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Jodi Arias Is Innocent

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Ok then folks.

Here’s the question.

Do we go with the HLN BS and the (once again) clueless masses here in assuming Jodi Arias is “obviously guilty”? — or do we go through the facts ourselves and make our own decision?

We’ve been here before, right?

I vote for the latter.

Besides a camera and a few friends that were way too eager to start pointing the finger, there’s evidently a lot more to this case than meets the eye.

Having reviewed the case so far – and with the emphasis (once again) being on the prosecution to convince the jury beyond a reasonable doubt – I think they will fail admirably… Laughing Guy style.

I’m also quite sure that the vast majority of people jumping on the “guilty bandwagon” are doing so to make up for their ongoing disappointment at Casey’s NOT GUILTY verdict. Well, it didn’t happen last time, and it ain’t gonna happen this time either. Get used to it folks.

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  1. Thanks SJ for this. I have a hunch Jodi is Innocent. I wish Jose Baez could help her. He did such a wonderful job with Casey. I know he could get justice for her. Things are not always what they seem to be. Truth is stranger than fiction. We should never let anyone be prejudged.

    • Absolutely, no doubt!

    • Sara Weston says:

      I like Jodi. I hope she gets off. This guy lied about everything he clearly lived a double life and I believe she did protect herself. Also I wish someone would put a sock in Nancy Grace mouth. She is all about poisoning the jury pool. Someone needs to sue her for defamation and get her off the air.

      • I like her too….bet her mom is so mad that Travis treated her girl that way, God, knowing human nature, set forth commandments in order to protect women and men from precisely this scenario…he foresaw that a man using a woman this way would be his undoing. Unfortunately…it has caused hers as well. I am fairly certain by now Travis has seen the error of his ways and is sorry. I also bet he would not want her to get the death sentence…he knows equally caused this to happen.

    • Dee Andrews says:

      The commentators on HLN are like blood thirsty jackels after a kill. I have one statement to
      squash all their dreams about Jodi stalking Travis. HE PLANNED ON VISITING HER IN YRIKA. Who lets a stalker in in the middle of the night and makes plans to visit them. (read the emails). These people on HLN just keep twisting the facts, they are so intent on their blood lust.
      Kind of reminds me of the Salem witch trials. I just learned today that Anita Broderick was only convicted of 2nd degree; the minister’s wife who shot her husband while he was sleeping because he made her dress up like a prostitute walked with time served – a few months. The dentist
      in Texas who ran over her husband five times because he was cheating on her got 20 years. Why is this a death penalty case anyway? murder is murder. she should get 20 to life. By the
      way, Jodi tried to plead to 2nd degree but that troll, Martinez wouldn’t take it. Now they are
      complaining that she is trashing TA. After this trial, I will never watch HLN again.

      • I so agree with you. This is so typically american. Everybody is feeding on this trial. I absolutely hate HLN. And Nancy Grace “PLEASE SHUT YOUR BLOODY MOUTH”

        • Edgar Longenecker says:

          That, interview, was condescending, moreso, than I wanted to hear; whatwith, the question answered, got, a snide, rerun… of course, based upon, Arias Bias… Edgrrr…

        • Edgar Longenecker says:

          How many times did these, morons, say, she, washed her hands, in the desert ??? Where’d she get the water…??? And, if, she needed to wash her hands, then, why didn’t, forensics, find blood, on the steering wheel, and, gear shift…??? Edgrrr…

          • Edgar Longenecker says:

            Why no replies, from the spastic prostitutor, brainwashees…??? …Edgrrr…

      • Jesus Sanchez says:

        Yes the commercials on HLN are sick like this one: ” will she live or will she die? It’s riveting!” How barbaric!

        • Edgar Longenecker says:

          No rivets, to it; screws, are more like it, as these systemic, boot lickers, aid and abet the cowardice of the gestapos; too, frightened to bring in the others at the kill site, as evidenced by the states, own photo evidence, that proves, she had no part in it…. Arrest them all, and, free, Jodi…… …Edgrrr…

      • Sunita smith says:

        I agree. I feel sorry for Jodi. These scumbags know who to target for their perverse pleasures. If she was normal she would have left the ass as soon as she realized that he was using her. She has issues obviously and the devil manipulated her. Yes the HLN old hags are jealous of anything young. Hate them.

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        “20 to life.” like, that’s, a walk in the park, and, eliciting, subservience, to, the law gods, by, perjuring, ones’ own defense, to pander to lizards at law, extorted compliances, has filled our prisons with innocent people, whose lieyer blackmail, has garnered, what the gestapo, wants to hear, no matter, how many stories, one has been so duped into, acting out; as in this soap opera noncase, “a guilty plea, because of, domestic violence, ,” is the only defense, twilight zone Arizona, will accept… Is the law, not, always on trial, or, should, “society,” whoever, that is, glorify these lizards at law, whose only talents are extortion, collusion, and, blackmail, give these parasites, a free pass; when, in reality, there’d be less crime, if there were, less, lieyers, extorting, so profusely, as to, escalate, crime, to, ransom, due process, from the monopolies, and, anti-trust “officer of the court,” cabal…??? Edgrrr… Zieg Heil; only with Amerikas’ jurisprudes; above the law… USSR… united states socialistic republic; with GLIBerty and, Just Ice, for all…

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        Why..Jodis’ “case,” is a death penalty, case… .??? To conceal the precision, killing, and, close the book, as, per the preferred method, of Dannite police patrol, control, of the, pre latterday, socalled, “saints.” Heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, blood oath, blood atonement, as Brighamist Young, admonished, for, sins, unless, he, did them; fornication, adultery, whatever; keeping, reverence, in mind, that “we would not, kill, a man, except out of love; to, save his eyernal, soul.” Has one Morman, come forward, to note the exact, parallel between, Anderson, and, Alexander, killings, as in keeping, with, what, the “church,” has refused to repudiate ? Who, ratted, Travis, out, to the Bishop, and, what, possible alibi, could, Travis, have lied through, to get out of his blood oath, blood atonement, heart plunge, ear to ear throat, slice, ascension to god status, on his own planet, with, all those, virgin angels, as preached, by these controllers, of, the afterlife..??? Why, is the Bishop, watching, Jodi, without, any principles, considering, Travis’s likely, belief, that, Jodi, ratted him, out; causing her to note, that, her life was in danger..??? Why is the church, concealing, the fact that this was an agreed to, blood oath, blood atonement, ascension, to eternal salvation, for, his “used up, life,” accordance with carryover practices, of the church, and, the killing/suicide, was in keeping with, whatever practices, are still, hidden, without regard for the infidels’ laws….done, either, with or, without all that love for, Travis’s eternal, soul…??? .Then, there’s the second, and, separate, crime, of, coverup, of the precision, religious, rite, by, a four or, five days later, stabfest, and, gunshot, to, set, Jodi, up, and, to uncast, any dispersion, upon the sacred ritual, as proven, by the blood and brass forensics, as, concealed from the court; in that, it took, days, for the blood puddles, to, become, blood, islands, as evidenced, by the ejected shell, landing, upon, a dried blood, island; proving, a separate, crime, days, later. So, you’re to believe, that, Jodi, could have driven away, after, such an impossible, overpowerment, of, Travis, a kickboxer, seventy pounds heavier, yet, sat around, with his body, waiting, for the blood to dry, so, she could kill him, again, as evidenced, by the fact that, no blood occurred around, those stab and, gunshot wounds, proving, he was long since, deceased. And, in the course, of, days of contemplation, she, also, to, avoid, detection, removed her license plate, and, turned the rear one, upside, down… and, you think, the DA, political hack, and, the prostitutor, did not, conspire, to, hypnonauseate, a jury, to, extort, a coverup, with, all those Mormon voters, in mind…??? Read, “The God Maker,” and, others, and, see, if you think there’s any honor, for a “church,” burning, a girl, to, conceal, a long held, church, blood oath, blood atonement, sacred ritual, and, concealing the name of, who, ratted, Travis, out, to the Bishop; whose, revealment, just might, get to the person, not, getting, what, Jodi, had no problem, getting… Who, then, would be more, suspect…??? Edgar…

      • LongeneckerEdgar says:

        A case is not a case, when, the underlying prosecution recants the lies at law, in which the extradition and the socalled “case,” was based….in addition to a doctrine; church law, and, covenant, sworn agreement, and, the “murder,’ is a sacred church ritual, over which no laws will be passed, abridging religion; it therefore, is an eternal soul saving rite, right…. over which the State, has no such jurisdiction; and, as in this soap opera, the State has no right to conceal the quasireligious rite to pull the plug, on any other, goner, seeking, an ascension to planet paradise, with all those virgin angels….. not, likely, that, such a jealous, and livid,Stepford, Wife, would let him trade her in; on all those virgins….. By what abberation does the State, continue a “case,” after the three stooges, repudiated their own, sworn testimonies, to testify, also, under oath, to the exact opposite, as if there’s any such credibility; while, the braindead judge, utters not a bleat; and, neither does the jury dullards, or, the three million dollar bribed “defense…???” In addition, defense against such an obstruction of justice, is deemed to have been waived, hiding the D.A.s personal interest, in all those quasireligious voters….. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      What, if, Jodi, takes the fifth and, refuses to testify, in this separated, trial; considering, the concealment, of reasonable doubts, and, the spastic, hypnonauseating antics, of, Sir Spazalot, doing his strobe show, dancing with the stars, carnival act ??? How, will, the prostitutorial, tapdance, get airborne, by, Jodi, not, buying into, the soap opera …??? Won’t Sir Spazalot, then, have to be sworn in, to, testify; subject, to, penalty, of perjury; as, opposed, to, hypnotricking, a girl, into being comatoasted, by, carnival, tricks…??? This, is, exactly, what, I’d do, to an idiot, trying to kiill, while, having perjured, his oath of office, by, concealment of many reasonable doubts; all, concealed, from the fraudulent, process… What, if…??? Do you see any reason to get into a pissing contest, with, a skunk….??? Where’s this, noncase, going, without Sir Spazalots’ carnival tricks… Also, bring in, some hypnotists, to, identify, his, tricks… Plead the fifth; it’s a life or death, decision; why, leave it up to lizards at law…??? Edgrrr… Someone, see to it that this opinion gets, debated… Do you see, any other, hope, against these, embezzlers at law…???

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        I sent her a postcard, and, told her to take the fifth amendment, on the penalty phase,to sit this one out, and, so the prostitutor would have his bellowing , shucking and jiving, dancing with the stars audition, impress only his own hot air, smoke and mirrots, and of course, the simpleminded judge and jury…. Likely, Joes,’ jail monitors, never gave her my advice, as you can see, she, again, subjected herself to Juan the ripper, serial killer, prostitutor…. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Innocent, of the lies, for which two governors, issued an extradition warrent; kidnapping, under color of law; and, holding, a girl, for, two million dollars, ransom. Then, when caught in their conspiracy, that she gained the upper hand, by shooting Travis, first; which, I, debunked, because, the blood, that, the ejected brass, fell upon, was, dried, days later, during the second and, separate, crime, of setting, Jodi, up, as it left no wet blood smear, on the brass…yet, even, when reversing, course, admitting, the con, that justified their, at law, abduction, they, did not, end, this soap opera, but, continued with, a new, con; without skipping, a beat…and, without, rescinding the fraud, derived, extradition… and, regarding the new, cons’ admission that the bullet was, last, by what delusion, is it now, perjured, at law, that 130 pound Jodi, could, without, shooting him first, gain the advantage necessary, to, nearly decapitste, him; and, he, a 200 plus pound, martial arts, kick boxer, fighting for his life…??? She, was physically, incapable; and, what else, did I, submit, that, also proved, she, never fired a gun; no gunpowder, particulates, in the combined blood, handprint. So, by what, Alice in Wonderland, trickery, has this, twilight zone, episode, continued, if, not, to, launder someone elses’ complicity; for which, you should read, “The God Makers,” to, compare, Anderson to, Alexander; suicide, rituals;, eternal soul saving, suicides;as per, doctrine [law ], and, covenant [agreement ]…. Heart plunge, and, ear to ear throat slice, etcetera… read the book… if, you can pretend to be, impartial, long enough… Edgrrr…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Do note, that, not one lizard at law, has come forward, to, free Jodi, from the hypnonauseating, prostitutor, despite, the repudiated, confession to perjury, by all three stooges; terminating, the soap opera, only, to sleaze off on the opposite, of what the three stooges, swore to…. as if, they have any credibility, admitting that, Jodi, never fired a gun, as evidenced, by, no gunpowder particulates, in the combined blood, handprint; known and concealed, from the bogus arrest….. Edgrrr…

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        This diaperload of quasilegal, sleight of mind, indolences, by all who have aided and abetted, this soap opera, has, with, simplemindedness, aforethought, obstructed justice, solely, to conceal the arrows, pointing at that 15 million member, voter, plethora, of infidels of their profit for prophets, core cult, and, the arrogance of, having a thousand person wake, to, canonize, Saint Alexander; the martyr… while, seeing to it that the killers, sleaze away; protected, by the “church,” concealments. Proofs, having swamped this forum, by the boatloads, have, with, incompetencies, galloping, been concealed, by all these reptilian illiteratis, from, the appellate process; without, a crumb, for them, to, sweep up; and, who, but the three million dollar bribed, defense, and, the braindead judge, is accountable, for facillitating, all, of this soap opera..sleazed, foreward, and, in reverse; without a bleat from all the mesmerized, Sheeple, enamored, by the Juanderer, Manchurian Martinez, Marionettes,’ courtroom, contempts, at, law..??? And, do note the Stepford Wives, have wimped their opportunity, to, follow the courage, of, Jodi Arias; while the Stepford Wives, resumed, cowering, to, the patriarchal, dictatorship, pretending to be latter day, anythings; too cowardly, to, scour the antics of the early day perverts, admonitional killings, by proxy; whatwith, Brighamists,’ dictates; two, of which, were, and, secretly, no doubt, still are… “We would not kill a man, except, out of love, to save his eternal soul,” and, reportedly, shown, he’d get more love, sooner, if he had a hot wife, and, daughters… and… “Is there a man among us, who would not kill his brother, to save his, eternal soul ???” This, of course, brings the charade, to, the actual issue, which is… “When is a killing, not, a killing”… if not, when, the allegedly devout, sign up for, the Blood Oath, Blood Atonement, soap opera, as if, to save their eternal soul, and, of course, trade in their Jodis, on to their planet afterlife, virgin angels. That, soap opera, was devised for, sacrifice of this life, to, death; misnamed, “Afterlife,” of which, of course, the “church,” has the deeds, to all those planets, full of virgin angels….. securing, the tenuous hold on reality, necessary, to, float the primary objectives….. Snidely….. Edgrrr….

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      “She showed no remorse…” Only guilty people need pander to lynch mobs … Innocent people, stand upon their belief that, their innocense, will protect them… however naive that might be…. Juan Martinez, the serial killer prosecutor, who gets the State to do his killing for him, without risk to himself, should now that he’s again, gotten away with his hypnonauseating staged performance, man up, and, defend her against his three stooges, back to back perjuries…. In the meantime, waiting, for that pig to fly, maybe we should investigate all his mesmerizing, carnival act, convictions, for the commonality that permeatese his perjuries and, the, recants, of his own, made up, lies at law…. I particularly liked his confessional, upraised arms, and prayerful devotion to the hog, he was lowering to sit on his face… There’s a picture, worth, a thousand words…. Smother the bastard….. Snidely… Edgrrr….

    • Hi, Jodi Arias is innocent, it was an EVIL BLOOD RITUAL BY THE MORMON CHURCH.

      When Travis Alexander started a relationship with Jodi, HE BROKE AL THE
      MORMON RULES. And that’s mean you are betraying the team, the sect, and the master of Mormon Church. The result is: somebody deserves death.

      Jodi is susceptible to be cheated similirar to a brainwash. The day she was there at Travi’s place, in fact, there two people more on the crime scene, and they had the mission to comited an EVIL RITUAL SACRIFE; look at the wounds on Travi’s neck, that’s the way the Mormons in the past time sacrifice the people that leave the Mormons or betray them rules acording to Joseph Smith.

      Jodi was there, her handprint was on the wall, but she didn’t do what the media says she didi, and the lawyer on the trial against Jodi. The only way for Jodi and her lawyer to defend hereself, was to created the domestic violence.

      The stabs on Travi’s back, is the first way to prepare the ritual of death; the camera with all the photos about Jodi and Travis were prepared to face Jodi’s realtionship right there, and meke her be guilty of murder.

      It’s very possible that Jodi was threatened, and she was “trained” to forget what really happen there. Yes, she shot him with a gun, but under the influence of some kind of psychotic drug. Just remember when Jodi was arrested that day she was arrested, to make any kind of medical examinations, of course nobody would find the rest of the drug on her blood system.

      Jodi was blamed for a crime she didn’t comited. Think about it, Jodi around her past life, never showed a sociopath behavior until “that day”??? The Travi’s car flat tires cutted “by her”, somebody else did it.

      It’s almost impossible to prove that Jodi was a vicitim by the mormomns sect satanic ritual to kill Travis, but she was too cheated as al the american media was; and the people of the United States too.

      If all of you see, all the Travi’s murder was a typical blood mormon ritual as those been practicing for too many year.

      Utha and Salt Lake City is the center of the demoniatic rituals about it. Remeber that this place was part of Mexico before the war with the United States, and it’s an evil powerful area, when too many sacrifice rituals were done in the past, present and they will be in the future.

      So, somebody could say: Hey man! You are out of your mind writng all this stuff! But think about how the conspirations around the United States and the whole world happen every day. Have you seen this relationship the Mormon Church and the Illuminati.

      Think about it people.

  2. JA Kalskett says:

    …ok, I’m game…gimme some time to get on board.

  3. JA Kalskett says:

    Until the May 24, 2011, I hadn’t paid attention to the case. Only after the trial, did it become obvious that all the pieces presented seemed to avoid the important issue; what happened to Caylee, and what caused her decomposition to begin.

    It was impossible to NOT get onboard…but then I disembarked as it became clear that Caylee ‘never made the cruise’…her story took the “low road” while Geo took the world on the cruise; the H-MS CMA…but maybe this perspective came too late.

