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Jose Baez book signing, Coral Gables, July 30th

This coming Monday, 7/30, Jose Baez will be holding a book signing event for his best-selling book, “Presumed Guilty – The Inside Story of Casey Anthony”.

Details as follows:

Location: Books & Books
265 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables
Florida 33134 (click here for map)

Date: Monday July 30th, 2012

Time: 8pm



PS. In the meantime, a much shortened down version of my original book review finally got posted @ Amazon. To see the review in full, click here.


  1. Hi SJ
    I realize this may not be the proper place to put this question but I am not sure where it should go. It has been stated that GA went to work on June 16th 2008 some time in the afternoon, yet according to his resume he was not working at that time. According to his resume, he was discharged from Fox Protective Services in March 2008 due to a loss of contract. His resume was written on June 17th 2008, the day after Caylee died and where it asked if he was presently working he said NO and that he would be available for work July 1st 2008. Could you please verify if he really was working at that time or not and if he was why he neglected to put it on his resume? It keeps hitting me in the face for some reason! Thank you in advance if anyone knows anything as a fact with proof preferably.


      • Lily,

        I regularly report all the inappropriate content every morning and evening. I will report the link you suggested and I already report the posters who abuse us. It works, as I have seen posts deleted. It takes more than one person to do this. There is blatant bullying on that site. What’s happening over there is a foul disgrace.

      • OMG that is scary! That is an outright threat on Casey’s life! What is happening on Amazon is so so frightening. Someone threaten her life almost daily on Amazon. The Trolls are just out of control over there. Something has to be done.

        • I report them on Amazon when I can. It can be an all day job!! Whoever is in charge of deleting comments must be a hater too since every one of those posts violate the Amazon TOS and shouldn’t even need reported! Yet, they are all there.

          Another thing I have started doing is, with the really bad ones, you can report them to You fill out a form to report online threats and it goes directly to the FBI. And no it doesn’t have to be you that is being threatened, it can be a 3rd party complaint.

          • Wonderful karen. Thank you for this information. I’m going to be proactive when i see those types of threats. The more we complain, the more they will have to eventually take us seriously.

          • Hi Karen & Sonja, You make a good point there – similar to what i said after my book review got repeatedly declined for no good reason. Fair enough… it’s ok to have an opinion and to debate stuff, but allowing posts featuring physical threats & abuse is not just a TOS violation, it’s just too ridiculous for words. Amazon have some very serious issues in that department.

      • Marilyn A. says:

        I also report the bullies but only a few get deleted. I think the Amazon administrater is biased at best. If it takes multiple reports before something gets deleted, then everyone needs to go report the inappropriate photos being uploaded to the book on Amazon. You can find them under the picture of the book. These people make me sick! I’ve gotten a few deleted but there are a few that are not being deleted. Please go report the photos too!

      • Reported. Those people are disgusting. They’re still buying into Asston’s “Caylee had duct tape on her face” lie too, I see. If they’d only open their pea-sized minds and actually READ Jose’s book, they’d learn quite a bit about who the REAL enemy is (good old George). He’s no “heartbroken grandfather”.

      • Lily

        The best thing you can do for Casey If you really care for her is to stop arguing with the people on Amazon. It’s only going to fuel their hatred for her. Just ignore it. Don’t search the net for news about her either. As long as Casey is kept in the news she won’t be able to live her life and people will never leave her alone. Pray for her and support her but don’t fuel the hatred.

        • Hi Jon.

          I agree. I noticed we had a lot of posts overnight regarding the Amazon reviews, or rather a small number of so-called reviews & comments that were filled with hate, threats and similar BS. My take on it is this: I never give those people (or their comments) any thought. To do that gives them power, so I always prefer to use my energy in a positive fashion rather then beating myself up over what a bunch of retards are saying.

          So yes, report any posts or comments by all means – either through Amazon or (as listed earlier by Karen) via this link: – and then leave it. Don’t stoop down to the Haters low level. Rise above all the BS. Most of all, don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing their name in lights (or their links) by posting about them here.

