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The Laughing Guy is writing a book. Read it and weep

After failing miserably in front of a global audience – and turning yourself into a laughing stock at the same time – you really wouldn’t want to have all that documented in a book, would you? But “The Laughing Guy” himself, Jeff Ashton, is doing just that.  Details of his book (due out in November) started appearing in the Barnes & Noble and Amazon listings yesterday.

I think it’s gonna be titled “I Who Have Nothing” and you’ll find it in the FICTION section.

Do you remember Jeff? He was the imbecile prosecutor that amused us no end with his arm waving, foot stomping and every-2-minutes objections during the trial. He’s the guy that thought he could coerce & cajole the jury into delivering a Guilty verdict on the always innocent and exceptionally gorgeous Casey Anthony – using false evidence and fantasy forensics.  He failed miserably as we all know… then promptly did the decent thing by retiring his sad sorry incompetent ass.

Anyway, it looks like he’s been keeping himself busy since then, and making himself a few extra $$$’s by doing the TV rounds, while still trying to convince everyone how totally wrong the verdict was. Ah yes… there’s no end to his talents. He always makes people laugh wherever he goes, so maybe he should have his own stand up comedy show to coincide with his book release? After all, it’s a cast-iron certainty that nobody’s gonna be offering him any amount of money to take all his clothes off… but someone might just end up buying him a new toupee.

With all that in mind, I thought this would be as good a time as any to post this video featuring The Laughing Guy. Enjoy…


  1. Ashton Is Guilty says:

    This is despicable. He brings false death penalty charges against an innocent woman, just so he can get rich off a book deal? Isn’t this a crime? Why hasn’t he been arrested and booked yet? This follow the money book deal is surely much more evidence of his corruption, than any so called “evidence” he had against Casey Anthony. Put out the word for authors to write a book ABOUT this evil, crooked man and his cohorts. Getting rich off the death of little Caylee Anthony is wrong and he is also getting rich off trying to send her innocent mother to her death in a kangaroo court. Shame on him. Shame. The public DEMANDS an investigative report book ABOUT the part of the Casey Anthony Lynch Mob that taxpayers wasted $1,000,000 for: 1) Orange County Sheriff’s Office 2) Orange County State Attorney’s Office 3) Orange County Judges Office

  2. Marilyn C says:

    Isn’t this the same JERK,plus his sidekicks who were daily trying to get evidence that Mr Baez & Casey were in the works for some kind of book deal for his lawyer fees? And the whole time saying what a crime that would be to make money off of Caylee? Well I guess we see WHY he was on this case. He probly did NOT retire…. he was probly fired or forced out! IDIOTS Melich & Linda will be the next ones to write a book. It seems to be coming out that the LOUDEST ones are the GUILTY ones. All Casey has to do is sit back & watch all of them look like FOOLS & GUILTY of corruption.

  3. Hi Marilyn! Yes, they’e all jumping on the bandwaggon now and cashing in big time. Even Nancy Dis-Grace is pencillied in for the next series of “Dancing With The Stars”. Not quite sure who would make the best dance partner for her… either The Laughing Guy or George Anthony. SJ

  4. I read it and did weep tears of laughter at the idiot.

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