  4. Exactly! I’m a conservative, so my inclination is to assume that when someone is charged they are probably guilty. But as a conservative I have an instinctive skepticism of government institutions, including law enforcement. This is why it is crucial that the state prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. In the case of Casey, they not only failed to do that but they IMO conducted themselves unethically and conspired with media to railroad someone who was actually innocent. I don’t know about Jodi Arias. Maybe she’s guilty or not. But I don’t like the fact that the media is trying to turn her trial into another reality freak show. I actually wish we had the kinds of laws they have in the UK, Canada, and Australia that limits the media’s ability to cover trials. Or at least forbid cameras in courtrooms like they do in Federal cases.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Ohhellyes! totally agree…media should be legally ‘gagged’ until after trial. But this case didn’t happen one day, it unfolded over exactly 180 days.

      If the jury had heard the ‘heinous-murder story’, before the verdict, they would have arrived at the same conclusion as others. Ones who believe the H-MS explained HOW Caylee died, and that she died after the middle of June. Which quite simply can’t be right.

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        Do note, that the media, while, monopolizing, by their unfounded opinions,, are ignoring, ours… and, are, concealing, all the posted, reasonable doubts… I call this, noncase, Arias Bias… Edgrrr…

    • I agree with you Harry, however I don’t think it is bad that we have cameras in our courtroom. Cameras in the courtroom are supposed to be for transparent government and civic learning. Personally, more people could use to watch some actual trials from what I’ve seen in comments about the Casey Anthony case and others. The cameras aren’t for some kind of sick voyeuristic thrill created using real people in a soap opera script at the expense of the defendant’s life. I think it’s bad that the media uses the access to the courts as means to make money based on false information about real trials and people. We need to have transparent government to ensure that the government is conducting itself as it is supposed to. Having cameras in the courtroom allowed us to see what the government was doing in the Casey Anthony case. It’s a double edged sword. While the media used the cameras to further purport their profit-making falsities, the cameras allowed us to be exposed to something other than their opinions. Without the cameras, all we would have ever heard was the lies from the media, making their propaganda stronger in a sense. We do need to reel in the media, all they care about is profits. Money is more important than human beings to them, it’s disturbing. They often insert themselves into court cases and complain about gag orders, etc. used to protect a defendant’s rights in order to get access to information to exploit it. The public has a right to government transparency, but never at the expense of a defendant’s right to a fair trial. Gag orders were made specifically to keep the integrity of the trial when entities such as the media are vulturing into the picture. When people can’t talk to the media, they are a little bit stunted in contaminating the jury pool. More to your point Harry, people run around complaining about the government and federal power and how the government lies to us, but when the media lies and police or prosecutors, who work for the government, lie that’s okay somehow? It baffles me how people forget the importance of the Constitution and what role each of us plays. We aren’t supposed to be on the side of the government. We are supposed to be on the side of justice and the Constitution. Technically, we are supposed to be on the side of the defendant. People are innocent until proven guilty for many reasons including: the government’s vast amount of resources, power, authority, and their ability to, like you said, coordinate with the media, for instance, etc. Plus, if you aren’t innocent until proven guilty, then what are you? Guilty until proven innocent, I’d love to see you prove you are innocent. Imagine trying to prove that you were somewhere else when a crime occurred when everyone is supposed to assume you were committing the crime. Remember, people who are wrongly convicted have an extremely hard time with this and end up spending decades in prison, if they ever get out (the government fights them every step of the way). Often, they do not legally prove themselves innocent instead their conviction is overturned and the prosecutors just move on and don’t retry them. We have rights because we need them and we should support others’ rights because legally every court decision is intertwined and becomes precedent for every other court case. One wrongful conviction or one right conviction on wrong pretenses can spell disaster down the road for an innocent person. We should never condemn anyone until there is absolute proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the person did what the government said they did. We should be proud as Americans to believe in that.

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        Court decision…? Culling the questions, the jury has asked; in the illegal process of, morphing, the jury, into, prosecutors, is, a court decision.; illegal, too, because, huddled, whisperfests, blatantly held by these lizards at law, in contempt of, the jury, in their, huddles, in front of a jury, are not recorded, by the court recorder, yet, are clearly, concealed from the juey, and, surely, grounds for a mistrial.; also, because, an accused, is not permitted, to listen in on these conspiracies, to, aid in their own defense, and, are, surely a matter for, appellate, review…. Edgrrr… See what happens when, Justice is left up to, the mob; lizards, at law…???

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        The voyeuristic salivations, are, set up for the necrophiliacs, watching, executions; and, the execution, of a person, known to be innocent, just makes for deranged, morgasms, for, the demented, inbreds, who, watch… There should be no such, spectacles, for the communities, who spawned, the guilty, nor, entertainment, for, those who refused to defend the innocent……and, no excuse for a socalled church, that, conceals, the guilty; especially, when guilt, has been created, by long held, and, not, repudiated, religious rite, excuses, and, by those who took the church, practices at the word, of “prophets,” Free, Jodi; imprison, the D.A., and, those he’s given, get out of jail, free, passes, to; for, all those votes… … Edgar…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      You can count on govern-mentals, to feather their career nests, by pandering to whoever gives delusiuon, of trading in their perversions, for their own God-dom, and, all those virgin angels them the most bang, for their conspiratprial, collusions; in this noncase, pandering to the LSD cult center, with all their slave, “believers..” Do note the LSD lead detective, recognition of a blood oath, blood atonement, ritual, assisted “Church ” suicide, as, in accordance, better explained by, the book, “The God Makers,” parallel to Anderson / Alexander, “Eternal Soul Redemption, soap opera, particulars, as has been proven by, the LSD lead detectives,’ desk job; obviously, a demotion, and, fraudulence of the spastic prosecutors,” bogus claim, that, this was one contiguous crime, as if the precision, near decapitation, was followed up, by the same killer, when in fact, the second crime, was no more thjan a coverup, five days, after the fact, as proven by, bigfoot, bloody wet, impressionable, bootprint, perpetrated to set Jodi, up for the crime, of the first soap opera, as if, she did the precision kill, then, sat there, for five days, waiting for the blood puddles, to dry into unimpressionable, blood islands; when, if she actually did any of it, besides using a camera, to disprove any actual involvements, why, didn’t she just take her X-rated pictures and, drive away, while, Travis was in the shopwer, the first time….??? Pulling the plug, on a goner, is equal to a murder, depending who gets to decide Church or State…… Snidely…. Edgrrr….

  5. I already have questions on this case. Why would someone commit a murder and leave evidence such as a camera behind? He was shot in the face, had his throat slit from ear to ear and was stabbed 27 times yet the time stamp on the pictures only showed a two minute difference between him posing nude in the shower and him laying bloodied in the shower???? They stated that her bloody handprint was there and they had done a dna match for it. What about the gun and the knife or knives that were used to slit his throat and stab him 27 times? Was there dna evidence of hers on those items? It was not mentioned as being so. How do they know for certain that it was her that slashed his tires? His friends said he “just knew” it was her, but unless someone saw her do it, there is no evidence it was her. Were police called when his tires were slashed? Were police called to investigate when his girlfriend’s tires were slashed? Was there any investigation done into these incidences at all? Will this trial be live streamed?

    • Debbie,

      If the time stamps are that close apart it seems illogical that a murder like that could occur so quickly. It reminds me of the 80 something chloroform searches in a three minute window. Remember how that sounded so odd too?

      • JA Kalskett says:

        But within the family before Caylee’s death even occurred, the home computer was used to hack bank accts, passwords, pics and social media…and on July 5th and again on the 15th Lee was ‘fixing things while the 911 calls were taking place….why would ANYthing discovered on it be considered reliable?That’s hard for me to understand.

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        The time stamps are fraudulent, as evidenced, not only, by the magnitude, of, mayhem, but, absolutely, proven fraudulent, by the drying time, necessary, for the blood, to sustain, no smear by the landing, brass shell… upon blood, already, dried; and, that, dried blood, didn’t happen, in two minutes, either.. Of course, crooked DAs can stack the deck, anyway they want, and, failing that, there,s always a spastic, hypnonauseating, carnival act, sideshow, to be substituted, for, reality… Edgrrr…

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        Damage control, for, political reasons, cures all the defects, in, obstructions of justice. The prostitutors, at law, are caught with their briefs, twisted, again; gunshot, first; bogus… convoluted, nonfacts, for, exoneration, twisted, into, “evidence,” against… and, on and on… Edgar…

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        Debbie… Right you are… the stabfest, coverup, to set, Jodi, up, was four or five days, after the Blood oath, blood atonement, self sacrifice; in accordance, with, the unrepudiated, admonitions, of, Brighamist Young, doctrine and covenants, enacted by someone who took the process, at its’ solemn word; ie., “is there a man among us, who would not kill his brother, to save his, eternal soul ?” Proven, of course, that these were two crimes, as evidenced, by no blood smear on the brass, which, landed, upon dried blood; not, wet blood… … by the four or five day, time, for the blood to dry; disproving, the time stamps on the pictures…..You’re to believe, that, Jodi, did the precision kill, then, sat there for four or five days, waiting for the blood to dry, when, she could have just, driven away…??? And, if, the killers, didn,t set her up, why, did the guy, on the other end of the boot, which, left a clear imprint, in partially dried blood, not, call the police ? You’re to believe, that, Jodi, turned her license plate, upside down, to, see to it that she got stopped; whatwith, all that, premeditation… and, with, cans of gasoline, did not burn all that, “incriminating,” evidense, while sitting there, for fivev days, not, expecting, anyone to come home, or, check on Travis; admittedly, knowing, he was doing another, carnal, relapse, with the wicked witch of the west… What, a soap opera, F movie, plot…F for flop… Edgrrr…

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        This, orchestrated fraud, is concealment, of what, is in the book, “The God Makers,” regarding, blood oath, blood atonement, eternal soul saving, quasireligious, ritual, suicide… Don’t believe, it, read about, the, precision killings, of Anderson and, Alexander, and, just try to, note the,feebleminded, forensics, differential, of, the second crime, to launder the first, crime, as to, the surgical kill, and, the haphazard, stabfest, to, make it, look, like, Jodi, was out of control, and, did the precision, kill, then, sat there for five days, figuring out, how, to incriminate, herself; whatwith, such, premeditation…and, as if, forensics, never, reported, two crimes, days, apart, with, more than one, assailant… So, who, but, the crook D.A. laundered the forensic report…??? Read, five years, of, my, comments, and, send these lizards at law, a rope, and, directions to the nearest, tall tree…Edgrrr…

      • Yes, when you consider that the killing, had to have taken place, in between, any two, of the timed pictures, as if, a time out, between picture gaps, , was proven, and, since there were no pictures of Jodi, it must be because she wasn’t there, or, that, because, she, was the one taking the pictures, in which case, she, couldn’t have been the killer; whatwith, the distance from each photo subject, clearly proven, from subjects, to the camera….. Snidely….. Edgrrr…

    • The slashing the tires thing, you are right, it bugs me all the time when I hear “evidence” like this. Do people forget that other people can lie about you? Everyone has those people in their life that lie about you for one reason or another, they might be an ex or a disgruntled friend, etc. They believe bad things that aren’t true. They may not even know you. I often wonder whether a person testifying might be that person, especially if they completely disagree with what everyone else says.

      Yes, CJ, the 84 searches for chloroform in 3 minutes was always fishy. How could anyone believe that? We now know that the program was buggy and it was actually only 1 search. How can someone search for something 84 times in 3 minutes? Why would you do that? It didn’t make sense. More importantly, how could a prosecutor or police believe that? If they didn’t what does that tell you?

      Yes, the trial will be broadcast on InSession on TruTV, which airs from 9 am – 3 pm Monday through Friday. The trial starts in January.

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Gurus’ groupies are not gender specific, so, why, target, Jodi, especially, when, she had, Travis, well under control…??? Nearly decapitating someone, is a mans’ job; not, a job for a mouse… As to peeking into his windows, while, he’s asleep; how, would he know, if, he’s asleep; there with another woman; and, why didn’t she go nuts, then… ??? As for slashing his tires, and, his girlfriends’ tires, who says a man, didn’t do it; huh, Zack. ? . And, what guy, Taylor, needed to be convinced, by Travis, showing him cruel e mails, or, phone messages, sopposedly, sent to Jodi… …???

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Debbie… Very astute… Add to your observations, the fact that, four days, elapsed, between the precision kill, and, the gunshot, and, that, Jodi, “contemplated, for four days,” how best to set herself up for the crime, then,settled upon, killing, him, again, four days after he was already dead… as proven by the time and temperature, needed, for the blood to dry, so, that the automatic pistol, bullet, brass shell, ejected, got done, bouncing around, and, landed on a dried blood island, and, whatwith, the four day lapse, the blood was dry, and, left no blood smear, on the brass, band, playing, hearts and flowers, for the court jester, prosecutor…. If, the prosecutorial,soap opera, is to be believed, then, with the gunshot, first, why, wasn’t the puddle of blood, also, covering, the shell, which would have been, then, underneath, the blood; if, the bullet, came first, and, the blood, while wet, was pouring ??? And,of course, last, but, not least…. Why,is the socalled defense, testifying, by their, claims, that, the gunshot, came first, proving, premeditation, when, forensics, has, disproven the soap opera, against her…??? Whose side are they on, if, not, to get the twilight zone, State, off the hook, for this rush to judgement ??? Then, there’s the fact, that, since the State kidnapping of Jodi Arias, there have been eleven, home invasion shootings, in, Mesa, while she was locked up, and, couldn’t have done them, either… How many, were .25 caliber bullets…??? Edgrrr…

    • robert fabik says:

      I wanted to post a comment and help another poster understand a few questions they had.

    • All of that is hearsay. Where is the proof? And again, they differ in what was first, shooting or stabbing.
      Sloppy police work, sloppy medical examiner’s work. It makes the huge difference what came first.

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        “Sloppy police work”, is, a good excuse, for, quasireligious, political, damage control, launderring, crimes, before, forensics, gets there, yet, the fraudulent, claims, to, embezzle, an interstate, extradition, warrant, based upon that fraudulent, and, alleged, analysis, having now, been found to be, defective, by, detective, contrives, the jurisdiction, of, Arizonas’ interstate, quasilegal, kidnapping, of, another States’ citizen, by, lies, now, proven to have been lies, from, the scam, to, launder, the quasireligious, blood oath, blood atonement, “Eternal Soul Saving,” sacred ritual; heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, as so “ordained,” by, Brighamist Young, and, the other, founding perverts, with, their, “do as we say, not, as we do,” admonitions; as, enforced, by their Dannite, kill squad. For, clarity, regarding, the damage control, laundering, of, the crime scene, by, defective, detectives, read, “The God Makers,” for, LSD corporations,’ 14 million member, voter control, over, govern mental, lizards at law, compliances… to, jump through tthe hoops, of quasireligious, heretics, of their own “religion,” as, evidenced, by, the lies, to, embezzle, an extradition, warrant, and, consequently, scam, jurisdiction; the lies, were, that a mouse, derailed a freight train, as the cl;aim was, that, due to the evidence, the probability, was, that Jodi, shot, Travis, then, in two minutes, according to the bogus, camera, time stamps, heart plunged, and, nearly, decapitated, Travis, and, all the while, with a camera, in one hand, a knife, in her second hand, a gun, in her third hand, dragged his body, to the shower [when, he, according to the photos, he, was already in the shower, then, with, additional, hands, propped him up, in the shower, and, rinsed off the blood, as, blood, went down the drain [in keeping with, the “sacred,” eternal soul saving ritual… ], being careful; this, octopus, with all those, community, project, killing,arms, required, that, through the whole, soap opera, she, kept, one hand, bloody, so she could, handprint the wall… with, blood, that, contained, no gunpowder, particulates; proving that, nobody with, half a brain, could buy into, such, an Alice in Wonderland, soap opera, unless, they, were compelled, by, Arias Bias, and, the need, to conceal, the blood oath, blood atonement, proof, of the fraudulence, by which, Arizona, weaseled, and, wheedled, an extradition, from Schizofornia, and, by, Schwartznegger; who, was too busy, chasing skirts, to be bothered, with, facts… Jodi, was denied, time to fight the bogus extradition, as the papers were concealed from her, for two weeks, when extradition was, ordered, as, she was fraudulently, served, on the same day, it, was, ordered… by, the judges, statement; “We have enough, to prove, she is the person named,” in the extradition signed, by the two goobernatorials… based, upon fraud, finally, admitted, that, the gunshot, was last; not, first, as evidenced, by, the blood and the brass, proof, and, so also, proves, that, Jodi, did, none of it, because, since, forensics, proves, she never fired a gun, she could not, have gained the strength, to, overpower, Travis, in, the first place, nor, had the strength, to nearly, decapitate, him… either… For five years, I have been one, who, has, proven, the idiocy, of this charade, at, law, and, the socalled, religion that is covering, up, for, the indications, of a knowing and, willing, ascendance, to, planet, playboy, in the celestial, afterlife, owned by the quasireligious, voter, bloc, with, the inducement, of, all those virgin angels; to, commit, such a devout, suicide… as a no brainer; swapping ones’ “used up life,” redeemable, only, by, blood oath, blood atonement, self sacrifice; heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, for, an expendable, Mormon wannabe, Stepford wife… There’re tons more; read all my proofs, and, read all the books on the history, of unrepudiated, false prophets’ delusions, and, the self sacrifices, demanded, by those heretics, who, “would not, kill a man, except out of love, to, save his, eternal, soul.” And, as per, Brighamist Young, “Is there a man among us, who would not, kill, his brother, to save, his, eternal, soul ?”…. Read the books, read the evidence; all, concealed by the crook D.A.,from the trial, and, be sure to reelect the crook…. Edgrrr…