          We are all here to SUPPORT Casey.

          Have a great day as always!

        • Jon,

          I agree. I think you’re right. I just never realized it until you brought my attention it. I have deleted a lot of my posts, and I will delete the rest when I get around to it.


      • There is a lot of concern about Casey’s safety when she gets off probation. But she did walk around free in Ohio. The video of Casey walking down the street, going into the Navy store, and looking at clothes in the front window where she could be seen outside. Maybe she is not in as much danger as we think. I hope and pray not, but she did walk down the street and nobody bothered her….and she didn’t appear to be frightened.

        There is no doubt it is Casey in the Ohio video as Jose said it was Casey.

    • I would like to know the answer to that too:)

    • Debbie,

      I’ve yet to make sense out of GA’s work history on that day. There is a timesheet out there of his going to work and asking to leave early. I remember that he used his long-winded way of talking on his time-sheet as if he were establishing an alibi. He talked to HR privately. Funny thing is that people say he wasn’t investigated about being at work like Cindy was with regard to pinning down those computer searches. I don’t think George went to work and immediately lett. I’ll look up that document tomorrow and post a link so you can try and make heads or tails out of it.

      • Thank you Sonja I do appreciate that very much. The only doc that I have found as to GA’s work record was his resume which states he was not working between March 2008 and June 17th 2008

        • Debbie I’m still looking! I know I saw it out there but a lot of the links are broken now:(

          • Sonja,

            I have seen some timesheets for George too…wish I would have saved them! If I remember correctly, the day in question, you can’t make out the date on the timesheet, how convenient!! And if he was working, why would that not be on his resume?

    • Does anyone know what Caylee was wearing when George carried her from the pool and gave her to Casey? Was she naked? Or wearing the clothing the little girls body was found in? I have searched but I can’t find anything on this, TIA

      • i think i read in one of the psych depos that Casey said caylee was wearing a nightgown or pjs? when she would go to bed, but when GA found her she was wearing the clothes she was found in. were the clothes caylee wore in the nursing home video found or entered into evidence if relevant to the case? IDK imo 6/15 was important to look into after the nursing home vid. was found. Though i am not sure if that vid. really is from fathers day, too coincidental, but its possible i guess. Just don’t get how Cindy could forget if that was the alleged day she ever saw her again. I know she couldn’t know it to be, but since she said she had not seen her and Casey and all the stories she said she was being told imo i would think fathers day would be easy to go back to since she said it was special or something cause she didnt take Caylee there often. I know i could be wrong though.

        • Thanks, Justi. I forgot it was mentioned in the psych deposition.

          George and Cindy have come up with different dates Caylee was last seen. On on interview, George said she went missing on the 9th of June. I have the video in my files and when I locate it I will post it here. But I do have video of Cindy saying Caylee went missing on the “14th of June,” which would be the day before Father”s Day.” Yet, there is Caylee allegedly at the nursing home on the 5th of June. I don’t know if they have proof the video was taken on Father’s Day.” Anyway, here is a link. Cindy tells the interviewer Caylee was last seen on the 14th of June.


        • P.S:

          Justi, I looked at the video of Caylee (allegedly) being at the nursing home on the 15th of June, but, unless I missed it, I don’t see anything on the video to prove it is Father’s Day, something on the wall mentioning Father’s Day, something somewhere, but I found nothing. I doubt it was taken the year before because of Caylee’s size. It looks like a recently taken video, perhaps even the week before. If it goes back to a week before it would explain why George said he saw Caylee on the 9th of June! This video may have been taken on 8th or9th June. It was either George or Cindy I don’t recall which one, one of them ,said she went missing on the 8th or 9th of June

          I hate the video of Caylee sitting on her great grand’s lap. She looks frightened, scared out of wits, Imo. Keith Albow also mentions in his book how frightened Caylee looks. Cindy was directing the scene on the video, telling Caylee to kiss her grandday, which she does not the first time, but kisses him when Cindy tells Caylee again to kiss her grand dad (Or to give him a hug I don’t recall(

          Nobody seems to know for cerrtain what day Caylee died. Casey I can understand why she might confuse the dates as losing the little gril was traumatic, and she told Jose she doesn’t remember all that happened.. But not even the prosecution knows when she died, the indictment says on th 15th or 16th of June. Jose pointed it out in his Operning…or was it in his Closing argument, can’t recall. In Diane Fanning’s book, Fanning mentions a police report that police had said Caylee dieded between the 15th and 27th of June.

