body movements and words in this video. “She flipped her hair”…..that shows she is “preening for the camera”. LOL. For God sakes….her hair was falling in her eyes and she was pushing it out of her vision. I don’t know….do these idiot commentators expect her to “confess” or something? I don’t know which of the three commenators on HLN are the most idiotic and self serving……Jane, Vinnie or Nancy. It is fun to watch them agonizing over “who done it”. Now they are saying it was a “pay for view” site that first published the video, and it “had to be Casey”. This is based on this woman and her husband who say they clicked on all these sites that asked for $3 to access it. Then, somehow this couple are able to gain access for free and posted it on their own facebook page. This couple have a facebook page entitled “boycott Casey Anthony”. I think they need to get a life. And this is what HLN uses to claim Casey was trying to make money off this. And the idiot viewers eat it all up. ( I watch the shows only because they are the only ones jabbering about this cae and I want to see them make fools of themselves, They do a very good job of THAT. hee hee).

      Sad to say, but Geraldo Rivera is the only commentator on tv who sees through all this bull!

  5. castingstones says:

    Where have you been all my life? LoL!

    This website is like a breath of fresh air. Finally a site that sees the truth in this whole fiasco in the Casey Anthony trial. I am so happy that they are holding Ashton in contempt of court. By protecting Casey’s rights of privacy, we protect our own if we were ever brought to court under false pretenses. Ashton should be ashamed of himself, but that is exactly the problem, He doesn’t feel shame- healthy people do when they hurt others. Waiting on the Nancy Grace lawsuit – or, at least one can hope, right?

    • I doubt that Judge Perry will actually find him in “contempt of court”. He was “in contempt of court” about a dozen times throughout this trial. He wasn’t “laughing”, he was “covering his smile” and didn’t think the jury would see him. LMAO. And Judge Perry lets him off the hook. (does anyone know if the sidebar discussions are published, or will be? I’d sure like to hear that.)

  6. I thought i was the only one who was for Casey Anthony to be FREE! I don’t think she did anything. I personally think her father did it! OMG i love this site. The trial made me SICK! I hate arguing with all these people who think she is guilty! UGH!

    • Don’t argue with them……just ask them if they even watched one minute of the trial. If they didn’t, then tell them “case closed”. One person said to me “I think she is guilty….but I think it was an accident”. HUH?

  7. I’m so glad that other people find “the laughing guy” as annoying as I do. His behavior in the courtroom was so unprofessional, and his behavior post-verdict makes him look like a famewhore with sour grapes.

    His “premeditated murder” theory in regard to Casey makes me so angry…I’m thrilled that the jury didn’t fall for it.

    • Hi is a joke…I can’t believe he is running for SA. I mean a man as unprofessional as to SMILE and LAUGH during the closing arguments of a very serious murder trial…wow…how can anyone support such an arrogant LOSER? Baez and team kicked ass!

      • I want to kick in the tv screen whenever he is interviewed. Did you see the total B.S. interview Vinnie Politan did with him? Enough to make you SCREAM! I so hope Cheney Mason is successful in his motion for judge to site him in contempt of court. He is in contempt of HUMAN LOGIC.

        • The comment Asston made about “pigs in a blanket”, then looked at JP and said “I had to get that in there judge”, and the audacity to laugh at it! What part does he not get – a baby had died and he’s making jokes – SICK!

          I was NOT impressed – this guy makes me feel like hurling!

          Asston is despicable and I hope he loses the bid for SA!

      • Marion Rosiello says:

        He was also laughing in the deposition of Dr. Weitz….when he told them what Casey said about finding Caylee in George’s arms. Baez called him out on it and of course Ashton denied it. He also denied he called Dr. Weitz an “asshole” under his breath while questioning him. So silly bickering ensued between the lawyers even in the deposition.

        • Marion Rosiello says:

          Asston also questioned Dr. Weitz’s interpretation of violence and rape by asking if “inappropriate touching” was an act of violence and the same as “rape”. Dr Weitz responded that was “bizarre” for a prosecutor to ask that.

  8. Not only do I hope that Aston is not the next state attorney, but I think he should be disbarred for revealeing psychiatric information that was sealed under the courts order.

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