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        Merely, pandering, to all those LSD voters…. Edgrrr…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Obviously, there’s a skunk, in first call, crimefighting; beginning with, political hacks, analytics, as to how, and who gets a pass, and, who gets burned. Then, comes, forensics, to, allegedly, gather, the cards of opinion, so as to be shuffled, by the conniving, prostitutional prosecutors, to, arrive at collusions, and, concealments, predicated, upon, in this, noncase; Arias Bias, and, whom, the arrows, point to, without, of course, casting any dispersion, upon prosecutorial, lizards at law…. The photo, timestamps, of, all this mayhem, are, a fraud, as, proven by, the fact that, the blood was dry, when, the bullet ejected brass, hit the deck; landing upon a dried blood, island, as proven by no wet blood smear, on, the brass, and, no, indentation, in the already dried blood and, that surely did not, happen in the same, two, minutes; all that gushing blood … so, let’s not dwell upon what is claimed, while, concealing, the exculpatory evidence that proves, what, isn’t… It is, surely suspect, whose careers are being put in jeopardy, by this charade at law, whatwith, the concealed quasireligious overtones, with all those 14 million, “that, religion.” Read, “The God Makers,” for, directions, as to, the “sacred,” ritual, of, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, bleed out, body wash, clothes [sheets, symbolic, to clothes], laundered, and, then, consider, what’s sacred, about, trying to conceal from all us infidels, by such, a, sacreligious, stabfest, and, gunshot, desecration, of an already dead, willing participant, in his own, blood oath, blood atonement, eternal soul saving ascension, out there, way out there, to, ones’ own planet, and, all those, virgin, angels…??? Willing suicide by devout, adherence to, a hundred year policy, as, admonished, by Brighamist \Young,; the pervert, with, fifty wives,; some or all, belonging to the men, sent out to knock off wagon trains, to, steal their properties, and, women, whom. Joseph Smith, and, others of the heirachy, pimped the women, to each other, and, the peons, never even got the leftovers; whatwith, fornication, being a sin, punishable, by, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, as per, the devout sheeple, blood oath, blood atonement, solemn oath, while, the dictators, contaminated the entire bloodline of the LSD quasireligious corporation…with, for one, Brighamist Youngs’ 150 children, with, 50 wives, all, the wives, belonging, to other men; adultered, and, poached, by these, founding lechers… and, enforced, by the Dannite, kill squad, who maintained, law, and disorder; just like here, and, now… whatwith, reptillion illiterati,s at law; being, above the law… Read, about the precise, parallel, between Andersons,’ “sacred ritual,” acquiesced suicide, murder, and, Alexanders’ agreed to, suicide, murder; as, supposedly concealed, by, the carnival, hypnonauseations, of a spastic prosecutorial, side show, and, twisted by the crime of the second part, to cover up the solemnity, of the church act, as, executed, by, impetus, from, the basic and, alleged principles, of the quasireligious, “religion.” Then, also, consider, the crimes, of Anderson, fornicating, his stepdaughter, and, the denial of, gobs more, diversions and, perversions, by, Alexander, and, ask why the Bishop, somebody, ratted Travis, out, to, is, concealing the name of that, disgruntler, who, wasn’t getting, what, Jodi was willing to be perverted to do, to keep Travis, on a short leash… bringing up the reality, of who, had the motive; wherein, with Jodi, waltzing, Travis, around, by the leash, hardly, was a likely suspect, as, opposed to, whomever, the Bishop, is, concealing, that, was obviously, disgruntled, because, he or she, wasn’t . Edgar…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Debbie, you’re a breath of fresh air, after the sewerfull, of, Arias Bias, toadies of organized crime at law, trash talk, on, one site, after, another… and, good to know, couldn’t produce one rebuttal, to, dozens ofd reasonable doubts, that, have been pointed out, min five years; not, mone, reasonable doubt, made it, into court… Surely, that’s suspect, of, a coverup, to, say the least… Edgar…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      The combined blood handprint, proves, by no inclusion, of, gunpowder, particulates, that, Jodi, did not, fire a gun, and, any, speculation, to, the contrary, therein, lies the proof, that, Jodi, at 130 pounds, could not have overpowered, Travis; a school wrestler, weight lifting, body builder, martial arts, kickboxer, weighing, in, at, over 200 pounds, without, shooting him, first… so, by what delusion, is it, considered, otherwise…??? Also, if, the gunshot, was not, four or five days, after the precision, kill, then, how is it, that, the blood, was already dried, as, proven, by, no dent in the dried blood island, and, no, blood smear, on the automatic pistol, ejrcted, brass…??? Then, there’s the delusion, that, she killed him, and, sat there, for four or five days, while, the blood, dried; why; and, in that time, removed her front, license plate, and, turned the rear plate, upside, down, to, avoid, detection, of course… proving, that there was another, person there, as evidenced, by, the boot, on the blood, footprint,which, was photographed…as was, Jodis’ alleged, foot, picture; much, smaller; making fior, the likelihood, that, it was the strength, of the man, who could, overpower, Travis, as, indicated, by the proven presense, assuming that there was a person, on the other end of that foot; belonging, to, the killer; as, suggesrted, by the fact, that, the guy, stepped in blood, yet, never, called the cops……or, at least, an accessory after the fact… Only one, reasonable doubt, is, necessary… yet, in this soap opera, reasonable doubts, gallop; yet, not, one, reached the authority, of, the jury… Why’s that…??? Edgar…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Why’….. because the “Ninjas,’ ran her out of there, before she could retrieve the camera, she hid in the bedding…. Edgrrr…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      It couldn’t be, that, Travis, slashed his own tires, to feign, an issue, with, Jodi, while secretly, seeing her, while his other soap operas, were, galloping; could it…??? Don’t forget Jodi, allegedly, peeking in a window, watching, Travis, and, another, usee, sleeping; as in, if they were sleeping, who was there to see Jodi, if, they weren’t there…??? Anybody sell tickets, to that episode…??? …Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  6. I have one more thing to say. If anyone is interested, this book is an excellent read. It is called Smoking Gun by Gerry Spence and is a true account of the trial of a friend of mine and all she went through for nine months in solitary confinement after being taken from her husband and two children while awaiting trial for a murder she did not commit.

    • Thanks Debbie. Will read:-)

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Hi Debbie, I have to read more about this case to have an opinion, but, to your comment : How do they know for certain that it was her that slashed his tires?

      I have to say,
      It doesn’t seem that she could slash tires… do you know how tough tires ARE to slash? She and I are about the same size and weight but I can’t puncture a tire with a knife! and certainly couldn’t ‘slash’ one…but then, maybe there is a trick to do it, that I don’t know.

      I look forward to reading it, too… thanks

      • I thought tires were fairly easy to slash although I haven’t ever tried it LOL. I bet my husband has a tire in the garage. If he doesn’t need it, I’ll slash the tire and see how easy it is.

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        They’re sure by the same logic that placed, Jodi, peeking in a window, while Travis and usee, were sleeping… who needs witnesses, and, if, there was one, who saw, Jodi, doing these things, what were they doing, there, if not, to peek in the window, or and to cut the tires…???

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        With, Arias Bias, all things are possible; when you play this soap opera, in reverse; stopping anywhere, anytime, to reveal, that, with, Arias Bias, she’s always, guilty; no matter, that, forensics, has exonerated her… with, no gunpowder, in the combined blood, handprint, proving, that, she did not, gain control,; a mouse, trying to derail a freight train… Didn’t happen; she did, nada, as in, none of it… Then, forensics, probably noted, and the DA, concealed, the fact that these were, two, crimes, four or five days apart, as, proven by the fact, that, the blood, had a four or five day, head start, on the careening, ejected shell, as in, completely dried; otherwise, there would have been an indentation, in in, wet blood, and, a wet smear of blood, on the brass. Then, of course, there’s the minor detail, that disproves, the perjured representation, that, the gunshot had to be first, or, there was no way a 130 pound girl, could overpower, a 200 plus pound, weight lifter, martial arts, kickboxer; and, blood would have poured, on top of the brass shell, so, do, explain, how, the blood, crawled under, and, not, on top of the brass… It might as well have been a brass band, playing hearts and, flowers, for the crooked, exculpatory evidence, concealing, psostitutor… Edgrrr… And, not one godamned, LSD lieyer, to ther rescue… .

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        Tire slash, imaginers, are the same, who, claimed that, Jodi, was peering into, a window, while, Travis and, another, girl, were sleeping… How would they know, if they, were sleeping…??? And, if, that’s not, refutation, enough, consider, how, anybody is tall enough, to see into, the second floor, window… Edgrrr…

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        To, accuse her, of, any acts, that make her look like a villain, is, a ruse to contradict their own, bogus, evidence; in that, all this, soap opera, was premeditated, and, thought out; yet, she was so out of control, that, she slashed, tires, and, peered into windows; as if, such a premeditative, person, was out of, control; so, she’s psycho, enough to commit such a crime, and, sit there for five days, after the precision, kill, turn the license plate, upside down, to, ensure, detection…??? Only, in Schizofornia, would, I have imagined, such, prostitutorial, stupidity; that, no matter, how many, contradictions, there are, to, reasonably, refute, unreasonable claims; they, none are worthy, of, being presented, into, the authority, of the court; translation; the spastic, shucking and jiving, prostitutor, will, perjure his oath of office, to, protect ther innocent, so, as, to, scam, another, conviction; with his Charlie Chaplin, dancing with the stars, audition; traipsing, all over the courtroom, stage, hypnonauseating, carnival, side show… while, concealing, dozens of reasonable doubts, and, exculpatory evidence, favorable, to, the socalled, defense…without, a wimper from the brain dead, judge… Edgrrr…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Interesting that Gerry Spence is the lawyer, you, refer to, as, I sent him, four years ago, information, to clear, Jodi, and, he was too important; the country lawyer, or, whatever, he calls himself… Suspense, would be more like it…. Edgrrr…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Gerry Suspense, with all that, quasilegal soap opera, defense, tapdancing, is, too important, to “Country Lawyer,” this travesty, of, justice; as if, there’s one lieyer, out there, who does not smell the stench, of, prosecutorial lizards at law, plying the antics of their trade, filling our prisons, with innocent people, by , crucifying the innocent… Edgrrr…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Gerry Suspense, too important, to volunteer, to help, Jodi; as it might soil his parasitic, reputation….. Yes, I, corresponded, and, got not even, an excuse; par for the course, for the reptilian, illiterati, practicers at law….. Snidely… Edgrrr…

  7. tires are very simple to slash, as for the evidence it sounds like the work of a disorganised first time killer to me, a very inexperienced at killing in general the throat slashed from ear to ear multiple stab wounds

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      A precision first crime… and, a simpleminded coverup second crime to obscure the precision of the ritual killing… construed to set, Jodi, up for the first crime…

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        As if, the contradiction of format, does not, prove, more than one, perpetrator… from, a surgical blood atonement, kill, to, a spastic, and, irrelevant, stabfest, to, feign the hysterics, of, an out of control, yet, premeditated, and, allegedly, diabolical, woman, as if, there’s no such thing as a hysterical, man; as likely proven by the mans’ bootprint, in the partially, dried blood; by the guy, who, never called the police… Iirrelevant, because, abuse of a dead body, is, hardly, proof, of an exceedingly cruel, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, ritual, done, out, of, love; ” to save Travis’s eternal soul; “…just as the life support, termination, of any other, goner… For other clarification, read, “The God Makers,” and, others, for the yet to be rescinded, admonitions of, Brighamist Young; which, obviously, some, have taken, literally… as if, a heart plunge, and, ear to ear, throat slice, purported, cause of death, does not, denote, fanatical, recompense, for, a “used up life;” as per, doctrine and, agreed to blood oath, covenant, of, by, and, for, only, the most, devout… Why, the thousand person, wake, celebration, if, this was not, a canonization, of, “King Alexander,” the “devout,” who did no more than any other, perverted, religionist; wielding control, over, their, groupies… and, was, allegedly, ascending, to, planet playboy, and, all those, virgin angels… There’s more to this, Alice in Wonderland, farce, than these, cionspirators, would have you, believe… Free Jodi, and, arrest all these, pseudoclever, parasitic, lizards at law… Edgrrr…

        • Edgar Longenecker says:

          There is the matter, of, purported, rope and, knife, to, cut the rope, and, duct tape, on, taped praying hands, mode; proving, the concealed, quasireligious, aspect, and, the last picture of Travis, showing his apprehension, of, what’s next… Then, removal of, the purported, duct tape, by those, who, laundered, the, blood atonement / crime scene; provable, or, not, since this is one, soap opera, after, another, but, for, the disappearance of the tape, which, had the fingerprints, of, whomever, pulled the tape, off, the roll…… by the noted, or, not, duct tape, pulled out, hairs, upon, removal; easy enough to have been, noted, or. not, even, without, the tape, if, noted by forensics, and, concealed by the spastic, prostitutor…… and, ditto, concealed, by the crooked, prostitutor… who, concealed, exculpatory evidence, as he, adjudicated, what, is, or, is, not, any of the defenses’ business… Why, if, there’s no complicdity, by the prostitutor, did, he snivel, because, the defense, wanted the time, necessary, to find the needle in the haystack, that, the prostitutor, concealed from, the defense; and, never found…??? Also, why wasn’t this soap opera, over, the minute, the extradition, premise, that, she shot him, first, to, gain an advantage, was proven, fraudulent, by the fact, that, the brass shell, landed upon, dried blood, four or five days, old; proving, that, she never gained the advantage, at 130 pounds, against over 200 pounds, and, he, a martial arts, kick boxer, fighting, for his life; allegedly, instead, of, submitting to his, sacred ritual, eternal soul saving, her, gaining an advantage, was, debunked, and, when, the conspiracy, by the three stooges, who posed the initial soap opera, were forced to recant, their lies at law… yet, the penguin in a tutu, Sir Ludicrous, about, faced, his, lies at law, without, skipping, a shuck, jive, or, tapdance, because, he had, targeted his victim, and, come hell, or, high water, she was going to be, guilty, with or without the facts…whatwith, the prostitutors’ hypnonauseating, prostitutorial, comatoasting, of the jury, with, his carnival act, side show… Five years, I, have posed, dozens ofv reasonable doubts, as well, as, downright, frauds, yet, not,m one, made itv to court, because, as the socalled, defense, steted, they, were, “too busy to read them…” How, then, did the defense, actually, defend, her, while taking a two million dollar, bribe, called, “legal fees,” .. ??? Five years, while, not one, LSD corporation, lieyer, came forward, to explain the fact, they have never, repudiated, the admonitions of Brighamist Young.. to, which, one of their fanatics, took literal license, to, kill, Travis; “out, of love, to, save his eternal soul” as per doctrine [ law ]. and, covenant, [agreement ]… And, do note that the Bishop, Travis was in trouble, as reported, with, is, concealing, behind, “religious privilege,” who, ratted, Travis, out, to, the, Bishop… obvious, a disgruntler, not, getting what Jodi, had no problem, getting; therefore, just between those two, alone; as if there weren’t others, which one, would likely, be sniveling to the Bishop ??? And, why has the heirarchy, conspired to sit, this out, while up to their eyebrows in complicity, conspiracy, collusion, and, concealment, if not, to show the Stepford wives, what happens, when they, get out of line ; after all, “when the Bishop, speaks, the thinking, has, been, done…” so they, claim… Edgar… Five years, and, counting… with, every, reasonable doubt, concealed from the jury…. with, GLIB-erty, and, JUST-ice, for, all….only in America; land of, lieyer, twisted, wordspeak…

  8. I read about this case a while back and definitely thought that it wasn’t cut-and-dry at all. The trial will be interesting to follow (but I WON’T be doing it through watching HLN!).

  9. JA Kalskett says:

    OK…So, what’s the conclusion of the tire-slashing? Am I a whimp or what? (although I didn’t make the cut) I learned how to get a limp 185 lb body onto my shoulders and carry 50 ft (while training for the local fire dept). In the ’90’s did a 9 month stint at an Idaho timbermill; Iwas never considered burly or whimpy.

    ..these days, i hurt myself, just thinking about the work I used to be able to do without assertion…but the tires; I don’t believe I ever had the density mass or leverage it would take to puncture and slash a tire; maybe the tube…LOL

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Entertain, this… Travis cut his own tires, to, “prove,” to his boyfriend, that he was on the outs, with, Jodi… Why, does this not, coincide with the mans’ bootprint, at the crime scene; near decapitation, by, the same, jealous, guy, who left the bootprint, and, whatwith, being the killer, or, at least, an accessory, walking in blood, who, did not, call, the cops, and, Jodi, fleeing for her life, before, retrieving, the camera, she hid, in the bedding; proving, if need be, that she could have ruined, Travis’s goody two shoes, devout, Mormon, facade… and, proving, that, indoor sports, was her, relationship, with, Travis; and, proof, that, of all those, snivelers, who weren’t getting with the guru; Jodi had him by the leash, and, was the last person, with a motive… That’s why, the camera was hidden in the bedding, in the first place; with, all the X rated, pictures… and, like the fraudulence of the gunshot, first, there was no premeditation, either… nor, guilt. A man, with the strength to overpower, Travis, and, nearly decapitate, him, is, the killer, allowed to run free, while, wasting brainwaves, “proving,” the nonguilt, of a mouse, derailing a freight train… can this noncase, be, any more, absurd…???… Edgrrr…

  10. tires are very easy to slash there are three main parts the tread the sidewall and the bead to destroy a tire all you need is a sharp knife i have used steak knifes before once the sidewall is cut the tire is done for i would recommend useing a fixed blade knife for beginners

    • JA Kalskett says:

      I guess I’d be more inclined to break the windshield (to keep the car from going anywhere)

      • When I was in college, a pesky ex disconnected my coil wire so I couldn’t leave. This was along time ago of course when cars were easy to disable.

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      And, all someone else, who knows, what, you, know, since you’ve pointed out, what, logically, an irate girl, wouldn’t necessarily, know… Edgar…

  11. The jury selection for the Jodi Arias case began on Monday and continues today. I’m not a big fan of the gather site, but I know you guys don’t want any HLN links:

    • Thanks. The trial is scheduled for Jan. 2nd.

      • Just saw a commercial for the Jodi Arias Trial on InSession (totally tasteless if you were wondering). It stated that they won’t start coverage until the following Monday, Jan. 7th.

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      The case, in reverse, since the prostitutorial, lizard at law, has, backtracked, on his, ignorance, of the actual fact, that, the gunshot, was at the crime, of, the second, scene; four or five days, after, the blood oath, blood atonement, precision, pseudosacred, ritual, kill…which, disproves that Jodi, could, overpower, Travis, to, begin with; making for, a reversal, about face, of the allegations, and, in the real world, grounds for, a dismissal… yet, the penguin in a tutu, hypnonauseates, the jury, and, brainwashes the judge, with his carnival, side show, supplanting, an actual case, with, the issues, of, “If, you can’t, dazzle them, with, dialogue… baffle them with bullshit…” The jury, is still in his coma, or, there’d be, hell to pay, for this, obstruction, of, justice… Free, Jodi, and, arrest all these, reptilian illiterati…. lizards, at, law…. Edgrrr…

  12. bethbathory says:

    It’s too much , I cant wait til she gets home.