          Jesse Grund said he heard a child’s voice in the background when he talked to Casey on the 24th of June. Cindy’s mom said she had received a phone call from a child on two occasions. She said it must have been taped, because the child just kept talking and not responding to Shirley P. She has a hearing problem, and couldn’t identify the voice as Caylee’s. Casey also got a call and talked to Caylee. Nobody believed her…but maybe she did, as nobody seems to have the exact date of seeing Caylee.

          Normally in murder cases the date of death is listed on the day the body is found. I don’t recall what date Caylee’s death is listed.


          • TY for the link, never heard CA state at one point the 14 as the missing day. I think casey stayed at TL that day without Caylee no?. I did notice casey may really have been under the impression of the ninth being the date Caylee died or went missing bc during the police interview she says that caylee was with cindy that weekend, but got confused bc by then they had spoken to ricardo and he said casey and caylee stayed with him the night of june 8th-june 10th when he went to work and they left after that. So i think she said the 9th as dropping her off bc she really thought that 31 days ago at that time was june 9th,well imo.

            I too tried to see any indications of fathers day in that video, but its not that i doubt caylee died on around the 16th just not sure the video was really taken in June. To me the death had to take place for cops between 16-27june bc they wanted to connect the alleged decomp smell to when Casey had control of the car yet friends rode in it and TL and GA were near it and smelled nothing. Casey even visited a friend the 17th in TL jeep, maybe theres a simple explanation, but that day for a couple of hrs. she didn’t have her car. GA also said he chased her and that she was in cindys truck sometime after the 24th, again he could have been off on the day. it was never really found out, but if true again another time where casey may not have had the car. He had keys as well. I dont believe caylee was ever in there though. no DNA and i saw the experiment Huntington did with the pig in a trunk stain and it was nothing like caseys car. to me the stain was from the garbage. which was dried out, smh..
            Do you think when kronk claimed in the 911 calls in aug. that he saw around white thing if he was alluding to a skull or something larger? the laundry bag was white. I assumed he meant skull and believed he may have not seen anything. Others before and after him searched and found nothing. I cant believe he would take her remains and keep them without having a connection somehow.

  2. Harry N says:

    I sincerely hope Jose has good security lined up because as we all know Florida is ground zero for irrational hatred of Casey and her lawyers. I also hope he’s going to do a book signing in New Jersey at some point because I would love to personally thank him for the incredible job he did standing up to a corrupt Florida legal system and a corrupt media and saving the life of an innocent girl.

    • You know I’m concerned about Jose too. Just as many ppl want to kill him as want to kill Casey. I think they wand everybody who walks in the bookstore.

    • Marilyn A. says:

      I am also concerned for Jose’s safety! I hope he has a book signing in Dallas!

  3. I live in Florida and I love Casey and Jose is my Hero.

  4. Coral Gables is About a 5 hour drive. I’ll have to wait til he comes closer.

  5. SJ,

    Surely this is a rumor? It posted 45 minutes ago? Can you check and find out?


    • There’s a story on Florida blog that she’s back in custody, which woud mean she’s somehow violated her probation. I don’t think it’s true I hope it’s just a hoax.

      • Jon,

        If she is in jail, I wonder what type of corruption occurred this time. Seems odd, a probation violation just as she’s finishing up? Don’t you think?

    • I heard this was a clerical error. And, She is still on Probation. If Casey messed up and was back in jail it would be all over the News.

  7. If this is just a clerical error, I don’t believe it was unintentional. If nothing has happened than nothing has changed, Therefore it seems like there would be no need to be fooling with that screen you know? And there is another clerical error as the vine notification states the date as today. Unless I’m not understanding. Wouldn’t it reflect the date she began her probation? For obvious reasons, they don’t state her release date.

