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EXCLUSIVE: Jose Baez speaks out on Casey’s video (w/Geraldo)

Here’s Jose Baez on Geraldo last night speaking about Casey’s leaked Video Diary:

FULL INTERVIEW - JB on Geraldo 1-9-2012

More news/video to follow shortly on this story – plus further updates as the BS circus comes to town again, starting with the Texas Equusearch hearing this afternoon.


  1. Jose is always in Casey’s corner. He’s the kind of person whom you’d want to have on your side – loyal and dedicated.

    Texas Equusearch needs to be suing George & Cindy. Casey never asked for their services.

    • I am so Mad with this situation. I can tell you who did this and their accomplices. He wants to make a damn name for himself. Morgan and Morgan, and Cindy and George! The words echo to me. “See she is using the System for Profit” Zinaida Nice Try Bitch! “I have to look at my daughter and say, I can’t afford you” You arent going to win and No Casey is not answering your damn Questions. The Questions had nothing to with Civil Case. Oh and Tim Miller she never said Jack crap to you. The ones that told Crap to you was Cindy Anythony and George Anthony. Oh another thing Roy Kronk. Casey had nothing to do with you. Cindy and Jose did. But Cindy is behind that blame game. and One last thing, Who is the father of Casey daughter Caylee Marie Anthony is an E Relivent Question Tim Miller. You guys Suck!

  2. I’m going to see if this whole interview can be fond anywhere. What stands out the most to me from the clip is Baez expressing that you can’t take for minutes in one day of someone’s life and use it to conclude they are remorseful. It’s a fact lost on so, so many. Nevermind, that they are talking about her being remorseful for the death of Caylee, which lack of evidence indicates she didn’t cause.* The only thing I see that she has to be remorseful over is not going to the police sooner. And even then, I think she’s had plenty of time to come to terms with that mistake and dealing with the realization that Caylee is gone.

  3. Casey, Live your life. You were found NOT guilty.

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