  13. Janine Bryant says:

    I find myself being alarmed and amazed to view the bullying tone in the prosecution, jury, judge, and various commentators. I’m not saying that Jodi is a saint–but it certainly seems far fetched to imagine her committing such a brutal and bizare act of murder as the victim recieved. I am not saying that such behaviour is not possible from a nice looking young female. But I am saying that the whole feel of the trial is one of a mob mentallity. They seem to already have made up their minds against her. They seem eager to prosecute her–but only after thoroughly roasting her on the stand! I think that the repeated reference to her beauty being “intoxicating to men” reveals a possible jealousy that leads to the hatred of the defendant. The “don’t hate me for being beautiful” thing used to sell cosmetics has in it an element of truth. We do tend to have jealousy for those who’m we deem to be beautiful and gifted. And jealousy is glad to heap up false accusations. I don’t know what the truth is…but I do not think that Ms. Arias is guilty of this crime. And for the sake of the victim’s dignity, the search for the true criminal must continue. Thanks

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Forensics proves, she did none of it, and, in four and a half years, I have proven it, enough, to wimp out a dozen Arias Bias, sites, all, of which could not, refute her innocense, and, not one proof of her innocense, has reached the jury… This has been the Lamest, set up, imaginable… and, proof of her innocense, lies in the four day old, and, dried blood, proving that the gunshot, was last; and, four days, after the precision, blood atonement, ascension to planet playboy, and, all those, virgin angels. Read, “The God Makers,” for clarity,” as to eternal soul saving, blood oath, blood atonement, ritual, ascenscion; out of here… and, a sacred ritual; not to be confused with, definition, to be so crass, as to call it, murder… Is Obomacare, “end of life,” mandate, murder ? Is hospice care, injection, murder ? Is killing, babies, murder ? What’s the denial of religions to, kill, as opposed to the right of the State, to kill; whatwith the equal, separation, between, church and State…???

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      The term, “Emote,” as, scammed in this, soap opera, is just a prosecutorial, smokescreen, to conceal, exculpatory evidence, that proves, conspiracy, and, concealment; as well as, contempt of court, which the judge should have wised up to, by now. Her, calling in sick, should have given her a clue, as to the carnival whirling dervish, spastic, tapdancing, by the court jester, Sir Spazalot, being, his trick in trade, and, evidence that his tightrope tapdance, pirouetting, all over his stage, is, his underhanded, sneaky mode, of, supplanting, forensics’ evidence, that, proves her innocense, and, concealment, from the jury; and, so as to anesthetize, the jury, into his obvious, criminal, antic, slithering, at, law… The gunshot, was last, and, was a simpleminded, contradiction, of, the precision, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, quasireligious, blood oath, blood atonement, ritual. Read “The God Makers,” for, the sworn oathadministered to, only, those, feigning, how devout they are. So, why is the socalled, “defense,” contradicting, the States’ own, forensics proof, of her innocense ? One bullet was fired. one brass shell, was ejected. The shell, landed on dried blood, proving, four days had lapsed, after the precision kill, and, you’re supposed to believe that, she waited four days, to, kill him, again ??? Are youse kuys, really, as simpleminded, AS THE IDIOT, WHO’S GETTING AWAY WITH, MURDER, AND, THE CONTRADICTORY, TO SUCH PRECISION, WITH, THE HAPHAZARD, SOCALLED COVERUP… FOUR DAYS, LATER, WHEN, THE BLOOD HAD DRIED, AND, THEN, AND, ONLY THEN, THE SHOT WAS FIRED; ONE BULLET, AFTER, THE PRECISION KILL, and, that forensics, so concealed by Sir Spazalot, shucking and jiving, his spastic, carnival, hypnotrick, proves, that, she did not, shoot him, first, as also proven by, no gunpowder particulates in the combined blood handprint, that, she did not, fire the gun, and, therefore, did not, equal, the advantage, of va wrestler, fighter, 200 plus pound, bodybuilder, weightlifter, fighting for his life, against a 130 pound girl… Also, Jodi, did not have the strength, to nearly, decapitate, Travis… All, proofs that, she did none of it; despite a dozen lieyer generated, soap opera, stories… Then, whatwith, being so diabolical, and, premeditated, with all that, gasoline, why, did she not, torch the place, to obscure, all that, “evidence ?” Then, there’s the claim, that, she had a nine millimeter, pistol, in her car; so, why, would she not, prefer, that, to the virtual, by comparison, BB gun ? And, why, would she take a knife to her own, orchestrated, gunfight ? Why, would she wait, four days for the blood to dry, to set herself up, by making it look like a hysterics driven, jealousy, motivation…??? And, since when, is a hysterical, jealousy driven, soap opera, confined, only to a woman…??? And, why, have these proofs, lawfully, been excluded from the authority, of the jury, and, the common sense of all of you, with your, mass hysteria; Arias Bias, Flu…??? And, how would you counter the States’ own forensic proof, that, she did, none of it, without, doing a crooked spastic, circus act, hypnotricking, the jury; into, ignoring, the facts, and, comatosing, the jury….??? Free Jodi, and, imprison all the lieyers… Read all the sites, that have shut down, because, their Arias Bias, partyline, propaganda, couldn’t repel, the States’ own, forensics’ proofs… And, do conjsider the fact that, the real killers are, still out there; free, to do it again… Since, Jodi, has been unjustly, kidnapped at law, and, held for two million dollars, ransom, there have been, eleven gunshot, home invasion robberies, in Mesa; which, she couldn’t have done, either… Edgrrr… Will, Sir Spazalot, be arrested, for his criminality…??? Sure….

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Bullying tone is just an indication of hysterically, trying to cover for his contrived antics; while in that way, lying through his teeth, as if, he can testify, without being put under oath.A lizard at law, trick, to create credibility, by yelling. That might have worked in the third grade…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      The prostitutors’ antics, are for, overcompensating, the fact that this is his, theatrical, tap dance, to, indemnify, all those LSD, voters, as, he, aids and abets, organized crime, at law; he has his, orders, and, is, a piss poor excuse for a movie star… Edgrrr…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      The bullying, is a smokescreen, to, keep you from, noticing, the spastic, stage act, shucking and jiving, lunging, and, parrying, twitching, and, tapdancing, by, Sir Spazalot, as he, does his, Charlie Chaplin, strobe show, to, comatoast, the jury… just, mental, masturbation, by a sadistic, troll… Edgrrr…

  14. Edgar Longenecker says:

    … Free Jodi…And, in addition, with regard to the facts, as supported, by forensics, and, the fact, that, somebody, ratted, Travis, out, to the bishop, and, his pleas, to the bishop; notwithstanding; he knew the rules, to which his alleged devoutness, was contractually, bound…. read… Brigham Youngs’ quotes on blood atonement; one, of which, is: “Is there a man among us that would not kill his brother, to save his eternal soul; of course; cloaked, by, “religious privilege.” In such reverence, as sitting on your BURROck, and, concealing doctrine and covenant, while, Jodi, is being falsely accused, surely, speaks to the illegitimacy of any, “religion.” After you read of Doctrine [law], and, Covenant [contract], and, ones’ delusions of piety, as opposed to their private concealments, it’s clear to see, why, Travis, spoke of his, “guilt, remorse, and, shame,” after every, carnal episode; at least, until, he got carnal, again. Such, selective morality, caught up with him, when, being ratted out to the bishop. Blood Atonement, and, being ratted out to the bishop, required, that, he prove his devoutness, just as Anderson, a hundred years, before him, and, no doubt, the hundreds in between, to, pray, while, those who, ” would not, kill, a man, except, out of love, to, save his eternal sou,” executed, the sacred, heart plunge, and, ear to ear, throat slice, to, free one, of their “used up, life;” here, on planet, evil, to, atone, for his sins, and, to, ascend, him, to planet playboy, and, all those, virgin angels; actually, no contest, to trade Jodi, in as the degenerate, he made her become, by, his own condemnation, of himself, equally…whatwith, being, “King Alexander,” the guru, controlling all those groupies; three a day, even…except that, he could not, control, Jodi, or, anyone else that refused to train as a future, mindless robotic, Stepford Wife… So, after reading the Brigham Young, sacred, admonitions, you’ll see, that, Anderson, arrives, for his, sacred ritual, blood atonement, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, bleed out, over his grave; atoning, for, fornicating, his, stepdaughter… then, body rinsed, clothes, laundered, according to reverence, for, his solemn, atonement, and, ascension to all those, virgins… Why, the emphasis, on virgin angels, if not, to appeal to those, whose, avarice, in exercising, the example set by the heirarchy, requiring, 84 wives, each, so as to taint the, genealogy, delusions, as to who, was doing whom, and, who the actual fathers, of anyone, “married,” by the heirarchy, doing the guys’ wives and, daughters, as they, were out, knocking off, wagon trains, stealing ranches, and, property, while, killing the men, and, abducting the women; rounding up, more Stepford Wives, for the parasytic, Ayatollahs, with which, to, degenerate. Then there’s, Travis; buying into his own, bigger than life, perversities, doing his balancing act, until, at last, somebody, rats him out to the bishop, and, not, unlikely, he blamed, Jodi… The bishop, could say, if, their blood oaths were not so secret, that, murder / suicide, is the penalty, for sharing the blessings, of heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, ascension to planet playboy, and, all those virgin angels… Church killings, are, of course, only, “murders,” to all of us infidels, who wouldn’t understand, that, Brigham Young, got his, “revelations,” from, God… So, as to the precise parallel from Anderson, to, Alexander, agreed to, blood atonement, there’s the heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, blood drain, in the shower, body washed, clothes laundered, as per, doctrine [church law], and, covenant [agreement]; so sacred that the bishop, will let Jodi, get set up for a murder, that wasn’t a murder, at all, but, was a sacred, and, agreed to, ritual… as evidenced, by the thousand person wake; with, as many, in, celebration, of Travis’s ascension, as well as, lamenting, his, demise… Then, along comes, the visitor to the death scene, as evidenced by the partially dried blood, footprint. a day, later. and, three days, later, after that visit, it, begins the “set Jodi, up,” twilight zone, feeble and inconsistant, haphazard, stabfest, and, gunshot; four days after the fact, and, the bright idea, to set Jodi, up for it, with, the, “defensive,” hand cuts, multistabs, and, gunshot; four days after the sacred ritual, ascension to trade,Jodi, in on all those virgins… Whom, but, the person who ratted Travis, out, to the bishop, had such issues with, Travis; if not, whoever was getting, what, Jodi, was taking away from them; easily, with only a puff and pant from, Travis, who could, guru, anybody, but, Jodi. hence, the whine, that, “I’m just a dildo to ypu, with a heart:” Travis’s lament…..??? If, all of this, is too psycho, for you to get, just consider, how many millions of believers, are buying in to such opiates, as organizsd, religion, in sacrilege, of, ther own religious, principles… and, seeking their periodic, fixes, from their, heirarchies… Read the book, The God makers,” and, on the net, revelations, [ from God ], to Brigham Young, and, the “thou shalt not kill,” unless, I want, your wife, or, daughter… soap opera… So, who, ratted Travis, out to the bishop, and, what, disgruntler, got the bright idea, to try to obscure a precision kill, suicide, sacrifice, with, such a flaky, attempt to prove, that, Jodi, did it…? Forensics, either proved; the prosecutor, concealed, or, they, were all too simpleminded, enough to conclude, that, the setup, was four days, after the kill, as, proven by the bullet and, blood [ Of Blood and, Bullet ]..”testimonies,” that, the blood was already dry [four days later], when the bullet, brass hit the deck. otherwisw there’d have been, deied blood, wet, when smearing the shell, landing upon the dried blood island, or, and, it would have been covered in the same blood that made the wet puddle, that, four days, after the crime / religious ritual, ascended, Travis, to his revered, celestrial reward, for perverse choices, while using up his terrestrial, life… Keep reading; you’ll get it, someday… after, the State, necrophiliacs, get done, salivating, over, trying to murder, another, innocent person; victim, of, organized ceime, at law…. How else do you think those lizards at law, can float their extortionary, plea “bargains…???” Read the books… “The God Makers’ “, The Temple of The God Makers,” etcetera, and, about , the “secret” , covenant, meant, literally; heart plunge, and, ear to ear, throat slice, etcetera… Don’t take my word for it; ask your nearest LSDer…..or, are you going to believe that the mouse, whipped godzilla, then, sat around, for four days, waiting for the blood to dry, before executing, such a lame excise, for continuation, of such a precision kill, by, setting herself up??? Then, of course, there’s all that, gasoline, with which to destroy, the evidence, and, whatwith, such, premeditation, why didn’t she, burn the place down…??? Edgrrr…

  15. Edgar Longenecker says:

    See how, the third grade, Nobel laureates, get, when proof is required of them? How, do all those with, Arias Bias Syndrome, expect to get, a lasting, conviction, when, this soap opera, gets to the appellate courts…??? Better that they should add up all their brain molecules, to see if they can find one complete brain, intelligent enough, to counter, the “testimony,” of bullet and, blood; as if, Travis, himself, is telling youse guys, you’re barking up, the wrong, tree… You claim that she slashed tires, twice, and, peeked into his window, to see Travis and another girl, asleep in their chairs… Why didn’t she get nuclear, then…??? I’ve posted hundreds, since this Alice in Wonderland, began, and, not one, has been refuted, or, entered, into the court, process… This, should tell you all, how, innocense, is no bar, against the BAR… Hypnotricking, the jury, by the court jester; a penguin in a tutu, with his pirouetting, all over his stage, shucking and jiving, with hands, wildly, gesticulating, is all that’s needed, while watching the jury, get comatose, with such a major yawn, as if, whirling dervish, bobbing and weaving, eliminates, the need, to unconceal the exculpatory, evidence, so the jury, can weigh all the facts; even those, which proves, her innocense… Surely, you don’t think, that a bogus conviction, will escape, a real analysis, of the blood and bullet, facts, which proves, that the “set up Jodi,” soap opera, was, by, the visitor, to the crime scene, who, never called the police…at least, to the point of his, complicity…the day after, the second day after, the third day after, and, the fourth day after, when, the blood was dried, and, the gun was, fired…??? What, lieyer, with half a brain, would suggest that, the gunshot was, first, proving, premeditation….and, fraudulently, denying, that Jodi, wouldn’t have done such a precision kill, if, she had the horsepower, to actually, nearly, dehead, anyone, bigger than, a mouse ; then, waited around, four days, to, kill him, again… Are youse guys, all, nutzzzz….??? Proof, can easily be extrapolated, by her bank deposit, time and date, stamps, and, distance from the scene, before, the dried blood, unsmeared, brass, band, played hearts and flowers, for the simpleminded, court jester, badger at law… Who needs evidence, when he can lull the jury, into his coma…??? Sooner or later, all these time dated, facts, will, get into this non case, if, only to get the lizards at law, disbarred… Edgrrr…

  16. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Still… not a bleat from the sheeple… you just can’t change exculpatory evidence, into prosecutorial, antics, by Sir Spazalot, wildly gesticulating, with, his hands, and, shucking and jiving, doing his, spastic, ballerina, act, to lull the jury into his coma… You can only fool some of the people, some of the time. Where are all the lynch mobsters…? They all, crawl back under their rocks…??? Can’t argue,against, forensics proof of innocense, unless, you’re a lizard at law, controlling, all the evidence… Edgrrr… So, what are you, men or mice; squeek up….

  17. Edgar Longenecker says:

    March 13 th… 8 days, and, not a bleat from the sheeple; translates to: who is the defense representing, by contradicting forensics, proof, that, Jodi, did none of it, and, this Alice in Wonderland, trial, is no more and no less than a convoluted, plea “bargain,” trial, to save her life, from the necrophiliacs, of the State. Proof, from which all other proofs, emanate, from checkmate, back to the lynch mobsters first move, is that, the gunshot, was last, not first, and, this shows how simpleminded the courts are… If, the gun was not fired, after the killing, as in four days, after the killing; after, the blood dried, how did the ejected brass shell, land, upon blood already dried, when, Travis hadn’t been shot yet; proving that the blood atonement ritual, heart stab, and, ear to ear, throat slice, was first, or, there would have been blood on the brass, not, under the brass… Also, without, shooting him, first, how did the mouse, derail the train…??? Why is the defense, fabricating another story, for Jodi, to act out, if not, to get the State, off the civil rights violation hook, for this simpleminded charade of a trial…??? Also, after such a quasireligious blood oath, blood atonement, precision kill, why would Jodi, sit there for four days, contemplating, how, she was going to make it look like she did it.; when, all she had to do, was drive away……? The court jester, Sir Spazalot, is concealing these proofs from the authority of the jury… Thanks to this site, I have not yet been censored, as “Trolling,” because, aiding and abetting partyline propaganda, is not, in anybodys’ best interests… and, trolling, means, somebody is labelling youse guys as trolls; that’s your reward for being devoid of your own minds… With such a soap opera, of a trial, who needs facts ??? Sir Spazalot, shucking and jiving, knashing of teeth, fuming, and, doing his hypnospastic, penguin in a tutu, tapdance, is just a carnival trick to put the jury into a coma… Hopefully, if this soap opera, goes on long enough, he’ll reveall, his contempt for the jury, by them, seeing that the emperor penguin, has no clothes… Edgar… Thanks again, for this site…. Bring on the sheeple… Baaaa…

  18. Edgar Longenecker says:

    And… another eon, goes by, without one snivel, from the third grade,Nobel laureates… and, that would be a good thing, if, the jurors, weren;t being defrauded of all the facts, as, concealed by these, lieyers. Culling the jury questions, without, the court reporter, logging them in, for, appellate, review, is, just another Cons-Piracy, at law…

  19. This is probably one of the strangest murder trials I have ever followed. Other than a photo with Jodi’s pant-leg & a wounded Travis & a smeared hand-print on the wall -nothing else points to her being present & responsible for his death — How does she KNOW she inflicted the knife wounds – if she has no memory of it? Cleaning up the murder scene is probably the most incriminating confession on her part… and disposing of the knife & gun – as well as dumping the camera in the washing machine & doing a wash cycle…deleting photos – that’s the most incriminating stuff… but the proof that she did not act in self-defense – I haven’t heard anything to dispute her statement.

    • I agree, I haven’t heard anything to dispute self defense. I do think that she shot him first and the
      gun jammed on the second shot. That is the only thing that makes any sense. Why would you
      use a knife if you had a gun. Secondly, as for the casing being on dried blood proving anything,
      that casing could have been kicked around when she was cleaning up in the bathroom. Remember
      she dragged him into the shower and then washed off his body, so she would have been all over
      that bathroom. The prosecution can’t even get their act together with the forensics. However, I
      think the jury (judging by the stupid questions they are asking) want to convict her so badly they
      would ingore any reasonable facts. Lets hope there is one jurior with a little commen sense.