    • What happened is that they initially reported that she was no longer under supervision. Then someone erroneously reported her as “in custody” before changing it back to community supervision, which is another name for probation. It was a stupid mistake, but just a mistake. I actually think there’s a chance her probation is actually over but they haven’t announced it yet.

      • Marilyn A. says:

        Yes, at one point Casey was no longer listed on the DOC site so it was being reported that she’s off probation. I’m sure once that caused so much of a stir they entered her back into the system but made a mistake in the custody type. I heard that DOC wasn’t going to announce when she would be released from probation for security reasons. I’m betting she’s already off of probation but they didn’t realize so many news agencies were monitoring the DOC site so closely… that’s just my opinion and hope!!

        • Marilyn I think she is done too.

          • She should have been done on July 18th. That is one year!

          • Marilyn C. says:

            MY guess is that she is DONE with the FAKE probation & the IDIOTS in Florida don’t know how to do this QUIETLY!! If she had of been arrested like a few think….why would they use an OLD mug shot? There is such a thing as early release on probation.I HOPE & PRAY nobody finds out she is gone until she is LONG GONE!!! Good Luck Casey

        • Harry N says:

          If Casey had been arrested and were in custody, she wouldn’t have then been released back into probation. She would have had to stay in jail until a public hearing before the judge in which he would have either made her stay in jail for violating her probation or released her on bond. Either way it would take time and be public. This was just another screw-up from the ever incompetent Department of Corrections. Or maybe somebody intentionally tried to play a joke on the media and the idiots who constantly monitor Casey’s status. The media didn’t fall for it but the idiot Warriors did and were in ecstasy for a while.

          • That’s my conclusion too. Your right about her having to have a hearing. I think it was an intentional screw up when they had to release her from probation. Hysterical that the haters are now eating crow as usual!!! Thanks everyone for the updates!

  8. But the blog addresses the screw up theory. Idk I hope it is all BS … will feel better when SJ comments that it isn’t true but I noticed

    • he has not done so. It doesn’t make sense anyway that she would get into a confrontation. I’m sure she has a bodyguard.

  9. NOW IM MAD!! I just read the threatening comments on Amazon. They let ppl who never read the book ruin the Amazon sales. It was #9 on New York Times but never made the top 50 at Amazon bc of these reviews. They cost themselves money. We need to go to the highest management we can get on the telephone and we all need to chip in or it won’t work! Reviews need to be deleted. The internet needs to be cleaned up 2. Facebook comments are beyond absurd. I’m going to start reporting these ppl to the FBI.

    • I am going to report posters. Thse people are out of control. Kerry Lott is the most scary of all the haters, as he/she dehumanized Casey, calling her “IT.” KL could hurt Casey badly, even kill her because in KL”s sick mind Casey is no longer human. People who dehumanize are dangerous. Very dangerous. KL’s posts ramble, and is incoherent, which show a very disturbed person.

      Please God keep Casey safe…..

      • Hmmm we should report this KL on facebook too…smh

      • Lily, EAH, everyone:)

        Happy Friday,

        What has happened at Amazon saddens and angers me.

        I agree we need to report these threats, and step it up a notch and call amazon and complain. However, I do think that it’s pointless to argue with those people on Amazon because they resort to bullying. They aren’t there to have a healthy debate with us. Their minds are made up, so every-time we argue with them, we give them a chance to spread more vile filth about Casey.

        When I see one of us debating our side with them, while four of them are attacking our position and us personally, and fifteen are hitting like, it reminds me of a playground where a kid is being bullied by a group, while everyone else is standing around watching.

        It’s sad.

        • Sonja,

          I replied to your email, but I can’t get into my email account because the site is experiencing technical difficulties. Hopefully, it will be cleared up today.


      • Justi,

        It was proven by account records that George had lied about chasing Casey in Cindy’s trunk. I don’t recall the name of those records, but it was proven he did not chase her. Typically, George he snaked his way out of it by claiming he had made a mystake and it was earlier in the year, some crap like that. .