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        Minor glitch…. the blood took days to dry, not, minutes. proving he was already long gone, by then… so, how, did this mouse overpower godzilla, fighting for his life without, shooting him, first ? Evidenced by the drying time at temperature, days after the killing, means she overpowered him without, firing a gun ; a wrestler, weightlifter, fighter, fighting for his life against a mouse. The brass shell, landed upon dried blood, proving that she never shot him, first, as proven by no gunpowder particulates, in the combined blood handprint,proving then,that she never shot him first, so, with such, mayhem, as being already vanquished by a mouse, no further action was necessary; as in, waiting around, four days, for the probability that someone would show up, Jodi, allegedly, sat there with a dead body, for four days, while contemplating, how best to set herself up for it, by a final gunshot, and, hysterical feigning stab wounds, which, never bled, because the abuse of a corpse, hardly, can be called, murder, and, the heart had already stopped delivering blood. So, Whatwith, all that lividity, and, premeditation, why, didn’t she just drive away, in the car, she was using to avoid detection, by, removing the front license plate, and, turning the rear one, upside down; to, avoid detection…??? Why didn’t she use one of her gas cans, contents, to destroy the evidence, that, wasn’t there, to begin with; after, such a precision kill ??? And, on the subject of the stockinged foot picture, there’s also the tiretread pattern of a much larger, bootprint, that had marked sticky blood, as, unlike the brass, landing upon dried blood, the bootprint, stepped into partially dried blood; as in, proving that after the killing, a visit to the crime scene was proven by the blood drying time forensics; so, while stepping into partially dried blood, why didn’t that person, with a foot, larger than Jodis, call the police…??? Killer, or, after the fact, accessory to murder, and, what’s not to believe, that, Jodi was long out of there, at that time, and, that person, did either all of it, or at least the feigned hysterics,to look like Jodi, did it…??? How many reasonable doubts are required, their in Wonderland, Arizona…??? Has anybody, bothered to fingerprint, the upside down license plate, to see, who, was spying on Jodi, and, Travis, and, wasn’t getting from Travis, what, Jodi had no problem getting; what, where, and, when…??? Read “The God Makers,” and the admonitions of Brigham Young, regarding the exacting parallel, by and between the mercy killings,of, Alexander, and, Anderson, and, then try to reconcite the devout penalty, agreed to by the “secret,” ” Blood Atonement, Oath”; wherein, the procediure, is, heart plunge, and, ear to ear, throat slice, blood drain, body wash, clothes, laundered, sacred ascension to another planet, and, all those virgin angels… Then, try to convince yourself that this was not a murder, at all, but, a sacred, ceremony, to save his eternal soul. Hit the books, and, then, know why the celebration one thousand ritualists, attendance, at the wake; as if the ascension of this “used up life,” was redeemed by his own sacrifice; as per the revelations, of Brigham Young… If, you doubt this, then ask the bishop to confess, what, case, Travis, was trying to plead, after, somebody ratted him out to the bishop, for his perversions… and, try to believe that, Travis did not believe it was Jodi, who ratted him out, and, whatwith, all the lartterday sex pictures, could have escaped, and, wrecked his supply of “good little Mormon girls,” and having those pictures, no doubt caused Travis to riot, when, Jodi, hid the camera, in the bedding, and, put the bedding, in the washing machine. Then, when, run out of there by intruders, she could not get the camera, and evidence of Travis’s ‘ ” devoutness”…. However, with such a reverse engineered, soap opera, wherein, guilt is a foregone conclusion, and, being so hypnonauseated, by Sir ad nauseum Spazalot, carnival sideshow, why, ask why…??? How many reasonable doubts, made it into the process ??? How many will now be exposed ??? Edgar…

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        It doesn’t matter how the brass got to the dried blood; kicked, or, dancing in a tutu, like the goofy prosecutor, and that, with no bloodloss from the headshot, proves the shot was last; not, first. So, how did Olive Oyl, beat up on, Bluto…without, shooting him, first…??? Tthe criteria here is that four days give or take, later, the blood was dried… and, if, first, never hovered, until it found a dry spot to land upon. and, if, later, kicked, would have gotten a wet blood smear…but, for the drying time, establishing the time of death. Has anybody established by phone records, where, Jodi, was, by then…???

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        Common sense, is secondary to hypnotricks as seen by carnival acts; barking like a web full of spiders, or, crowing like a rooster… Who needs facts, when a spastic side show, will work… and, by the time Sir Spazalot is discovered, the victim, is already in prison. How many, jurors will admit that they’ve been duped…???

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Why, of dozens of exculpatory evidences, concealed from the process does this not clearly define the term’ “Beyond a reasonable doubt;” as in, this travesty of justice; to, scam a bogus conviction, beyond, the legalities of reasonable doubt; as if, Sir ad nauseum Spazalot, can put on his spastic, shucking and jiving, carnival act, beyond a reasonable doubt; as in, who cares about reasonable doubt… it is to be excluded, so that the kangaroo kourt kabal, can be assured of extortionary processes, under color of law ??? This must be so, otherwise, with such a slam dunk twilight zone noncase, why of dozens of reasonable doubts, was not one reasonable doubt, entered into the process…??? What, exactly, was the basis for the jury decision, beyond the hypnotricks of Sir Spazalots whirling dervish side show, strobe act…???

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      She hid the camera from Travis, in the bedding, and he went nuts, knowing his goody twoshoes act was over. Somebody else, turned on the washer, after, Jodi, got run out of there, before she could retrieve the camera. The guy who did that laundry was unclear as to when.

    • Edfgar Longenecker says:

      Joyce, How is it that you can deduce that, the picture, showing a leg, can be identified, as, Jodis, but, that, the picture of a mans’ much larger, bootprint, cannot, be excluded, as, Jodis’ ,,,,???

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      A pantleg,. is not, proof of Jodi, being on the other end of the leg…. and, do note, the obvious distance, the camera was, from that sock picture, proving, that, it was taken, beyond her reach, even if, it was her… Also, explain the mans’ bootprint, in wet blood; that, clearly puts him, into, the crime scene, while the blood was wet… The killer; an accomplice, or, an intruder…??? Edgrrr…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      So, if it’s to be assumed that the socked foot picture is of Jodi, and, not another intruder, then, explain, the same proof by the man intruders’ bootprint, in the fresh, wet blood and, explain, how the pictures could have been taken, without, another person, working the camera; note the proximity of the camera distance, for both …??? And, both these pictures, prove the presence of two others at the crime scene, plus, Travis, and, plus, whoever took the pictures,.. I count, four people, so far…. in keeping with, two intruders… Edgrrr…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Notice that, there’s never a rebuttal opinion, when, logic supplants, prosecutorial perjuries, at law; the scam of testifying, not under oath, with, accusatorial and, alleged “questions…” …Edgrrr…

  20. There are some people that are trying to get this page removed. Quite telling isn’t it since it’s our right to chose what we feel is right and just. They are stating that it is for “Travis’s Family… Not so. Travis supporters have proven to me to be venomous snakes. Most spew vitriol because they don’t like others that disagree with them. I cannot say all of them, but the ones that I have come in contact with. I hope and pray that they get over the fact that we are all children of God and all of us have a voice. We are not on trial, we have every right to say what we want, think or feel.. I am condemning no one.

  21. Another thing I caught in the trial was that he was telling everybody that Deanna (an earlier victim) was crazy. Something about he and Jodi came back to his house and she was there, so he made Jodi
    drop him off so she wouldn’t run into her. Probably so they couldn’t compare notes on what a lying shit he was. But I see a pattern here. Anybody that wasn’t happy with him was either crazy or a stalker. Maybe he owed this Deanna money too and she was there to collect. We don’t know how many women he duped, but it seems like he would trash these women after he used them up for sex and couldn’t get any more money from them. I think he used his so called “charisma” to work these women. He couldn’t sell his trashy used BMW so he conned Jodi into buying it as she had no other options. I would bet she maxed out her credit cards on those trips they took together. He sounds like a real operator to me.

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Speaking of “real operators,” motivational speakers, and, other, mind bender hypnotricksters, then, there’s Sir ad nauseum Spazalot, hyping up the brainwashed jury. Note that over 5,000 questions, asked of Jodi, were in actuality, the unsworn testimony of Sir Spazalot, as he programmed the jury, baffling with bullshit, what he couldn’t dazzle with dialogue, yet, just a pittance of interrogation, getting the jurors to admit the brain fog, instilled by Sir Spaz’s spastic sideshow, carnival act. Is there not, a reason for that, dog and pony act, he put on; feigning, this or that, while all the while, doing his Charlie Chaplin strobe blinking lights act… ? Why are these courtroom deliberations, not recorded, to see to it that that process doesn’t get sidelined by prosecutorial side shows…and, that their deliberations, are about proof, not, hypnonauseating brainwash…??? Edgar…

  22. Dirty pickles says:

    There are two valuable lessons that I have learned during the Arias trial and the Boston bombing coverage. The press may be able to write column or speak in front of camera, but they are ignorant assholes. I always want to be informed, however I wonder what the value of it is if the very news is just filtered but fortified with words and action that is just use draw an audience.

    Here’s a new news slogan, “HLN. Will tickle your balls and you believe our bullshit.”

  23. Today they had a previous girlfriend, Deanna on the stand. He met her when she was 20 and dated her off and on for about 7 years. When she finally figured out he wasn’t going to marry her, she dumped him. His excuse was he wasn’t ready to get married. Then he emails his friend Hughes that Deanna is past the prime of her life ( wasted her good years on him I guess). Then right after that he starts dating that 19 year old Lisa and asks her to marry him within months. Oh, I thought he wasn’t ready to get married. Oops. If the prosecution thinks that Deanna’s testimony makes him look llike a nice guy, I’m sorry, it only reaffirms what he is, a user of women.

  24. freemindc says:

    Jodi is innocent leave her to walk free

  25. I can’t believe how murderous the American people appear through all this.
    I mean, normal American citizens calling for someone’s death basing their judgement on the HLN propaganda. In my country, where there is no death penalty, murder is murder, period. It doesn’t matter who is doing the killing, whether it is the State or an individual, murder is murder, taking someone’s life. I feel sorry for the good hearted American people (and there are plenty of them) for they have to live in a country whose people believe in a system that dictates that murder stops being murder just by changing the instigator. Fine example of Justice it is when it says that killing is ok.
    America, the lucky country…, yeh ok, whatever. Sad, very sad.

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Razz… Right you are, and, even worse, is a govern-mental cabal, pandering to a blood oath, blood atonement, ritual suicide, laundering the criminality of all those LSD, voters; exercising their right to pull the plug on a loser, goner, with a “used up life…” whatwith, separation of church and state; equal, under the law; translation; the at law, mob, kills out of a superiority complex, and, necrophilia, while the religious killers, get their misfits to kill themselves, by submission to their doctrine and covenents… with, equal, impunity…. Edgrrr…

  26. Why was Travis worried about someone else thinking of him as an axe murderer? An excerpt from Travis Being Better Blog : Desperately trying to find out if my date has an axe murderer penned up inside of her and knowing she is wondering the same thing about me. That’s usually when I think myself into a panic and start acting weird in consequence to trying so hard to act normal. Why would Travis be worried about someone thinking of him as being an axe murderer unless he actually had the thoughts associated with someone who wanted to be an axe murderer? Normal people do not think of theirself as being an axe murderer nor do they think of a 32 old sounding like a 12 year old girl when she moans as being hot and sexually arousing. All of these facts are proveable because Travis has either said them himself or has written about them.

  27. silent wonder says:

    I am a mormon and I know about the blood atoment and all the guy said is true. I thought the same thing he did when I heard how Travis died.

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Silent…. Thank you for your honesty, and, familiarity, regarding, this ritual suicide, religiously twisted, setup to waste a girl; whatwith, having no courage to defend her, for the acts, of zealots that Travis, pissed on and pissed off the most…. He knew, he wasn’t the reincarnation of Joseph Smith, or, Bringem Young, Brighamist, and, therefore, couldn’t get away with, his fornications…. as they did… Edgrrr…

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        Having been quizzed about, what my opinion is, regarding, the Mormon “Church,” no problem to answer that one. With 14 million brainwashees, of cult indoctrination, and, promises, of, a rewarding afterlife, with virgin angels, for a bribe, read “The God Makers,” for the precision kill / suicide, of Anderson, and, then, note the parallels, to, Alexander, for, the prelude, to ritual suicides, as per the perverted hierarchy, “marrying,” the wives and daughters of the men, sent out to knock off, wagon trains, and, steal their asses, and, assets, of course under the guise of the cult directive; “We would not kill a man, except, out of love, to save his eternal soul.” It always amounted to more love, if he had a hot wife and, daughters, over the age of response ability…ten years, or, thereabouts. Why now, 170 plus years later, at this particular time, have they admitted to fornicating other mens’ wives, sampling 40 plus apiece, wives and daughters; now, admitted…??? How mant years before their genealogy hoax, is confessed to, considering, the founders, and daughters, debaucheries, and pregnations, and, will they confess to Jodis’ sacrifice, while concealing, Travis’s perversions ??? Does the church really need to do their dirty deeds, themselves, or, get away with just standing by, watching their power expand, and, their women, Stepford wives, shrinking..while one of their zealots, does, exactly what, the “church,” wants done….??? So, the short answer is, no, the church is an inanimate object, and did nothing… Edgrrr…

  28. Glad that its mistrial. Prosecutors were wrong in wasting so much money and time in trying to to show that they will harm Jodi.
    They should have offered her first time plea bargain and today Jodi and others did not had to go through this trauma.
    Well done Jodi Lawyers team
    We love you Jodi


  29. Edgar Longenecker says:

    ” Justice must be seen to be done.” Relying upon the semiconsciousness of brain dead judges, whose arrogance, puts form before substance, in contempt of our, not their, courtrooms, makes every victim, of organized crime at law, guilty, until proven broke. In this noncase, the socalled defense, took a two million dollar bribe to dump jodi; as evidenced by their efforts to conceal, from Jodi, how much they were getting for getting her to act out the only acceptable defense; as per their “expertise.” Therefore, the conflicting accounts, despite that each “story,” had, within it reasonable doubts…

  30. Edgar Longenecker says:

    And, since I have proven, that, the gunshot was last; by, pointing out that these were two crimes; the first, a precision kill, that took the strength of a man, with, near decapitation, and, the second, a feeble coverup, to make it look like a hysterical girl, did it; obviously, by a guy, who was simpleminded, believing that guys don’t get hysterical. So, by not, shooting him first, explain how, a mouse could derail a freight train… ? And, since she did not, and, could not, how, without even any circumstantial evidence, can it be deluded, that, she, did, any, of it…??? And, if, no one was there at the crime scene, where did the bootprint in the blood, come from, and, why did he not, call, the police; unless, he was the killer, or, at least, an accessory, after the fact…??? And, if no one knew she was there, how is it that her license plate, got turned upside down ??? Edgar…

  31. Edgar Longenecker says:

    And, here we are, again, with all the Arias bias, third grade, Nobel laureates, crawled back under their troll bridges, but, with one difference; this courageous site, has not followed the sheeple, and, has continued, without them; maybe, hoping that the jurors, by now, would wake up from the comatoasting, spastic, hypnonauseation, carnival act, side show, by Sir Spazalot, to, tell us, exactly what they decided upon, especially, considering, that, Jodi was tried and convicted, by, spastic antics, Charlie Chaplin, strobeshow, exculpatory evidence, concealed, and, not, put to the jury… Why, no further comments, refuting, what, I have been pointing out, for five years…??? Over 5,000 questions, were testified to, by the conniver, as a means of testifying, while not under oath, by the nature of such inquisition, yet, only a pittance, of interrogation, of, the jurors; to prove, that they too, were duped by the hypnonauseation… Why so…??? Edgar… Free Jodi, and, imprison all these lizards, at law; including the judge, who, concealed evidence, later, verified, for two weeks, and, continued, two weeks, of a bogusc trial, with, a juror, reported, to have been conversing with the Alexander clan… and, canned the juror, while concealing her own complicity, because the complaint was based upon hearsay; but, proven true, after two weeks, of a trial, with a defective judge, and, defective, juror… Edgrrr… Where’s the mistrial ???

  32. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Have the third grade Nobel laureates, returned to their, hypnonauseation, comas; whatwith, not a bleat from the sheeple, ??? How many, Arias Bias, sites, have bit the dust, now that the prosecutorial side show, carnival act, hypnonauseation, is over, and, we can all, get down to reality… despite, the conviction based upon the concealment of exculpatory evidence, that facillitated, a con-viction, based only upon the construed evidence, as, permitted, by the spasticantics, performed by hypnonauseating Dancing With The Stars, procecutorial,audition, and, a hypnonauseasting, spastic tapdance…… What, exactly, was decided, in the jury room ??? Free Jodi, and, lock up all theses reptilian illiterati…. slithering under color of law… Edgrrr… Do note, that there are no arguments to counter the actual facts…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      So, what exactly, did the jurors decide upon, but, that they were mesmerized, by the whirling dervish. hypnonauseatiing tapdance,of, the court jester, Sir Ad Nauseam Spazalot, prosecutorial, hustler, doing his Charlie Chaplin strobe show, dancing with the stars, audition…??? Why, aren’t jury deliberations, subject to open meeting laws, and, the publics’ right to know…??? Because, the lizards at law, have monop;lized their antitrust, racketeering, under clolor of law, that’s why… with, rubber stamp, brain dead, judges… and, not a bleat, from, the sheeple… Baaa….

  33. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Still… no one is awakening from the hypnonauseations, of Sir Spaz… Of course, I’m the only one who who noticed… his carnival, side show… comatoasting, the jury… what the hell; who needs evidence, when you can just, shuck and jive the jury, with, such a side show…???

  34. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Nearly a month, later, with not one rebuttal, to all the exculpatory reasonable doubts, evaded, by, Sir Spazalots, hypnonauseating, carnival act, dancing with the stars, shuck and jive, audition, side show, surely makes one wonder, exactly what, the jury, was duped into the comatoasting ofv their brains, by the prosecutorial, whirling dervish act; that, supplanted, carnival hypnotricks, for, evidence; with, particularity, all the dozens of reasonable doubts, the, socalled defense, claimed, they were too busy to read, and, of course, none of wehich, reached the jury… so, why no rebuttal to the facts…??? Edgar…

  35. Edgar Longenecker says:

    And, since the office clowns posed for a picture, together, why is it that, they each had the same “we got away with murder,” smirk; whatwith, how many words, that, was worth ? And, proof that they did know that, Jodi, was getting her cauldron stirred by sir playboy, while, the other tiara, in waiting, was doing her, seethe, is, evidenced by the fact that the wicked witch of the west, being so premeditated, and, livid with jealousy, and, diabolics, obviously, to avoid detection, whatwith, carrying cans of gasoline, so she wouldn,t have to stop, and, be identified, of course, as in, so well planned, and, premeditated, turns the license plate, upside down, so that all those plans would be exposed by being stopped, for, an upside down license plate, which, nobody bothered to fingerprint., to actually see who did that; to set, Jodi, up… Then, there’s the premeditation, soap opera, that, she shot him, to level the disparity between a mouse trying to derail a freight train, and, his 75 pound weight advantage, martial arts kickboxing, wrestling, weightlifting; none of which Minnie Mouse, could overcome, without, shooting him, first; which, forensics, because, of their indolence, proves, she did not do,as in the combined blood, handprint, there was no report of gunpowder, particulates, proving that, neither, of them, fired a gun. Also, regarding forensics hohum, attitudes, or, and, Spazalots’ concealments, the four or five day duration, that, was the time needed for the crime of the first part, to become the crime of the second part, drying of the blood, evidenced, by the blood and, the brass, proves, concealed or not, that, when the brass, ejected shell, hit the deck, the blood, it landed upon, was; guess what; already most of a week, bone dry, and, unable to smear the landing shell… proving that the gunshot, and, stabfest, wherein there was no bleeding, proves, Travis, was long since, deceased; as in, proof of two crimes; the first, without shooting, Travis, she, could not do, and, the mans’ crime of near decapitation she could not do, and, the mans’ bootprint, she could not do, and, sitting in a house, after such a precidion execution, she could not do, it’s to be believed that she sat there, four four or five days, waiting for the blood to dry, so she could kill him again; not, caring that a room mate, or, visitor, could walk in at any moment, and, or, that the gunshot would get the police to put down their donuts to answer a gunshot, call, in blueblood acres, where these things don’t happen… when, being so calculating, she could have gotten the camera, out of the bedding, where she hid it, and, driven away, but for the two intruders, who chased her out,… How many reasonable doubts herein, can you count…??? Edgar…

  36. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Anybody consider, interrogating the jurors, or do we just, hypnotrick, accused people, already under stress, starvation, and, defense, deprivation, by making them believe they’re guilty, of what, in this Alice in Wonderland, soap opera, she did not do; any, of; with over 5,000 interrogatories, yet, a mere handful, to the jurors; whom are still reeling from Sir Spazalots, penguin in a tutu, carnival, side show; whose nauseations, sent the judge and one jury member home, sick; with, the rest of them, awaiting their turn to wretch, over the prosecutorial, wretch… Edgar… Too bad, the carnival sideshow, ended, before, they all, went out, sick… so, lamoes could get the scam…

  37. Edgar Longenecker says:

    And, of course, prima facie, in your face, defense, unrefuted, constitutes, reasonable doubt, at least, if not, outright proof, unrefuted, of her innocense… So, why, the guilty verdict, if not, because, of the hypnonauseating, prostitutional, penguin, in a tutu, comatoasted, the jury, with his spastic side show, carnival trick…??? Bring on the simpleminded, “proofs,” and, I’ll prove you, wrong. What do you Sheeple have to lose, except your, Arias Bias..??? And, don’t forget that there’s still the religionist, out there, who has committed murder… “Is, there a man among us, who would not, kill his brother, to save his eternal soul ?” So saith Brighamist Young…. Read “The God Makers,” and, others, for clarity… Why, were, Travis’s hands taped into prayer, mode ? Why the heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, “preferred method,” of, sacred ritual, blood oath, blood atonement, eternal soul saving ritual, concealed, by the Bishop, as to, who, ratted, Travis, out, to, the Bishop, complaining, about, what Jodi, was, getting ??? Is that, the killer, or, the person who, caused Travis to plead his, no defense, case, to the Bishop ? Did, Travis, suspect, Jodi, especially, in light of all those X rated photos, that could ruin his other, lifestyle ??? Did not, Jodi, hide the camera, in the bedding, with the intent of retrieving it, on the way out, but, couldn’t, when, run out of there, by, the intruders…??? Are these not, reasonable enough, issues, that they should not have been, concealed, from, the jury…??? Edgar…

  38. Edgar Longenecker says:

    And, do note that the LSD Dannite, kill squads,’ police state, inheritances, by latterday hustlers,’ preferred method of killing, is the same quasireligious, con, that for eons, has gotten devout Mormons to lay down for their ultimate test of devotion; to, submit to their ascension to planet playboy, induced, of course by the con that these prophets, control, the socalled, afterlife, and, have stocked it with, all those virgin angels; emphasis, on “virgins,” of course; making for a swap; Jodi, for all those virgin angels, and, providing a reward, for submitting to the “sacredness,” of a heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, blood oath, blood atonement, reward, ascension, to planet playboy, for the sins that got ones’ ticket, cancelled, for, here, on planet evil… Then, weaseling such desecration of a dead body, as a feeble coverup, of a ritual suicide; not, a murder, at all; the Bishop, conceals, it all, to show the Stepford Wives, that, “when the Bishops speak, the thinking, has been done;” so, of course, nonpeople, like Jodi, are, consumable, for the “greater good,” of protecting, the quasireligious corporations’ alleged, reputation ; claiming to be Saints, and, Prophets; self aggrandized, of course. Read, “The God Makers,” and, the admonitions of Brighamist Young, regarding, the blood oath, blood atonement, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice ritual, of, Anderson, for fornicating, his step daughter; and, do note the parallel, between, Anderson and, Alexander; Anderson, praying, while, awaiting his heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, sacred ritual, bleed out, into, his grave; body washed, and, clothes, laundered. Now, compare Andersons’ crimes, against his blood atonement, oath, to, Alexanders’ pleas to the Bishop; heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, duct taped hands, in prayer mode, ear to ear throat slice, blood drained into the shower/drain, body washed, bedding washed/ symbolics, to Andersons,’ and, clothes, laundered; since, Travis, had none on, while, in the shower; then, left the shower, for his blood sacrifice, ritual, then, returned to the shower; all, according to blood atonement ritual… Note that the LSD corporation, with, hundreds of lizards at law, has, not one to, defend, Jodi. Read of the beggar at the side of the road…There’re five years, more, to be noted, proving, reasonable doubt, yet, not one was put to the jury. There are all those voters, to be considered… Edgar…

  39. Edgar Longenecker says:

    And, if, there were no quasireligious overtones, to this soap opera, why then, the exact, “preferred method of killing,” [read, “The God Makers”]… and, the taping of Travis’s hands, in, prayer mode ? And, who, removed the duct tape, except for the second crime, perpetrators, ‘ attempt, to launder, the first crime, by, removing the religious significance; duct tape ? Then, add to the Alice in Wonderland, tale, why wasn’t the duct tape, fingerprinted, to reveal, who, taped Travis’s hands in supplication, and, why, if not, submitting to his blood oath, blood atonement, ritual, did, he allow, that, knowing, his fate was sealed…? And, nobody, ever pulled duct tape off, a roll, without a firm grasp, on both sides of the tape, imprinting, perfect forensics, fingerprints; if, anybody really cares. Ditto, the license plate, turned, upside down; no fingerprints, or, DNA, there, either. Who, laundered the crime scene, but, those, who found a perfect opportunity, to set Jodi, up for this twilight zone, antic…??? Why is a sacred blood oath, blood atonement, ritual, twisted, into, a murder, definition ??? Are all doctors and nurses, Kevorkian, addicts, with the life and death, decisions, to, pull the plug, murderers ??? How about, the bloodthirsty, State, murders, under the guise, of, law, and, order ??? How about the necrophiliacs, who watch, State executions ??? How about war mongerers, who drop bombs, to, incinerate, women and, children ??? Was this, actually, a killing, or, was it, a blood atonement, to save Travis’s eternal soul??? Why, a thousand person wake, if not, a solemn, martyr act, to, transcend, his “used up life,” for whatever, the Bishop, is concealing, to, a grandstanding, pious ascension to, all those virgin angels ??? And, why, angels and virgins, are in the same title; if not to suggest, that, non virgins, can’t be angels; as convoluted, as feigning ownership, of all those virgins, and, an imaginary, afterlife; then of course, this, really, computes, that, those whose socalled devoutness, gets them a ticket to attend, their own ritual suicide, are, actually becoming deified for their earthly perversions; by , then, being, permitted, to do exactly what got them, iced, for, here, on planet, evil, to be rewarded, for, that perversion, to do, all those virgin angels…up there, on planet playboy… Why is the “church,” concealing, this, preferred method of killing, from their own, doctrines [laws], and, covenants [agreements’], unless, the Bishop is concealing, Travis’s , trying to alibi, his fornications, et al, to, the Bishop, to, become, himself, an accessory after the fact; by, concealing, the names of Travis’s complainants; one or more of which, ratted, Travis, out, to the Bishop ??? And, did Travis, believe that, Jodie, ratted him out, to the Bishop, and, were the X rated photos, proof, that, Jodi, had the evidence to, cut off his supply of “good little Mormon, girls;” and, did, Travis, piss on, and, piss off, the wrong, girls; in the long line of his usees, to get, the intruders to put an end to his hypocracies…??? Were any of the socalled friends, lie detectored ??? Nah, there can be no dispersions cast upon fifteen million voters… there, in Wonderland, Arizona… And, who has ordered the Bishop, to conceal the name of, who, ratted, Travis, out, to the Bishop; if, not, the other “saints ???” And, lastly, for now, hiding the camera, in the bedding, no doubt, made, Travis, as violent as he needed to be, to, make, Jodi, fearful, for her life… or, not… reasonable doubts, are not, as absolute, as, prostitutors, concealing, exculpatory, evidence; hiding, duct tape; just like the Jon Benet Ramsey, duct tape; also, vanished, to, protect, the guilty… Edgrrr… Just-Ice, American lieyer style…

  40. Edfgar Longenecker says:

    Do note, that the trolls, have sniveled on back under their troll bridges, without, one argument, to, refute, the incontrovertible, proof, that, Jodi, did, none of it… here, in the world, exposure, of evidences, so, by what, abberated, psychobabble, did, a jury, convict her; and, by what facts… considering, that, the hypnonauseating prostitutor, comatoasted, the jury, with his, carnival side show…. and, concealed, all of dozens of reasonable doubts ??? Edgar… So, what are you; men, or, mice; squeekup…

  41. Edfgar Longenecker says:

    ” Surely, Shirley,” the epithetors, haven’t wimped out, when there are lots of, simplemindedness, and, gestapo, boot licking, to be done…. Squeekup, geniuses. 5,000 plus, interrogative, testifying, by, prostitutor innuendo, while the prostitutor, is not under oath; which wouldn’t mean much anyway; whatwith, lying, and, conniving, for a living; socalled, questions,,, yet, a teaspoonfull of, questions, of, the abberations, of the hypnonauseated, jurors; mess-merized, by the penguin in a tutu; doing his Charlie Chaplin, strobe spastic, dancing with the stars, audition… What, exactly, is the big secret, that, keeps the jurors, from, confessing, to, what, non facts, they, claimed, even, began to be justification, to,validate, deliberation, for, considering, the death penalty, or, guilt, of, such, a non case, devoid, of, all the posted, reasonable doubts; none of which, were even considered, whatwith, having been concealed, from the, socalled, defense…by the crook, DAs,’ conspirators; of course, pandering to the LSD socalled church; with all those, voters… Do note that, not one, LSD lieyer, or, LSD Stepford Wife, has, come forward, to help, one, of their own; despite, the rantings of Brighamist Youngs,’ admonitions, that, fornication, is punishable, by, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, blood oath, blood atonement; all the while, he, is leching it out, while, husbands, of the wives, he’s “marrying,”…… over fifty, by count; bastardizing, children; over 150, by count, to bespoil the bogus LSD genealogy, soap opera; without, a clue, as to, how many spawns of the heirarchy, jackals, are from, the self ordained, infidels, of, their own, socalled, religion; perverts, worshipping the idols, in their pants……. while the men are out, on the job, knocking off wagon trains, for, fresh women; those, over the age of, response-ability; that would be eight years old…and, embezzling, , their victims’ properties…. all, governed, under penalty, of heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, religious rite, to save their eternal soul; as so ordained, by Brighamist Young; whose, revelations; as in, “We would not kill a man, except, out of love, to, save his eternal, soul; translation, to, those who needed their sacred oath, heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, for, dipping thjeir pens, into, company ink; whatwith that, chore, better left to the higher up, toadies of that branch of, organized crime; with, enforcement by the Dannite, kill squad… Read “The God Makers,” for the heresies, of, Brighamist, Young, and, consider, why, the sneakiness, of the “religion,” has not, repudiated, the heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, murder/suicides, of those, called upon to prove their, devoutness, to the non principles, of Brighamist, and, other, “do as we say, never mind, what we do,” mob… Does not, the saga, of, Anderson,/Alexander, suggest, within the parameters of, reasonable doubt, that, Travis, willingly, submitted to his “sacred oath,” blood oath, blood atonement, eternmal soul saving ritual, asc ension, out of here, and, on tpo his celestial, reward, to his own planet, with, all those virgin angels; as guaranteed, by the quasireligious, peddlers, of the afterlife, which they claim to control; after, inventing, it, in the first place; out of love, of course, to save, Travis’s eternal soul; as a reward, paid for by, Jodis’ complicity, to his, depravities; far worse than Andersons’ eternal reward, for, fornicating, his stepdaughter; that, reward, out of love, of course, consisting, of the cults, “preferred method of killing,” being, you guessed it; heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice; as such, a solemn oath, reward, fot those, pretending to be so devout, as to be chosen to step up, to, step down, and, ascend to their deternal reward, for their sins,; only redeemable, as, specified, by the brighamist. God, only knows, when he had time, to devise any admonitions, whatwith, such Good Lord, inspired sacrifice, to have to bastardize all his children, concealed, in other mens’ wives… Then there is Jodi, doing her best to revere the quasireligious corporation, killing, of Travis; who, obviously meant more to her, than, his socalled, friends, who should have whipped his indolent ass, into compliance, with the oath he obviously, lied, through, to, gain access to all those “good little Mormon girls; ” lest he avail himself, of having to prove his alleged devoiutness, by, submitting, to his eternal soul saving, ritual; secretly, administered, out of love; but, translated, for all of us, infidels, for pissing on his religion, and, pissing off, the wrong, Mormons; wife, or, daughter; bringing such attention to, what they do, with all that respect for the Stepfordc wives; producing all those daughters, to debauch… Where’s Jesus Christ, for, all those crooks,’ blood atonements…??? No, I’m not done; read, the books, written, by those who lived the perversions, of whoremasters, hiding, in a socalled religion, and, secretly, continuing, and, condoning the quasireligious con jobs of Joseph Smith, et al… Read the books, by those who were there; and, consider, why, they’d name their college after Brighamist Young, if, in point of fact and order, they, were actually, distancing themselves, from the lechers, who, originated the con; and, pray tell, if, killing Travis, out of love, and, to save his eternal soul is so sacred, a ritual; how in hell, is it, rational, that it would be besmirched, by the days larter, second crime, to, set, Jodi, up for, it…??? That says exactly, how serene the out of love, to save his eternal soul; is; wouldn’t you say…??? The exactness of, Anderson/Alexander, is precisely, proven, by Arizona forensics, but, considering, the criminalities, of lizards at law, politics, precludes, anything, so, unimportant as Justice…and, there are all those LSD voters, to, consider, for, the careers, of criminals, on the “right side” of the law…More, later; much more… Bishops who conceal, what we infidels are too lame to understand; how, Jodi, can be set up and, sacrificed, to show the Stepford wives, how futile it is to believe the the second coming of Joseph Smith, , will save them, from, you guessed it; Joseph Smith… With fifteen million members, you’d think they would have found those shroom induced, golden plates…. byb now… Edgrrr…

  42. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Note, the absense of, discussion, now that, the criminality of the lizards at law, mob, has done its’ dirty deed, of, railroading the innocent; that’ll teach us, for the rule of law, delusions, we’ve been duped into, for, believing in the non existent integrity, of the at law, reptilian illiterati… Bah humbug… Edgrrr…

    • Edgar, your comma-saturated rants have grown on me. At first, it looked like schizophrenia. Now, I see it as a kind of poetry. Thank you for supporting Jody in a very unique and interesting way.

      • Edgar Longenecker says:

        Thank you, Mark… for, being the only other person on earth to get it,,,, that my,,, commas, are,,, the ,,, message,,,, as in,,, what’s the prostitutors’ hurry,,,, sniveling, that ,,, after,,,, concealing,,, exculpatory,,, evidence,,, favorable to the defense,,, if, Jodi,,, ever,,, got any… in violation of the Brady Rule;;; Brady vs, Maryland… concealed, for eight months,,, while,,, that,,, penguin in a tutu,,, minced,,, his hypnonauseating, carnival, side show,,, supplanting, reasonable doubts, with,,, hypnonauseations, and, whining,,, about,,, the defense,being,,,allowed to have a week…. lending, credence to the fact that, the reptilian illiterati, knew of, evidence,,, favorable,,, to the defense… The brain dead judge,,, ought to button,,, her,,, blouse,,, as,,, her heart,,, surely,,, will,,, fall out,,, with,,, such,,, magnanimity;;; one whole week, to find what the parasytic, prostitutor, is, hiding;;; now, having,,, hypnonauseated,,,, the jury;;; whom,,, are too,,, simpleminded,,, to realize,,, they have been,,, duped… Do,,, regard,,, the commas,,, for,,, what,,, they are… PAUSES,,, by which the sheeple, might,,, get,,, a grip,,, and, stop,,, licking,,, organized crime at laws’ boots….Why,,, the big hurry,,, if not,,, concealing, “The God Makers,” book, to, expose, this “sacred,” blood oath,,, blood,,, atonement, ritual,,, to,,, save,,, Travis’s eternal soul; better explained by the person,,, who,,, ratted,,, Travis; out, to the Bishop; who, is hiding behing quasireligious, “privilege,” while these corporate religiosos, conceal, the killing,,, by,,, a zealot; following,,,, the,,, never,,, repudiated,,, antics of the LSD, church… blood atonement; murder,,,, incorporated,,,,.out of love,,,, of,,, course… See, Anderson,,,, Alexander,,, executions; one, devoutster, doing his stepdaughter, and, Travis,,, doing,,, everybody,,, he could,,, guru, motivate; leaving a wake,,, of,,, disgruntlers… with,,, motives,,, that,,, Jodi,,, did not, have;;; whatwith,,, leading the studster,,, around,,, by,,, his leash….wherever,,, whenever,,, and,,, however,,, Get it,,, or,,, are more commas,,, needed…??? Free Jodi,,, and,,, imprison all these lizards at law;;; pandering,,, to all those mammon voters… Reacting, differently,,, to,,, different,,, stimuli,,,, requires,,, what,,, can be,,,, mislabeled,,,, schizoid,,,, and,,, that’s,,, important,,, lest,,, one,,, cries when, they are happy, and,,, rejoices,,, when,,, inocent girls,,, get,,, bogused,,, by the lizards,,, at, law,,, mob…and,,, braindead judges,,, are,,, “your honored” in this,,, no titles of nobility,,, country… Besides,,,, Schizophrenia,,, is,,, just a word,,, having,,, whatever,,, the labelers, want it to mean,,, as to which,,, facet, is, the real thing,,,, commas,,,, work for me….. Thanx,,, for noticing… I’ve tried,,,, reality;;; it’s just,,, smoke,,, and,,, mirrors… Edgar…

  43. What happened to Jody is a tragedy. She was used as a toy, a receptacle that was never respected nor accepted by Travis, the object of her love. Travis viewed her as good enough to sleep with, but not good enough for anything else. He always planned on excluding her from his future and tossing her to the curb whenever he was finished with her. He unleased her fury. He could have prevented his own demise simply by treating her as something more than an animal. And so, he got what he asked for. HE COULD HAVE PREVENTED IT!! That is what Juan ‘The John’ Martinez never addressed nor considered. Now Jody has been thrown into Hell, a true waste of potential and life, all for the sake of the careers of the “lizards of law” as Edgar so poetically put it, and for the ever-so important image of the Mormon Church in their portrayal of perfection for their poor, lost Travis. I am so sorry, Jody. You did not deserve this situation. You did not deserve this fate.