        • Justi,

          Another thing about the 14th of June. Casey told 911 that Caylee had been missing for 31 days. 31 days would take it back to the 14th of June. There are holes in Casey’s memory. In Jose’s book, he says Casey said she cannot remember a lot of what happened around that time. I believe that. Shock can make you numb, and there are blank spots are left in your memory.

          I don’t believe Casey was lying when she said she left her off at the Nanny’s at Sawgrass Apartments. I believe her memory went back to an earlier time when she had actually left Caylee off there—or thought she had.

          Richard Grund says Casey had told him about having a nanny by the name of ZFG, when Caylee was a baby, According to Richard Grund, she told him word for word the same story in April 2006 about ZFG and Jeffery Hopkins that she later had told LE. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think she told the psychiatrist that ZFG may be in the country illegally, IIRC.


          • in a depo she did say she really did know a zenaida and that was in 2010. So she could have been real just not a babysitter? 31 days does go back to before the 16th thats why my original though was that maybe Casey really didn’t know what happened to Caylee.

          • I mean a psych said in a depo

  10. By today there would surely be news verification that Casey is in custody. I see nothing on Yahoo or CNN.

  11. Good morning! I leave for a day and come back to 60 comments LOL! This is great and thanks for the updates people 🙂

  12. I’m glad that Jose confirmed what we all knew :). Suck it, haters!

  13. karen,

    Remember SJ’s jokes about George’s payslips? LOL Us trying to find this reminds me of him saying that:)

    In all seriousness, I bet it’s on the doc.dump site where you have to pay… Do you know what I’m talking about? It has all the information but it charges a fee to see it. I say that because the news sites have taken down everything. I think OS may have all the information, but now they are saying I need an e subscription because I’ve viewed too many news articles for free! LOL

    • Sonja,

      I did just find an email George sent to Andrews International on June 20, 2008 asking them if he could start work on July 7th because his wife was having “medical tests” the week of June 30 – July 4. Not that he has to give 2 weeks notice to his current job but medical tests? I never heard of Cindy needing medical tests either.

      • Okay, so I just found some timesheets from a place called “Security Forces” from June 2008. I will post the link and hope it works. The timesheets start on page 196.

        • Marilyn C. says:

          I am not very good at posting links guys ,but maybe this will help with what you are looking for.Go onto You Tube & Type out “Where was George Anthony on July 15 2008?” There should be a video that last 9:06mins,at 5:35 mins it shows his work schedule. I hope this helps you.

        • I don’t remember hearing anything about Cindy having medical tests.

          On page 178 of that docstop like you provided is the timeslip I remember seeing pertaining to 7/13 the day they called the police. He was suppose to be at work right?

          He says he was going to start on the 13th but had to take care of a personal matter? The payslip or whatever it is was dated the 14th. His writing is illegible so I’m not sure if he wrote the 13th, plus we have to read it sideways! LOL ( He also references talking to HR). So now how many jobs did he have?

          • Sonja, I can’t make out his handwriting very well either but I think that 13th is actually a time 1300 (military time) not a date. I think it says he was planning on starting the day at 1300 (1 pm) but was taking care of a personal matter so he actually started at 1430 (2:30 pm). Looks like he met with HR at 1700 (5 pm). It doesn’t say what time he got off work that night, so maybe he was already off work at 5 pm when he met with HR? He didn’t get home that night until between 9:30 and 10:00 when Cindy was on the phone with 911, so where was he? At River Cruz’s house? LOL

  14. It actually does look now as though Casey’s probation is over. It probably was over on July18 as Richard Hornsby believed, because it ran for one year after she was released from jail. I’m guessing they wanted to give her time to leave Florida beore they announced it, but now they’ve removed her from the system ad it’s pretty mch official. She’s free. Let’s all pray that God protects her and keeps her safe from the haters and the meda.

    • Thanks for the info Harry. I have no clue how to look up if she is in the system or not so I appreciate it! Hopefully she gets far away from Florida!