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      The LSD corporation, DBA, a church, has , aided and abetted this hoax of a trial, by concealing, their, Travis, runins, over his vascillations, between, hidden perversities, and, all that piety, that, covered his act, with such, remorse, until, he got carnal again. The LSD Bishop, could tell us, who, ratted Travis, out to the Bishop; instead, of, letting, Jodi, burn, as they, amuse thrmselves…. Out of, those, whining to the Bishop, as opposed to Jodi, trotting, Travis, around, by the leash… who, would be more suspect; Jodi, in, bliss, or, the complainer, watching, Jodi, get what, they, wanted…??? Mark, it’s good to see your efforts, keeping, on, keeping, on… so this site, carries on, while, lesser included, sites, have slithered away… Why, has not one jurur, posted, about, the evidence, if not, because, there, isn’t any…. Edgrrr…

  44. Edgar Longenecker says:

    This,,, Alice in Wonderland, soap opera,,, was,,, over,,, the second,,, the three conspirators; the cop; the medical examiner; and; the prostitutor, about faced, their, construed, “She, shot him, first, to gain the advantage,” con,,, and,,, my input, proved that to be a lie; because,,, in the combined blood,,, handprint,,, there were no gunpowder,,, particulates,,, proving that, Jodi,,, did not,, fire a gun… therefore, Jodi, did not, gain the advantage,,, over, Travis; whatwith,,, his hundred pound, advantage; wrestling,,, martial aerts, kickboxing,,, wghile, fighting for his life; as if, Olive Oyl, beat up, on, Bluto… and,,,, when,,, the lizards at law, conceded,,, thst,,, the gunshopt was last, as, my, notes also, proved; that,,, the bullet, shell, landed upon, already, dried blood; proving the lapse of,,, four or five days, while the blood, dried; and,,, the next,,, lie,,, by the prostitutor,,, still, hanging on by his teeth, to the delusion, that, “:Jodi, did it,” despite his own recantations, as to proof…denying, essentially, since the two million dollar, bribed, defense, never bothered, to, bring it up…that,,, this was two, crimes; one; quasireligious; agreed to sacrifice; and, two; the feeble attempt to cover up, a precision, LSD preferred method, of killing; a heart, plunge; ear to ear, throat slice; as if, Jodi, could, nearly, decapitate, Travis… or,,, overpower him, in the first place,,, and, a haphazard, coverup, of crime, one; as if, even third grade, Nobel laureates, can’t see, that, the crime of the second part, was, to, set, Jodi, up, for the crime, of the first, part… furthering, the absurdities, of the con, that elicited, an interstate, kidnapping, under, color of law, and, a two million dollar, ransom, demand; the significance of which, extortion, cancelled, Jodis’ right,,, to aid in her own defense, by accessing, the internet; since the defense, statement,,,, that, they were too busy, to read proof, of reasonable doubts… Why, is it,,, that,,, now,,, Jodi, has access, to, the net; convicted, of a crime, she had no part, in, yet, when, unconvicted, she was denied the right to aid in her own, defense.. by, reading the dozens of reasonable doubts; the socalled, defense, never brought up, even, one, of, to,,, the hypnonauseated, jury… ???.??? Edgrrr….Why, would she bother, killing him, when, whatwith, being so, diabolical, and, premeditative, she could have, split, when, he was in the shower, and, passed the X rated, pictures, around, and, cancelled, his, devout, charade…without, an iota, of risk, to, herself…??? What, exactly, justifies, the guilty, verdict; considering, that, of, dozens of reasonable doubts, not, one, was put to the jury ??? No wonder the socalled, defense, wanted the two million dollar bribe, kept from, the jury, and, Jodi… Why, the laundering, of the sacred ritual, blood atonement, eternal soul saving, ritual, by, the removal, of, the purported, praying hands, duct tape, removal, as evidenced, by, the bootprint, visitor, to, the crime scene, who, didn’t call the, police, after, walking, in, partially, dried, blood…??? Why, would, Jodi, sit there, for five days, after the precision, kill, when, she could have just, driven, away…??? Why, to, avoid detection, would she, remove her, license plate, and, turn the rear one, upside down, to, avoid, detection…??? Edgar…


  45. Edgar Longenecker says:

    This,,, Alice in Wonderland, soap opera,,, was,,, over,,, the second,,, the three conspirators; the cop; the medical examiner; and; the prostitutor, about faced, their, construed, “She, shot him, first, to gain the advantage,” con,,, and,,, my input, proved that to be a lie; because,,, in the combined blood,,, handprint,,, there were no gunpowder,,, particulates,,, proving that, Jodi,,, did not,, fire a gun… therefore, Jodi, did not, gain the advantage,,, over, Travis; whatwith,,, his hundred pound, advantage; wrestling,,, martial aerts, kickboxing,,, wghile, fighting for his life; as if, Olive Oyl, beat up, on, Bluto… and,,,, when,,, the lizards at law, conceded,,, thst,,, the gunshopt was last, as, my, notes also, proved; that,,, the bullet, shell, landed upon, already, dried blood; proving the lapse of,,, four or five days, while the blood, dried; and,,, the next,,, lie,,, by the prostitutor,,, still, hanging on by his teeth, to the delusion, that, “:Jodi, did it,” despite his own recantations, as to proof…denying, essentially, since the two million dollar, bribed, defense, never bothered, to, bring it up…that,,, this was two, crimes; one; quasireligious; agreed to sacrifice; and, two; the feeble attempt to cover up, a precision, LSD preferred method, of killing; a heart, plunge; ear to ear, throat slice; as if, Jodi, could, nearly, decapitate, Travis… or,,, overpower him, in the first place,,, and, a haphazard, coverup, of crime, one; as if, even third grade, Nobel laureates, can’t see, that, the crime of the second part, was, to, set, Jodi, up, for the crime, of the first, part… furthering, the absurdities, of the con, that elicited, an interstate, kidnapping, under, color of law, and, a two million dollar, ransom, demand; the significance of which, extortion, cancelled, Jodis’ right,,, to aid in her own defense, by accessing, the internet; since the defense, statement,,,, that, they were too busy, to read proof, of reasonable doubts… Why, is it,,, that,,, now,,, Jodi, has access, to, the net; convicted, of a crime, she had no part, in, yet, when, unconvicted, she was denied the right to aid in her own, defense.. by, reading the dozens of reasonable doubts; the socalled, defense, never brought up, even, one, of, to,,, the hypnonauseated, jury… ???.??? Edgrrr….Why, would she bother, killing him, when, whatwith, being so, diabolical, and, premeditative, she could have, split, when, he was in the shower, and, passed the X rated, pictures, around, and, cancelled, his, devout, charade…without, an iota, of risk, to, herself…??? What, exactly, justifies, the guilty, verdict; considering, that, of, dozens of reasonable doubts, not, one, was put to the jury ??? No wonder the socalled, defense, wanted the two million dollar bribe, kept from, the jury, and, Jodi… Why, the laundering, of the sacred ritual, blood atonement, eternal soul saving, ritual, by, the removal, of, the purported, praying hands, duct tape, removal, as evidenced, by, the bootprint, visitor, to, the crime scene, who, didn’t call the, police, after, walking, in, partially, dried, blood…??? Why, would, Jodi, sit there, for five days, after the precision, kill, when, she could have just, driven, away…??? Why, to, avoid detection, would she, remove her, license plate, and, turn the rear one, upside down, to, avoid, detection…??? Edgar…

    Then,,, there could be, proof, or, not, of the removal of the purported, duct tape, as evidenced, by the hair, pulled out, by removal; since the damage control, technicians, laundered, Travis’s,,,, devout, blood atonement, self sacrifice, ritual suicide,,, and, the disappeared, duct tape, is, concealing the fingerprints, of, whoever, pulled it off the roll…and,,, pulled it off, Travis’s praying hands… or,,, another, conspiracy, was afoot, by these lizards at law… proving that, they were all in on, protecting the mirage of the LSD corporation; pretending, their idolatries, to be,,, a, church… with, murder, as, a sacred, ritual… There, is, also, proof of the feeble attempt, to set, Jodi, up, by the second; days l;ater, crime… as, the perpetrator, of the set up, no way, was, commensurate, with the precision,,, blood atonement, ritual, killer, otherwise,,, why,,, the impreciseness, of the built in confession, of the second crime…. ???,,,, Edgar…

  46. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Here it is… another eon has gone by, with a fraudulent trial; fraudulent conviction, and, a world full of idiots, on the njet, that cannot, refute, one sensible point, as outlined by those, who can see beyond the prostitutorial, antics, of hypnonauseating carnival acts, in lieu, of, evidence…here in an alleged system, bound, within, the parameters, of, one, as in, A, reasonable, doubt…hereby, concealing, dozens, from the authority, even, of a voir dired, stacked, jury… Edgrrr…

  47. Edgar Longenecker says:

    You don’t suppose a brain dead judge, will throw out this soap opera, for, the blatant, travesty, that it is, do you ??? It’s criminal, that, lizards at law, who are wearing black ministerial dresses, are not, required to, referee, the lieyers’ antics, by, bringing, an education in, literacy, to the job, themselves, do, you, as, opposed to twisting the definition of words, to make the law, fit, their, decisions, do you ??? Or, to, declare a mistrial, because, they have, concealed for two weeks, this bogus trial; rumors, of a juror, conversing with the A clan, and, fraudulently, convened the soap opera, with reasonable suspicion, that, it was true; when, finally, two weeks after the fact, verified, it, and, canned the juror, but, did not, fire herself, for, hiding behind, “be quiet about it; it’s hearsay…” evasion… Or, for, conversing with a juror, who decided that another, juror, needed to, and, got, fired, because his profuse note taking, proved, he had the wrong, attitude… Or, because she ordered, a deputy, to march out ofv the courtroom, a juror, who, returned as a spectator; no less, than, kidnapping, that, ex juror; being, marched, anywhere… to, who, knows, where… ??? Edgrrr…

  48. Edgar Longenecker says:

    … and, convened the bogus trial, with a bogus juror, with a bogus judge, for, two weeks, until, I posted ernough gripes, about it, that, the judge, acted upon, what, she already knew to be true; and, hearsay, or, not, could have verified it, while holding a trial, two weeks, with a seated, and, disqualifiable, juror, and, ditto, herself, therefore, fraudulently, presiding. It didn’t take two weeks, for, the judge to oust the ex juror, from the audience, without, cause, while it took two weeks, to, verify, what she was evading… with, cause… did it …??? Edgar…

  49. Edgar Longenecker says:

    No one else, has a mind…??? To, speak of…??? Only, in America, are the sheeple, so wimped, out, that, Lizards At Law, can embezzle, every right and principle, into, alms, for those, beggars at the BAR…with, not, a bleat, from the sheeple… Edgrrr… Do note, not, one rebuttal, on any site, to, my, posts; proving, no, content, for a contrary, opinion; worldwide…… so, how, if not by hypnonauseastion, did the spaz, weasel, to, wheedle, a conviction, especially, from, a reverse course, denial, of, spazs’ own, perjurious, initial, representations, by, which, the lizard at law, scammed, an extradition, warrant, from, two, brain dead, governors, and, illegally, impose, a two million dollar ransom, for, his, quasilegal, intersrate, kidnapping, at, law…and, continued his prostitutorial, antics at law, in, reverse, with the same, prejudicial motivation, that a 130 pound girl, could, overpower, a 200 plus pound, martial arts, kick boxer, wrestler, body builder, fighting, for, his, life; like, a mouse, derailing a freight train; loaded, like the spastic, prostitutor…??? Why, upon reversal, which, I, proved, by the blood drying time, that, wasn’t, twenty minutes, but, was, four or five days after the blood atonement, quasireligious, eternal soul saving, suicide, wasn’t, this travesty, terminated, with, prejudice, by the brain dead judge, if, not, because, judges, are, inherrently, brain dead; ie, what do you call, an, incompetent, lieyer, but, “your honor…???!!! Not, one rebuttal, in this world, of, billions of, sheeple… and, we have men and, women, dying all over the world, while, lizards at law, rule,by, martial / maritime, codes, in, corporate boardroom, tribunals, called, “Court.” We need, an UZI Amendment to the Constitution, to, make these Lizards At Law, obey the law, …. Edgrrr…

  50. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Not a bleat, from, the Sheeple… worldwide… so, how in hell, did, any, but, a comatoasted, mesmerized, jury, find, Jodi, guilty, of, anything, but, an, attitude, construed, as, having, no, remorse, when, in, reality, being, innocent, does not, require, pretemse, of, guilt… and, of course, pretense of remorse, would be a false confession, of, guilt,,,,, wouldn’t it…??? So, then, the scam, is, to voir dire, only, morons, who, likely, would be aiders, and, abettors, of, organized crime, at law, as evidenced by the juror, who informed the judge that another, juror, taking notes, didn’t have the right attitude, for, which, he was dismissed… Another, missed, mistrial… for, jury, tampering… Edgrrr…

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      And, in particular, the juror, sidebarring with, and, to, Arias bias, the judge, demonstrated, her own, tacit, prejudicial, promise, of, aiding and, abetting, the system… didn’t, she ??? Of, course, that, juror, was kept, and, the one, serious, enough, about the job, to, take notes, was, dismissed… Another, mistrial, dodged, by, another, conspiracy… Edgrrr.. .Only, here, in the USSR united states socialistic republic, do we still, delude ourselves, with the rule of law; which, has only, one rule; the reptilian illiterati, lizards at law, lieyers, rule, and, the Sheeple, get, ruled… Grrr…

  51. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Another, week, and, not one juror, has come forward, to, admit, that, they, were hypnonauseated, by, the prostitutorial, penguin in a tutu, dancing with the stars, audition; shucking and jiving, his, carnival side show…… All those third grade, Nobel laureates, sure need a lot, of, coma, to sort out, all those contradictions, in their heads… Not, one person, on fthe pllanet, will, refute, the truths, I have posted, in, five years… Track them down, read of the dozens of reasonable doubts, and, consider, whose, collusions and, conspiracies, have, concealed them, from, the authority, of, the jury… while, pandering to the LSD “church,” with, all, those, voters… Five years, and, not, one, valid, rebuttal, unless, name calling, and, death threats, count… Who, is, so obsessed, with, concealing the truth, to, see to it, that, this soap opera, can appear to be over; cloaking, the killers… while, with, no class, they’ve set up, a girl, to hide their, cowardice; and, sacrileged, their, own, hypocritical, ” sacred oath,” , an, admonished, ages ago, never, refuted, dictate doctrine, [law ], Blood Oath, Blood Atonement, covenant, [ Agreement ], to, the ultimate act of, attrition; doing your own, end of life, management… a ritual, suicidal, ascension to planet playboy, and, all those virgin, angels……as per, Brighamist Youngs’ revelations; never, refuted, even, as each, new, church president, has the church policy, authority, to, keep from killing people, under the guise, of, “saving, their eternal sou;s” ; and, hiding behind, religious priviledge, to, conceasl the names of those, who, ratted, Travis, out, to, the Bishop; while, their, piety, without, principles, gallops….and, instructs, zealots, who can read between the lack of, heirarchy, direction; as civilized folk would want it to be, to, the fact that, old sacrileges, die, hard…and, “We would not, kill a man, except, out of love; to save, his, eternal soul”],” and, “Is there a man amomg us, who, would not, kill, his brother, to, save his eternal soul ???” an unrefuted, admonition, that has, no doubt, claimed, many, lives; to, appease, the founders, and, has more believers, today, while, concealing, what they, were honest, and, open, enough, then, to, admit. If Travis’s ritual suicide, is not, a distinct, likelihood, then, why, was he photographed, in fear, as he knew, what, was, coming, as seen in his, shower, apprehension, scene photo, and, why, were his hands, duct taped, into, a speaks for itself, prayer mode, as, per, reporting… and, why, if the crime scene, was, not, laundered, to, remove, all, traces, of, religiosity, including, the disappearance, of the duct tape… The duct tape, that, contains, the fingerprints, of, as many, fingers, as it takes, are necessary, to firmly, grasp, duct tape, to, get it, off, the roll; leaving, fingerprints, well defined, upon, the sticky side, of, the tape…. Obviously, Travis, did not, tape together, his own hands, nor, after, death, remove, the duct tape, so, considering, that, these reptilian illiterati, conduct themselve, with, the delusion, that,none, of us, have noted, dozens of, reasonale doubts, and, have their I.Qs, climb way up there, to reach, the numbers, in, their, ages, year after year, it’s reasonable to, assume that, one of their zealot;, likely, Travis, himself; exposed, to the Bishop, had to choose between, Jodi, and, all those, virgin angels…There’s no more, reason to believe, that, this was not a ritual, suicide, than, the likelihood, to believe, it, was exactly, that… Read, the book; “The God Makers,” for, the exacting, parallels, between, Andersons’ ritual suicide, and, Alexanders’ ritual, suicide; entrsapped, into, by, believing, his, own, hype… Edgrrr… Your, rebullals, please….Men or mice; squeek up….

  52. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Do note, not a word from all the third grade, Nobel laureate, lynch mobsters, regarding, the prostitutors, concealment of exculpatory evidence, abandonment, of the first imaginary proof, and, termination of this non case, as his conspiracy, embarks upon another expedition, after, admitting, a 180 degree, shift, about face, confession, that four years, imprisonment upon then, reversal, admission, actually, constituted, an acquital… yet, in front of the brain dead judge, the prostitutor, conspired again, to, epiphanize, another, revelation, into, the same claims, as if, he hadn’t just admitted, obstruction of justice, and, once again, badgered the defective detective, and, the medical examiner, to, conspire to withhold proof that there’s no way, 130 pound Jodi, could, overpower, 200 plus pound, Travis; a weightlifter, school wrestler, martial arts, kickboxer, without, shooting him, first; proven to be a hoax, concealed by the prostitutor, as evidenced, by no gunpowder particulates, found in the combined blood, handprint…so, the abandonment of that charade, actually, terminated, the non case… Where, then, is the subsequent case, arrest, while trying to perjure the abandoned con, into, proof, for which, a court could, note the abandonment of the perjuries of the first, three stooges, cons-piracy, and, yet, accept, any further conspiracies, of the three stooges, as incontrovertible evidence, for the con of the second perjuries; as if, the prostitutor, could be right, with, or without, evidence, as long as the spaz, puts on a hypnonauseating, carnival act, dancing with the stars, tapdance…. Edgrrr…

  53. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Also, note that with the thought police, monitoring of our posts, that, not one, under oath, govern-mental, has instituted charges, against the three stooges, concealment, of exculpatory evidence, and, half assed, confession, via, abandonment, of the conspiracies of the first, con, to, the conspiracies, of the second, con., as if, their sworn duty, suborns perjury of process, no matter what lies, the prostitutor, floats… How, can he be right, both ways…??? ..Edgrrr… And, who, badgered, the defective detective, and, the medical examiner, to conceal, the fact there were no gunpowder particulates, in the combined blood handprint; which, each of the three stooges, swore to, then, en masse, had a second, epiphany, to, each, and, all, arrive at the fraud of the second con, without, skipping a beat; to, repudiate their conspiracy of the first con, into, a conspiracy, all, individually, arrived at in the perjuries, of the second con; with the first prostitutorially, driven hoax, as of the perjuries of the second con… The significance of the perjured concealment, is the fact that, Olive Oyl, could not, beat up, on, Bluto, without, shooting him, first; yet, the spastic, shucking and, jiving, prostitutor, abandons the lie, then, continues, as if, “Facts; we don’t need no stinking facts”…. And, the brain dead judge; is, asleep, at the helm…. Edgrrr…

  54. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Of course, the third grade, Nobel laureates, have trolled back to their shrooms, since they’re fresh out of Arias Bias, venom… and, do note, there’s not, a rebuttal, in sight…. Why’s that ??? Read “The God Makers,” for the suicidal parallels, by and between, Anderson, for doing his stepdaughter, and the motivational guru, doing everone he can; caught between, piety, and perversion….as per the admonitions of never repudiated, doctrines, of, Brighamist Young; “Is there a man among us, who would not, kill, his brother, to save, his eternal life…???” Read the book, and, the preferred method of, blood oath, blood atonement, “sacred rite,” heart plunge, ear to ear throal slice, for the precision kill, and, then, consider the coverup, of the ritual, suicide, twisted from a precision kill, into, a stabfest; “set Jodi, up, ” attempt, at, hysterics; to, cloak the precision kill,,, supposedly, by the premeditated, murder, by a girl, overpowering, a martial arts, kickboxer, fighting for his life, with nearly a hundred pounds advantage, while the prostitutor, and the other two stooges, perjure the process, by concealment, of proof, that, Jodi, did not fire a gun; as proven by forensics, being concealed; thus, further proved, by the fact that the time differential, between the precision kill, ritual, and, the “hysterical,” stabfest, and, gunshot, as evidenced by “wounds,” that didn’t bleed, because dead bodies, don’t bleed, was, four or five days, as proven, because, the ejected shell, landed on top of, not under, blood, long ago, wet; now, dried, as evidenced by no blood smear, on the brass… this assertion, caused the prostitutor, to get the other stooges, to recant, his conspiratorial badgering, to go off, his “it all happened, in twenty minutes,” delusion, which, essentially, ended the perjury, of the first conspiracy, as in, abandonment, of the charade, based upon the now, repudiated, perjuries, by the three stooges… yet, instead, of anybody bothering the brain dead judge, or, the socalled, competent and effective, “defense,” with such proof of abandonment, of the lies of the first, con, these reptilian illiterati, lizards at law, twisted their perjury, of, the second, conspiracy, as if, nobody, caught the shift from proof, she didn’t do, any of it, into, another, fantasy, that, she did, all of it, in, twenty minutes; disproven by the days it took for the blood puddles to become, blood islands; all the while, being so premeditated, and, at the same time hysterical, to have done a precision, ministerial kill, then, sat there for four or five days, when she could have driven away, to avoid detection, as contradicted, by removal, of the front license plate, and the rear one, upside down, whatwith, taking four or five days, contemplation, as to, how, best to set herself up for all of it… Where is evidence of the second arrest, with, the aboutface 180, shift, of conspiracy by the three stooges, into, the opposite, continuation,. of abandoned charges…??? There was no subsequent rearrest, therefore, there was no crime, for which to try her; while concealing the abandonment of the three stooges, perjuries of the first con, now, into the perjuries of the second con… leaving before the bogus trial, only, the hypnonauseations, of the Charlie Chaplin, strobe show, spastic carnival act, by the spastic, prostitutorial perjurer, putting on his side show; barking like a circus, seal, while bouncing his balls in the air, on his nose… Do note that not one thought police, who, monitors, all us heretics, who won’t worship the reptilian illiterati, has bothered to arrest the three stooges, for concealment of exculpatory evidence, nor, the 180 degree shift in conspiratorial, format, with, no second arrest, filed, or served; while charading another bogus trial, without, the evidence just proven fraudulent. Was she read her Miranda rights, while being molested on the stand…??? Was she served papers, of a second, indictment, after, proof of fraudulent prosecution, was just swept under the imaginary rug; proving, four years of concealment, of, reasonable doubt, now, abandoned, to be concealed, while the lizards at law, go off on another, fishing expedition, of, conspiratorial ethics violations, and, three stooges, perjuries; part II ??? Five years, I’ve proven this to be a fraud, and, dozens of proofs, beyond, reasonable doubt, yet, not one, was entered into the socalled trial. and, not one direct, rebuttal to proof of these frauds, by the entire at law, cabal; proving, they’re all, in on it; with Gliberty and, Just Ice, for all…. And, the thought police will not oink, a grunt…. Edgrrr…

  55. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Of course, the reptilian illiterati, lizards at law, will not even, mewl, a flaccid, rebuttal,, because, there’s no justifiable defense, to these pandering parasites, feathering their own nests, cowtowing to the 14 million member voter list of the golden plate, shroom induced, imaginary religious, heretics, who, also, have nothing to say, about, this Arias Bias, blasphemy, of their own, alleged, principles; slithering, without, evidence, and, regard for the principles, some of us, have earned, allowing, these connivers, to, embezzle, and, extort, under the guises of, their alleged, principles; handing us all, the same old sheiss; while, calling it, religion, and, or, the “rule of law…” wherein, slavery at law, and, religion, rules …. Edgrrr… Do notice not a bleat oput of the Sheeple….. Baaaa…. as in, O Baaa Maaa….

  56. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Aside from the soap opera, what, exactly, are the irrefutable evidences, against, Jodi; and, if this is such a slam dunk, , by what lawful, excuse, does the prostitutors’ three stooges, act, now, after four years, of perjuries of process, get to, rescind, four years of lies, orchestrated by the prostitutor, to get the other two stooges, to, sign on to the perjuries of the first con; allegedly, arrived at, individually, and, yet, simultaneously, then, after a four year interstate kidnapping of another States,’ citizen, by contrived, conspired, perjuries, by the three stooges, and, holding a girl, for two million dollars ransom, now, get to unperjure, their four year, obstruction of justice, with impunity; now claiming, their, new, 180 degree, about face, fairytale, is, also reversed, by all three stooges, simultaneously, as if they each had their wet dreams, by some outer space, revelation, together, and, as if, the four years of, embezzlement of Jodis,’ life, is, without, consequence ??? Then there’s the other, “officers of the court,” cabal, aiding and abetting the soap opera, ignoring, the refutation of the fraudulent claims, concealed by the three stooges, as they, all, by indolence and incompetency, aforethought, pass, on, the reversal of format, after the three stooge lizards at law, backpedal, their conspiracy of the first, con, now, in goosestepping unison, again, to,claim, the reversal 180, is the whole truth, and, nothing but the truth; with, of course, just as much, simplemindedness, as they did, in the con of the first part, while, again, conspiring to, perjure the record, and ignoring, all that now, refuted, is, at the least, proof of reasonable doubt ; enough, for the three stooges, getting caught in their perjuries of the first part, now, to, swear, to, a termination, of the charges; requisite, to take off, on another brain dead, tangent, all together, as the three stooges, shuck and jive, to perjure again; that the opposite, is now true. Further, reverse course, requires a stop from forward, first, and, with the abandonment of the lies of the first con, that, noncase, was over, with the confession, of the three stooges, abandonment of format. So, where’s the next, arrest, charade, now that the con of the first, perjuries, have, bitten the dust ? Guess what; there was no next con, arrest, and, therefore, no proof, of anything that due process, didn’t trump, as these lizards at law, could conceal. despite, or, because of, the criminal complicities of the socalled defense, being bribed, by a two million dollars, payoff, that they, guilty as charged, tried to keep from the accused, and from the jury. Why, if not a tacit confession of the impropriety, of, accepting a bribe, right in front of the hypnonauseated, comastoasted, jury, and, the braindead judge…??? And, these defense conspirators, excused their, illgotten gain, because, “it might reflect upon the accuseds,’ confidence of her representation; and, lieyer / client, relationship” Ya think…??? Edgrrr… Why haven’t the two stooges, ratted out the stooge prostitutor, for setting them up, for obstruction of justice, concealment of forensic proof that these were separate crimes, four or five days apart, as proven, first of al,l that, a mouse can’t derail a freight train, nor, overpower a martial arts kick boxer, without, shooting him first; which, with no gunpowder particulates in the combined blood handprint, proves, she never gained the advantage necessary, and, therefore, reasonable doubt proves, likely, as not, that Olive Oyl, could not, beat up on, Bluto, to begin with. Then there is the mans,’ bootprint, in the wet blood, proving the fact of, another person at the crime scene, , at the time, days before the blood dried; as evidenced, by stabbings that didn’t bleed, and, ditto, a bloodless, gunshot, with the ejected brass, landing upon, already four or five days old blood island, of course proving the time betweem the precision kill, religious ritual, and the feebleminded, attempt to make it look lika a hysterical girl, sat there for four or five days, watching the blood dry, so she could, kill him again ??? Then, there’s the sock picture, proving the proximity of distance from the camera, proving, that another person, took the picture. indicating, that this ritual killing / suicide, was, ministerial in nature, and, was a community affair, with many complicitors…. Which, I’ll prove when I get arounhd to it, insofar, at least, as, reasonable doubt, is, concerned… In short, there was no second arrest, and therefore, the charges, tried, were based upon the perjuries of the first con, conspired by the three stooges, and, they were, already, refuted, before the bogus trial; meaning that, the trial, was for a subsequent arrest, that never occurred… Then, of course there’s the double jeopardy clause, which in Wonderland, Arizona, is, irrelevant; whatwith, being placed in jeopardy, twice, for the same alleged offense; by a second minitrial within the cons of the first bogus trial, wherein the second jeopsrdy, is expected to render their sentense with, a condensed version, of the first soap opera; of course, being the reason why, double jeopardy, is illegal; except, in, Arizona…. Five years, I have posted irrefutable proof that she did none of it, and, with dozens of reasonable doubts, not one, appeared at the bogus trial, of the noncase, without, arrest, for the charges, of the perjuries, now, by the three stooges, backpeddling, feeble asttempt to conceal their conspiracy of the first part, into, their conspiracy, of the second part., despite, already, rescinded; first noncase perjuries, proven by the abandonment of the perjuries of the first, con. Did they notify, California, of the fact they recanted their con of the first perjury, to unwind the interstate kidnapping, under color of law, or did they just conspire again to, conceal the fact of an about face 180, reversal of perjuries, at law…??? You have all, agreed, or, you’d be continuing to snivel, and, death threat, and, call me names, like the bootlickers of the Gestapo, that you are; having trolled, yourselves, back under the rocks, you crawled out of…. Men or mice, squeek up…. Free Jodi, and, imprison, Arizona, or, give it back to the Mexicans, it was stolen from….Your parasitic branch, mobsters at law, are not fit, to be part of this Country…. Edgrrr…

  57. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Read “Under the Banner of Heaven,” “The God Makers,” and, other histories of the Muslim/Mason/Mormon, kill squads, used to float the quasireligious con, or, else;

  58. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Nary a bleat, from the Sheeple…. Baaa….. Edgrrr…

  59. Eddy Smith says:

    Growing up in a Mormon house I can tell you right now she may have done the killing but I think you better take a good look at why. The Mormons are not like Muslims or any of them other cults but the they do have a way of life that most people cant handle and if you try to get out of it you got a big fight on your hands. I wills say the Mormons do take care of there own and that’s a good thing and most outsiders don’t get that and probably never will. But as far as this Beautiful young lady goes I hope that some day you are free and able to have a new life far away from this crap with a man that truly loves you for you not a baby making sex machine like the Mormons want you to be. I wish I would have known you before all this I would have helped you get away from it just like I did. any way hang in there sweetie and may a miracle happen for you and you regain your freedom with love Eddy

  60. dwighthuth says:

    There is a proven contradiction to Jodi having killed Travis. Enrique Cortez a roommate of the diseased said that on J408 that he saw Travis walking down the stairs on a phone call, possibly a conference call. Travis had been slated to host a conference call on J408 at 7:00pm. According to the time and date stamps placed on the photos taken from the digital camera Travis’ death was determined to have been around 5:32 pm. The provable contradiction is that during the trial Dr. Horn and Det. Flores changed their testimony to fit the theory that Juan needed to convict with Jodi with. It’s obvious that Enrique would not change his statement on the Flores Report to what Juan wanted for the reason that Juan did not put him on the stand to testify.

    Enrique had been taking the bus back and forth to work everyday due to high gas prices. If Enrique’s statement is true then it can be supported by the schedule of the bus line that he used that date as well as the drop off location and approximate walk or drive time from the bus depot back to the house.

    But the fact is the contradiction between the time and date state and when Enrique said that he saw Travis alive is part of an official police report. Since Juan did not have Enrique testify under oath to this statement or under oath changing his statement to say that he didn’t see Travis alive because he had mistaken the day for another day, then the matter of fact of the contradiction existing between the digital photos and seeing Travis alive proves that Jodi did in fact not kill Travis based on the time and date stamp of the photo’s taken from the digital camera.

    • dwighthuth says:

      Does contradiction prove Jodi didn’t kill Travis? In this case it does because given all of the other evidence tampering involved in the case to keep Jodi from having any evidence to support her self defense claim.

  61. Edgar Longenecker says:

    Do note, that, not one lizard at law, or, Gestapo, has come forward to refute, by the exonerations, proven, that, the three stooges, are the ones who have committed the crimes; not, Jodi…. Free Jodi, and, arrest them all, for perjury, and, conspiracy to conceal exculpatory evidence, and, their, at long last, confession, of that perjury, tacitly proven by the confession to, reverse prosecutorial format….and to have repudiated their own lies at law, years after, concealing, day by day, the fraudulent, incarceration, of a girl, known to be innocent; and, then, committing further fraud, by, continuation of the same soap opera, in reverse; as if, no matter what lies at law, the psychobabblers, float; Jodi, is their target, and, will always be guilty; to, conceal the Dipstick Attorney, political pandering to all those quasireligious, LSD voters…. Also, note that not one lizard at law, has come forward, to free Jodi; also, pandering to the LSD cult….to, show their Stepford Wives, what happens to, them, when they squeek up….. And, one has the gall to run for president….. Is nothing, sacred…??? … Edgrrr…

  62. Lucky Barnett says:

    I’m so sick of this three ring Circus we call a trial. We convict people WAAAAY to much on circumstantial evidence. Since when is it ok to take a leap of faith when someone’s life is on the line. Everyone is human….all humans make mistakes. It is laughable to think that some people assume someone’s guilty because they’re arrested!!!!!! In high profile cases especially, detectives are constantly pressured by their boss, the mayor and the public to just make an arrest….evidence or not. As long as they can connect circumstantial evidence enough to come up with a THEORY then they arrest someone. Is that how YOU would want to be treated if,god forbid, you came home today and ur wife,partner,roommate were killed while you were at work? Is it ok ,when they can dream up a theory, to arrest YOU? Is it ok for the police to make you a suspect based on a fucking polygraph test….or if you pass it they go around and tell all of your family, friends and co workers that you actually FAILED it and put your name out there as the killer based on circumstantial evidence or their interpretation of said “evidence”. THEN by the time you get to trial everyone’s convinced you did it and your public defender is shit so the prosecutors put on one HELL of a show and paint a picture of how they “think” it happened. The jurors, who see you’ve been arrested and LIKE YOU assume the police wouldn’t arrest you if you weren’t guilty?!?!?! There you stand…no voice…powerless….knowing you did not do it BUT the police say you had time on lunch to go home…kill said person….and get back to work so based on this and the fact that you “seemed to them not to be genuinely sad” you get convicted!!!! No DNA….NO scientific evidence to connect you to the murderBUT now you sit on death row…..24/1 wondering how the fuck this happened.
    This shit happens all the time… think no? Look up how many convictions were overturned AFTER inmates were executed!! You better not trust the police….you’ll live to regret it….until they fry your ass anyway.

  63. Michael J. Strickland says:

    The police report I read stated that one of Travis’s housemates (Enrique Cortez?) said he saw Travis in the kitchen on the morning of June 5, 2008. This was at least 11 hours after he was dead according to the state.

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