      • Here is a link you all may be interested in about Casey’s probation

        • Hal Bodecker is an idiot too and doesn’t know what he is talking about most of the time. I know though that her probation did NOT start on July 18, 2011. When she left jail on the 17th, she left Florida that night, (which she could not have done if she was on probation), and stayed away until Strickland seethed and stewed about the verdict and then had an epiphany about her probation. She was ordered to come back to Florida in Aug of 2011. Her probation documents say her term of supervision is 8/24/11 – 8/23/12. People do get off probation early of course but on paper it doesn’t officially end until Aug 23rd.

          • Right and Judge Perry stayed the probation until after he took a good look at everything himself, so she is very likely still on probation but will be finished before September as the DOC stated. They will not elaborate out of concern for Casey’s wellbeing

          • Maybe you want to read the interpretation by Richard Hornsby. Her term begins by the ” original sentencing order on whatever her release date is, July 17, 2011, We all know she didn’t report that date and the legal appeals that followed. She was ordered to return and to do her one year. They can only make her finish out the year beginning from the date she left the jail. She was ordered to report by a certain date. That however does not change the original start date of her probation, which is the date she left the jail. I still think she is done already.

          • “Steamed and stewed until he had an epiphany” LOL It does seem like it happened that way, doesn’t it! And then Baez get’s in trouble for not notifying them of their mistake!

          • Sonja,

            LOL! It DID happen that way. When she got out on the 17th, probation for check fraud was a non issue since everyone, including the state, knew she had already done it. Strickland got pissed and decided he still had a bit of power since he was the judge during the check fraud case, so he exercised his sour grapes by bringing up the probation. Remember they had a hearing to decide if she had done it in jail or not? That was on Aug 6th (I think), and of course they decided she had to do it again, and she was ordered to start it on Aug 23rd.

  15. It is OFFICIAL!! She is for sure off probation now!! Good luck Casey!!

    • Thank God that Casey is off probation. It makes my day.

      Casey, God Bless you and keep you safe. You are tucked away in my heart, and may God shower blessings down on as you travel on the road of life.


  16. Karen,

    I suspect the push behind Strickland was none other than Nancy Grace. Grace and Strickland went to law school together. Nancy is like the ostrich who sticks it’s head in the sand and thinks nobody can see it, but you can always identify the a*s, LOL


    • LIly,

      You are so right!! No doubt that whole probation thing was just to “get her” for something. Does anybody really think if she would have been found guilty and served 30 years in prison and got out in 2038 they would make her do her probation for a check fraud from 2008? Seriously?? No way!!! They were just pissed and this was the next best thing I guess. Ridiculous…

    • Oh definitely! When I read about Strickland’s antics in Jose’s book, I wanted to punch the jerk out. He got what he deserved in the end.


    Jose Baez’s signing goes ‘very well’ in Coral Gables

    Readers have been asking how Jose Baez’s signing for his book, “Presumed Guilty,” went Monday in Coral Gables.
    I asked store founder Michell Kaplan. “Went very well; no incidents, and he had a large and supportive crowd,” Kaplan said in an email. “He’s very articulate and makes a great case as to why it’s important that we have a judiciary where defendants have the right to representation. Also, spoke eloquently on how the media can often distort the truth.”

    In “Presumed Guilty,” Baez talks about representing Casey Anthony, who was acquitted last year of murder in the 2008 death of her daughter, Caylee.

    • This is what Jose said on his Facebook page:

      I want to thank everyone who came out to the signing at books and book last night. It was standing room only and the folks at the book store really appreciated the crowd. Which included Judges, distinguished lawyers and professors and some of my fb friends. Everyone was very respectful and it was truly a special night. My public relations firm of Garson and Wright promise to set more up in the near future but I am not sure when. I promise to keep you posted. I will try and post some pics as soon as I can. Thanks, everyone.

    • Yay! I’m so glad that it went well for Jose. I was worried about him with all of the crazies around.

  18. Marilyn C. says:

    Congratulations Jose…so happy to hear your book signing turned out so good.There are more supporters than you know.I’m sure we will hear of many more.Thanks Guys for sharing this.

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